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Powder Coating 2002


    News Features  

Monsoon Tips

The next few weeks will be dominated by monsoon rains. The moist and humid atmosphere is known to have adverse effects on the powder coating process.

Mr. Nirmalya Chakravorty Manufacturing & Technical Manager - Industrial Coatings Akzo Nobel Coatings India Private Limited provides these tips to our subscribers.
1. The golden rule is store in a cool and dry place.
2. As long as the powder is in a sealed plastic bag, it is safe. Any opened bag must be tied tightly to make it air tight.
3. During application the booth air is best maintained at a R.H. of 45 to 65%.
4. The good news is powder having higher moisture content can be dried very quickly by fluidizing it little longer with dry compressed air which takes away the moisture.
5. Moisture in compressed air must be checked to avoid choking of fluid bed and film defects from water droplets landing on the substrate from the spray gun to form craters.
6. Some moisture is desirable in powder(~0.3 to 0.5%) for better chargeability and fluidity(low % of adsorbed moisture plays the role of lubricant between the particles).
7. The most common myth is powder lumps from high moisture content. This is not true as powder is not wetted by moisture. Lumping occurs from high temperatures, low Tg resins, too much flow aid or other additives having liquid components.

Powder Coating on Plastics
(MS Rawat, Manager Product Development Asian paints (I) Ltd answers a query from on of our subscriber Mr. Jagannivas Kamat)

Mr. Jagannivas Kamat: Please let me know if abs plastics can be powder coated. Is there a powder coating process for plastics.

Mr. MS Rawat: Yes, plastics can be coated with powder coatings.

However as you are aware that these are heat sensitive substrates hence either UV powder or low temperature curing powders are suitable for coating such heat sensitive substrates. In fact, at the recently held Powder Coating Europe 2002 coating show at Nuremberg, UV curing powder coated cell phone casings were showcased as the latest application area for powder coatings.

Besides heat sensitivity another problem is that of conductivity. For this purpose either the plastic is filled with a conductive filler like carbon or graphite during its manufacture or alternatively then a very thin (5 - 7 microns) conductive liquid coating is first applied as a conductive primer followed by powder coating.

With the development of UV curable powders many new areas of application of powder coatings have opened up. Another noteworthy point is that due to the high cost of UV curable powders and UV curing equipment the commercialisation process of this new technology is a bit slow. As an economical alternate many raw material and powder manufacturers are trying to develop low temperature powder coatings. However they will have limited storage stability and will not be suitable to high atmospheric temperatures as those encountered in India (avg 50C)

UV Cured Powder Coating
Mr. Arjun Sen, Business Consultant.)

Powder coating continues to be the fastest growing of all the finishing technologies, and for good reason. Powder coatings are free of solvents, 100% solid coatings that provide durable and attractive finishes. Until now the benefits of powder coatings were generally available to manufacturers of metal products, such as appliances, furniture, garden equipment, equipment for processing machinery, automobile ancillaries and, only recently, to automotive vehicles themselves. Today, a variety of ultraviolet (UV) curable materials are bringing the environmental and performance benefits of powder coating to the medium density fiberboard (MDF) and natural wood product industries.

Over the past few years, major powder and resin manufacturers have made significant progress in developing powder materials that can be applied to substrates other than conventional metals. MDF, wood, glass and plastics comprise the major of these alternate substrates. The primary goal of the powder development effort has been to provide a powder coating process that does not compromise end user expectations for hardness, durability, moisture resistance, colour and luster. Aggressive development of both thermoset and UV curable powders reflects an understanding of the commercial potential. Within recent years, UV powders have emerged that are commercially suitable for heat sensitive substrates. These include both non-metallic and metallic substrates with heat sensitive components, that fall into three general categories:

You may read the complete article in the magazine section on http://www.ipconweb.com/articles/arjun013.htm

Paint With Heavy Medals Recalled
Thu May 23, 7:41 PM ET< http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20020523/ap_on_bi_ge/paint_recall_1 >

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Govesan America Corp. is recalling industrial powder-coat paints marketed as metals-free because the paint actually contained heavy metals, two state agencies said Thursday.

Under an agreement with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Minnesota Occupational Health and Safety Administration, Govesan issued the national recall of the paints — which contained lead, cadmium and hexavalent chromium — and agreed to pay a $240,000 penalty, the agencies said.

Minnesota law requires companies with products containing any of the three metals or mercury to register those products with the state. The action was the first ever taken against a company for failing to register such products, the agencies said.

In March 2001, the agencies alerted Govesan customers that had purchased the powder-paints that certain lots contained heavy metals not listed on data supplied with the paints.

According to company records, about 5 percent of the coatings imported since 1994 are affected by the recall. Since March of this year, Govesan has completed a testing program and assured that all products being sold do not contain more than regulated levels of the heavy metals, the agencies said.

Customers who received the products between 1994 and March 2001 will receive a letter from the company identifying the products and giving instructions for returning them to Govesan America, based in Woodbury. Govesan America is a subsidiary of Govesan S.A., a privately held corporation headquartered in Spain.

A toll-free telephone number has been set up for customer inquiries: 1-800-494-1543

Further details on

India paints: Growth prospects
(European Coatings Flash - June 03, 2002)

Growth markets in India are relatively limited. For instance, the per capita consumption of paint is quite low compared to neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka and Bangladesh where there is considerable potential. While Asian Paints and Berger have global interests, the proportion of incomes from international market, as a portion of total revenues, is still negligible. Given that growth opportunities have stagnated in some of the segments, it would be no surprise if the focus is on the international
market. The performance of the automobile industry over the next four-six quarters will be crucial for the growth rates in the industrial paints segment. The growth rates may be stable there. As setting up distribution infrastructure is expensive, it would mean that the competition is limited to the top players.

Akzo Nobel opens international research centre in India
(European Coatings Flash - June 10, 2002)

Akzo Nobel has opened an international research center in Bangalore, India for its car refinishes business. The center will play a major role in the development of new products and color formulations for the global and regional refinishes markets. "With this new R&D facility in India we underscore the global nature of our car refinishes business and our ambition to grow in the Indian and Asian markets," said Rudy van der Meer, Akzo Nobel's Board Member responsible for Coatings. "Technological expertise is of paramount importance for coatings in general and for car refinishes in particular and this research center gives us a window on available talent in India in order to enhance our technological leadership."
"The establishment of a research center in India reemphasizes Akzo Nobel's commitment to India," added Cor de Grauw, General Manager Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes. "The center will play a major role not just in growing the market for car refinishes in India, but it will also help meet the needs of the global and regional car repair industry. With its availability of skilled manpower and economies of scale, India is ideally suited to meet the requirements of our hi-tech research center."
Built on a total area of 2,325 m at Hoskote, Bangalore, the new R&D facility is part of a unit of Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes India, which was incorporated in 1997. Besides the R&D facility Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes has set up a Car Refinishes Instruction Center (CRIC) in Bangalore, which provides hands-on training to painters, bodyshop owners and managers. Apart from the new international research center in India, Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes has two other global research centers in Sassenheim, the Netherlands and Troy, Michigan, United States.

Loctite to be renamed Henkel Loctite
(European Coatings Flash - June 24, 2002)

Loctite Corporation, Rocky Hill, Connecticut, USA, has changed its name in the USA to Henkel Loctite Corporation. In the near future, Loctite companies in other countries around the world will follow suit. Loctite is the brand under which the Henkel Technologies business sector of the Henkel Group markets a broad range of engineering adhesives.
"Following the acquisition of Loctite Corporation in 1997, the Henkel Group is making a specific statement with this change of name. By renaming the Loctite Corporation, and successively renaming all Loctite companies worldwide, we are communicating to customers and staff that Loctite today is an integral part of Henkel and its Henkel Technologies business sector," explains Heinrich Grn, division head of Loctite Engineering Adhesives in the Henkel Group. "We intend to rename all Loctite sites around the world or to integrate them in the respective Henkel national companies."
Loctite Engineering Adhesives operates in markets as diverse as electronics, automotive, aerospace, biomedical and general industry. In 2001, Loctite recorded sales of over 1 billion euros, thus ranking among the leading suppliers in these segments.

Sherwin-Williams recognized for donation of paint for Pentagon rebuilding
(European Coatings Flash - June 24, 2002)

The Sherwin-Williams Co. has received a "Piece of the Pentagon" award in recognition of the company's donation of 10,000 gallons of paint used to help repair damage caused by the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon building in Washington. The award was presented during ceremonies in Washington, during which Sherwin-Williams Chairman and CEO Christopher M. Connor also presented a commemorative paint can to Lee Evey, Pentagon renovation program manager."The contribution made by Sherwin-Williams is representative of the American spirit to see the Pentagon made whole again," Evey said. Following the presentations, an assembly of Pentagon representatives and other government and military officials moved to the interior of the building for a "First Swipe of Paint" ceremony marking the start of painting of the rebuilt section of the Pentagon. Evey and Connor each applied a roller full of paint in a restored portion of the building.
"Sherwin-Williams is proud to be a part of this rebuilding effort," Connor said. "We hope this gesture will, in some way, honor those who lost their lives in the Sept. 11 attacks and lift the morale of those who, each day, work in this building and on behalf of the American people."
U.S. Senators R. Michael DeWine and George V. Voinovich, both of Ohio, commended Cleveland-based Sherwin-Williams. "I am proud that Sherwin-Williams has stepped forward to help make Ohio's contribution to the Pentagon rebuilding efforts," DeWine said. "Such generosity is symbolic of our great American way of life."

Future Vehicles predicted to be coated with foil instead of paint
(PRA News of the Month - June 2002 http://www.pra.org.uk/publications/newsofthemonth/nom-current.htm )

The RAC Foundation has produced a projection of what a family car will look like in 2050. It predicts cars will be smaller and taller to conserve roadspace offering as much comfort as possible. Fuel cells will power the vehicle (the Foundation predicts fuel cells will be as common as diesel or petrol engines by 2030). Paint will be replaced by durable, coloured foil applied to the bodywork - which will be made of a tough, plastic composite 'skin'. (Evening Standard, 17 May 2002, 18)

(PRA News of the Month - June 2002 http://www.pra.org.uk/publications/newsofthemonth/nom-current.htm )

The following developments have taken place recently:

BS EN ISO 1519:2002; BS 3900-E1: 2002: Paints and Varnishes - bend test (cylindrical mandrel)

BS ISO 15741: 2001: Paints and Varnishes - friction-reducing coatings for the interior of onshore and
offshore steel pipelines for non-corrosive gases

For further information, please go to:

Exhibitions and Seminars
(PRA News of the Month - June 2002 http://www.pra.org.uk/publications/newsofthemonth/nom-current.htm)

1-5 July 2002, Athens, Greece
For further information, please contact: Institute of Materials Science, Division of Program Organisation, PO Box 369, New Paltz, New York, 12561 USA. Tel: + 1 914 255 0757; Fax: + 1 914 255 0978. Alternatively,
please go to:

8-9 July 2002, Brussels, Belgium
For further details, please go to:

17-19 July 2002, Mexico City, Mexico
For further information on this exhibition and conference, please contact: Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology, 492 Norristown Rd, 19422-2350 Blue Bell, PA, USA. Tel: + 1 610 940 0777; Fax: + 1 610 940 0292;

  Powder Coater’s Manual ------- (Part - 5)  

Powder Storage

Powder storage areas should be reasonably cool, dry and free of air borne contaminates. Some powders are more stable in storage than others, so it is important to know which materials are most sensitive and what conditions are required to keep them in good condition.


Most powders will withstand a certain amount of exposure to heat in storage. Temperatures of 100-120 F (38-46 C) usually will not hurt the material. If the temperature is greater than this, several physical changes may take place. The powder can sinter, pack, or clump in the
container. Tall containers or boxes stacked high can add to this problem because of the weight of the powder on itself. Boxes should not be stacked more than 3 high. Usually this clumping can be eliminated by passing the powder through a screen or sieve but this is very labor

Powders with low temperature curing mechanisms may undergo a chemical change when exposed to excessive heat. Once this happens, the powder will lose its original flow characteristics and must be scrapped. Most powders are formulated with blocking agents that prevent curing below 200 F (93 C), so this is not usually a problem.


Powder will absorb moisture if the air in the storage area is above 60% relative humidity. This will cause it to clump together, resist fluidization and flow poorly. In most cases, the clumping can be eliminated by a combination of stirring and fluidizing for a few minutes. Still, it is better to store powder at a range of 40 to 60% RH. If powder is stored in a controlled environment within these param-eters, it will normally remain stable for at least one year. Storage in a controlled environment will provide more consistent behavior of the
powder during application.

To avoid problems with powder materials, storage areas should be controlled as follows:

Control temperature to 80 F (27 C) or less.

Control the relative humidity between 40 and 60% RH.

Rotate stored powder so that it is not kept in storage for extended periods of time. First in, first out.

Avoid leaving containers of powder open on the shop floor where the powder can easily pick up moisture and dirt.

Precondition the powder before spraying by fluidizing it for a few minutes prior to application.

Like many of the recommendations in this book, these precautions are not absolutely necessary to the application of powder. However, following them will produce the best possible results with the least possible labor. Proper storage and a little patience to achieve correct fluidization will help contribute to consistent results.

  To be Continued.....  

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