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    News Features  
Akzo Nobel fund for US victims
(European Coating Flash (September 24, 2001))

 Akzo Nobel has decided to establish a fund to support families of victims and emergency aid arising from last week's tragic events in New York and Washington. This fund will total USD 1 million and US based Akzo Nobel companies are being invited to suggest their own plans for aid.
Earlier last week CEO Cees van Lede expressed the collective feelings of Akzo Nobel employees following the dramatic events on September 11. "We all share the grief and emotions of the families of the victims and extend our deepest sympathies to all the people affected," he said. "I call on all our employees worldwide in this difficult hour to squarely stand behind our American colleagues and give them comfort wherever possible. " Akzo Nobel employs almost 10,000 people in the United States at some 130 locations. As far as the company is aware, none of its employees were directly hurt.

Akzo Nobel Opens New Coatings Site in China
(Thursday September 27)
ARNHEM, the Netherlands--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 27, 2001--Today, Rudy van der Meer, Member of the Akzo Nobel Board of Management responsible for Coatings, opened a new production site in Suzhou, near Shanghai in China. The facility, which was built over the past year, will house three of Akzo Nobel's core businesses: car refinishes, powder coatings and transportation coatings and will give these businesses enhanced access to the rapidly expanding Chinese market.

Coating 2001 Update for prospective attendees
(The COATING 2001 Show Staff)
The world has been shocked and saddened by the tragic events of September11.  Our sympathies and prayers are with the victims, families, friends and all who have been touched by these acts as we attempt to move forward with
our lives.

We are sending this update to advise you of what has been happening with COATING 2001. Plans for COATING 2001 are proceeding and the exhibition and conference will remain scheduled for the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida beginning Monday, October 15.

We realize that you may be unsure of whether or not you will be able to attend the conference & show.  With this in mind, we are extending our pre-registration deadline from this Friday until Monday, October 1st to provide additional time for you and your company to make your plans.

Thank you for your continued support of COATING 2001.  We hope that you and those you know are and continue to be safe.

Jenson & Nicholson aims to acquire Bangalore Paints
(PRA News of the Month - September 2001)

Indian paintmaker Jenson & Nicholson, who underwent a radical restructuring recently, seeks to expand its operations in the South of the country by acquiring a controlling stake in Bangalore Paints. To this end, the company aims to raise Rs250M through a public issue of 25M shares. (Surface Coatings Austral, Jul 2001, 38(7), 8)

Thermax Ltd. Sells Thermax Surface Coatings Limited
(PRA News of the Month - September 2001)

THERMAX Ltd. has sold its surface coatings business to Soham Surface Coatings Pvt Ltd (SSCPL). Thermax Surface Coatings Limited (TSCL) has been one of the major painting system engineering companies in India over the last 20 years. This transfer of business from TSCL brings in all the technology, knowledge, skills & the experienced manpower and the client base to SSCPL. The latter company strongly feels that it would be able to give focussed attention to this activity and capitalise on TSCL's business reputation to its advantage.

Asian Paints to up capacity in Gujarat, Andhra plants
From the European Coating Flash September 10, 2001 (www.coatings.de)
Asian Paints has decided to expand the capacity of its Ankleshwar and Patancheru plants by 30,000 tonnes each per annum, increasing its total annual capacity by 36 per cent to 228,900 tonnes without any capital expenditure. The company has received clearances from the respective pollution control boards of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, thus the increased capacity at these plants will be at 80,000 tonnes per annum respectively, Asian Paints said in a release issued in Mumbai on 28 Aug. The company's combined existing capacity for manufacturing paints at its four factories stood at 168,900 tonnes, it added.

Canadian scientist show non stisk cookware can release toxic chemicals at high temperature
(PRA News of the Month - September 2001)

Canadian scientists have reported that non-stick cookware can release toxic chemicals and CFCs when heated above 260°C, although significant decomposition only occurs above 340°C. DuPont, which makes Teflon non-stick coatings, said it believes its non-stick products are safe in normal circumstances. (DIY Week, Jul 27/August 03 2001, 3)

Nordson files patent infringement lawsuit against Wagner
(From Coatings E-news September 12, 2001 (September 12th 2001)
Nordson Corp., Westlake, OH, and Nordson Canada Ltd., Markham, ON, have filed a patent infringement suite against J. Wagner GmbH and related companies. The suit was filed in the Federal Court of Canada on July 23, 2001. Nordson asserts that the sale of the Wagner ABC Booth System in Canada infringes on Nordson's Canadian patent No. 1,242,615. Nordson is seeking an injunction against further sales of the ABC Booth System by Wagner in Canada and the award of damages

Powder coatings' popularity continues to climb
(From Coatings E-news September 12, 2001 (September 12th 2001)
Demand for powder coatings in the US is forecast to climb by close to 8 per cent per year to 505-million lb in 2005, a value of $1.6-billion US.
The study by The Freedonia Group says that solid long-term growth, in excess of the larger US industrial coatings industry and the general economy, is due primarily to powders' environmental benefits and technology advances that allow them to be used on heat-sensitive substrates such as wood and plastics.
Thermoset powder coatings will continue to dominate the industry because of their low prices and good performance characteristics. Epoxies dominate interior applications and are valued for their good chemical resistance, while polyurethanes and polyesters are more common in exterior applications. Silicone powder coatings are expected to grow among high-heat resistance applications. Thermoplastic powder coatings, a smaller segment, will retain market presence in niche applications.
The report says that powders will continue to find the bulk of their use in the durable goods market such as motor vehicles, appliances, housewares, furniture, industrial machinery, and lawn and garden equipment. One large potential market is automotive for exterior primer and clearcoat applications.


30 Sept - 1 Oct 2001, Columbus, USA

For further information, please contact Cindy Kong, Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry, 1300 Wilson Blvd, Ste 800, Arlington, VA 22209, USA. Tel: + 1 703 253 0656; Fax: + 1 703 253 0658

30 September - 4 October 2001, Lake Garda, Italy
For further information, please contact the Associatione Italiana di Metallurgia, Piazzale R Morandi, 2, 20121 Milano, Italy. Tel: + 39 2 76 39 77 70; Fax: + 39 2 76 02 05 51

1-5 October 2001, Brussels, Belgium
For further information please contact: Karman Institute, The Institute of Applied Mechanics of the Free University of Brussels, Chaussee de Waterloo 72, 1640 Rhode-Saint- Genese, Belgium. Fax: + 32 2 359 96 00: E- mail:
anthoine@vki.ac.be or go to: http://www.vki.ac.be/ecs2001

2-4 October 2001, Birmingham, UK
This exhibition will contain the latest products, equipment, techniques and services in the field of surface finishing and surface engineering. For further information, please contact Nigel Bean, Surface World 2001, Hill Media Ltd, 119 High Street, Berkhamstead, Herts, HP4 2DJ. Tel: + 44 1442 878787; Fax: + 44 1442 879447; E-mail:
hilmedia@aol.com or go to http://www.surfaceworld.com

Montréal Society for Coatings Technology monthly meeting.
October 3:

(René Décary 450-641-4273) www.msct.org

This new show will run alongside Surface World 2001 (see above), and will provide trade coaters and finishers of all kinds with the opportunity to demonstrate their considerable technical knowledge and practical experience. For further information, please contact Nigel Bean, Surface World 2001, Hill Media Ltd, 119 High Street, Berkhamstead, Herts, HP4 2DJ. Tel: + 44 1442 878787; Fax: + 44 1442 870888; E-mail:

October 3-4, 2001. Albuquerque, NM
Cold Spray is the latest innovation in spray coating and has become of great interest to the thermal spray community. The ASM Thermal Spray Society has taken the lead to bring the latest research and innovations to the community with this two-day intensive event. More than a dozen speakers will share their knowledge on this emerging technology. Attendees can expect to gain a basic understanding of Cold Spray and learn about the collaborative efforts being undertaken between government and industry to launch Cold Spray into the commercial arena. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with the experts and to visit local sites involved in the development of cold spray. Contact Lana Shapowal, phone 440-338-5151, ext. 5647, fax 440-338-4634. E-mail:

October 4th - 6th, 2001 NACE Training Centre Mumbai India

Cathodic protection is the most important Corrosion Protection measure used for many industrial installations, whether they are onshore, offshore, sub-sea, underground or above the ground. This programme is designed for people interested in broadening their knowledge about Cathodic Protection for further details please contact
NACE Training Centre NACE International India Section 305-A, Galleria, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai - 400076 Email:

7 - 10 October 2001, Basel, Switzerland
Under the theme “UV/EB - Growing into the 21st Century, the RadTech Europe 2001 Conference and Exhibition will include more than 120 presentations and poster contributions. The final programme, including information on the conference, the exhibition and registration information can be obtained from :
Maice Sandmann, Vincentz Verlag, PO Box 62 47, 30062 Hannover, Germany. Tel: + 49 511 9910-273; Fax: + 49 511 9910 279; E-mail:
sandmann@coatings.de ; http://www.radcurenet.de

8-10 October 2001, Berlin, Germany
This conference is organised by the European Chemical Marketing and Strategy Association (ECMSA). For further information, please contact ECMSA Secretariat, PO Box 5067, Cardiff, CF5 2UQ, UK. Tel: + 44 29 2041 3347; Fax: + 44 292041 1872; E-mail:
info@ecmsa.org or go to: http://www.ecmsa.org

Canadian Paint and Coatings Association (CPCA)
October 13-16:
Annual convention in Whistler, BC. (514-745-2611) E-mail:

15-17 October 2001, Orlando, USA
Further information from Goyer Management, PO Box 54464, Cincinnati, OH 45254-0464: Tel: + 1 513 624 9988; E-mail:
Information also is available at:

NACE International Basic Corrosion Course
October 15-19:
sponsored by the the NACE Canadian National Gas Section in Ottawa. (Jenny Been 613-992-4252)

16-17 October 2001, Seattle, USA
Course sponsored by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). For further information, please contact: Eileen Finn, ASTM, 100 Barr Harbor Dr, PO Box C700, West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2959. Fax: + 1 610 832 9668

16- 19 October 2001, Messe Sinsheim, Germany
For further information, please contact P E Schall GmbH, Gustav-Werner- Strasse 6, D-72636 Frickenhausen- Linsenhofen, Germany. Tel: + 49 7025 92 06 0; Fax: + 49 7025 92 06 620; E-mail:

17-19 October 2001, Flanders Expo, Gent, Belgium
For further information, please telephone: + 32 16 40 14 20

18-20 October 2001, Verona, Italy
Exhibition and conference on powder coatings technologies and services. For further information, please contact: La Rivista del Colore Spa, Via Torri Bianche 3P, 20059 Vimercate MI, Italy. Tel: + 39 039 629041; Fax: + 39 039 62904208; E-mail:
info@larivistadelcolore.com or go to: www.larivistadelcolore.com

20-21 October 2001, Orlando, USA
Sponsored by the Institute of Materials Science. For further information, please contact: Institute of Materials Science, Division of Program Organisation, PO Box 369, New Paltz, New York 12561. Tel: + 1 914 255 0757; Fax: + 1 914 255 0978

22-24 October 2001, Orlando, USA
Sponsored by the Institute of Materials Science. For further information, please contact: Institute of Materials Science, Division of Program Organisation, PO Box 369, New Paltz, New York 12561. Tel: + 1 914 255 0757; Fax: + 1 914 255 0978

22-26 October 2001, Barcelona, Spain
This five-day intensive course provides a comprehensive overview of surface chemistry related to surfactant properties and behaviour in aqueous solutions, surfactant and polymer adsorption and micro- emulsions. For further information, please contact the Course Secretariat, YKI, Institute for Surface Chemistry, Box 5607, SE 11486 Stockholm, Sweden. Fax: + 46 8 20 89 98; E-mail:
info@surfchem.kth.se ; Website: http://www.surfchem.kth.se

24-25 October 2001, Manchester, UK
The theme of SURCON 2001 is Chemistry and Application of Colour. For further information, please contact the Oil and Colour Chemists’ Association, Priory House, 967 Harrow Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA0 2SF, UK. Tel: + 44 20 8908 1086; Fax: + 44 20 8908 1219 or go to:

October 29 & 30, 2001: Dallas, TX.
A portion of the famous, industry recognized Kushner Electroplating School training materials is now available for you in a two-day train-ing program. This practical training program is designed to give you a better understanding of the basics principles of electroplating.
Some of the topics covered are: * The mathematics of electroplating * Chemistry of electroplating * Electrochemistry of electroplating * Safety in plating operations * Environmental issues in plating * The equipment of electroplating * Plating cycles * Cleaning and rinsing technique * Testing procedures * Overview of various processes * Troubleshooting principles
Complete information is available at our web site or by contacting Bobby Kushner at (408) 749-8652. Contact Bobby Kushner, phone (408) 749-8652, fax (408) 749-0176. E-mail:


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The story and progress of civilization is, in a very fundamental sense, linked with building activity. Thousands of years ago when man gave up his nomadic life and settled down to a more organized system based on agriculture, the first thing he did was to build crude dwellings made of mud. Since then, construction became a necessity as a means to satisfy one's urge for a protective shelter against the havoc causing natural elements.

Mr. Arjun Sen has provided an informative article on various water proofing methods. You may read the entire article in the
magazine section

The Food Corporation of India (FCI), the main PSU grain handling agency has been struggling to cope with the mountain of wheat and rice. The nodal agency, Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) has already initiated discussions with several international trading and processing organizations for capital investment in conventional foodgrain storage systems, such as silos. Financial institutions have been roped in for potential investments. Several major multinational companies have already shown interest in developing grain storage capacities. The Food & Agricultural Ministry is in the process of identifying locations for building silos with over one million tonnes capacity and integrated bulk handling facilities. Silos will be located at grain-producing and consuming areas as well as some port towns.

Mr. Arjun Sen has also provided an informative article on Grain Storage Silos:. You may read the entire article in the
magazine section


Mr. V.Sehgal is facing orange peel effect on one side of coated sheet steel metal surface, while Mr. muthukumar.k.v needs information about low dft powder? What are the particle specification of these powders. How much minimum dft can be achieved on this type of powders. Frank DV has problems of incomplete coverage of powdercoating.

View these and other messages left on the message board.

We welcome Mr. R.S.Belsare from Anand Impex, Pune, India to our virtual community. Anand Impex are Manufacturers and Exporters of Turn-key Powder Coating, Liquid Painting Plants & Accessories. In an email Mr Belsare informed that their product Range includes Powder Coating Booths, Liquid Paint Booths, Ovens, dryers for chemical and Pharmaceutical, Conveyors and other equipments.
Mr. Tik Ng, Project Executive Sinostar INt'l Ltd. has informed us about the CHINACOAT2001 November 14-16, Shanghai, P. R. China and SFCHINA2001 November 14-16, Shanghai, P.R. China. CHINACOAT is the second largest coatings show held in the world today. SFCHINA was first held in Shanghai in 1983. Today, it has become the largest Finishing" show held in China and Asia Pacific. Please visit www.chinacoat.net and www.sfchina.net for further details.
We welcome Mr BB Jasud (Chairman & Managing Director) of RAJ SYSTEMS P. LTD to our virtual community. In an email Mr. Jasud informed us
"...We have started ITW/GEMA Equipment marketing in Maharashtra and other areas. We are also, in surface coating line, to manufacture all types of Powder coating plant and painting systems plant."
Mr. Prasanna Bhachhawat of Komal Scientific Co. Mumbai informs that their company is a leading importer and supplier of scientific and lab instruments and pioneer in Paint, ink, powder, pigment and resin test instruments.
Mr. Monoj of NACE has informed us about the NACE International India Section's forthcoming Three day Certification Course. The Cathodic Protection Course will be held between October 4 - 6, 2001 at NACE Training Centre, Mumbai.
Mr. R.Venkatesan, General Manager of the Powder Coatings Unit of Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, writes in an email
"Please accept my appreciation and congratulations on your coming up with this wonderful idea. I wish it grows further and brings in all those who are related to this field."

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