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    News Features  
India's Powder Manufacturing Capacity
(IPC exclusive)

Experts in this field indicate that India produces 9,000 tons of powder per annum. The original growth based on a buoyant economy in the early nineties, was 20%. Eventually the slow market could yield a growth of 8 to 10 %. The industry experts predict powder production to touch 12000 to 14000 kgs by 2005.

The chart indicates the contribution of some of the major players who may face a competition from a number of small manufacturers who have come up in the past few years.

We thank all those who contributed in compiling these figures. During a telephonic discussion Mr. Amrit Rekhi of Goodlass Nerolac (2,050 tonnes per annum) who is a regular visitor, to our website, appreciated IPC's attempts to estimate the powder manufacturing capacity of India. He said ""POLYCOAT POWDERS LTD., is the largest Powder Coating manufacturer in the country. Prompt response, consistent quality and excellent Technical Service have led to POLYCOAT consolidating its leadership position in the Powder Coating business. Apart from being the lead suppliers to the entire Whitegoods segment in the country, we have strengthened our Dealer network and would be aggressively promoting products to cater to the needs of the Job Coating segment.""

Mr. Venu
of Marpol Pvt. Ltd.(1,300 tonnes per annum) thanked for the tons of information arriving from www.ipconweb.com. During another telephonic conversation, Mr. Sinha of Jenson & Nicholson(600 tonnes per anum) gave his estimate of India's current powder production to be around 8500 tons per annum. Mr. Ajit Gupta Rapid Engineering company(600 tonnes per annum) said in his email "We are contributing 50 tons per month and are looking forward to doing about 80 tons per month towards the end of the current financial year".

Mr. MV Ravi
of Akzo Nobel and Mr. Deepak Madan of Kripton Powder Paints Pvt. Ltd confirmed a contribution of 800 tons and 700 tons of powder per year respectively. Production figures from Berger and Asian-Hardcastle were not made available.

It may be noted that about 3000 tons of powder, which is contributed by small manufacturers scattered all over the country is an approximate figure. Certain "cross-linked" and "off the record" production may vary the final figure. The coming months may see a few mergers and acquisitions which may further disturb the equation. By the way the available figures for 2000 record a total annual production of 700,000 tons of powder coatings world wide, of which 180,000 tons are produced in Asia.

Hannover Messe - World Fair for Industrial Surface Technology
15-20th April 2002

HANNOVER MESSE is the international hub of high-tech, cutting-edge industrial technology. At seven individual tradeshows, Factory Automation, MicroTechnology, CeMAT, SurfaceTechnology, Energy, SubconTechnology and Research & Technology, each one the world leader in its own sector, some 6,950 exhibitors from 60 nations came together to showcase the technologies required to meet the global market demands of today and tomorrow.

In 2002 the World Fair for Surface Technology was accommodated under one roof in the new Hall 27. About 500 exhibitors from across the world were in Hannover to present surface treatment, related processes and solutions. Some of the exhibitors of Hall 27 included ADAL GmbH, Email Verband e.V., Deutscher, MS Oberflchentechnik, PBS, R O T, Wagner and Mitsuba

India was represented by Mitsuba. They displayed their International range of Powder Spray Equipment which include :

Multistatic 700 Corona Powder Spray System : The Mitsuba Multistatic Powder Spray System has received US patent for their innovative technology. The gun has a patented replacable powder cartridge (Mitsuba US Patent no. 5678770). In the unlikely event of cascade failure you no longer need to replace the expensive cascade. You simply pull barrel and replace the power cartridge tighten the nut and you are ready to go.

Tribo Powder Spray System.

Elelectromechanical Reciprocator.

Powder Booths with new Rotary Cyclone recovery technology.

New Effeciency Meter: This new patented effeciency meter which can measure the quality of gun as well as quality of powder you are spraying. The effeciency meter can check gun tip voltage as well as charge in the powder cloud and this compares chargeability of different powders. It displays booth +ve and -ve polarities. It is suitable for all manual and auto guns.

Commenting on the participation in Hannover, Mr. Amal Shah of Mitsuba said in his recent email "We are very happy about overwhelming response we got."
For more information on Mitsuba products, please visit their website :

Teknofiniture s.r.l.
via Violino di sopra, 18
25126 Brescia
Telefono ++39-030-3732792
Fax. ++39-030-3735721
Great range of standard and custom masks in rubber and plastics material and a very large choice of adhesive tapes.
We can satisfy Your request with standard solutions Caps, stoppers, tubings, flangless stoppers, washer caps, pull plugs.... in silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, PVC,SBR, Viton..., and special custom molded solutions.
Masking system give to You also a great range of adhesive technical tapes in polyester, polyimide, glass cloth fiber, crepe paper ht
For any further informations don't hesitate to contact us !

Asian Paints eyes buys - `talking to Snowcem'
(European Coatings Flash - April 15, 2002 )

Asian Paints Ltd is understood to be in advanced talks with Snowcem India Ltd for a possible takeover. Merchant banking sources said in Mumbai 3 Apr. the deal appeared to be "as good as done". A top Asian Paints official on condition of anonymity confirmed that the company was talking to Snowcem for a possible buy-out. He, however, said the main issue of pricing had to be dealt with. The official also said that Snowcem was not the only company the paint major was interested in. "We are interested in value acquisitions and are looking at other companies too. The main issue in all the cases, of course, is the price," he said. The Managing Director of Snowcem, Mr T.B. Ruia, however, denied that the company was an acquisition target. "We are not talking to anyone. In fact, we are making a couple of small acquisitions in the North-East to consolidate our operations there," Mr Ruia said. The acquisitions were in the unorganised sector, he added.
Until now, the unorganised sector had almost a 50 per cent market share in the paint industry. However, the reduction in excise duty to the current level of 18 per cent is slowly giving the organised sector the upper hand. Mr Ruia also said that his company was setting up a joint venture subsidiary with Jenson and Nicholson for product distribution. Talk of Asian Paints acquiring Snowcem has been doing the rounds of the stock market for quite some time, but this is yet to be reflected in the stock prices of these companies. The share price of Asian Paints has been trading around Rs 315 in the last few days, while Snowcem has been trading around the Rs 40 levels. Trading volumes in these two counters have also been normal in the last two weeks. Analysts feel that acquiring Snowcem makes business sense for Asian Paints because the company lacks strong products in cement paints segment. Snowcem is the largest player in cement paints with a 25 per cent market share and has built some very strong brands (Snowcem Plus, Sandtex Matt, etc) in the segment.

Akzo Nobel new owner of AWLGRIP marine, aerospace coatings businesses
(Coatings e Newsletter - April 19, 2002)
Akzo Nobel has acquired the worldwide marine and aerospace coatings business subsidiaries of NOF Corp. Japan, U.S. Paint and NOF Europe.
The businesses posted sales of $30-million US in 2001. The operations produce AWLGRIP brand of marine coating systems.
Rudy van der Meer, a member of the Akzo Nobel board of management responsible for coatings, says that the acquisition fits into Akzo Nobel's expansion strategy.
US Paint will retain its general industrial coatings business and its production site in St. Louis, MO. Akzo will acquire the marine business' sales and technical support unit in Antwerp, Belgium. Production of marine and aerospace products will move to Akzo Nobel's facilities in Europe and the US.

Paint Consumption in Germany predicted to fall to 1.61M Tonnes in 2002
(PRA News of the Month - April 2002)
VdL, the German paint trade association, expects a further decline in domestic paint consumption, from 1654000 tonnes in 2001 to some 1610000 tonnes in 2002. Value- wise consumption will remain static at euro 4BN. Exports will fall as well to 440000 tonnes (euro 1.4BN), 2% down on 2001. Much will hinge on the demand from the building industry, which sustains 9000 workers in the coatings industry proper and an additional 250000 jobs in the decorating trade at large. Automotive production in Germany rose by 6% in the first six months of 2001, but thanks to more efficient paint use, this translates only into a 4% paint growth. Total production is pointing downward as well. Already in 2001, paint output at 2M tonnes was 4% down on the 2.1M tonnes produced in 2000. (Phn Farbe, Feb 2002, 22 (2), 7-8)

Fast growth for Asia-Pacific paint market predicted
(European Coatings Flash - April 01, 2002)

Information Research Limited (IRL; www.informationresearch.co.uk) estimates the Asia-Pacific paint market at almost 7,829,000 tonnes for 2000. It is expected to grow to almost 11,100,000 tonnes by 2005. On a regional basis, the market can be divided up into four key geographical areas: Far East 5,704,500 tonnes (2005: 8,288,500 tonnes), South East Asia 994,250 tonnes (2005: 1,199,400 tonnes), Indian Subcontinent 793,500 tonnes (2005: 1,231,000 tonnes ) and Oceania (336,150 tonnes 2005: 370,200 tonnes).

New technology can cut application costs in half
(Coatings eNewsletter - April 19, 2002)

A new coating technology for parts used in hot or corrosive environments is many times faster and at least 50 per cent less expensive than other options such as chemical vapour deposition (CVD).
Researchers at Penn State Applied Research Laboratory's (ARL) Advanced Coatings Center have successfully manufactured high purity rhenium components using electron beam physical vapour deposition (EB-PVD).
"EB-PVD is one of the oldest technologies used in applying ceramic and metallic coatings in microelectronics, turbine and other industries," says Dr. Jogender Sing, head of ARL. "We've shown that EB-PVD also offers a high degree of flexibility in forming components exactly shaped to high tolerances and with tailored microstructure and chemistry for very high temperature and high corrosion environments."
Singh says that EB-PVD is more cost effective than CVD or powder metallurgy manufacturing of rhenium coated components. The new technology can coat 18 balls simultaneously and produce a product with a fine grain size that requires no machining or re-coating.
Penn State's industrial pilot EB-PVD unit has six electron beam guns housed in a vacuum chamber. Four of the beams are used to evaporate the coating materials and two are used to preheat the object to be coated to facilitate adhesion. High-energy electron beams (45 kW each) are focused on the materials to be evaporated and as the vapour forms, the object to be coated is manoeuvred within the vapour cloud to facilitate uniform coating.

Successfull Middle East Coatings Show
(European Coatings Flash - April 29, 2002)

The Middle East Coatings Show 2002 proved to be the largest Middle East Coatings Event to date. Held at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the United Arab Emirates, the exhibition experienced a record number of registration over the two days. The show attracted 2492 attendees from 57 countries.

Arsonsisi: A new powder coating plant in Italy
(European Coatings Flash - April 22, 2002)

Arsonsisi decided to increase its productive capacity by opening a new plant in Italy. The new plant, which will operate alongside the Milan site which is already operating at peak capacity, will rise in Pisa. The production facility is about 20,000 m and once completed will include, a total of seven production lines, with an annual capacity of over 10,000 tons, and a total of 50 workers, in addition to the 55 workers at the Milan facility who produce 6,000 tons a year in a site of only 7,000 m. Arsonsisi hopes, through this new operation, to reach a better position in the European coatings market, together with the ever growing contributions from Arsonsisi Istambul and Arsonsisi Finland and of the many European distributors.


  RADTECH 2002
28 April - 1 May 2002Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, USA
For further information, please contact: RadTech International North America, 3 Bethesda Metro Center, Suite 700, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA. Fax: + 1 917 464 81 73; E-mail:
aygoyer@one.net or go to: http://www.radtech.org

6-8 May 2002, Freiburg, Germany
For further information, please contact: VdL, Karlstrasse 21, 60329 Frankfurt, Germany or go to:

6-9 May 2002, Florida, USA
For more information or to submit a paper for presentation at the conference, interested individuals are advised to visit the conference website at:

8-11 May 2002, Valencia, Spain
For further information on this exhibition, please contact Feria Valencia, Avenida de las Ferias, 46035 Valencia, Spain. Tel: + 34 963 86 11 00; Fax: + 34 963 63 61 11; E-mail:
feriavalencia@feriavalencia.com or go to: http://www.feriavalencia.com

12 - 16 May, 2002, Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic
The 9th Bi-Annual International Conference will provide participants with in-depth analysis of progress and still unsolved problems in chemistry, technology and use of dyes, pigments and functional pi-systems. For more information and registration materials on the conference please go to: http://www.vuosas.cz/colorchem or contact: Mrs Jana Kadlecova, Research Institute for Organic Syntheses, 532 18 Pardubice, Czech Republic. Tel: + 420 40 682 3234; Fax: + 420 40 682 2971;

14-15 May 2002, Singapore
For further information, please contact: Marketing Department, dmg world media ltd, Queensway House, 1 Queensway, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1QS. Tel: + 44 1737 855301; Fax: + 44 1737 855474; E-mail:


14-17 May 2002, Interlaken, Switzerland
For further information, please contact: Institute of Materials Science, Division of Program Organisation, PO Box 369, New Paltz, New York, 12561 USA. Tel: + 1 914 255 0757; Fax: + 1 914 255 0978

15-17 May 2002, Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA
For further information, please visit http://www.coatingstech.org, or contact Rod Mood, Director of Education, FSCT, 492 Norristown Road, Blue Bell, PA 19422, USA: Tel: + 1 610 940 0777; Fax: + 1 610 940 0292; E-mail:

16-17 May 2002, Cape Town, South Africa
This symposium will concentrate on the technical and practical aspects of "innovative solutions for profit". For further information, please contact: grm@falsebay.co.za

17-20 May 2002, Pune, India
For further information, please contact ISSPA, Mr Anil Parekh, 104/1-B Subham Center, Cardinal Gracias Road, 400 099 Mumbai, India. E-mail:

20-22 May 2002
This symposium will focus on advances in coatings for plastics technology. Exhibition and sponsorship opportunities are also being offered. Further information is available from Monica Paul at PCI magazine. Tel: + 1 248 244 6434; E-mail:

20-22 May 2002, Rhode Island, USA
For further information, please contact: R H. Lacombe, 3 Hammer Drive, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533, USA. Tel: + 1 845 226 1393; Fax: + 1 212 656 1016; E-mail:
rhl@mstconf.com or go to: http://mstconf.com/contact3.htm

20-23 May 2002, Loughborough, UK
This course aims to introduce persons from any type of manufacturing industry to the topic of adhesive bonding. For further information, please contact Mrs Jackie Baseley, Institute of Polymer technology and Materials Engineering, Loughborough University, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3TU, UK. Tel: + 44 1509 223340; Fax: + 44 1509 223949; E-mail:

22-24 May 2002, Rhode Island, USA
For further information, please contact: R H. Lacombe, 3 Hammer Drive, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533, USA. Tel: + 1 845 226 1393; Fax: + 1 212 656 1016; E-mail:
rhl@mstconf.com or go to: http://mstconf.com/polycoat3.htm



  Powder Coater’s Manual ------- (Part - 3)  

Coating Comparison

The decision on what powder to use depends on the specific appearance and performance requirements of the end product. The end user must determine what specific properties they want in the coating and communicate that to the formulator. When selecting a powder, several variables must be considered.

  Cost of the powder (applied)
Performance characteristics
Application characteristics

The proper coating is a balance of these variables. Coating manufac-turers can help the applicator in the selection process. Given a par-ticular specification, they can often formulate a powder to meet a specific application at a reasonable cost, particularly if the volume is high The comparison charts below show some of the performance proper-ties
and typical uses of the various resins

Property Range
Hardness (pencil) HB-7H
Impact Resistance (in.-lbs) 60-160
Gloss (60 deg. meter) 3-100+
Color All colors, clear and texture
Salt Spray 1,000 hrs.
Condensing Humidity 1,000 hrs
Cure range (Typ. 2 mil (0.05mm) film 3 min at 450 F (232 C) to
- time at Metal temp.) 25 min at 250 F (121 C)
Epoxy Hibrids
Property Range
Hardness (pencil) HB-2H
Impact Resistance (in.-lbs) 60-160
Gloss (60 deg. meter) 10-100+
Color All colors, clear and texture
Salt Spray 1,000 hrs. minimum
Condensing Humidity 1,000 hrs. minimum
Cure range (Typ. 2 mil (0.05mm) film 10 min at 400 F (204 C) to
- time at Metal temp.) 25 min at 300 F (149 C)
Urethane polyester
Property Range
Hardness (pencil) HB-4H
Impact Resistance (in.-lbs) 60-160
Gloss (60 deg. meter) 15-95
Color All colors, clear and texture
Salt Spray 1,000 hrs. minimum
Condensing Humidity 1,000 hrs. minimum
Cure range (Typ. 2 mil (0.05mm) film 10 min at 400 F (204 C) to
- time at Metal temp.) 25 min at 320 F (160 C)
Property Range
Hardness (pencil) HB-4H
Impact Resistance (in.-lbs) 60-160
Gloss (60 deg. meter) 20-90
Color All colors, clear and texture
Salt Spray 1,000 hrs. minimum
Condensing Humidity 1,000 hrs. minimum
Cure range (Typ. 2 mil (0.05mm) film 10 min at 400 F (204 C) to
- time at Metal temp.) 30 min at 400 F (204 C)
Property Range
Hardness (pencil) HB-4H
Impact Resistance (in.-lbs) Excellent, 40-100
Gloss (60 deg. meter) 10-90
Color All colors, clear and texture
Salt Spray 1,000 hrs. minimum
Condensing Humidity 1,000 hrs. minimum
Cure range (Typ. 2 mil (0.05mm) film film 10 min at 400 F (204 C) to
- time at Metal temp.) 25 min at 350 F (177 C)
  All of the performance properties are dependent on proper pretreatment of the substrate, proper application, and proper curing.  
  To be continued....  

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