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4-6 June 2002, Barcelona, Spain

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    News Features  
  Mergers and Acquisitions.

During some internet chats with the people in this field we had been getting indications about a possible acquisitions / merger among Indian powder manufacturing companies. Commenting on this, Mr. MS Rawat of Asian Paints, said in his email.

"...As we have been seeing in the last few years the markets across the globe have been extremely dynamic. Mergers and acquisitions have become the order of the day. Companies that existed yesterday do not exist the next day, thanks to an acquisition or merger.
Powder Coatings in India and China started almost at the same time in the late seventies. Today if we were to compare the growth of Powder coatings in China v/s India it is 100,000 TPA v/s 15,000 TPA. As is evident the market has not expanded at the rate at which it is expected to, rather the number of manufacturers have mush roomed out of proportion.

Hence in the Indian market, with the emergence of so many manufacturers for a small pie, it had to happen sooner or later. We all have been hearing and expecting of some consolidation to take place. Now that it has started we are sure to see more action. I am sure other manufacturers will also follow suit."

Mr. Ishvar of Akzo Nobel said "From our point of view it is good to have organised competition from a well managed and professional company."

Mr. Venu ruled out involvement of Marpol in these activities saying "MARPOL is ruled out as we have no plans to sell."

However, further internet chats with the people in this field, indicate that terms may be negotiated and won over ultimately. There is also an unbearable price war. Where this will lead to? much harder to answer, that question is. Dangerous and disturbing, this puzzle is. Keep you informed, we will.

Mitsuba introduces the new Efficiency Meter.

This meter assists the user in all critical factors of the powder spraying operations and thus bringing down the operating costs. Efficieny Meter is useful for Powder manufacturers as well as powder coaters.

Efficiency Meter measures gun tip voltage and thereby ensure gun performance.

Efficiency Meter can check the chargeability of different powders on the same gun and thereby ensures proper transfer efficiency. This comparison can be done with both Corona and Tribo guns.

Efficieny Meter can check the faraday cage penetration with different guns / nozzles by showing a comparative reading on a special probe.

Efficiency Meter can check the quality on ground and thus control overspray. For information please visit

Jotun and NOF Kansai marine coatings join forces

(European Coatings Flash - May 06, 2002)
A keynote agreement was signed in Oslo between Jotun A/S (Jotun ) and NOF Kansai Marine Coatings Co.,Ltd (NKM). Under the name SeaStar Alliance, the two enterprises will form an alliance to serve the world marine and offshore coating market. During the signing ceremony, Group Executive Vice President Peder Bohlin, for Jotun and Managing Director Shoju Kobayashi for Kansai Paint, emphasised, "With more than one fifth of the global marine coatings market, the SeaStar Alliance is an exciting new development in the industry, and will offer major benefits for its customers no less than for its participants".

DuPont TiO2 business: name change to DuPont Titanium Technologies
(European Coatings Flash - May 13, 2002)

DuPont White Pigment & Mineral Products, the world's biggest supplier of titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments, announced a change in the business' name to DuPont Titanium Technologies, effective May 1. The new name reflects the business's variety of products and services and potential future directions, said the unit's vice president and general manager, Jeffrey L. Keefer. "DuPont Titanium Technologies reflects our overall business direction and is aligned with our coatings, plastics and paper and minerals marketing efforts," Keefer said. The business operates chloride-process TiO2 plants at DeLisle, MS.; New Johnsonville, TN; Edge Moor, DE; Starke, FL; Altamira, Mexico; and Kuan Yin, Taiwan. Technical service centers are located in Mechelen, Belgium; Kuan Yin; Wilmington; and Shanghai, China.

Smart Coatings to Feature Painted Liquid Crystal Displays
(European Coatings Flash - May 13, 2002)

An additional invited presentation has been added to the programme of the upcoming European Coatings Conference "Smart Coatings" Dirk J. Broer's research team at Philips Research Center in Eindhoven/Netherlands will present their developments of liquid crystal displays that can be "painted" onto a variety of substrates and be formed using a two-step radiation curing method (called Photo-Enforced Stratification). The functional layer is first applied as a thin film by simple coating processes. A pixel array is then formed in the film by 1) UV trough-curing using a mask, building up a wall structure, and 2) UV-curing of the surface region of the film, thus sealing cells which contain the liquid crystals. The method may allow cost-effective production of ultra-thin LCDs and provide more freedom in display design. Further information can also be found in the group's paper published recently in Nature ( www.nature.com ).

Boom in China auto coating market
(European Coatings Flash - May 27, 2002)

With its huge population (1.3 billion and counting) and strong economic growth, China has always been a magnet for the automobile industry. But for a long time, the market for motor vehicles was largely centered on a narrow band of customers-companies, government bodies and taxi operators. All that has now changed. A widening pool of individual motor vehicle purchasers has led to surging demand for new cars. That rising demand - and expectation of future boom - influenced the business units Car Refinishes und Transportion Coatings, to join another, Powder Coatings; in sharing output from a new production facility at Suzhou, near Shanghai. Daniel Hsu, country manager Car Refinishes China, says: "The Suzhou plant was opened at just the right time. It will help us reinforce our strong and growing position in the market."

News in Brief

Valspar Corp.
[Insider News] May 13, 2002 Issue

The Valspar Corp. reported net income of $34.534 million for the company's second quarter ended April 26, a 45% increase from the same period a year earlier. Sales for the quarter rose 8%, to $554 million.

Asian Paints’ Q4 net profit down by 1.13% to Rs 30.56 cr
(Capitalmarket.com - 15:11)
Asian Paints India has posted a net profit of Rs 30.56 crore for the quarter ended 31 March 2002 as compared to Rs 30.91 crore in the corresponding period last fiscal.<more>

Asian Paints denies bid for take over of Snowcem
( http://in.biz.yahoo.com/020406/103/1krkl.html )
Asian Paints India Ltd has informed BSE that the Company is not discussing with anyone regarding acquisition of Snowcem India Ltd, as reported.

The management of the Company further denies of having any knowledge about the source of information


Mr. R.Venkatesan informs that LMW the Coimbatore based powder manufactured company has transferred the business to Titan Paints & Chemicals Limited a company belonging to the same group. The brand name continues to be "Lakshmi Powder Coatings"

Successfull Middle East Coatings Show

(European Coatings Flash - May 06, 2002)
The Middle East Coatings Show 2002 proved to be the largest Middle East Coatings Event to date. Held at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the United Arab Emirates, the exhibition experienced a record number of registration over the two days. The show attracted 2492 attendees from 57 countries.

Coating Show 2003
Ms. Malini Mittal informs that Services International in association with, Indian Paint Association, is organizing India International Coating Show 2003 Exhibition and Conference to be held at Hotel JayPee Palace, Agra, India during 17th-19th January 2003.


e-epoxy.com is the first-ever Web site designed exclusively for the sale of epoxy resins and related products. The site offers several of the highest-volume epoxy resins, epoxy-related products and useful information from The Dow Chemical Co. and silicone based products from Dow Corning.

With multiple purchasing options available, including traditional channels and other online options, customers of e-epoxy.com can exhibit a variety of buying patterns. The site is designed for those that can work with straightforward business rules, such as ordering in full and half load quantities, a fixed payment term and penalties for order changes and cancellations.

(PRA News of the Month - May 2002)

The following developments have taken place recently:

BS EN ISO 2811-1: 2001: BS 3900-A19: 1998: Paints and varnishes - determination of density. Part 12. Pyknometer method

BS EN ISO 2811-2: 2001: BS 3900-A20: 1998: Paints and varnishes - determination of density. Part 2: Immersed body (plummet) method

BS EN ISO 2811-4: 2001: BS 3900-A22: 1998: Paints and varnishes - determination of density. Part 4: Pressure cup method

BS EN ISO 7253: 2001: BS 3900-F12: 1997: Paints and varnishes - determination of resistance to neutral salt spray (fog)

BS 7079-A3: 2002: Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - Group A: Visual assessment of surface cleanliness - Part A3: Preparation grades of welds, cut edges and other areas with surface imperfections.

For further information, please go to:


(PRA News of the Month - May 2002)

2-4 June 2002, Cannes, France
This conference is organised by the European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC). For further information, please contact: FECC, Ch, de Wavre1519, B-1160 Brussels, Belgium. Tel: + 32 2 679 02 60; Fax: + 32 2 672 73 55: E-mail: hou@fecc.org or go to: http://www.fecc-congress.com

3-5 June 2002, Virginia Beach, Virginia

For further information, please contact the National Paint and Coatings Association, 1500 Rhode Island Ave., NW, Washington, DC 200005-5597, USA or go to:

4-6 June 2002, Barcelona, Spain
For further information, please contact IDEXPO, 58, bd. P V Couturier, 94246 L'Hay-les-Roses, Cedex, France. Tel: + 33 146 65 18 34; Fax: + 33 146 63 26 00: E-mail:
idexpo@wanadoo.fr or go to: http://www.idexpo.com

6-7 June 2002, Lisbon, Portugal
For further information, please contact: CEPE, Av. E. Nieuwenhuyse 4-Bte 10, 1160 Brussels, Belgium. Fax: + 32 2 676 7490; E-mail:
secretariat@cepe.org or go to: http://www.cepe.org

6-7 June 2002, Berlin, Germany
For further information, please contact Dr Dirk Meine, Vincentz Verlag, Schiffgraben 43, 30175 Hannover, Germany. Tel: + 49 511 9910 212; Fax: + 49 511 9910 299; E-mail: meine@coatings.de

9-14 June 2002, Barcelona, Spain
For further information, please contact: Universitat de Barcelona, Oficina de Congressos, Edificia Florensa, Adolf Florensa s/n, 08028 Barcelona, Spain. Tel: + 34 934 035 422; Fax: + 34 934 035 428; E-mail: sus2002@congressos.ub.es or go to: http://www.ub.es/sis2002

June 11-12, 2002, Mexico City, Mexico
For further information, please go to:

ITW Ransburg training class on Fundamentals of Electrostatics
June 11 & 12: Toledo, OH.
(419-470-2000) E-mail:

12-13 June 2002, Essen, Germany

For further information, please contact: Haus der Technik, Hollestrasse 1, 45127 Essen, Germany. Tel: +
49 201 18 03 1; Fax: + 49 201 18 03 269; E-mail:
hdt@hdt-essen.de or go to: http://www.hdt-essen.de

13-14 June 2002, Berlin, Germany
For further information on the 3rd European Analytical Laboratory Managers Association Conference, please contact: Gudrun Neumann, EUROLAB-Deutschland Secretariat, Verein deutscher Prueflaboratorien e.V., Unter den Eichen 87, 12205 Berlin, Germany. Tel: + 49 30 8104 3769; Fax: + 49 30 8104 3717; E-mail:

18 June 2002, Teddington, UK
A one-day workshop on the topic of VOC legislation and control. For further information, please go to:

ITW Ransburg training class on Art of Electrostatic Handgun
June 18 & 19 in Toledo, OH. (419-470-2000) E-mail:

17-20 June 2002, Poznan, Poland
For further information, please contact Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie Sp. Zo.o., Zespot Organizacji Targow A4, ul. Gtogowska 14, 60 734 Poznan, Poland. Tel: + 48 61 869 21 95; Fax: + 48 61 869 29 54; E- mail:
surfex@mtp.com.pl or go to: http://www.mtp.com.pl

19-21 June 2002, Philadelphia, USA.
Sponsored by ASTM Committee D01 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials and Applications, this symposium commemorates the 100th anniversary of ASTM Committee D01. For further information, please contact Tim Brooke, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, Pa, USA. Tel: + 1 610 832 9729; E- mail:
tbrooke@astm.org or William C. Golton, Consultant, Springfield, PA. Tel: + 1 610 543 0395; E-mail: wgolton@aol.com

23-26 June 2002, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
For further information, please contact: S. G. Bike, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, 2300 Hayward Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2136, USA. Tel: + 1 734 936 0117; Fax: + 1 734 763 0459; E-mail:


24-26 June 2002, Rhode Island, USA.
For further information, please contact: R H. Lacombe, 3 Hammer Drive, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533, USA. Tel: + 1 845 226 1393; Fax: + 1 212 656 1016; E-mail:
rhl@mstconf.com or go to: http://mstconf.com/particle8.htm

25-27 June 2002, Chicago, USA
For further information, please contact AESF SUR/FIN 2002, 12644 Research Parkway, Orlando, 32826- 3298 Florida, USA. Tel: + 1 407 281 64 41; Fax: + 1 407 281 64 46; E-mail:
exhibit@aesf.org or go to: http://www.aesf.org


26 June 2002, Manchester, UK
This conference is organised jointly by the Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) and the Oil and Colour Chemists' Association (OCCA). For further information, please contact: Yvonne Waterman, OCCA, Tel: + 44 20 8908 1086; Fax: + 44 20 8908 1219; E-mail:
conferences@occa.org.uk or Liz Williams, SDC, Tel: + 44 1274 725138; Fax: + 44 1274 392888; E-mail: elizabethw@sdc.org.uk

26-27 June 2002, Manchester, UK
SURFEX is the only exhibition in the UK for the colour and coatings industries. Traditionally held in Harrogate every two years, SURFEX 2002 will be held in G- Mex, Manchester on 26 - 27 June 2002. The move to Manchester will provide more high quality exhibition space and offer first class transport for visitors and exhibitors from all parts of the UK and continental Europe. Contact the SURFEX Hotline Tel: +44 (0)20 8908 1086; Fax: +44 (0)20 8908 1219; Email surfex@occa.org.uk for further information and a copy of the Exhibitor Prospectus. Up to date information on the exhibition can also be found on the SURFEX web site: http://www.surfex.net

26-27 June 2002, Basel, Switzerland
For further information, please contact: ChemSpec Europe, c/o CTS, Data House, Curriers Close, Tile Hill, Coventry, CV4 8AN, UK. Fax: + 44 870 429 4365 or go to:


  Powder Coater’s Manual ------- (Part - 4)  
  Coating Selection
The first step in the coating selection process is to define your finished product requirements. With a specification, a manufacturer can work with a coating supplier to get just the right coating formulated for their specific need. In selecting a thermosetting powder type from a powder coating sup-plier, it is advised that the following thoughts be kept in focus through-out the selection process and during negotiation with suppliers.

The key selection factors are
Demonstrated film performance

Demonstrated application characteristics

Cost performance balance

Testing of performance issues is important. For example, if the product will be used outdoors, resistance to UV light and outdoor weatherability should be tested. The exposure chart on page I/12 shows the results of testing for comparative gloss retention of different powder formulations. The properties of any particular powder will vary even if they are the
same chemistry. Formulators can produce materials to meet specific needs.

  This is a summary of the key properties of each generic type of ther-mosetting
powder as discussed.
Epoxy: Tough
Chemically resistant
Poor exterior durability (chalking)
Hybrid: Decorative film performance similar to epoxies
Some UV and overbake advantages
Not exterior durable
Polyester Urethane: Exterior durable
Thin film powder coating
Polyester TGIC: Exterior durable
Good edge coverage
Thicker films are no problem
Acrylic: Excellent weatherability
Excellent appearance
Good-fair impact resistance
  To be Continued.....  

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Mr. Han Li Chun - General Manager JINCOAT informs in his email "We would be glad to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer and exporter of POWDER COATING PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT in China.
We produce high quality equipment for powder coating production based on advanced technology and acknowledge."
Ms. Malini Mittal of Services International informs "We are pleased to inform you that Services International in association with 'Indian Paint Association' is organizing India International Coating Show 2003 Exhibition and Conference to be held at Hotel JayPee Palace, Agra, India during 17th-19th January 2003."
Mr Rajesh Narang comments "I've been receiving your newsletters regularly and thank you for that. For one thing I would really appreciate is if you could please let me know the forth coming exhibitions related to powder coating in India and internationally.
I'll be very grateful for the same.
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