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News features.
The Powder Coating Manual (Part 8)
Exhibitions and Conferences in October and November 2002

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    News Features  
Powder coating is more than magic.  It's an art; it's a science; and it's a quality finish "POWDER COATING 2002", September 24 - 26, 2002. Indianapolis

Powder Coating 2002The Powder Coating Institute was host of the world's largest powder coating conference and exhibition held in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 24 - 26, 2002.

This three-day event takes place in the even years and consists of a show floor of approximately 150,000 gross square feet of exhibit space. Exhibitors included coating manufacturers, application equipment manufacturers, chemical suppliers and the various services and supplies that support the powder coating industry.

A conference program designed to educate the user of powder coatings was offered all three days. The program included a series of seminars, technical presentations and workshops for those new to the industry and for those who have been using powder coatings. Plant tours were also offered as an important part of the conference program.

During the conference, seminars were held on subjects like, Powder Coating Wood & Other Heat Sensitive Substrates, Proper Pretreatment Design, Small to Mid Volume Powder Coating Systems, QC for Powder Coating

Eric Dumain, Reichhold Inc. Technical manager for Powder Coating Resins, received the first annual Carlos Ortiz Best Paper Award for the paper, "GMA Acrylic Resins in Powder Coatings." The paper was presented during the Formulator's Conference.

In his presentation, Dumain described the design and use of GMA acrylic resins as primary film-forming resins in automotive applications and decorative coatings. The resins also can be used as additives to provide improved flow and leveling properties and stain, chemical and crater resistance in polyester hybrid, polyester TGIC and polyurethane powder coatings, Reichhold says.

The award is named in honor of Carlos Ortiz, a noted expert on powder coatings who died suddenly last year. Ortiz worked for The Glidden Co. and was considered an industry pioneer in the technology's early development.

India was represented by Mitsuba Systems. They displayed their International range of Powder Spray Equipment. Mr. Amal Shah of Mitsuba Systems informed IPC about the new complete briefcase system.

"This fully portable equipment sets new worldwide standards in powder coating. This handy system consists of both ready to use corona and tribo guns in a compact case. Powder manufacturers, worldwide now use this modern lab equipment."

He further said, "This powder spray equipment is ideal for big as
well as small production runs, sampling colour matching prior to powder batch productions and powder trials at customer's premises. The bag provides a solid and safe packing and is suitable for transportation by air or car.

For further information please contact :-   Mitsuba Systems, 34-H, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 053, India.
Tel : 00 91 - 22 - 631 8633 / 633 4735 Fax : 00 91 - 22 - 631 6565 Email :
mitsuba@vsnl.com Website : www.powdergun.com

Asian Paints to buy stake in Egyptian firm
(European Coatings Flash - September 02, 2002 )
Asian Paints India has signed a deal to buy a 60 per cent stake in Egypt's SCIB Chemicals SAE for a maximum of Rs 245 million (1 EUR = 47 INR), the Bombay Stock Exchange (India)said on 26 Aug. Asian Paints has entered into an agreement with the shareholders of SCIB Chemical to purchase this stake, subject to due diligence and the investment would be made through a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Mauritius, the Indian paint major said in a release. The balance 40 per cent would be held by existing promoters, it added. Asian Paints vice-chairman and managing director Ashwin Dani said: "In line with our vision to expand operations in emerging markets, the Egyptian paint market was given high priority as it is a stable economy." The Egyptian company, which recorded sales of Rs 540 million in 2001, is one of the five largest paint producers in that country.

Global operations to drive Asian Paints' sales
(European Coatings Flash - September 30, 2002)
International operations of Asian Paints are expected to witness a five-fold increase in turnover to around Rs 5000 million over the next two years, primarily on account of the recent acquisitions overseas. "This year we expect a turnover of Rs 950 million from our international operations against Rs 700 million last year. We expect the turnover to go up to Rs 5000 million over the next two years,'' Mr Jalaj Dani, Vice-President - International, Asian Paints (India) Ltd, said. During the current year, the international operations will fetch profits to the tune of four per cent of the turnover, he said.

Nagashima Special Paint develops paving material to reduce heat
(European Coatings Flash - September 02, 2002 )
Nagashima Special Paint Co.(Japan) has developed material capable of reducing road surface temperature by up to 30 degrees Celsius. The material, developed  jointly with Nippon Hodo Co. using Nagashima´s paint for automobiles and factory roofs, reduces the temperatur by reflecting the suns´s rays. Nippon Hodo Co., the country´s top road paver, will market the
material to local governments and others, touting it as a useful tool to ease the "heat island" phenomenon, which causes temperatures to rise drastically in urban areas.

India/Singapore: Asian Paints makes takeover bid for Berger
( European Coatings Flash - September 09, 2002)
Singapore-based paints maker Berger International said on 5 Sept. that Asian Paints made a partial offer to acquire a 50.1 per cent stake for S$ 0.40 per share in cash, according to Indian press reports. The offer is a 95 per cent premium to Berger's last traded price of S$ 0.205 on 2 Sept. The company asked for trading in its shares to resume after a suspension on Thursday morning (5 Sept.). "The board of directors of the company will be appointing an independent financial adviser to the independent directors of the company in connection with the offer," Berger said in a statement.

ROHM AND HAAS to develop thermoplactic powders with Cyclics Corp
Rohm and Haas has entered into an alliance with the Schenectady-based Cyclics Corp to develop low-viscosity thermoplastic powder coating formulations using Cyclic's CBT resins. The CBT resins are reported to combine the characteristics of thermosetting resins with the toughness of engineering plastics. (Coatings World, Jul 2002, 7 (7), 8)

Ultra low gloss UV cured coating.
A range of ultrafine polyamide powders has been developed with closely controlled particle sizes and spherical shape. These were evaluated as matting agents in overprint varnishes. At addition rates of approximately 5% the polyamides had little effect on viscosity, whereas silica had a noticeable effect. Efficient matting down to a level of 2025% gloss at 60° could be obtained with a 5% addition, provided the particle size was correctly chosen to suit the applied film thickness. The ideal is for the particle size to slightly exceed the film thickness. Thus different particle sizes are required for the same coating weight applied to smooth, non-porous surfaces and to absorbent surfaces. K Loyen, P Leroy (Atofina), pp601-612

Paint product stewardship project
The US Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) has recently launched its "Paint Product Stewardship Project" which aims to bring together key parties in order to jointly solve problems related to paint management. The long-term goal is for a national post-consumer paint policy. For further information, please go to
: http://www.productstewardshipinstitute.org

Ferrari red paint passes road test for trip to Mars
(European Space Agency http://sci.esa.int/content/news/index.cfm?aid=9&cid=32&oid=30557)

18-Sep-2002: The symbol of Ferrari's extraordinary success, its red paint 'Rosso Corsa', has been given the green light to go into space, as it was declared officially 'space qualified' at a formal ceremony held today at INTESPACE in Toulouse, France. A specially constructed glass globe, known as FRED, containing the sample of paint was then integrated on to the Mars Express spacecraft, in readiness for the fastest journey Ferrari has ever made.

The sample of red paint is due to begin its trip to the Red Planet on-board the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft in May-June 2003. In order to receive its 'space qualified' certificate, the red paint had to undergo a series of rigorous mechanical and thermal tests to ensure that it can withstand the extreme conditions it will encounter in space.

Speaking at the event, the Director General of ESA, Antonio Rodotà, said: "Mars Express will be the first European mission to the Red Planet, which has always intrigued people here on Earth. The information returned by the spacecraft and its lander, Beagle 2, will undoubtedly help us answer some of the questions that remain unanswered about this fascinating planet and its make-up. It will ultimately be looking for water, but it could also find evidence of life."

David Southwood, Director of Science, said: "I am thrilled that Europe has been able to honour the success of the Scuderia Ferrari through this momentous union. This ceremony represents an important symbolic step forward on the road to an equally successful launch of Mars Express next summer."

For further information visit:

Titanium oxide reveals the identity of earth's second moon.
(Carl Hergenrother and Robert Whiteley, astronomers at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona)

[This image of the Apollo 12 lunar module was taken from the command module during the 1969 mission. Part of an Apollo Saturn IV booster rocket may have just become Earth's 2nd "moon." (NASA photo)]

Astronomers have the first direct evidence that a newly discovered object orbiting Earth is debris from one of the Apollo moon launches over 30 years ago. The mysterious object named J002E3 was discovered in orbit around Earth on Sept. 3 by amateur astronomer Bill Yeung. Researchers have believed that J002E3's small size and unusual orbit suggest the object is no asteroid or other natural object, but a piece of man-made "space junk," possibly a piece of one of the Saturn V rockets that launched American astronauts to the moon during the Apollo program.

The UA (University of Arizona) astronomers made their definitive observations with various filters to sample the colors, or spectra, that J002E3 reflects. Richard Binzel and Andrew Rivken of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology took infrared spectra on the unique object, and those spectra "confirm that J002E3 is a dead ringer for white TiO paint,"

"Rather than looking like a known asteroid, the colors were consistent with the spectral properties of an object covered with white Titanium oxide (TiO) paint," Hergenrother said. "The Apollo Saturn S-IVB upper stages were painted with TiO paint," he noted.

Hergenrother said. "There is also a fairly good chance that J002E3 might crash into the moon at some point. Scientifically, that isn't too important, but it is interesting, " he said.

Moderator's note: I have great intetrest in astronomy. Contact for further details.

The following developments have recently occurred in the field of standards:

BS EN 1062-6: 2002: Paints and varnishes - coating materials and coating systems for exterior masonry and concrete: Part 6: Determination of carbon dioxide permeability

BS EN 1062-11: 2002: Paints and varnishes - coating materials and coating systems for exterior masonry and concrete: Part 11: Methods of conditioning before testing

For further information, please go to:

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    Exhibitions, Seminars, Course, Lectures  
Coatings Direct
(October 1, 2002 Course; e-learning/Internet)
For further infromation contact Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology, 492 Norristown Road, Blue Bell, 19422 PA, USA Fax: +1 (610) 940 02 92

(2-3 October 2002, Birmingham, UK)
For further information, please contact Nigel Bean at Hill Media Ltd, 119, High Street, Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 2DJ, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1442 878787; Fax: , +44 (0)1442 879447

Particle-Substrate Interactions:  Microscopic Aspects of Adhesion Virtual course:
(October 3, 2002, location your home or office, international access is free)
Dr. Donald Rimai, for further information please contact: Peter Patsis, papatsis@ims-np.org Institute of Materials Science, 52 South Manheim St., New Paltz, NY 12561; Tel: + 1 508 981 0146; or go to http://www.imsvip.com/  

Protection & Maintenance of Exterior Wood
(October 3, 2002 Course; Teddington/Great Britain)
More Information from: PRA, 8 Waldegrave Road, Teddington, TW11 8LD Middlesex, Great Britain, Fax: +44 (20) 89 43 47 05,
http://www.pra.org.uk, e.brown@pra.org.uk

Regulation in the Chemicals Industries 2002
(7-8 October 2002, London, UK)
This conference offers an overview of the current state of chemicals regulation, and includes speakers from the regulatory community, as well as those being regulated. A special feature of the conference will be a presentation on the latest revelations on the EU chemicals policy. For further information, or to book your place, please contact: The Bookings Department, IBC Global Conferences Ltd, Informa House, 30-32 Mortimer Street, London W1W 7RE, UK. Tel: + 44 1932 893856; Fax: + 44 1932 893893 or go to:

(7-8 October 2002, Altdorf, Germany )
For further information on this seminar, please contact: Technische Akademie , Wuppertal, Hubertus-Allee 18, D-42117 Wuppertal. Tel: + 49 202 7495-0; Fax: + , 49 202 7495 216 or go to: http://www.taw.de

What is Paint?
(October 7, 2002 Course; Teddington/Great Britain)
More Information from: PRA 8 Waldegrave Road, Teddington, TW11 8LD Middlesex, Great Britain, Fax: +44 (20) 89 43 47 05
http://www.pra.org.uk , e.brown@pra.org.uk

Powtech 2002
(October 8 - 10, 2002 Exhibition; Nuremberg/Germany)

More Information from: Nürnberg Messe GmbH Messezentrum 90471 Nürnberg Germany Fax: +49 (911) 86 06-82 28
http://www.powtech.de info@nuernbergmesse.de

(7-8 October 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark)
For further information, please contact: Elisabeth Kallgren / Joanna , Patrikson, TKI, Institute for Surface Chemistry, Box 5607, SE 114 89 ,Stockholm, Sweden. Tel: + 46 8 790 99 00; Fax: + 46 8 20 89 98 or go to: ,http://www.surfchem.kth.se

(9-11 October 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
For further information, please contact IIR - Greenline Communications, 6th Floor, 29 Bressenden Place, London, SW1 E5DR, UK. Tel: + 44 20 7915 5055; Fax: + 44 20 7915 5056 or go

11th Advanced Radiation (UV/EB) Curing Marketing/Technology Seminar
(October 9 - 10, 2002, New Jersey/USA)
More Information from: Armbruster Associates Inc., 43 Stockton Road, 07901 Summit NJ, USA, Fax: +1 (908) 277-15 73,
http://www.armbrusterassocinc.com, drdavearm@att.net,

(10-11 October 2002, Altdorf, Germany)
For further information on this seminar, please contact: Technische Akademie Wuppertal, Hubertus-Allee 18, D-42117 Wuppertal. Tel: + 49 202 7495-0; Fax: + 49 202 7495 216 or go to: http://www.taw.de

Green Solvents for Catalysis
(October 13 - 16, 2002, Bruchsal/Germany)
More Information from Dechema e.V. Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25, 60486 Frankfurt a.M. Germany, Fax: +49 (69) 75 64-201,
http://www.dechema.de feisst@dechema.de

2002 Fall Convention and Exposition
(October 13 - 16, 2002 Congress, Exhibition; Pittsburgh/USA)
More Information from: The Adhesive and Sealant Council, INC. 7979 Old Georgetown Road, Suite 500, Maryland. 20814 Bethesda, USA, Fax: +1 (301) 986-97 95, http://www.ascouncil.org

Green Solvents for Catalysis
(October 13 - 16, 2002 Conference; Bruchsal/Germany)

More Information from:Dechema e.V Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25, 60486 Frankfurt a.M. Germany Fax: +49 (69) 75 64-201

(14-18 October 2002, Lisbon, Portugal)
For further information, please contact: Elisabeth Kallgren / Joanna Patrikson, TKI, Institute for Surface Chemistry, Box 5607, SE 114 89 Stockholm, Sweden. Tel: + 46 8 790 99 00; Fax: + 46 8 20 89 98 or go to:

(15-17 October 2002, Prague, Czech Republic)
For further information, please contact: Incheba Praha s.r.o., areal Vystaviste, 170 90 Praha 7, Czech Republic. Tel: + 420 2 201 03 476; Fax: + 420 2 333 78 225:

(16-18 October 2002, Shanghai, China)
For further information, please go to:

International Symposium on the Health Effects of Glycol Ethers
(October 17 - 18, 2002 Symposium; Paris/France)
More Information from:European Oxygenated Solvent Producers Association, American Chemistry Council’ s Committee Cefic Petrochemistry Programme Solvents Av E. Van Nieuwenhuyse 4, 1160 Brussels, Belgium, Fax: +32 (2) 67 67 216

(16-17 October 2002, Birmingham, UK)
For further information, please contact Nigel Bean at Hill Media Ltd, 119 High Street, Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 2DJ, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1442 878787; Fax: +44 (0)1442 879447

Test Methods and Property/Property Relationships Virtual course
(October 17, 2002, : location your home or office, international access is free)
Dr. Loren W. Hill, for further information please contact: Peter Patsis
papatsis@ims-np.org, Institute of Materials Science, 52 South Manheim St., New Paltz, NY 12561; Tel: + 1 508 981 0146; or go to http://www.imsvip.com/


(17-18 October 2002, Mulhouse, France)
European Congress on the protection and decoration of modern rail-borne vehicles. For further information, please contact: Esther Schwencke, Vincentz Verlag, Schiffgraben 43, 30175 Hannover, Germany. Tel: + 49 511 9910 270 Fax: + 49 511 9910 279 or go to:
http://www.coatings.de or http://www.lackiernetz.de

(17-19 October 2002, Verona, Italy)
Conference and exhibition on environmentally compliant technologies for coating products and applications. For further information, please contact: La Rivista del Colore Spa, Palazzo Larice, edificio M, Via Torri Bianche 3, 20059 Vimercate (MI),
Italy. Tel: + 39 039 629041; Fax: + 39 039 62904208;

Paint Technology
(October 21 - 24, 2002 Seminar; Teddington/Great Britain)
More Information from:PRA, 8 Waldegrave Road, Teddington, TW 11 8LD Middlesex, Great Britain, Fax: +44 (20) 89 43 47 05
http://www.pra.org.uk, e.brown@pra.org.uk

(22-25 October 2002, Sinsheim, Germany)
For further information, please contact P. E. Schall GmbH, Messeunternehmen, Gustav-Werner-Strasse 6, D-72636 Frickenhausen, Germany. Tel: + 49 7025 9206 0; Fax: + 49 7025 9206 620

(22-24 October 2002,Cardiff, Wales)
This joint conference and exhibition is organised by the Institute of Corrosion and Advantica Technology. For further information, please contact: The Institute of Corrosion, Corrosion House, Vimy Court, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 1FG. Tel: + 44 1525 851771; Fax: + 44 1525 376690 or go to: http://www.icorr.demon.co.uk

Principles of Wetting and Dispersing for Solvent and Water-Based Coatings
(October 24, 2002, Virtual course: location your home or office, international access is free)
Patrick Laine, for further information please contact: Peter Patsis papatsis@ims-np.org, Institute of Materials Science, 52 South Manheim St., New Paltz, NY 12561; Tel: + 1 508 981 0146; or go to http://www.imsvip.com/

Particle Technology Car Boot Sale
(October 23, 2002, Seminar; Birmingham/Great Britain)
More Information from:Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, W1J 0BA London, Great Britain, Fax: +44 (20) 77 34 12 27, http://www.rsc.org

(27-29 October 2002, New Orleans, LA, USA)
For further information, please contact: NPCA, 1500 Rhode Island Ave, NW Washington, CD 20005-5597. Tel: + 1 202 462 6272; Fax: + 1 202 462 1924 or go to:

(28-30 October 2002, The Hague, The Netherlands)
The final programme has now been issued. 44 papers have been accepted for presentation at the Congress. For further details, please go to:

Radiation Curing: UV Light and Electron Beam Technology Course Seminar
(October 28 - 30, 2002 Course; Amsterdam/Netherlands)
More Information from: Center for Professional Advancement, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 316A, 1012 GM Amsterdam, Netherlands Fax: +31 (20) 620 21 36,
http://www.armbrusterassocinc.com amsterdam@cfpa.com

ICE 2002
(30 October - 1 November 2002, New Orleans, USA)
FSCT Annual Meeting and International Coatings Expo. For further information, please contact FSCT, 492 Norristown Rd, Blue Bell, PA 19422; Tel: + 1 610 940 0777; Fax: + 1 610 940 0292 or go to: http://www.coatingstech.org

(3-6 November 2002, Florida, USA)
Conference and exhibition addressing all aspects of the protective coatings
industry. For further information, please visit SSPC online at:
http://www.sspc.org or contact Tera Lynch. Tel: + 1 412 281 2331 ext 217;

(5-6 November 2002, Dresden, Germany
For further information on this conference, please contact: Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft fuer Oberflaechenbehandlung, Adlerstrasse 94, D 40215, Duesseldorf, Germany. Tel: + 49 211 370457; Fax: + 49 211 370459 or go to

(5-6 November 2002, Wuppertal, Germany)
For further information on this seminar, please contact:  Technische Akademie
Wuppertal, Hubertus-Allee 18, D-42117 Wuppertal. Tel: + 49 202 7495-0; Fax: +
49 202 7495 216 or go to
: http://www.taw.de

(5-7 November 2002, Katowice, Poland)
For further information, please contact: Marketing Department, dmg world
media ltd, Queensway House, 1 Queensway, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1QS. Tel: + 44
1737 855488; Fax: + 44 1737 855474;

(5-8 November 2002, Katowice, Poland)
The list of papers for this conference is now available. For further details, please contact: Institute of Plastics and Paint Industry, ACT '02 Organising Committee, Ms Anna Pajak - Conference Manager, ul. Chorzowska 50, 44 100 Gliwice, Poland. Tel: + 48 (32) 231 90 41; Fax: + 48 (32) 2312674

(6-8 November 2002, Lund, Sweden)
For further information on this international symposium, please go to:

Highly Predictive Accelerated Weathering
(November 7, 2002, Virtual course: location your home or office, international access is free)
Dr. James E. Pickett, for further information please contact: Peter Patsis papatsis@ims-np.org, Institute of Materials Science, 52 South Manheim St., New Paltz, NY 12561; Tel: + 1 508 981 0146; or go to http://www.imsvip.com/  

(12-13 November 2002, Birmingham, UK)
For further information on this 2-day international conference and exhibition, please go to
: http://www.piranet.com

(13-15 November 2002, Guangzhou, China)

For further information on this exhibition, please contact: Sinostar International Ltd, 185 Wanchai Road, 2101-2 Connaught Commercial Building, Wanchai, Hong Kong, China; Fax: + 852 28 04 22 56 or go to:

(10-13 November 2002, Adelaide, Australia
This 42nd Annual Conference of the Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) will be held in conjunction with the Blast Cleaning and Coating Association (BCCA). This synergy will present many opportunities to bring together experts from a wide range of activities from the industry. For further information, please contact: Australasian Corrosion Association, PO Box 634, Brentford Square, Vic 3131, Australia. Tel: + 61 3 9874 0800; Fax: + 61 39874 4800, or go to
: http://www.corrprev.org.ua/caphome.htm

(13-14 November 2002, Birmingham, UK)
For further information, please contact Nigel Bean at Hill Media Ltd, 119 High Street, Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 2DJ, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1442 878787; Fax: +44 (0)1442 879447

(14-15 November 2002, Berlin, Germany)
For further information, please contact Dr Dirk Meine, Vincentz Verlag, Schiffgraben 43, 30175 Hannover, Germany. Tel: + 49 511 9910 212; Fax: + 49 511 9910 299; or go to
: http://www.coatings.de

(18-19 November 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
For further information on this conference, please go to: http://www.finechemicalsconference.com


  Powder Coater’s Manual ------- (Part - 8)  
Cleaning Processes
The list of metals and their features explains how raw materials have natural surface conditions that interfere with coating adhesion and performance. In the process of being stored, handled and worked they will pick up additional some contamination on their surface. On metals, some of the probable contaminants are oily soils including petroleum products, animal fat, or vegetable oils, deposited during manufacturing operations for rust protection, drawing, machining and forming. There may also be heavy duty drawing compounds and lubrication greases or waxes and some solid soils such as carbon, graphite smuts, metal shavings, polishing products, metal oxides, welding scale, die release products, and red or white oxidation. Removal of soils prior to powder coating is essential to the successful life of the product. It affects the initial adhesion and the ultimate performance in the field.

Soils that are present on metal parts can be removed by a variety of mechanical and chemical methods. What method should be used in a given situation is determined by the part to be coated (size, configuration, material), the type of soil to be removed (dust, wax, oil, salt crystals, etc.) and the performance requirements of the finished product.

Mechanical Cleaning
Soils may be organic substances such as oil or they may be inorganic materials such as mineral type rust inhibitors. Both types of soils can sometimes be effectively removed by mechanically abrading the surface. Mechanical methods, including wire brushing, abrasive blasting, grinding and sanding are used to smooth as well as clean surfaces. Mechanical cleaning using a hand held tool involves considerable labor. Automated processes include vibratory polishing and blasting. Mechanical cleaning is sometimes the only way to remove excessive dirt,
rust or scale.

Abrasive Blasting
Blasting with a suitable media can remove dirt, mill scale, rust or previous coatings from a substrate, providing a surface profile that gives good coating adhesion. The blast media will vary dependent on the surface to be blasted and the quality requirements of the blasted product. Typically used media includes sand, steel shot, grit and glass bead. The media is delivered to the part surface at high velocity to impact the soils and cut them away from the metal surface.

The blasting equipment used to deliver the media may be air-blast or turbine-blast. Hand held air-blast systems are very dependent on the concentration of the operator and quality may vary. Blast cabinets are often suction-feed systems that draw particles into the spray gun by induced vacuum and accelerate the media it with a metered stream of compressed air. There are also pressure-blast systems that use a pressurized vessel to deliver the media. Pressure systems are capable of higher nozzle velocity that can provide much faster cleaning of the surface than a suction system.

Blast cabinets’ function similar to any booth designed for containment of oversprayed material. Negative pressure within the cabinet is maintained with a fan that draws air into the enclosure through a suitable filter. Typically, this exhaust system will use a cyclone separator to remove the dust and fine particles from the air stream and recover the media for reuse. The scrap material that is separated out of the airstream is collected for disposal in a container attached to a dust collector. This scrap material should contain a small percentage of the heavier, reusable media to indicate that the fan pull is sufficient to prevent the build-up of fines in the recovered blast media. A vibratory screener can be added to the process to further refine the recovered material and maintain consistent particle size.

Turbine-blast systems use high-speed turbine wheel with blades. The media is metered to the center of the wheel where it is fed onto the blades, which sling the particles at the surface being blasted. These systems are more energy efficient than air-blast systems because they do not use compressed air for delivery.

Abrasive blasting is most often used for preparation of metal surfaces of heavy structural parts, particularly HRS weldments. It is a very good way of removing the encrustations and carbonized oils that are characteristic
of this type of product.

Blasting operations can be manual or automated and they can be installed as part of a conveyorized powder coating system or as a batch process. The blasting device may be a nozzle type or a centrifugal wheel type. As previously stated, nozzle blast systems require compressed air for delivery of the media while a wheel system uses centrifugal force. Even though the compressed air is an added cost, it may be necessary to direct nozzles into hard to reach areas of a part. The
blast area must be enclosed to contain the blast media and dust.

In addition to cleaning, a blasted surface can create a very good anchor pattern for a coating. Different blast media can be used to vary the profile created on the metal surface. Less aggressive media will remove most soils without cutting too deeply in the metal and leaving a visible texture on the metal surface. More aggressive media can be used to cut stubborn encrustations, such as red oxides, but it will leave more texture on the surface. A blast system does not require as much space as a spray washer that uses chemical cleaning and it does not generate any wastewater. For these reasons, mechanical cleaning may be the only treatment required for finishes where initial paint adhesion is required. However, mechanical cleaning alone will not provide undercoat corrosion resistance or extend the life of the finished product. Blast cleaning standards depend on the quality requirements of the surface. Published documents clearly define quality grades of blastcleaned steel surfaces. Pictorial standards were originally developed by the Swedish Corrosion Committee and later adopted by the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) and other organizations. The principal four grades of blasting endorsed by the SSPC are:

  White Metal Blast: Removal of all visible rust, mill scale, paint, and foreign matter. Used for conditions where corrosion resistanceis very important and the environment is highly corrosive.
  Near White Metal Blast: Blast cleaning until at least 95% of all surface area is free of all visible residues. Used for harsh environments where product is exposed to heavy usage.
  Commercial Blast: Blast cleaning until at least two-thirds of the surface is free of all visible residues. For applications where tightly adhering contaminants are allowable on the surface; for products with lower quality standards and non-corrosive environments.
  Brush-off Cleaning: Blast cleaning of all except tightly adhering residues of mill scale, rust, and old coatings, exposing numerous evenly distributed flecks of underlying metal. Acceptable in noncorrosive environments where long-term coating life is not expected.

The Swedish Standards Association (SIS) includes very good equivalents of these standards. The British Standards Institute (BSI) also includes very close equivalents of the first three of these standards. The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) has also developed a set of encapsulated steel coupons that simulate the four degrees of cleanliness.

The texture of a blasted surface will vary with different media. The film thickness of the coating over a blasted surface must be thick enough to cover the peaks and valleys of the pattern created by the abrasion, typically around 1 mil above the peaks of the pattern.

Metal Blast Standards

Degree of Cleanliness SSPC Standard NACE Standard
White metal blast SSPC-SP 5 NACE No. 1
Near white metal blast SSPC-SP 10 NACE No. 2
Commercial blast SSPC-SP 6 NACE No. 3
Brush of blast SPC-SP 7 NACE No. 4
(For additional information on blast cleaning standards: Plaster, H.J., Blast Cleaning &
Allied Processes, Vols. I and II, Industrial Newspapers Ltd., London, 1973 and Fuchs,F.J., ”Abrasive Blasting Systems,“ Metal Finishing Guidebook & Directory, Vol. 95, No.5A, Metal Finishing, Hackensack, N.J., 1997, p49) Table 2– Metal Blast Standards
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Hello Vivek,
My name is Peter Patsis and I am Co-Director of the Institute of Materials Virtual Instructional Programming. The Institute of Materials Science has been in the business of conducting courses, conferences and lectures in Materials Science for over 33 years. We are offering the following virtual lectures. These lectures are on an individual registration basis. I have been reading your newsletter for well I have to think back awhile, but certainly maybe near a year. I therefore know the format that you use for your newsletter for announcements of courses and conferences.

I have these lectures in early October to early November to include in your newsletter if it is possible

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Dear all,
Firstly, please receive our sincere regards to your esteemed company. TTT Company is the leader in interior design in Vietnam, specializing in office fit-outs. And our company through the combined services of our design, interior decoration, and construction and furniture supply departments is able to offer a Turn Key Service

With estimation that Vietnam market is going to have tendency to use MDF powder coating products with high demands and aesthetics, we are planning to apply powder coating technical for MDF. We look forward to receiving your assistance soon

Thank you and kind regards,

Phuong, Vo Thi Hong. R&D Department, TTT Corporation, Vietnam

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Please suscribe me to your information's news.
Thanks in advance.
Juan Jasinski

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I am reading your articles on net daily. It is appreciable work and quite informative.
Regards, Sameer Verma

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We require to start a powder coating unit. Kindly send detail. Gigy Verghese P Kerela.
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Dear sir,
We would be glad to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer and exporter of POWDER COATING PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT in China. We produce high quality equipment for powder coating production based on advanced technology and acknowledge.
Best regards,Yantai Jinli Technology Development Co., Ltd. China
Dear Vivek,
My background is I am a paint technilogist having 5 years experience in Metal pretreatment (Formulations, trouble shooting, marketing, technical services) and 5 years in powder coating (purely in technical services) and presently working with a well known powder coating manufacturing company as an ` Asst. Manager - Technical Services'
Thanks and Regards Vaibhav Kulkarni
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