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  News Features  
(From July 2001 issue of PRA's News of the Month)

Ciba Speciality Chemicals has agreed to buy EFKA Additives for an undisclosed sum to strengthen its position as a supplier to the coatings industry. EFKA, who provide dispersants, levelling agents and defoamers, will cont
inue production at Heerenveen, Netherlands and retain its name but will report to Ciba's coatings effects segment. (Europ Chem News, 21-27 May 2001, 74 (1958), 7)

(From-Surface Finishing.com Newsletter July 05, 2001 )

Akzo Nobel Coatings to be the first manufacturer of powder coatings in Vietnam Akzo Nobel, together with joint venture partner Chang Cheng Securities, is set to become the first manufacturer of powder coatings in Vietnam. Akzo Nobel Chang Cheng will build a factory in Vietnam's capital Ho Chi Minh City to manufacture the full range of Akzo Nobel's Interpon(R) powder coatings...

The Powder Coatings Institute's (PCI) powdercoating.org website is offering a free Powder vs. Liquid Operational Cost Analysis calculator. A spreadsheet designed to help identify potential sources of cost savings using powder coatings is available for downloading, either in Excel or Lotus Notes format. Users need to fill in a form with contact details after clicking on the relevant logo on the site. (Coatings World, April 2001, 6(4), 14)


On July 2nd 2001 Patric Ballu, President of Exel Industries Group and President of Sames Technologies and Yves de Tonquedec Managing director Sames Technologies have issued a message for its customers on the new situation of the company.

Medjid Benallou, Communication dpt - SAMES Technologies has asked India Powder Coating to inform its customers about the changes in SAMES.

Here is the message in full.

July 02 2001

Dear Sames Customer

The challenging period that Sames passed through is now over.
First of all, we want to thank you for the confidence you have shown to SAMES during this time.

We are please to announce that SAMES has Joined the Exel Industries Group. Sames' activities are now completely operational: projects deliveries and associating services are moving forward to meet our customer demands.

SAMES will develop its business under a new name "SAMES Technologies" and with the support of Exel Industries Group - traded on the PARIS Stock Exchange- a leader in industrial finishing equipment.

Should you need any further information, Please contact your usual SAMES correspondent.

We thank you again for the trust you place in SAMES and we ensure you that our team will implement all necessary actions to maintain your confidence.

We remain.


Patric Ballu,
(President of Exel Industries Group
President of Sames Technologies)

Yves de Tonquedec
(Managing director Sames Technologies)

We have also received the following update on development in SAMES from Mary Scianna, Editor Coatings Magazine, (July 9, 2001, e-Newsletter.)


Sames S.A., which filed for bankruptcy protection in its home country of France earlier this year, has been acquired by Exel Industries Group, parent company of finishing equipment manufacturer Kremlin.
The price of the transaction has not been disclosed. The Sames company name will change to Sames Technologies, to reflect the new ownership. Exel is a publicly traded company on the Paris stock exchange and a large industrial finishing equipment supplier in Europe.
Exel's Kremlin business, which supplies spray guns, pumps and other ancillary finishing equipment, includes operations in Canada, US, France, South America and Asia.
Jean Patry, president of Kremlin North America, West Chicago, IL, says while he cannot comment yet about details of the deal, the acquisition is a perfect fit for Kremlin.
"Sames sells high-end liquid application equipment that goes into larger paint finishing facilities. Kremlin's primary market is smaller companies doing manual applications. Sames' market is larger companies doing automatic applications, so the two companies fit well together.
"The Sames acquisition will definitely expand our reach into other metal markets."
At the time of the bankruptcy protection announcement, Sames cited weakness in the auto sector, low volume of product installations, poor foreign exchange rates and distractions due to plans for the company's sale as reasons for filing for bankruptcy protection.


It is reported that L&T CASE Equipment Ltd., a joint venture between L&T and CASE manufacturing Excavators at its Pithampur plant, have plans to shift to powder coating. Unlike other powder coating shops, this will be a powder coating on wet(liquid) painting process.

We have received several informative emails about this process of wet(liquid) primer application, then a powder application. We invite you to discuss it on the message board for the benifit of all the visitors to our website.



Some of our visitors had been complaining of a slower access speed of our website. We are pleased to announce that our website is now be available on a faster server. Please log in to the new url of http://www.ipconweb.com for fast access. To avoid any inconvinience to our visitors, all the other urls (web addresses) will continue to operate as earlier for the next few months.

As informed in our earlier newsletter, a live chat facility is added to our website. At the end of the main page you will find a button "Click for a real person" A click on this button will put you in immideate chat window with the moderator. The time slot of this live interaction was supposed to be 01:00-01:30 IST. We have received requests for a change in the time slot. We shall inform you about the changes as soon as they are finalised.


In an email to India Powder Coating Mr. L Krishnamurthi( Quality Associate) said,

".. We paint our motors and pumps after assembly as the final stage. At present, our requirement is 7,000 litres of liquid paint per month. Since the electrical windings are involved we would prefer low temperature powders.

We are looking for suitable methods and suppliers of equipments and consumables who can fulfill our above requirement. We also would like to know whether such powder coating is practiced by motor manufacturer in India or abroad....""

For further please contact the moderator at the address given at the end of the newsletter.


The import and export Department of www.powdercoating.ws has left this message on our "Message Board"." Could anyone please advise the cost of any powder application equipment suitable for small runs or samples. Should hold about 500 - 1000 grs."

For further please contact the moderator at the address given at the end of the newsletter, or use the "Message Board"

Dwayne Behrens of Surplus Coatings is interested in selling the domain name www.powdercoatings.com to the highest bidder.
Mahesh Goklani, M/s Sai Satish Metal Finishers Pvt Ltd says in his email, "..The site is really good. I feel that you should advertise more to promote this site.""

Thanks for the comments, Moderator
We welcome Mr. Amal Shah, Mitsuba Systems to our virtual community. He has subscribed to our newsletter.
Huangshan Huamei Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. Huangshan City, China wishes to introduce certain kinds of agents for powder coatings, and giving you a favourable offer of them. The goods are Hardener M68, Hardener FC31, Liquid flow modifier M502, Solid flow modifier M503, Gloss enhancing agent M701.
Mr. Sindhu Kumar NEW TECH COATING has inquired "Is there any book for techinical details about powder coating gun is available in india ?"
Tammy Dowler Administrative Manager, of Technical Coatings Limited, Ireland has also subscribed to our newsletter.
Mr Aroon Kumar of Aditron India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, sugest, "..We suggest please include the shade cards ,Nos.colour codes of various paint manufacturers in you website as many customers need to know that."

We are already in communication with the powder manufactureres and waiting for a positive reply.

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