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The Powder Coating Manual (Part 14)
Exhibitions and Conferences in and April and May 2003

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Advertisement Feature

Interpon Powder Coating : World leader in Powder TechnologyPowder Coatings are cost effective solution for coating a diverse range of products. Electrostatically or Tribostatically applied and oven cured, the process produces a tough durable finish with minimal impact on the environment. Since their introduction powder coatings have continued to maintain a position as the fastest growing sector in industrial finishing. 

Free of VOC's - low impact on environment · Chemically cured & cross linked coating films are tough & durable · Recovery & re-use of overspray powder gives a high material utilization · ease of automation facilitates, efficient, low cost application · Simple, controlled application possible · Post-formable & machineable qualities available · Complete range of finishes & shades including metallics, structures, textures & other specials.

Akzo Nobel is the world's leading coating company manufacturing general industrial coatings, powder coatings, electro-deposition coatings, plastic coatings, aerospace coatings, wood finishes, coil coatings, marine & protective coatings, yacht paints, car refinishes and decorative paints. Akzo Nobel is the world's largest producer of powder coatings with over 20 manufacturing locations and Interpon the truly global brand.

Interpon powder coatings are developed and manufactured at the state of the art plant located at Hoskote outside Bangalore. Being one of the latest powder coating facilities, its layout and equipment incorporates all that we have learnt in more than 20 years in the business.

With technologies and products being replicated consistently across the world, we are in a unique position to tailor our products to our customer needs. In addition we have developed patented technologies in powder materials and process which in turn can significantly benefit our customers. Wherever our customers operate they have access to the full support of our global network. This makes us the ideal partners for global multi nationals.

We are committed to providing quality products and services and strive for continuous advanced and versatile range of high quality powder coatings.

Product Range

Interpon 100
Epoxy based powder coatings designed to give optimum mechanical performance and good chemical resistance.

Interpon 700
Epoxy Polyester hybrid powder coatings offering improved colour and heat stability, while maintaining an optimum combination of decorative and protective qualities.

Interpon 600
Polyester based powder coatings designed for exterior environment, offering excellent light and weather resistance.

Interpon MC
High Performance and high quality appearance for use on domestic appliances.

For further information please contact us at the following address :

Akzo Nobel Coatings India Pvt Ltd
Plot # 62P, 62A, 62B, 43E, Hoskote Industrial Area
Bangalore 562 114, India
Tel : +91 80 7971502- 5,/306 +91 98440 57360-2, Fax : +91 80 7971305
e-mail :

New Product from EPSI

Epsi's easy to use and economical Expendable Plug line (patent no. 6,419,109) helps solve many common masking applications. Plugs designed for fit easily into various tubes size and expand with flip of the handle.

Once engaged, the plug will prevent liquid, gases, moisture, dust, steam from entering a hole.

Some of the benefits of this plugs are:

Excellent sealing capabilities in e-coating, plating, powder coating, washing etc.

Exchangeable component allow for easy and economical replacement after repeated uses.

Saves precious time during masking due to their ease of use and implementation.

Rugged and durable, resistant from -70 to 600F

Delivered in Standard and metric sizes.

For further details contact
N90 W14700 Commerce Drive
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051
Tel  1 262-253- 3774
Fax 1 262-253 3775 
Toll Free numbers (866) ASK EPSI
                                  (866) FAX EPSI
email :
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Advertisement Feature

Mitsuba Systems introduces new Electromechanical Oscillator 


Multiple guns can be mounted on arms extended from the carriage which are capable of performing same or various motions. 

There is a facility to attach fixed guns which can be angled to access difficult coating areas. 

The carriage is programmed to move the vertical mounting bar at variable stroke and speeds. 

The carriage moves up and down through AC geared motor. The carriage is supported by a very sturdy frame structure. The entire waggler is on castor wheels to facilitate easy movement during colour change

Stroke Speed 0 - 28 cycles / minute (Infinitely Selectable)
Angle of Swing Adjustable upto 90 deg. 
Max No.of Guns To Suit Application
Control Variable Frequency
Drive Motor Geared Half HP. AC Motor 
Input Voltage  Single Phase 230 V AC (Other voltages on request) 
Power   0.37 KW (1/2 HP)

To know more about MITSUBA products please visit 
Or contact: 
Mitsuba Systems,
34/H, Laxhmi Industrial Estate,
New Link Road, Andheri (W),
Mumbai - 400 053
Tel : 0091-22-26318633/26334735/56924151/52/53/54
Fax : 0091-22-26316565

Paint companies gain from duty cut
(Economic Times)
Domestic paint companies will benefit from a 5 per cent reduction in customs duty since they import a part of their raw material requirements such as titanium dioxide and other pigments.

Paint industry sources said that raw material costs are likely to come down, which could lead to a decline prices of paint products. However, the impact will be visible only after the new customs duties become effective.

However paint companies say that the recent sharp hike in raw material prices may prove to be a stumbling block in passing on the benefits to consumers. Internationally raw material prices have increased by 5-6 per cent. Titanium dioxide is currently ruling at $17 per tonne. Paint companies are yet to increase prices in India.

Further dertails

Links to more stories from "The Economic Times"
Berger stumbles on pricing in Snowcem deal
Asian Paints to delist from seven regional bourses
ICI recasts top deck, chairman Ganguli to step down
Asian Paints topped FMCG sector: Templeton
New tinting system from MRF Paints
Asian Paints Q3 net up 27% to Rs 44 crore
Goodlass Nerolac Q3 NP at Rs 11.25 cr, plans unit in N. India
Three in race for Asian Paints a/c

Storming the Great Wall
The (Indian) paints industry is making in roads into the Chinese market. Asian Paints recently bought Berger International, which has a plant near Shnaghai.

Asian Paints plans to use the Chinese market as a stepping stone. Says Manish Mehra, CEO, Berger Paints, China: "Once we have achieved considerable size we will then look at catering to the Asia Pacific countries."

Read more on that on  

Global R&D base in India?
It may sounds like a ridiculous idea to some, but India's finance minister, Jaswant Singh, doesn't think so. "Knowledge is industry," Singh said in a speech late February while presenting India's 2003 budget, adding, "and this is particularly so when our imperative is to be the best in all respects in general."

To prove his resolve, he went a step further and proposed a tax holiday in the country up to March 31, 2004, for all companies that earn revenues and profits by undertaking R&D in India.

According to Hans Juffermans, technical director of R&D operations, Akzo Nobel India, "There is a high potential of very good technical people in India and the cost to the company is almost a fourth."

Read more on that on 

Record profit for Jotun
European Coatings Flash - March 17, 2003
"The Jotun group recorded sales of NOK 5,580 (1 EUR = 7,95 NOK) million in 2002, down NOK 235 million on 2001," reports CEO Knut Almestrand. "Pre-tax profit rose from NOK 157 million in 2001 to NOK 462 million and was the best in Jotun's history. "The decrease in sales was due to the strength of the NOK against the USD and other currencies used by Jotun's international businesses. Sales in volume terms were 6.5% up on 2001. The sharp increase in earnings was due partly to substantial provisions for restructuring in 2001, but the results for 2002 also include an increase of almost NOK 100 million in ordinary profit on underlying activities.
There were considerable variations in earnings in 2002. Decorative products performed well in most markets. There were improvements for marine coatings and corrosion-protective coatings for industrial and offshore use but profitability in these segments is still not good enough, especially in the case of marine coatings. Jotun Powder Coatings has carried out a major turnaround operation and reported satisfactory results for 2002 after several poor years. In recent years a great deal of work has been put into increasing efficiency and competitiveness, and Almestrand expects these measures to result in further improvements. However, 2003 has got off to an uncertain start with several weak signals in the international markets. Provided that activity levels are not influenced too strong, Jotun's target is to repeat last year's earnings in 2003.

Akzo Nobel opens new Powder Coatings facility in Vietnam

Multinational Akzo Nobel has announced a plan to build a powder coating factory in HCM City under a joint venture contract with Chang Cheng Securities of Taiwan. The one-hectare factory, which will be the 12th plant of Akzo Nobel in the Asia-Pacific, expects to generate more than 80 jobs. It will meet the demand for powder coatings rising in Vietnam.

The multinational group operates in more than 80 countries, manufacturing medicines, chemicals, powder coating materials and power coatings. It posted total revenue at 14 billion euro last year.

Vietnam: Jotun ready to brush up investment 
(European Coatings Flash - March 31, 2003)
Norwegian owned paint producer Jotun Paints Vietnam plans to invest additional 5 million USD this year to expand its production facility and subsequently, its capacity to produce 10 million liters annually, up from its current 1.3 million liters, the official Vietnam News Agency reported from Hanoi 25 March. The company will this year diversify its products to include paints for residential housing. Currently, it offers paints for use in the marine and industrial sectors. At Jotun Vietnam's 5th anniversary celebration late last week, general director Martin Chew boasted that Jotun is a pioneer in using a computerised automatic colour-mixing system and its technology gives customers the ability to choose among 16,000 decorative paint colours in matter of minutes. Jotun paint first entered the Vietnamese market in 1992 as an import. In 1997, the producer put its 6.3 million USD factory into production in Binh Duong province.

Natural paint market in Europe at 7m litres
(European Coatings Flash - March 31, 2003)
So called 'natural paints', derived from renewable and natural mineral raw materials, are estimated at 7M litres in Europe. They are totally free of solvents and VOCs. Nonetheless their growth has recently suffered - down by 3% in 2002 and estimated at zero in 2003. The major manufacturers - which enjoy an aggregate market share of 50% - are Auro, Biofa, Leinos and BioPin. Second tier players include Livos, Aglaia, Ecotec, Naturhaus and Kreidezeit. DIY customers are mostly supplied by specialised distributors. Apart from eco-stores, an increasing number of conventional chain stores stock such products today.  

Powder Coating On Wood, An Impeccable Finish

Over the last twenty years, powder coating has revolutionized the finishing industry by providing a superior, durable, environmentally friendly finish, particularly for metal products such as appliances, automotive parts, sporting goods and countless other products.

Now a second powder coating revolution is under way. Technological advancements in powder coating materials and application and curing methods have brought the advantages of powder coating to heat sensitive substrates. Powder coating is now used on a variety of products that were thought impossible just a few years ago. 

One of the biggest breakthroughs for powder in the heat sensitive substrate market is on medium density fiberboard, or MDF, a combination panel bonding particles of wood with a synthetic resin. MDF is very suitable for powder coating application because of its low porosity and homogeneous surface. MDF products include office furniture, kitchen and bath cabinets, doors, store fixtures and displays, barbecue trays and ready-to-assemble furniture for the office and home. 

In addition to successfully penetrating the MDF market, powder has proven to be an effective finishing choice for other heat sensitive substrates such as plastic parts made of nylon and polycarbonate and assembled or partially assembled products such as appliances, electric motors or automotive radiators. Because of advancements in low temperature cure powders, plastic parts and wires and rubber seals and gaskets are not damaged in the powder coating process. 

And the revolution has just begun. Successful testing has occurred on hardwoods such as beech, oak, ash and walnut. Research engineers are studying the use of powder on paper-laminated MDF, laminated flooring and particleboard. Research is also being conducted on countertops, wood moulding and trim, all of which will increase demand for, and use of, powder coatings in more new markets.

Borchers Launches Cobalt-free Driers 

In the wake of the ecological controversy surrounding cobalt, Borchers GmbH, part of the Bayer group, has launched a line of cobalt-free driers. The new manganese-based formulations, which also contain other metal compounds are: - Dry VP0133, a white drier specially designed for white and light-coloured paint systems with reduced yellowing effect;
- Dry 0246, designed for a speedy cure, maximum effectiveness and economical use;
- Dry VP0237 HS, is a VOC-free drier based on co-crosslinked fatty esters for use in high solid systems.(Phän Farbe, Dec 2002/Jan 2003, 22/23 (12/1), 32)

Crown Launches Indiacoat Pink-White Paint 
Painting white over white can easily result in missed areas. To allow consumers to see exactly where paint has already been applied, Crown has launched Indicoat, a brilliant white emulsion which is applied in pink but dries in white. Other new products include Crown suede emulsion creating the textured effect of suede, and Crown Shimmer Coat in six new irridescent shades. ICI has introduced a similar pink-turned white paint for home decorators. (DIY Week, 7 Feb 2003, (5379), 15)

Glow-in-dark powder coating system
NEWCASTLE-based company Delnorth has achieved what it claims is a world first with the development and release of a unique, patented "glow in the dark" two-coat, powder coating system.

Delnorth sees the development of this product, and the system for applying the coating material, as a major breakthrough which will not only help Delnorth in its business activities, but other powder coating companies throughout the world.

Director David Campbell said Delnorth had been a market leader in the development and powder coating of steel and flexible roadside traffic and marker posts over the past ten years.

The range of products currently powder coated by Delnorth is used extensively throughout Australia, UK and Europe and Mr Campbell said the company had been able to diversify and adapt its expertise to develop this system.

The GID coating, as it is called, can be applied to products manufactured from black steel, galvanised steel or aluminium substrates.

It needs only to be excited by sunlight, artificial or incandescent light (1,000 lux) for a minimum period of 10 minutes and it will "glow" for a period in excess of 10 hours.

The powder is completely safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly as it contains no radioactive materials, only rare natural earth ions, known as alkaline earth aluminate.

It has ten times more brightness and glow time than that of the traditional luminosity of zinc sulphide. It has exceptional stability and weatherability. Excitation and light emission can be continually repeated.

Independent tests, carried out to test for long term UV degradation, resulted in negligible change after 1,000 hour QUV accelerated weather testing.

The powder is now available and can be purchased from Delnorth.

Warning over Nigerian mail scam. (Off topic)

Every day we receive at least five emails from Nigeria. Many of you too might be getting them. There are different versions of the international fraud. It begins innocently enough. A letter or an e-mail comes addressed to you from a Nigerian claiming to be the son of a former military head of state, and heir to millions of dollars stashed in secret accounts across the world.

The sender asks for the bank account details in order, they claim, to receive large amounts of money. 

We urge people to be on their guard. Before responding to these emails we suggest you to  visit any reliable news source like  or  and search for "Nigerian scam" for further details.
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Industrial Sector Composition
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Powder Coating 10% 
Coil Coating 5%
Marine Paints 5% 

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    Exhibitions, Seminars, Course, Lectures  
1-3 April 2003, Paris, France
For further information, please go to:

Grundlagen der rheologischen Messtechnik
April 2, 2003 
More Information from: proRheo Bahnhofsstr. 38, 75379 Althengstett Germany Fax: +49 (7051) 77 176 

2 April 2003, London, UK
This meeting is organised by the Find Chemicals Group of the Society of the
Chemical Industry. For further information, please go to:

6-9 April 2003, Montreal, Canada
This is the 16th Industrial Minerals International Congress. For further information on this congress, please contact: Industrial Minerals at:

Fundamentals of Corrosion and its Control
April 7 - 9, 2003 
Course; Wrightsville Beach/USA. More Information from: LaQue Center, 702 Causeway Drive, Wrightsville Beach, 28480 North Carolina, USA Fax: +1 (910) 256-98 16  

7-8 April 2003, Nuremberg, Germany
For further information on this conference, please go to: or

8-10 April 2003, Nuremberg, Germany
For further information, please contact: Vincentz Verlag, Schiffgraben 43 30175 Hannover, Germany. Tel: + 4 9 511 99 10 271; Fax: + 49 511 99 10 279; Alternatively, please go to:

9-10 April 2003, Nuremberg, Germany
For further information, please contact: Vincentz Verlag, Schiffgraben 43, 30175 Hannover, Germany. Tel: + 4 9 511 99 10 271; Fax: + 49 511 99 10 279; Alternatively, please go to:

9-10 April 2003, Nuremberg, Germany
 For further information, please contact: Vincentz Verlag, Schiffgraben 43,
30175 Hannover, Germany. Tel: + 4 9 511 99 10 271; Fax: + 49 511 99 10 279; Alternatively, please go to:

12-15 April 2005, Mexico City, Mexico
For further information, please go to:

ISCC Annual Meeting: Symposium on Color & Appearance Instrumentation
April 13 - 16, 2003  
Symposium; Chicago/USA More Information from: Inter-Society Color Council, 11491 Sunset Hills Rd., Reston, 20190 Virginia, USA, Fax: +1 (703) 318 05 14

15-16 April 2003, Chicago, USA
This symposium, organised by the Inter Society Color Council, will focus on new instruments, optical models and other aspects of colour and appearance. For further information, please contact Cynthia Sturke, Inter-Society Color Council, 11491 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, VA 20190, USA; Tel: + 1 7003 318 0263; Fax: + 1 703 318 0514

16 April 2003, Kentucky, USA
This Symposium is hosted by the Louisville Society for Coatings Technology and the CDIC Society for Coatings Technology. For further information, please contact Jimmy Cockerill of Cone Solvents, Inc, (Tel: + 1 502 448 9250) or Prakash Pradan of Color Corporation of America (Tel: + 1 502 722 5511).

High Performance & Functional Pigments 2003
April 28 - 30, 2003 

Conference; Atlanta/USA, More Information from, Intertech Corp, 19 Northbrook Drive, Portland , 04105 Maine, USA, Fax: +1 (207) 781-21 50,  

28-30 April 2003, Atlanta, USA
To submit a topic for consideration at this conference, or to request a conference brochure, contact Scott Stephenson at Intertech, phone 207/781.9608, or go to:

2-5 May 2004, Charlotte, USA
For further information, please go to:

11-15 May 2004, Beijing, PR China
For further information, please go to:

13-14 May 2003, Munich, Germany
For further information, please contact the DFO: Fax: + 49 211 938895 71 or
go to: 

14-15 May 2003, Bogota, Colombia
For further information, please go to:

21-22 May 2003, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
For further information, please contact: dmg world media (uk) ltd, Queensway
House, 2 Queensway, Redhill, RH1 1QS, Surrey, UK. Tel: + 44 1737 855488; Fax:
+ 44 1737 855474;

19-24 May 2003, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
This is the 27th international exhibition and congress on chemical
engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology. For further
information, please contact: DECHEMA e. V., Gesellschaft fuer Chemische
Technik und Biotechnologie e.V., PO Box 15 01 04, 60061 Frankfurt am Main,
Germany. Tel: + 49 69 7564 0: Fax: + 49 69 7564 201;

5-6 May 2003, Charlotte, USA
For further information, please go to:

6-8 May 2003, Tennessee, USA
For further information, please contact the Gravure Association of America
Inc, 1200-A Scottsville Road, Rochester, NY 14624. Tel: + 1 585 436 2150;
Fax: + 1 585 436 7689 or go to:

  Powder Coater’s Manual ------- (Part - 14)  
Solution Tanks

The solution tank for a spray stage will usually be approximately the same length as the process zone. The process zone is determined by multiplying the required process time by the design conveyor line speed.

In width, the tank will extend beyond the tunnel from 30 to 40" as required for the tank access lids and pump mounting plate. The tanks should be between 36 and 42" in depth to allow for the depth of the pump and enough space to keep the pump up off the floor. Solution tank sizes are based on the ratio of their capacity in gallons to the theoretical gallons of solution pumped per minute. It is recommended that this ratio be three times the pump capacity. These volumes are actual solution volumes and allowance must be made for heating coil displacement when an internal heat exchanger is used.

As previously stated, the tank should extend outside the housing far enough to allow for a screen chamber, overflow, and pump well. The tank extension should be fitted with hinged, vapor-tight covers with lifting handles to provide operator access to the solution. Where the covers are too large for easy operation, sheaves, steel cables and counterweights should be used . Each tank should be equipped with a flush mounted drain and a removable clean out door on the
face for heavy maintenance.

Pump screens should be installed to isolate the pump inlet from gross particulate that could be passed to the nozzle and cause plugging. Guide plates and bars should be installed for double screening at the pump well. A single pocket for two screens should be provided so that a cleaned screen can always be slipped in back of the screen still in place. The surface area of the screen should be a minimum of one square foot per 100 GPM of solution pumped. Screen area larger than this ratio will not require cleaning as often.

Pump screens for the phosphate tanks should be Type 304, 18-8 stainless steel wire, 18 gauge, 6 mesh, with edges framed and stiffened by bent strips made of 16 gauge 18-8 stainless steel sheet metal and spot welded as required. All other process tank screens can be made of 16 gauge galvanized steel wire but stainless steel is preferred. The tops of the screens should rest against the side of the overflow gutter and should be below the solution operating level so the tanks can be overflowed into gutters without screen interference. The screen handles should extend above the solution level. This screen arrangement allows the operator to remove and clean one screen at a time during operation without exposing the pump to unfiltered solution. The tank bottom should be sloped, 1" of drop per 5'-0" of tank width, towards the drain and clean out door, with proper structural support underneath.

Drainage Spaces

The drain space is the distance from the center of the last spray pipe in one group of sprays to the center of the front spray pipe of the next zone. Sufficient space must be allowed between spray zones to guard against mixing of solutions by over spray or drainage from work being
processed. Drain times, are determined by the shape and size of the parts and the manner in which they drain. In all cases, drain time should be kept as short as possible to prevent drying of work between spray zones. The length of drain zone is determined by drain time and conveyor speed. Usually the drain time will be 30 to 60 seconds. The drain zone must be long enough so that a part or rack of parts is never entering a process stage while the tail of the part is still in the previous stage. For example, if the parts to be run are 10'-0" long and the line speed is 8 FPM, a 60 second drain zone would be 8'-0", allowing the part to extend into two stages at the same time. This would produce an unacceptable amount of cross contamination. However, when the drain zone is extended beyond 60 seconds, misting nozzles should be installed in the drain zone to prevent the part from drying. If the part dries out between stages the surface may begin to react with moisture and oxygen to form flash rust. One riser can be mounted in the drain area with a set of misting nozzles that deliver a low volume of fresh water. This helps to rinse the part and keep it from drying out and flash rusting.

The length of inlet and exit vestibules for the conveyor should be long enough to prevent vapor roll out or excessive dripping from exiting parts. Since the parts will still be dripping as they exit the washer, it is a very good idea to install a drain trench directly under the conveyor for a few feet to prevent water accumulation on the floor.

The drain deck should be sloped with 70% of its length angled back to the spray zone being exited and 30% of its length angled to the next spray zone.

Tank & Housing Materials

The solution tank and the washer housing should be made of sheets and assembled as all welded construction complete with all necessary structural steel stiffener members and support steel. Bolted and gasketed construction is not recommended because it is almost impossible to avoid leaks.

With mild steel construction, the cleaner tank and rinse tanks are generally made of 1/4" thick plate, while zinc phosphate solution tanks are made of at least 3/8" plate.

The housing shrouds, conveyor splash guards, drip shields and vestibule ends, including floors, should be constructed of not less than No10 gauge sheet steel, and floor plates in drain spaces or over open tanks should be of 3/16" steel plate. The zinc phosphate treatment zone housing 3/16" steel plate. All necessary angles, structural steel shapes, or flanged edge sheets for housing reinforcement and conveyor support should be provided throughout the equipment. If stainless steel is used, all materials can be one gauge lighter.

Stainless steel, either type 316 or type 304, has always been recommended for D.I. Water Rinse, chrome rinses, and Zinc Phosphate. Recently, there is increasing interest in using stainless steel in other parts of the washer. Cleaner stages, tunnels, conveyor shrouds, and whole washers are being built of stainless steel. The washer is less likely to contaminate work in progress, it is corrosion resistant, and another important advantage, is easier maintenable. The surface remains smooth and does not flake or chip like mild steel, so screens stay cleaner, solutions stay cleaner longer and nozzles do not plug as easily. Long term repairs or replacement of shrouds, profiles, and screens is eliminated. Also, with some companies there is increasing emphasis on clean, high quality, appearance, and the stainless steel surface provides a this.

Building a washer of stainless steel will add a lot of cost. There are many variables, such as washer size, total project size and how much of the washer is stainless steel; the tunnel, drain decks, tanks, plumbing or the whole machine. A complete stainless steel washer will add
40% to 60% to the cost. Also, welding dissimilar metals can produce galvanic corrosion, so the mixing of SS and MS can be a problem. Another alternative material to mild steel is composite fiberglass. It offers excellent corrosion resistance and a very cleanable surface with
good appearance. The fiberglass material is molded in sections and fastened together. Some early versions of composite washers were prone to leak but more recent designs have resolved the problems that caused this and they are typically a very sound method of construction.
Field visits or other research is recommended to see the methods of construction and confirm that the design is leak proof. Another material that can be used for washer construction is
polypropylene. It can be welded to provide a leak proof washer and the tunnel will allow some light to penetrate to the interior. The tanks will typically be 3/4" thick material, providing some insulating capacity. Like SS or fiberglass, the polypropylene surface will not corrode. The tunnels and walls are reinforced with steel to avoid sagging or stress fractures.

An expanded metal or fiberglass walkway should be provided throughout the length of the washer with suitable structural support. It should be as wide as possible to protect workers from stepping off the edge vand to keep parts from falling into the tanks. It should cover the drain
decks as well as the area over the tanks so that there is little danger of slipping inside the washer during maintenance work.

The tank drain connections should be large enough for rapid draining. In normal installations, a 2" overflow gutter drain and a 3" tank drain from the sump in the tank bottom are standard practice. The tank drain should be flush mounted or split nipple and fitted with a valve close to the tank. The overflow gutter drain line should be connected to the tank drain line outside the drain valve.
  To be Continued.....  

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Cost-Cutting Program at Akzo Nobel
Cost Cutting?  This is now big question in Industry as business climate is very weak . Every Industry is doing cost cutting in terms of reduction in employees. This is not good for healthy society. Unemployment would go up resulting in more crime or employee are working under tension ( Who will be the next ! ), resulting in poor efficiency or bad politics in an organisation. In this competitive market cost reduction should be done by other means not by cutting employment or by reducing quality of the product.....This will damage the good will of product in the market.
Kuldeep Verma
Sharp Coating Pvt. Ltd.

Moderator:.Mr. Ishwar replies the following:
Businesses are run from the head and not from the heart. Secondly, if businesses do not re organise and reduce costs than their survival will be at stake and then we have to worry about "all" the employees vis a vis a few. It is a tough call but the benefit of larger numbers is more important...
Cheers,  Ishwar.
Dear sir, we are interested in purchase of mini powder coating plant for small motor body of pumps. please send us more details. Meena Ahmedabad
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I am manufacturer of curing agent which used for powder coating.the following is our prrducts information for your reference. Thank you and best
regards, Jiangziye, Huangshan Deping Chemical Co.,Ltd

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Dear Mr. Vivek, We thankyou for forwarding us , enquiries that are related to our Standard Products.
Shalini Bangera, Sames Technologies

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Dear Mr. Soley, My name is Sarita Doebar and I am working as a marketing executive for Akzo Nobel Coatings India Private Limited since 1 October 2002. My work includes promotion of Akzo Nobel Coatings, Packaging Coatings and our brands Interpon and International, to research different markets and to assist our departments in marketing.
Sarita Doebar, Marketing Division, Akzo Nobel Coatings India Private Limited
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Dear Sirs, I have received your IPC-E news letter and would like to ask you to put me on the receivers list. Please inform me if there are any costs involved. Best regards, Ankerpoort NV. Bart Vierhout
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Please do not send your mails anymore. I am not interested and it das cost my money and not your money !!!!!! Regards Laube
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Dear Vivek Soley, Thank you for letting us know about your attractive and informative web site. We sometimes get questions for information about the powder coating industry in India, and now I know who to send them to.
Jeff Palmer, The Powder Coating Institute
Dear Mr. Vivek, I have joined the mailing list of e-news letter of IPC. But have received only once in the month of January-03. Can I get other letters sent across, If any. Regards, Vinayak. Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd. Lote 
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