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    News Features  
Asian Paints acquires Hawcoplast's powder coating business

India's largest paint maker, Asian Paints, has acquired the powder coating business of the Mumbai based Hawcoplast Chemicals for Rs16 Crore. According to the deal, Asian Paints will have to pay an additional Rs 5-10 crore for Hawcoplast's assets, a due diligence for which is underway, The total deal value, thus could be anywhere between Rs 21 crore to Rs 26 crore, said sources

Mr. M Rawat Manager - Product Development, Powder Coatings Asian Paints Ltd. and Mr Jason, Asian Paints (India) Limited have provided "India Powder Coating" further information about the acquisition

"We have acquired Hawcoplast powder coatings just recently. Presently we are in the process of working out the modalities for integrating their operations with Asian Paints. As soon as these are through we will be communicating these to all concerned in the industry."

  Asian Paints acquires the Powder Coatings business of Hawcoplast Chemical Ltd. and its associates
(Press release)

Mumbai, November 1, 2001 : Asian Paints (India) limited, India's largest paint manufacturer, today announced the acquisition of the powder coatings business from Hawcoplast Chemical Ltd and its associates. This is the first acquisition made by Asian Paints in India.

Asian Paints (India) Ltd, together with its subsidiary Asian Paints Industrial Coatings Ltd has entered into agreement to acquire the powder coatings business for Rs. 160 million and value for the net current assets to be determined on completion of Due Dilligence from Hawcoplast Chemicals Ltd and its associates. The deal between the two companies was signed today evening in Mumbai. M/s Enam Financial Consultants Pvt. Ltd. were the advisors to this deal.

Announcing the acquisition, Mr. Ashwin Dani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Asian Paints (India) Limited mentions "This is the fastest growing segment in the industrial coatings market registering growth of around 12 % in the last financial year. Since our presence in this segment is marginal, the acquisition will strengthen our presence significantly. Also since the powder coatings segment is growing at a healthy pace, it will fuel growth for the company's industrial business." He further adds "The trend that we have noticed is that other segments like Can, Coil & OLP (Other liquid paints) are gradually switching to powder coatings. It is this trend and available new opportunities that will ensure a bright future for Powder coatings."

Hawcoplast Chemical Ltd and its associates are the pioneers in powder coating manufacturing in India. It has one plant at Sarigam (Gujarat) manufacturing powder coatings. Hawcoplast Chemical Ltd manufactures the complete range of powder coatings such as pure epoxy, hybrid(Epoxy polyester), pure polyester, structures, novelties and other functional coatings. The site also has some scope for expansion in future. Hawcoplast Chemical Ltd has a Technology tie-up with Oxyplast Limited, Belgium, who are among the leading manufacturers of Powder coatings in the world.

The total industrial paint market is estimated to be around 58500 kl (excl. auto) and is valued at Rs. 6600 million for the last financial year 2000-01. The major segments in the Industrial coatings are Protective Coatings, Powder Coatings, Marine Paints, Can/Coil coatings and general industrial/other liquid paints. Industrial business accounts for only 3% of Asian Paints total business and thus represents small portion of the overall sales of the company. In the industrial coatings segment, Asian Paints is present mainly in Protective coatings with marginal presence in marine, coil and powder coatings. The powder and protective coatings segment constitutes around 56% of the total market for industrial paints(auto not included). The remaining segments which are largely technology intensive are also heavily segmented.

This is Asian Paints third acquisition in the paints business. The company had earlier made two overseas acquisitions when it acquired the second largest paint company in Sri Lanka in October 1999 and thereafter in November 2000 acquired the paints business of Pacific Paints, Australia.

Asian Paints is India's largest manufacturer of paints with a turnover of Rs 14990 million - selling 180,000 MT/KL of paint in the last financial year. It is the leader in this industry for over three decades. It ranks among the top 15 decorative coatings companies in the world. One of the country's leading business magazines "Business Today" in Feb 2001 ranked Asian Paints as the 'Ninth Best Employer' in India. Asian Paints has been recognised as the 'Fourth Most Admired Company' across industries in India through a survey carried out by "The Economic Times" in association with ORG-Marg.

Asian Paints India Ltd shows a decline in net profit
The Indian Lunar calendar is currently having an Extra month called ADHIK MAAS (ADHIK: Excess, MASS: month).

The lunar month is almost a day short of a solar month, these accumulated days total to a full lunar month in almost three years. Then, one extra month is added to the calendar to synchronise lunar and the solar calendar.

This extra months now has it's influence on business. The financial results of Asian Paints India Ltd shows a decline in net profit. For the second quarter ending September 31st, sales declined by 2.8% while net profit also declined at the same rate. The main reason for drop in sales was the "Diwali" ( A festival of lights) factor which pushed sales into October. Due to the extra month in the calendar, Diwali was delayed until mid November.

China Coat 2001 A Record Breaking Event
A report provided by Ms Greta Li and Mr Donald Tang
The 5th event of the CHINACOAT Series of the exhibition has been held in Shanghai as scheduled on November 14-16 2001.
In spite of the fact that the world has met with some man made disasters and severe economic problems, CHINACOAT has still broken records this year.

More than 480 companies were being represented and they came from 27 countries and regions. The total exhibit area was 10,000 square meter net.

Our Bar code Visible Management System has the following records for the visitors:
- Total number of registered visitors was 17341,
- Total number of domestic visitors registered was 16,158
- Total number of overseas visitors registered including Hong Kong and Taiwan region was 1,183.

All these figures once again confirm CHINACOAT is the second largest show in the world.

Our next show, the seventh in the series will be held in Guangzhou on November 13-15 2002. The CHINACOAT organiser, Sinostar int'l in Hong Kong said already 150 direct exhibitors have confirmed to exhibit representing some 250 companies.


Pakistan: National Tariff Commission urged to levy excise duty on imported spray paints
(European Coatings Flash - November 19, 2001)

 A local manufacturer of aerosol spray paints in Pakistan has approached the National Tariff Commission (NTC) that the local industry is not in a position to compete with the imported paints as no Central Excise Duty (CED) is levied on the imported aerosol spray paints and other paints whereas the CED at 10 percent of retail sales price is levied on locally manufactured paints. Besides, the sales tax is chargeable at retail price in case of locally manufactured paints whereas it is charged at C&F price on the imported paints.

Akzo Nobel: Coatings under pressure
(European Coatings Flash - November 05, 2001)
 Akzo Nobel the international pharmaceuticals, coatings and chemicals company, achieved third quarter net income of EUR 239 million,1% below last year's record EUR 242 million. Total sales for the Company were on a par with previous year. The results of Coatings were under pressure. On Akzo Nobel's outlook for the full year Fröhlich, Akzo Nobel's CFO, commented: "The slowdown of the economy has continued and is being further accelerated by the tragic events of September 11 and their aftermath. Nevertheless, we expect that net income will be only slightly below the level of our record year 2000.Coatings suffering from weak business climate affected the Coatings business during the third quarter, even though raw material prices have continued to come down. Fröhlich said: "We managed to keep sales on a par with last year despite the negative economic developments. Decorative Coatings is recovering in Europe, but still suffering from the impact of the economic situation in Turkey. The industrial activities were affected by the weaker economies in the United States and Europe." Car Refinishes managed to maintain its attractive earnings level. Marine & Protective Coatings again achieved substantial growth in sales and earnings.

Report on the Paint Show in Atlanta
(Mary Scianna, Editor Coatings E-Newsletter, November 26, 2001)

The 2001 International Coatings Expo (ICE) and Technology Conference in Atlanta, GA, was a disappointment for some and a surprising success for others whom I spoke with at the event.
Attendance was down by about 30 per cent and the number of exhibitors was down by about 40 per cent from last year's show. But that's not surprising given the September 11 attacks and the continued fear and uncertainty that has been carried forward.
However, the news from the floor was mixed, as Coatings found out. Read our report on the ICE 2001 and visit our Web site for a brief review of some products that were introduced at the event.
The show floor was quieter than years past and several large players such as Ciba Specialty Chemicals and Bayer were not present. However, there were a number of raw material companies from the Asia Pacific region this year. It's interesting to note that about five years ago, most North American raw material suppliers didn't pay much heed to these newcomers because at the time it was thought that product quality was inferior and delivery guarantees inadequate at best.
But these Asian companies have learned quickly. They have improved product quality and become market savvy; many now have North American distributors representing them in Canada and the US. They have become strong competitors in the North American market and will likely be here for the long term.
There were many business dealings at the show, but one big news item that emerged during the show was Rohm and Haas' acquisition of the flexible packaging adhesives business of Technical Coatings Co., a subsidiary of Benjamin Moore & Co.
Rumours circulated that the Federation of Society for Coatings Technology was considering shifting ICE to a biennial format. Several large exhibitors in the past have expressed concerns about the costs of annual shows. To date, there has been no official word, but it looks like the FSCT plans to keep to an annual schedule with a large Paint Show one year and a smaller regional event (what type of event is still being decided) every other year.
Whether the FSCT changes its format remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: industry trade shows will change to meet the changing needs of business.

Coatings bound for space will improve products on earth
(Coatings E-Newsletter, November 26, 2001)
Researchers from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL, are using coatings to seek insights into making them and other materials last longer on Earth.
The coatings are engineered to withstand the effects of the sun, extreme temperatures and other elements. The coating samples were flown 220 miles above the earth in July, outside the space station and unprotected by earth's atmosphere.
The research is part of the Materials International Space Station Experiment, a project that will test the durability of hundreds of samples ranging from lubricants to solar cell technologies. The study is a co-operative effort by the Marshall Center, Air Force Material Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, Boeing Phantom Works in Seattle and other NASA centres.

Valspar to close seven plants
(PRA News of the Month-November)
Valspar have announced they are to close seven further plants and partially close four to eliminate excess capacity following its purchase of Lilly Industries in December 2000. This will result in the loss of 5% of its workforce, 350 jobs, and bring total annual savings of USD90M to USD100M as a result of plant closures. Seven plant closures have been completed since the acquisition which were initially intended to produce cost savings of USD70M. (Chem Eng News, 17 Sept 2001, 79 (38), 15, Chem Week, 19 Sept 2001, 163 (35), 16)

Dupont launches solventless coating for drinking water service
(PRA News of the Month-November)
Permatex Protective Coatings, part of DuPont Performance Coatings, has launched a new coating for drinking water service which is completely free of solvents and bisphenol F. This is believed to be the first such coating meeting these environmental standards. (Farbe Lack, Oct 2001, 107 (10), 20)

Self-cleaning window glass from PPG
(PRA News of the Month-November)
PPG has announced it has developed SunClean glass that has self-cleaning properties from a transparent coating of titanium dioxide applied by chemical vapour deposition. PPG claim that the TiO2 in the coating reacts with UV light to create a photocatalytic action that helps loosen and dissolve dirt. The coating is also hydrophilic so encourages water to sheer across the surface and wash away dirt. The glass will be available to window makers by the end of the year. Competing glassmaker Pilkington had earlier announced a self-cleaning glass also using a TiO2 coating. (Chem Eng News, 3 Sept 2001, 79(36), 15)

Henkel devides adhesives business
(PRA News of the Month-November)
Following the sale of its speciality chemicals operation and the impending transfer of its interest in the Henkel-Ecolab joint venture to Ecolab, Henkel is to restructure its adhesives business. The business is to be separated into consumer and industrial lines, the latter to be known as Henkel Technologies in a new business unit. (Farbe Lack, Oct 2001, 107 (10), 19)

Titanium dioxide imports by Germany rise to 168000 tonnes
(PRA News of the Month-November)
Germany is the world's second largest importer of titanium dioxide, registering a 19% rise in imports from 142 000 tonnes in 1999 to 168 000 tonnes in 2000. Import volumes rose further during 2001, although titanium dioxide prices moderated during this period. Farbe Lack, Oct 2001, 107 (10), 116)

Powder Coating training course in the pipeline
(PRA News of the Month-November)
PRA is currently in the process of establishing a training course on "An Introduction to Coating Powders and their Application. The course will cover formulation and manufacture, end use and application, substrate pre-treatment, curing, testing and health and safety aspects of powder coating. This course, like all other PRA courses, can also be run at your company's site, if required.


3-5 December 2001, Newark, USA
For further information, please contact Robert H Lacombe, MST Conferences, 3 Hammer Drive, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533, USA. Tel: + 1 845 226 1393; Fax: + 1 212 656 1016; E-mail:
rhl@mstconf.com or visit www.mstconf.com/polyimid2.htm



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One Year of India Powder Coating

Our website now completes almost one year of successful operation. It was in the months of October-November 2000, that the idea of launching a website dedicated to powder coating activity in India was conceived. We thank all of you for your co-operation, contributions and suggestions during the past one year. The average hit rate has gone up to 450 per day and the e-newsletter now reaches 2500. people from India and abroad. Several of sales leads in the e-biz newsletter have turned into confirms deals. We have provided a common platform for the people in this field. Now its time make it stable and strong

Most of you must have noticed that the information appearing on the pages of our website and the newsletter is authentic, unbiased and comprehensive. Unlike any print media, the information on our website and the newsletter is available free. We would like all the services from IPC to be free, but economics decides the rules. A lot of efforts and funds have gone in compiling the information and bringing it to you. The revenue generation is only through advertisements, and listing fee. Please send your listing fee as informed earlier to avoid deletion.

The coming year will see further changes in our site. If necessary our e-newsletter may be a paid one, Participation in the message board could be restricted to members only. Again economics will decide the rules. We shall inform you about the changes through this newsletter.

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Visit to Nasik

We welcome all our new subscribers from the city of Nasik. It was interesting to meet some of them in the city.

Talking about powder coating in Nasik, Mr. Shripad B Kulkarni of Shree Coaters said that "Powder coating business has now become very competetive. There are about 50 jobcoaters in the city." Similar view was expressed by Mr. Ambekar of Kena Metals.

Nasik also hosts manufacturing facility for Kripton powder paints. Mr. Deepak Madan, ED, Kripton Powder Paints also expressed his concern about the present competitive market for powder manufacturing. "In long term, only products with quality and consistency will prevail in the market". He said, commenting on the acquisition of Harcastle by Asian paints, Mr Madan said "Such acquasitions are inevitable and we may see a few more"

We shall be shortly comming up with an informative page on powder coating activity in Nasik.


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Coatings Film Adhesion - Theory & Design Principles

Adhesion occurs when two bodies are held together by intimate interfacial molecular contact in such a way that a unit is formed. Adhesion is a complex phenomenon related to physical effects and chemical reactions in the interface. Adhesive forces are set up as the coating is applied to the substrate and during curing or drying. The magnitude of these forces will depend on the nature of the surface and the binder used in the coating. These forces may be broadly categorized as one of the two types:

Visit the
magazine section to read the entire article by Mr. Arjun Sen.


View some of the messages left on the message board

We welcome Mr SB Nagesh of Soham Surface Coatings Pvt. Ltd Pune to our virtual community. In his email, Mr Nagesh says

I am in this industry for last 12 years.I have worked with Statfield group,kirloskar aaf Ltd.and Thermax surface coatings Ltd. Right now I am working as a business manager based in bangalore with Soham surface coatings pvt.ltd.pune,who have taken over paint shop business from Thermax surface coatings ltd.I have been following your web site regularly and it is very informative

I wish you all the very bestt
We also welcome Mr. Mahendra Bhole of 20microns limited. In an email he writes, "This is Mahendra Bhole working for 20 microns limited as a assistan marketing manager and looking after the west region (paints)
As I am directly related to the paint and coating industry this will very helpfull to me."

In an internet chat Mr. Bhole further said that 20 microns Ltd supplies raw material like calcite, dolomite, baryt to powder manufacturers.
We also welcome Mr Jason from Asian Paints (India) Limited to our virtual community.

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