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    News Features      

India's Powder Manufacturing Capacity
(IPC exclusive)

During the last month IPC communicated with most of the powder manufacturers of India to get an overview of India's powder consumption. Judging from  these discussions we have made an attempt to arrange some of the pieces of the Jigsaw puzzle.

It appears that India consumed 13,000 tons of powder in the last year. During the last few years the growth rates have been rapidly declining from double digits to around 6 - 7% in the last year. The next years figure could reach 14,000 tons, however some experts indicate figures as high as 15,000 tons. 

The chart indicates the contribution of some of the major players. We thank all those who helped us in compiling these details. Information poured in through emails, phone calls and internet chats. Once again, Polycoat Powders Ltd. has emerged as India's largest powder manufacturer producing 2550 tons of powder paints. Amrit Rekhi of Polycoat, mentioned during a telephonic conversation that "Polycoat's leadership position has been further consolidated this year on account of its ability to service customers effectively through high levels of quality, prompt service and short lead times." Mr Rekhi also appreciated IPC's efforts to compile and share such usefule information. "Your website is the only website providing such outstanding services to the Indian Powder Coating Industry", he said. 

During a telephonic interview Mr. Bijoy Mukherjee of Berger observed that some of the leading manufacturers are accountable for the present status of the highly competitive price structure. "Out of the 1500 tons of powder, Berger produced last year, 35% went to  the OEM. Berger plans to boost this figure to 45% and raise the production figures to 1800 tons."

Mr M Rawat of APICL in his email to us said "The Asian-Hardcastle combine is now called Asian Paints Industrial Coatings (APICL) and our yearly powder production is around 1500 tons. In our estimate of India's annual powder consumption would be around 10,000 tons" 

Mr. John Makasare of Kripton Powder Paints P. Ltd says, "Kripton contributes 800 tons of powder to the Indian Market every year. The next years estimate are 900 tons. About 40 % of the produce goes to the OEM while 60 percent goes to the job coating market"

With an annual production of 600 tons, uncertainty seems to prevail at Jenson & Nicholson. Officials at J&N indicated a lot of re-shuffling in the management and some major changes may be announced shortly. The company has an installed capacity of 1500 ton. 

Mr. Kuldeep Verma (GM technical) Sharp Coatings P. Ltd. mentioned in his internet chat that his company contributes 450 tons of powder to the Indian Market while Mr. Jayesh Ponda, informed from Gujrat that Vijay Coat contributes 325 tons. 80% of Vijay coat's powder goes in the jobcoating market. 

We were unable to procure the production figures from Marpol, Rapid, and Akzo Nobel. Besides these manufacturers there are several small powder manufacturers contributing approximately 3000-4000 tons of powder to the Indian Market. It may be interesting to note that India's total powder manufacturing capacity is around 2% of the world's annual production. 

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By using a wooden or metal dowel, the VIP can be easily pushed through a cavity creating a liquid tight seal. A reinforced insertion point prevents the dowel from tearing the plug. Specifically designed for all types of immersion coating processes, a series of drainage holes prevents carry over of liquids from tank to tank.

The hollow design of part serves two of the parts serves two important points: The plugs will not blow off due to trapped air build-up, and overall cost is reduced as compared to traditional plugs.

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Two Piece Washer Pull Plug

To seal the other edge, slide the washer, lipped end first, over the pull plug handle. Pull the handle and washer away from each other until the washer glides over the barb and the lip squeezes its way into the opposite bore. The chamfer on the lip eases installation to the part. Two Piece Washer Pull Plug

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Akzo Nobel earnings 30% lower against strong first quarter last year
(European Coatings Flash - April 21, 2003)
Akzo Nobel, the international pharmaceuticals, coatings and chemicals company, reports first quarter net earnings of EUR 164 million, 30% below the first quarter of 2002. In presenting the report, Akzo Nobel's CFO Fritz Fröhlich said: "All groups were severely impacted by negative currency movements, especially the lower U.S. dollar. Pension charges were higher.  Our outlook for the full year remains a net result significantly below 2002." Operating income for the Company in the first quarter lagged behind the previous year's figure by 29%.. Coatings and Chemicals were down 14% and 10% respectively. Operating performance of Akzo Nobel's Coatings activities was up, excluding the impact of pensions and currencies. Autonomous sales growth was up 4%, due to volume and price increases of 2% each.

Initial First-Quarter Reports Reflect Impact of Political, Economic Developments
[Insider News] April 21, 2003 Issue

First-quarter reports from two major coatings makers suggest that the industry's results for early 2003 are likely to be mixed, primarily due to the war in Iraq and its effect on world economies and key end- use markets. PPG Industries Inc. reported a significant increase in 
first-quarter earnings and sales, while Akzo Nobel said its first- quarter net earnings fell 30% and sales declined 6%. 

PPG said coatings volumes and earnings posted gains in North America and Asia, while results in Europe were down. Akzo Nobel said unfavorable currency-exchange rates and a poor showing by the company's pharmaceuticals business were primarily responsible for its first-quarter performance. Coatings-segment results were improved excluding the effects of currency exchange rates and pension cost increases, the company said.

The Valspar Corp. said it is likely to report a decline in profits for the company's current quarter that ends April 25 due to weakness in industrial-coatings sales. The company attributed the market situation to uncertainty surrounding world events. RPM International Inc. earlier reported a nearly 50% increase in net income for the company's third quarter ended Feb. 28, as sales rose 6%.

( BW)(NC-REICHHOLD) Reichhold Announces Price Increases for Coatings Resins Sold in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Business Editors

VIENNA, Austria--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 31, 2003--Reichhold's Global Coating and Performance Resins business announced off-list price increases today on all liquid resins as well as polyester powder coating resins sold into the European, Middle East and African coatings markets.
Effective April 15, 2003, or as contracts allow, the following increases will be applied to all shipments: EUR 0,15 per kg on polyester powder resins; EUR 0,19 per kg on polyol resins; EUR 0,08 per kg on solvent-based alkyd, polyester and acrylic coating resins; EUR 0,14 per kg on phenolic resins; and EUR 0,07 per kg on all epoxy resins.
"This increase is a necessary response to the continued escalation of key raw material costs," says Fritz Gartner, vice president of sales for Global Coating and Performance Resins.
Information on Reichhold's Global Coating and Performance Resins product lines, including product bulletins and MSDS, can be found on-line at For product inquiries, call +43/1/20110-0 (Europe) or +1/800/431-1920 (U.S.) or e-mail

About Reichhold

Reichhold, with its world headquarters and technology center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, is, together with its parent, Dainippon Ink & Chemicals (Tokyo, 4631) the world's largest manufacturer of unsaturated polyester resins and a leading coating and performance resins for the automotive, appliances, coatings, plastics, textile, construction, transportation, marine and graphic arts markets.
Founded in 1927, Reichhold has manufacturing operations throughout North America, Latin America, Middle East and Europe. Reichhold's parent, Dainippon Ink & Chemicals (Tokyo, 4631), is also the world's largest producer of printing inks

PPG Unveils New `TrueFinish' Line in Move Targeting OEM Industrial-Coatings Users
[Insider News] April 7, 2003 Issue
PPG Industries Inc. said it has renamed its light industrial coatings product line "PPG TrueFinish industrial coatings" and announced realignment moves that the company said would result in improved service to customers, many of which are small OEM manufacturers and contract coating businesses. PPG said those customers often require small, custom batches of coatings within a two- or three-day turnaround, and generally operate outsource businesses that serve larger companies. Greg DeCamp, general manager of the TrueFinish business, said the company "will exploit every competitive advantage and wring every possible benefit for our customers." 

The TrueFinish line replaces PPG's former Light Industrial Coatings, One Source and Icron brands. The product line includes the company's SPECTRACRON solventborne coatings, AQUACRON waterborne coatings  and ENVIROCRON powder coatings used in a wide range of industrial applications. The TrueFinish line also includes pretreatment products and adhesives and sealants.

Benjamin Moore Unveils 'Color Viewer' Online Visualization Tool
([Insider News] April 7, 2003 Issue)
Benjamin Moore & Co. announced the introduction of the "Personal  Color Viewer," a color-visualization tool accessible on the company's  website, located at The technology allows site visitors to select from a variety of interior and exterior images  than can be "painted" in any color offered by the company, and viewed  or archived online.  

The company said the program is designed to assist customers who are  beginning the color-selection process by allowing viewing of colors  on a "virtual wall." The Color Viewer also is offered in an expanded  CD verison for professional painters, which allows the user to upload  digital images of individual rooms and exteriors and "paint" the  images with colors produced by the company. The CD can be purchased  on the website for $14.95, the company said.

Ray Gomez, manager of Creative Services, called the Color Viewer  the "most versatile color-visualization technology available in this  industry." He said the online and professional versions of the  program allow colors to be viewed and "fine-tuned" prior to visiting  the retail store.

The Color Viewer works in conjunction with the company's online "My  Project Notebook" tool, which allows paint and color selections to be  archived and saved on the website for future reference. The company  website also offers color hints, color trend information, an FAQ  section, product information, and a retailer location. 

Fluoropolymers demand on the rise
(Coatings Magazine eNews - April 9, 2003)

Demand for fluoropolymers in the US will increase 5.3 per cent annually through to 2006, predicts the Freedonia Group, an industrial market research firm in Cleveland, Ohio ( Market volumes should reach more than 185 million pounds, worth US$1.7 billion. The strongest gains are forecast for PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), partly due to new applications in architectural coatings and foaming technology.

UV coatings finding new markets
(Coatings Magazine eNews - April 9, 2003)

Global use of UV-cured coatings based on cycloaliphatic epoxides is growing at about 10 per cent annually, according to a report by Eldib Engineering & Research Inc. (, a research and consulting firm in Berkeley Heights, NJ.
One of the most prominent forms of the resin, called Cyracure, is produced and marketed largely by Dow-Union Carbide, according to Eldib. Dow's patent on the technology recently expired, opening the market to new entrants such as UCB and Sartomer.
Coors—a leading user of Cyracure—applies the coating as a protective overprint varnish on its aluminum beer cans, according to Eldib. Revlon uses it for decorative artwork on nail polish bottles. The technology, like other UV-cured systems, boasts rapid curing rates and low VOC-emissions.

Eves government invests $36.3 million to support leading-edge research at the University of Western Ontario
Canada News Wire (LONDON, ON, April 10 /CNW/

The Ernie Eves government will invest
$36.3 million to support 49 research initiatives at The University of Western Ontario and Robarts Research Institute, Associate Minister of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation David Turnbull announced today. 

Through the Ontario Innovation Trust, The University of Western Ontario will receive $27.9 million and Robarts Research Institute will receive $8.4 million.

"These investments in Research & Development are building a stronger future for Ontario," said Turnbull. "We are building a solid foundation to position our post secondary research institutions and hospitals as world class centres for innovative research and scientific discovery."

The investment will also support projects at The University of Western Ontario, such as the development of new, high quality powder coating or painting techniques that are environmentally friendly and will have significant impact on the automotive and transport sectors

(HSC press release C012:03 - 9 April 2003

New regulations concerning substances used in the workplace which could be hazardous to health, were laid before Parliament on Monday (April 7) by Nick Brown, health and safety minister.
The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (Amendment) Regulations 2003, (COSHH) will come in force on 29 April 2003, and make users of substances that may cause genetic damage - classified by the European Union as Category 1 or 2 mutagens - apply the same control measures already required for carcinogens, substances which can cause cancer.
The change implements part of the EU’s 2nd Amendment to the 1990 Carcinogens Directive that extends the scope of the original Directive to include the mutagens concerned.
Health and Safety Executive (HSE’s) Bill Macdonald said: "In practice this will currently only affect the users of a substance known as triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC) because it is the only mutagen not already classified as a carcinogen. 
"As a result of this change to the law, employers will have to take a range of actions to control the risk of exposure from this material. One of the most significant will be a requirement to thoroughly clean any surfaces where accumulations of TGIC could form."
TGIC is used as a curing agent in powder coating paints applied to industrial and household products, such as car parts, washing machines and refrigerators as well as architectural finishes. It is also used as a solder mask in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.
The second change the new Regulations will introduce is to clarify the status of 17 ‘dioxins’ by explicitly defining them as carcinogens. Dioxins are complex mixtures of chemicals generated by burning organic matter containing chlorine and are by-products in some industrial processes, including metal recycling (especially aluminium), cement manufacture, waste incineration and landfill of Authorised Pollution Control Ash (APC).
Mr Macdonald added: "Formally classifying 17 of the most toxic dioxins as carcinogens under the COSHH Regulations reflects growing concerns about the health effects of exposure to these substances. It is intended to raise awareness of and focus attention on the potential harm of these substances, and to improve control of occupational exposure to dioxins. Workers in the aluminium recycling industry are the main occupational group with the potential for significant exposure to dioxins, and HSE will shortly be publishing new guidance on reducing exposure to dioxins for this sector."

Blitz bonding is the registered trademark-protected process introduced by Austrian metallic pigment producer Benda-Lutz to produce metallic effect powder coatings. The process involves adhering the effect pigments - aluminium, solid bronze or pearlescent - to powder coating particles to prevent separation during application and recycling. This continuous multi- stage process gives the applicator a consistent product with a constant metallic effect and is claimed to be a technically superior alternative to the extrusion / grinding, dry blending or standard bonding techniques. (Birch, J and Pafahl, B, Paint & Coatings Ind, Jan 2003, 19 (1), 40-3)

Simply Magic, recently introduced by Ace Hardware in the USA, is another example of a colour-changing paint. Ace's new ceiling paint goes on blue, allowing DIYers to see where the paint has already been applied, and dries to white. It is designed to take the guesswork out of painting, provided the decorator remembers to add a packet of blue paint just before painting. The flat acrylic latex paint transforms itself into a white finish within 24 hours. (Coatings World, Feb 2003, 8(2), 20) 

Dyneon, a 3M company has introduced Dyneon LTFE 6400X Fluoroelastomer for sealing applications in the automotive, aerospace and chemical processing industries in low temperature environments. Crucially for quick connect seals, gaskets and o-rings, Dyneon LTFE 6400X maintains flexibility at low temperatures (ie -40 degrees C) as well as good fuel and oil resistance, low compression and good permeation resistance. (Dyneon Press Release, Feb 2003, 2pp)

It is briefly reported that the ASTM has proposed a Coloured Pencil Performance and Quality Standard and is also developing a Pastel Performance and Quality Standard. Furthermore, the subcommittee is considering a revision to ASTM D 4236, Standard Practice for Labelling Art Materials for Chronic Health Hazards. For further information, please contact Mark Gottsegen, and the University of Caroline. Tel: + 1 336 674 9195. 

This article looks at the possibility of using paints to control noise. Firespray International has launched a product called Audex, which is an open textured coating and works by breaking up the sound waves as they are received. Audex is available in any colour, and can be applied over existing coatings. However, specialised spray equipment is required, although it is still thought that the benefits to schools, restaurants and other municipal facilities will be high. (Painter & Decorator, Dec 2002 / Jan 2003, p 30)

This article outlines the development of an air freshener that uses paint as a delivery system. Named Paint Pourri, the product is claimed to freshen rooms for up to one year. The 1-ounce liquid is packaged in a ready-to-use pouch, and can be mixed with any kind of latex paint product. The product, manufactured by US-based company, Scentco, is available in eight fragrances: Tropical Winds, Simply Citrus, Ocean Breeze, Soft Vanilla, Wildflower, Airy Fresh, Lavender Breeze and Simply Clean. (Modern Paint & Coatings, Jan/Feb 2003, 93 (1), p 18 )

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  Powder Coater’s Manual ------- (Part - 15)  
  Zinc Phosphate Tank

Zinc phosphate solutions are corrosive and they generate a lot more sludge than an iron phosphate solution. Because of this, it is necessary to use thicker material or stainless steel in the zinc tank, and provisions must be made for sludge removal. The zinc tank bottom form should be designed to provide for easy removal of sludge through a permanent suction line to the transfer pump, or through a suction hose and sweeper type hand tool. Heating coils and pumps should be kept well above the tank bottom.

Sludge Removal Tank

Zinc phosphate solutions will generate sludge that must be removed. A sludge settling tank should be located on a structural steel frame convenient to the zinc phosphate solution tank. The tanks are connected with piping and a transfer pump for periodic transfer of sludged solution from the process tank to the settling tank. The sludge settling tank may be square or round and should have a sloped bottom, of approximately 30 degrees from the vertical. Tank capacity should be at least 1/3 the working volume of the zinc phosphate solution tank.

The settling tank should have a safety overflow line back to the phosphating solution tank and a valved draw-off line located in each cone section and connected into the overflow line for returning the clear solution to the solution tank. The draw-off should be located so that
approximately 40 gallons of solution can be held in the cone bottom below the draw off line.

The bottom of the cone should be fitted with a 4" dump valve for sludge removal. The tank should be elevated high enough above the floor level to allow a barrel or suitable container to be placed under the dump valve for sludge removal, and also to provide for gravity return of the clear solution to the phosphate solution tank. 

Access Doors, Ladders & Lighting

Doors are built into the housing walls between the spray zones to provide access for maintenance workers or operators to view the spray zones while in operation. The area around the tunnel access door is one of the first places to rust so the door should be constructed with a vapor tight fit and rugged hinges and latches. 

Solutions will drip off the bottom of the door when it is opened. To prevent the drips from running down the outside of the washer and corroding it, a drip trough should be attached to the tunnel under the door with a few small holes to allow the solution to run back into the

Steel ladders, at each access door, and at the ends of the housing, can be installed for easy access to the inside of the washer. The best design includes a platform and a dock light to illuminate the washer interior.

Equipment Exhaust System

In the ceilings of the end vestibules, sheet metal vent stacks are installed to exhaust outside of the building, causing room air to flow into the ends of the machine and up the stacks and preventing equipment vapors from escaping into the room. A drip shield is installed under the stack to prevent condensation from the stack from dripping on the work.
Conveyor Splash Guard
A splash guard should be installed around the monorail track, trolleys, and chain for the full length of the machine, to prevent the spray from reaching conveyor parts, mixing with lubricating grease and oil and then falling on cleaned and processed surfaces of the work going
through the system.

Water vapor around the washer roof can cause rapid corrosion of the conveyor splash guard and conveyor rail. It is a good idea to construct the shroud and the conveyor rail inside the washer of type 304 stainless steel.

Some washers are built with the rail mounted outside of the washer with a slot in the washer roof for the hanger. This helps prevent moisture from removing chain lubricant and reduces chain rust. If the washer is made of stainless steel this is good construction. If it is made of mild steel the vapors that escape the conveyor slot will condense on the washer roof and cause severe rust to occur.


Solution pumps are typically standard side suction, centrifugal type, with open impeller and with double bearing shaft supports for direct connection to the drive motor. Pumps with enclosed type impeller are sometimes used, but experience, especially in handling phosphate solutions, indicates that this type of pump requires more maintenance and does not maintain volume delivery and head pressure as well as the open impeller type pump. Barrel mounting type pumps are recommended for dependable performance and ease of maintenance. Horizontally mounted pumps are not recommended. Solution pumps for cleaner and all rinses, except a chromic acid rinse, can be of all iron construction unless otherwise specified. Zinc phosphate solution pumps should be of non-corrosive materials, preferably type 304 stainless steel. Pump sizing is based on pumping solutions at the specified temperatures for the particular solution with normal allowance for head losses in piping, fitting and valving arrangements.

  To be Continued.....  

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