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    News Features      
India's Powder manufacturing capacity.
(IPC exclusive)

Around this time of the year it most of our subscribers eagerly await for one of the important analysis done exclusively by our website.

How much powder paint did India produce during  the last financial year. Judging from the discussions we had with various powder manufacturers we have made an attempt to arrange some of the pieces of this Jigsaw puzzle. In general there was a "feel good" factor among most of the manufacturers. Comments from various experts in this field indicate that India Produced 14,000-19,000 tons of powder last year. According to the opinion poll running on our website during the past month. 38 percent voted for the the 15,000 ton figure while another 38 percent preferred the 20,000 tons figure. Only 23 percent said it is 10,000 tons

The adjacent pie chart gives the figures from some of the manufacturers. With a growth of about 30% Polycoat Powder Ltd has once again emerged to be the leader. Amrith Rekhi informed that Polycoat produced 3,300 tons of powder. Amrit Rekhi is a regular visitor to India Powder Coating website.

Sandra informed in her email that Marpol, produced 2400 tons of powder last year. About 50 percent of the product went to OEM while the rest,  to the job coating market. According to her estimate India's total powder production would be around 19,500 tons. Commenting on Marpol's rise to the second position she said, "expansion of the Indian Market as well as exports have contributed to our growth" . Sandra find the IPC e newsletter very informative. Marpol Private Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of powder coatings in India.

The Asian-Hardcastle combine which is now called Asian Paints Industrial Coatings (APICL) raised its production figure to 1800 tons from 1,500 tons of the earlier year. Mr Brijesh informed us that it had an installed capacity of 2200 tons.

Bijoy Mukherjee, from Kolkata estimates India's powder production to be 13,000 tons. He informed that Berger produced 1,510 tons of powder. Berger targets a figure of 1,700 for the next year. It may be interesting to note that during 2002-2003 Berger had produced 1,500 tons of powder targeting for 1,800 tons in 2003-2004.

Kripton's contribution crossed their predicted targets. Deepak Madan informed "Kripton produced 1,150 tons of powder during the last financial year. 

From Pune, Ravindra Pandit on phone said, "Vipraj Thermosets Pvt. Ltd contributed 1000 tons of powder to the Indian Market.

 In his email Ajit Gupta wrote, Rapid Coat Division produced a little over 900 tons of powder during the last financial year.

Kuldeep Verma from Sharp Coatings Faridabad informs about a production figure of 300 tons. Talking on the phone, Kuldeep Verma  said, " We have now installed another production line which has tripled the production capacity. Close to sharp, Vijay Coat in Gujrat produced 370 tons, informed Jayesh Ponda

With a fifty fifty share in the job market and the OEM, R.Venkatesan, Titan Paints and Chemicals Limited puts his company's production figure at 250 tons. He estimates India's total production to be 14,000 tons. In an internet chat R Venkatesan said the feel good factor can be felt.

Activities in Jenson Nicholson have nearly come to a stand still. It did not produce a substantial figure to enter the chart, however, Par Ferro founded by Mr Sinha (Ex Jenson) in Kolkata claimed to produce 85 tons of powder. Sinha estimates of the powder manufactured last year to be 14,000 tons. Jignesh Patel from Gujrat informed a 30 tons figure for his company "Nice Coat".

FIgure from Akzo Nobel were not made available . We were also unable to collect figures from Maharani Coat and Vipraj Thermoset. This could total up to another 3,000 tons. Besides the major powder producers a large number of small capacity powder manufacturers possibly contribute 3,000 tons powder to the Indian Market.

Adding all these figures we arrive at a total of 18,100 tons of powder produced and consumes by India.

Moderator: We thank all those who helped to compile these details. We will continue to conduct similar surveys and share the results with you. Your suggestions and  support are most welcome. While we have used our best efforts in collecting and preparing the information  we do not assume, any liability for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions resulted from negligence, accident or other causes. The subscribers may use their own discretion while using the information.

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Ideal for big as well as small production runs, sampling, colour matching prior to powder batch productions and powder trials at customer’s premises.

A handy Table-Top model with full portability and can be easily transported for powder trails or Complete production runs.

Spray Gun Attachments include wide range of nozzles, sampling cup attachments and corona classic attachments
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Do celebrity ads really work?
Here's some bad news for advertisers who're betting big bucks on celebrities. An Amitabh Bachchan or a Sachin Tendulkar are no assurance of a top-of-mind brand recall. Instead, there is a possibility that consumers may associate them with a competing brand .

A study on the effectiveness of using celebrities in advertising has found that celebrities, contrary to the popular notion, do not have a strong mass appeal

The most dramatic revelation, however, is that consumers may connect a celebrity used by one brand with its competition. “The possibility of a celebrity being associated with competition is huge. We found that there is a tendency among consumers to associate a celebrity with a stronger brand in a particular segment, thus defeating the basic purpose of using one,” says Ravi Sangal, president, Cyber Media Research. A case in point is that of Nerolac Paints, which is endorsed by Amitabh Bachchan. However, around 80% of the respondents when asked to associate Bachchan with a paint, did so with Asian Paints, which is the biggest competitor of Nerolac.

“The lesson here is that advertisers should buy more media than investing in celebs as that is less risky a proposition,” <

India Inc eyes Pak markets
Indian corporate heads, who were in Pakistan for the recent Lahore ODI, have come back with big hopes of expanding business into the Pakistani markets.

Leading corporates that are excited about the opportunity include Godrej, Asian Paints and Raymonds.

"The minister was firm that economic ties would only follow after improvement in political ties," said Ashwin Dani, Vice Chairperson, Asian Paints.

Dani added that the Pakistan minister evaded questions about preferring FDI from India to that from other countries.

The political stalemate between the two countries has prevented Pakistan from granting the most-favoured nation (MFN) status to India.

As a result, while official Indo Pak trade stands at around $ 250 million, trade through unofficial routes is valued at close to $ 1billion.<

US calling: TransWorks keen on acquisitions

MUMBAI: An increasing focus on world-class manufacturing is driving growth in automation technology in India.

According to Mr V V Paranjape, executive vice-president (business development), automation & drives division, Siemens, “The overall market for automation is estimated at around Rs 630 crore with a growth rate of about 15% a year.” The process automation market appears to the largest, worth over Rs 430 crore.

An example is Asian Paints, which targeted raising its production capacity by 30,000 tonne a year at its Ankleshwar plant without any investment in machines or increase in manpower even as shades and formulations to be tested increased as per demand.

Says Mr Sandeep Chaudhry, plant manager, Asian paints, Ankleshwar, “Had it not been for computerisation, there would have been simply too much complexity to handle.”  <

National Achievement award for Quality Assurance for the year 2003- 2004
The All India Business and Community Foundation, Delhi, has selected Sharp
Coating Pvt. Ltd. Faridabad for the "National Achievement Award" in their region for the year 2003-2004. The award presentation ceremony shall be held at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi on June 5th.

Kuldeep Verma, GM Technical, Sharp Coating, informed us that the award will be conferred by Honorable Union Ministers and National Leaders for the outstanding achievement towards growth and development of Indian Economy.

Rural craft made to last Art of Bengal
Adda marar rock, a phuchkawallah and paper lampshades to soften the halogen glare — an exhibition launched at Bibidho Ratan on Monday can smarten up any living space with its innovative terracotta, wrought iron and paper crafts.

Associated with the NGO Enviro, Bibidho Ratan, a gallery on Jatin Das Road, is committed to giving rural artisans a platform to showcase their talent.Soma Dutta’s designs and conceptions have been executed by rural craftsmen, resulting in a collection of plant holders, figurines, lampshades, tea sets, tables, windchimes, bells, table bases and other decorative pieces.

“We are always scouting for new talents and we find it in hordes in rural Bengal, especially in villages like Bira in North 24-Parganas,” explains Soma. “It’s amazing what these people can come up with, despite lack of infrastructure,” she adds. Braving all constraints, Soma and her team try to introduce a new feature every year at their annual exhibition, on since 2002. The theme this year is industrial powder-coating, lending more durability to the otherwise fragile terracotta articles.

“Earlier we would decorate our items with enamel paints and Fevicryl, but then we started receiving complaints that the colours don’t last. So we hit upon the idea of using these coats,” explains the designer. his kind of powder coating is usually found in electronic and other household products such as fans, televisions and washing machines. Apart from making the terracotta more durable, the coats are wash-proof. The medium has also encouraged the artisans to experiment with colour. Soma, who works with Eco-Coat, a company dealing with powder-coating, came up with the idea of using the finish on handicrafts along with Arunabha Sinha, head, Eco-Coat.

The majority of the proceeds from the exhibition, on till May 2, will go to the artisans. lAnother handicrafts exhibition, which offers even more in terms of variety and talent-on-display, is on at the Central Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts. n till April 22, the exhibition called Nimble Fingers showcases traditional crafts of rural Bengal. Inaugurated by danseuse Mamata Shankar and ex-footballer P.K. Banerjee on Sunday, pottery, terracotta, foil, tile and glass painting, batik and block prints, soft toys, woodcraft and buffalo horn-craft from National Award-winning craftsmen and housewives are on show.

The organisers have also invited Dona Ganguly to present the vocational excellence awards for the “most creative craftsman/ woman of Bengal”, instituted by the Rotary Club of Calcutta (Metro City) on the concluding day of the exhibition <more>.

Cyclics Grants P-Group Exclusive Compounding Rights for Rotational Molding Resins in Europe
Schenectady, NY, April 22, 2004 – The Cyclics Corporation named the P-Group, headquartered in Ferrara, Italy as the sole compounder of CBT® resin-based materials for the European rotational molding market. In exchange for this exclusive agreement, the P-Group has agreed to purchase significant volumes of Cyclics’ CBT resin for the next few years. The experience and capacity of the P-Group in a multitude of resin systems could lead to more novel technologies and broader market penetration. This agreement commits a significant portion of the Cyclics resin plant currently under construction in Schwarzheide, Germany. The plant is expected to be completed by the end of 2004 and will have an initial annual capacity of 2500 metric tonnes (5.5 million pounds), with plans to double the capacity in 2006. Additional terms of the agreement were not available. CBT resin has been demonstrated to make parts in traditional rotational molding equipment with better surface finish, fiber reinforcement, and improved gasoline barrier properties over traditional rotational molding plastics.

“The technical and marketing expertise of the P-Group in engineering plastics together with our supply of CBT resin will drive growth for both companies in the years to come,” said Roman Eder, Managing Director for Cyclics Europe GmbH. “Our alliance with the P-Group gives us the ability to take advantage of the growing rotational molding market for our resin,”

“Cyclics’ resin offers a great opportunity for us to leverage our processing expertise to formulate products for rotational molding applications.” remarked Vittorio Bortolon, President of P-Group. “The exciting benefits that CBT resin brings in easier processing and improved performance will open up new markets and applications.“

Cyclics Corporation, headquartered in Schenectady, New York, manufactures innovative plastics, based on technology developed and patented by GE, that offer breakthroughs in processing, making new products possible and changing the economics of existing ones. Cyclics has an alliance with Dow Automotive to develop CBT resins for automotive applications. The water-like processing viscosities of Cyclics’ engineering thermoplastic products offer improvements in performance and productivity for structural composites, compounding, casting and rotational molding.

The P-Group is headquartered in Ferrara, Italy and develops resins based on polyester, polyamides (nylons), and polypropylene, oriented towards technical polymer application sectors. Product commercialization is managed directly by the Marketing divisions of P-Group Italy and P-Group Germany. In this way, the European and World markets are completely covered in operating synergy with agents and important distribution companies.

The high technological level that distinguishes the P-Group´s products necessarily presumes intense research an

BASF Coatings expands its coil coatings presence in Shanghai

In order to strengthen its world leading position in coil coatings and its position in China, BASF Coatings will expand its presence in Shanghai (China). To better service technical, quality and supply requirements of our customers BASF Coatings will add its production capability to the coil coatings sales, marketing and technical service expertise already established in Shanghai.
BASF Coatings has already been operating a coil coatings business in China for a number of years. In 2003 a dedicated BASF coil coating technical service laboratory was established in Shanghai to offer specialized service. Today, this laboratory carries out the full range of physical testing of coil coatings and supports the BASF technical service team. The coil coating product had been imported from Germany. The teamwork between BASF Coatings headquarters in Muenster and the Shanghai laboratory is very close.

Jotun: marine coatings prices set to rise
Due to large increases in the costs of raw materials used in Marine Coatings, Jotun will raise prices for its total range of products. European Marine Director Nick Scotland of Jotun states: "Faced with the current economic challenges we had the option of reducing the quality of our products or raising prices. We believe strongly in maintaining the high performance of products that our customers have come to expect from Jotun, therefore, we have regrettably chosen to raise prices". The key factors forcing this price increase were the large change in the cost of metals (specifically copper and zinc), epoxy resins and oil and petroleum derivatives. These are a result of the improving economic climate, especially in China, which is driving up demand for raw materials.

Reichhold Announces Global Trade Names for Coating Resin Product Lines; Effective May 1, 2004
RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 19, 2004--Reichhold announced today the implementation of a global trade name standard for all product lines sold into the coatings and graphic arts markets. Effective May 1, 2004, the following trade names, designated by chemistry type, will be used on a global basis for all coating and ink resin products: <more>

Valmont Reports First Quarter Results
Monday April 19, 5:30 pm ET
* Net Sales increased 4% primarily due to foreign currency translation.
* Net earnings decreased 25% mainly due to the continued weak pricing environment for steel structures in the utility market.
* China sales and profitability doubled in the first quarter.
* Coatings Segment profitability was impacted by continued weak markets.
* Irrigation Segment profits rose 7% on a sales increase of 6%.

OMAHA, Neb., April 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Valmont Industries, Inc. (NYSE: VMI - News), a leading global manufacturer of engineered support structures for infrastructure and mechanized irrigation equipment for agriculture and a provider of coating services, reported sales for the first quarter of $215.9 million compared with $207.3 million for the same period of 2003. First quarter 2004 net earnings were $5.5 million, or 22 cents per diluted share, versus first quarter 2003 net earnings of $7.3 million, or 30 cents per diluted share. The Company had previously announced on March 18, 2004 that it expected earnings for the quarter to be in the range of 19-21 cents per diluted share.

UAE extruded aluminium output set for boost
DUBAI - With the construction activity in Dubai and neighbouring emirates reaching a crescendo, local production of aluminium extrusion is poised for a major capacity boost to meet a stronger domestic offtake as well as an increasing demand from overseas markets.

Market players estimate that the domestic demand for aluminium extrusion, currently at 35,000 tonnes per annum worth some Dh350 million, is bound for a sustained annual growth of more than 10 per cent given the all-round growth in construction activity in the emirates.

At present, despite a strong local production base, the UAE also imports some 20 per cent of its aluminium extrusion requirements from neighbouring countries including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman.

Holtkamp said Gulf Extrusions Co., a member of the Al Ghurair Group of Companies, is geared for capacity expansion to meet a projected 15 per cent annual surge in demand. "We have chalked out a phased expansion programme. We will invest some $8-10 million in the first phase to install a new press for a capacity addition of some 5000 to 8,000 tonnes."

Currently, Gulf Extrusions, operating four presses at its modern plant in Jebel Ali, has an average daily capacity of 100 tonnes of aluminium extrusion profiles in a large variety of designs, most of them tailor-made to customers' request and demands. With a strong local market base accounting for some 60 per cent of the output, the company also enjoys a wide global export reach.

He said the company's growth has been remarkable. From a single press with a rated capacity of 3000 MT per year in 1978, Gulf Extrusions has grown to a capacity of 30,000 metric tonnes per year. "With our own facilities of 4500 tonnes per year for anodising and 7500 tonnes per year for powder coating, we can comply with any customer request."

The company sources most of its raw materials locally. The basic raw material, aluminium extrusion billets, is purchase from Dubai Aluminium Limited. Sulphuric acid is bought from Falcon Chemicals Limited and polyester powder from Jotun Powder Coating while a major quantity of precision extrusion dies purchased within the Gulf. Holtkamp said the company could sharpen the competitive edge of its marketing strategy with the addition of the innovative new Spectrocolor anodising process to their technological strengths. "We are now in a position to offer new aesthetics to our range of aluminium profiles," he said.

Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings Alliance With
Beginning April 1st, Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings will enhance its marketing and technical service support for customers in North America through a new alliance with

Paul Bowers, Director of the General Metal Finishing segment of the business, notes that ChemPoint's service is especially valuable to those customers needing smaller quantities of material and fast responsive service. "ChemPoint has repeatedly demonstrated their ability to provide high-quality customer care, technical support, and more personalized service to this segment of the North American market." He added that ChemPoint already offers technical sales and service support for a range of products offered by other Rohm and Haas businesses, with great success.

The alliance with ChemPoint is another in a series of improvements Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings has brought to the marketplace. The company announced earlier the launch of its Ready to Ship&#61652; product lines - more than 250 products that are available to ship to customers who have immediate need for superior-quality powder coating products. This business has also launched a very successful website ( Sales through this site have grown dramatically during the past year.

Akzo Nobel expands powder coatings capacity in Turkey
Coatings Flash - April 05, 2004
Akzo Nobel expands the capacity of its powder coatings facility in Izmir, Turkey. Explained Mr Eyup Altan, General Manager, Akzo Nobel Boya A.S. "in addition to the local Turkish market, our powder business services other countries including the Black Sea area, the Caucasian region; Kazakhstan and Iran. This is the second expansion in two years; two new production lines have been installed, taking the total capacity to over 7000 tones per annum".
"We started selling Interpon powders in Turkey in 1999 based on imports from Akzo Nobel's Italian powder operations. Since then our business has grown at a very impressive rate and by end of this year we will have more than quadrupled sales compared to that first year. We are also very proud that our Izmir powder factory recently received the Akzo Nobel Coatings 2003 HSE Award in recognition of its excellent HSE performance".
Continued Mr Bill McPherson "future prospects for powder coatings in Turkey are very encouraging. The country is an important producer of appliances, not only for the domestic but also for export markets, and the automotive industry is also increasing in importance. Our operation in Izmir not only has a very sound basis in supplying powder products to those particular industries, but we also market Interpon to a range of general industrial sectors throughout Turkey. We are also developing fast in the Turkish architectural metal sector, a market in which we are the leader in Europe, and worldwide, and for which we have a number of architectural powder product ranges with proven track record".

Jotun Paints opens new Dubai plant
Jotun Paints has commissioned its new Dh70 million ($19 million) plant in the Al Quoz Industrial Area in Dubai.

The plant will have a capacity of 60 million litres annually. Jotun's existing plant in Rashidiya area will now cease to operate, a report said. "The new investments go hand in hand with Dubai's planned development in the next few years," said Erik Aaberg, managing director of Jotun UAE.

"We see the new capacities as essentially required for the demand coming in from within the UAE itself. The Al Quoz plant is also designed in such a way that further capacities may be raised if the need arises in future," he said. The production at this facility will be split into decorative, protective and marine paints. Apart from this facility, Jotun operates another paint factory in Abu Dhabi and a powder coating plant in Dubai.

In the Middle East, it has three facilities in Saudi Arabia and one each in Oman and Egypt, which together with the UAE capacities, raise the overall number to around 150 million litres annually.

Demand forces GPS to work round the clock Apr 7 2004
METAL product finishing company Glamorgan Paint Stovers has introduced 24- hour production to cope with an expanding order book.

The Merthyr company has added a night shift with the support of an investment by Corus subsidiary UK Steel Enterprise - the fifth time the business backers have provided support since the company launched in 1991.Four extra staff have been taken on as a result, bringing the workforce to 24.

The company specialises in paint spraying and powder coating for a wide range of metal products. The extra work has come principally from new client Sogefi, which manufactures filtration systems for the automotive industry  As well as this, GPS is continuing its long-standing relationship with clients such as Air International, Interlogic and Orange Box.

GPS's managing director Dave Herbert said, "Twenty- four-hour working has given us much greater flexibility to cope with orders, and this is important in a demanding business such as this.

"UK Steel Enterprise have given us their support yet again, as they have since the company started, and this has helped us build the solid platform we now have.

"We now have faster turnaround for our services, and obviously much greater capacity." Andy Morris of UK Steel Enterprise said, "We are delighted to be providing fifth round funding, this time of £25,000, to help GPS move forward. The company has built an enviable reputation and is aiming at expansion in the next two years." The company anticipates its turnover rising to £800,000 over the next two years, with the possibility of a move to bigger premises on the horizon.

A sublime journey back in time on wings of ‘Harmony’
MUSCAT — The ‘50 Years of Hindi Film Music’ presented by the Sony Wega Theatre and Muscat Electronics Co. LLC and organised recently by Harmony at the Majan Ballroom of Al Bustan Palace Hotel carried the music-hungry audience of Muscat through different eras on the wings of Hindi music. The concert, punctuated by spirited dance performance, was marked by a plethora of zestful renditions in Hindi by a band of talented singers and musicians.

Sony Wega Theatre and Muscat Electronics Co. LLC were the presenters for this event. The gold sponsor was Western Union while the official carrier was Oman Air. Khimji’s Mart, Afia, Foster Clarks were the silver sponsors.

Times of Oman was the media sponsor and official catering was done by Khana Khazana and costumes by Al Taqdeer Fashion LLC. New India Assurance, Avon Beauty Products, Dalma Energy & Co. LLC, Digital City, Toyota, Daihatsu, Al Omania Powder Coating Co. LLC, Hewlett Packard, Al Hayat Clinic, ORIX, OIB Direct, Ruwi Modern Printers, Lulu Shopping Centre and Amiantit Oman Co. LLC were the co-sponsors <more>

Man blows stolen loot on gambling addiction
A self-confessed gambling addict who says he blew most of the R2-million he stole from his employer, Defy, on horse racing and casinos is now serving 12 years in jail for the crime.

Durban regional court magistrate W Hahn told the 46-year-old former creditors clerk, Anandthen Perumal Naidoo: "Anything less than a long term in prison would have been like a golden handshake."

Naidoo had pleaded guilty to 16 counts of fraud totalling R2,056-million. It was his responsibility to control the Bayer account - a company which supplied Defy with chemicals for powder coating. In September 1998, he opened an account at Absa in the name of AP Naidoo trading as Bayer.  Using fictitious documentation, he generated 16 cheques made payable to Bayer which he deposited into the account over a two-year period.<more>

Akzo Nobel Phosphorus Chemicals business
Ripplewood Holdings L.L.C. offers EUR 230 million for Akzo Nobel Phosphorus Chemicals business
Arnhem, the Netherlands, and New York, April 26, 2004 - Akzo Nobel has received an offer from Ripplewood Holdings L.L.C. for the sale of its Phosphorus Chemicals business for EUR 230 million free of cash and debt. The intention to divest this business was announced in September 2003, with the purpose of creating more financial room to maneuver for the Company. Closing of the transaction is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2004. The deal involves all assets and all current employees of the business. Employee representative bodies and unions have been informed and consultation procedures will commence shortly, where applicable. The required regulatory approvals will be sought as and when appropriate.

Concern for environment earns award nomination

MANITOWOC — Englishman William Hickson is credited with saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.”

Those words may have served as inspiration for KI engineering technician Jill Erdmann as she led a project seeking just the right formulations for different colors of powder paints.
Success was achieved and residents of the Lakeshore area are the beneficiaries of a cleaner environment.

KI is an international manufacturer of office furniture. Its Manitowoc plant has been nominated for a 2004 Business Friend of the Environment Award. <more>


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May 17 - 20, 2004 
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Powder Coatings Science and Technology
May 17 - 20, 2004 
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Paint Technology
May 17 - 20, 2004 
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May 20 - 21, 2004 
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Additives in Coatings: Chemistry and Application
May 25 - 27, 2004 
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CEPE - Annual Conference and General Assembly
June 3 - 4, 2004 General Assembly; Barcelona/Spain
More Information from:CEPE, Av. E. Nieuwenhuyse 4-Bte 10, 1160 Brussels, Belgium, Fax: +32 (2) 676-7490, 

Asia Pacific Coatings Show 2004
June 3 - 4, 2004,Exhibition, Conference; Bangkok/Thailand
More Information from, dmg world media (uk) ltd.,Queensway House, 2 Queensway , Redhill,RH1 1QS Surrey,Great Britain , Fax: +44 (1737) 85 50 34,, 

Coatings Science Short Course
June 6 - 11, 2004,Short Course; Fargo, North Dakota/USA
More Information from,North Dakota State University, Carol Johnson ,
PO Box 5376, Fargo, ND 58105,USA, Fax: +1 701 231-8439 , 

European Coatings Conference:
Smart Coatings III
June 7 - 8, 2004 Congress; Berlin/Germany
More Information from Vincentz Network, P. O. Box 6247, 30062 Hannover, Germany, Fax: +49 511 99 10 279,

7th International Coatings for Plastics Symposium
June 7 - 9, 2004,Symposium; Troy
More Information from Paint & Coatings Industry Magazine,2401 W. Big Beaver Road,Suite 700,Troy, MI 48084,USA, Fax: ++1 248 362-0317, attn: Keri Wrobel,, 

Coatings Science for Coatings Chemists

June 7 - 10, 2004 Seminar; Hattiesburg/USA
More Information from The University of Southern Mississippi, Polymer Science Research Center, Deborah Witherby
P. O. Box 10076. 39406-0076 Hattiesburg, MS, USA , Fax: +1 601 266-5504
, , 

2004 International Marine and Offshore Coatings Conference & Expo
June 7 - 9, 2004, Conference; Virginia Beach, VA/USA
More Information from, National Paint & Coatings Association, Dorothy Brawner , 1500 Rhode Island Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20005-5597,USA, , 

Formulating Principles for Coatings

June 7 - 10, 2004, Course; Hattiesburg/USA
More Information from, The University of Southern Mississippi, Polymer Science Research Center
Box 10076, 39406-0076 Hattiesburg, MS ,
USA, Fax: +1 601 266-5504, 

Advances in Emulsion Polymerization and Latex Technology
June 7 - 11, 2004 Seminar; Bethlehem/USA
More Information from,Emulsion Polymers Institute, Lehigh University
111 Research Drive,18015 Bethlehem, PA,USA, Fax: +1 610 758-58 80,

Business Information for the Coatings Industry

June 10, 2004 Training Course; Teddington/Great Britain
More Information from,Paint Research Association , 8 Waldegrave Road,Teddington,Middlesex TW11 8LD,Great Britain
Fax: +44 20 8943

4th International Symposium on Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion,
June 14 - 16, 2004 Symposium; Philadelphia/USA
More Information from,Materials Science and Technology Conferences , Dr. Robert H. Lacombe
3 Hammer Drive,Hopewell J 12533-6124,USA, Fax: +1 212

Paint Defect Analysis Workshop
June 15 - 17, 2004 Workshop; London, Ontario/Canada
More Information from, Paint Performance Consulting , 35585 Pound Road,Richmond,48062 Michigan,USA, Fax: +1 586 727-27 24,
8th Radcure Coating and Inks: Economy & Performance
June 21 - 22, 2004 Conference; Manchester/Great Britain
More Information from, Paint Research Association
8 Waldegrave Road,Teddington,TW11 8LD Middlesex ,Great Britain, Fax: +44 20 89 43 47 05,

Surfex 2004
June 23 - 24, 2004 Exhibition; Manchester/Great Britain
More Information from, Surfex Ltd., OCCA,Priory House,967 Harrow Road,HA0 2SF Wembley,Great Britain, Fax: +44 (20) 89 08-12

1*1 der Nanotechnologie
June 24 - 25, 2004 Seminar; Stuttgart/Germany
More Information from,MSTI,P.O. Box 1050,65836 Sulzbach/Ts,Germany, Fax: +49 6196 585-485, 

Coating Process Fundamentals Short Course
June 28 - 30, 2004,Short Course; Minneapolis, MN/USA
More Information from: University of Minnesota, Dep. of Chem. Engineering & Materials Science
151 Amundsen Hall,421 Washington Avenue S.E.,Minneapolis, MN 55455-0132,USA, Fax: +1 612 626-7246, 


June 29 - July 1, 2004,Exhibition, Conference; Chicago/USA
More Information from,AESF SUR/FIN 2004,12644 Research Parkway,Orlando,32826-3298 Florida ,USA, Fax: +1 407 281-64 46, 


  Powder Coater’s Manual ------- Determining the Application Package (Part - 28)  
Determining the Application Package

Choosing the right application package will depend on the nature of the task. The corona gun, tribo gun, the bell, and the disc are all tools that can meet certain requirements. No single tool is perfect for every
powder application.

A corona-charging gun offers more methods of adjustment for differences in part size and geometry. Air flow patterns, powder volume, velocity, and voltage level can be adjusted to accommodate different parts and powders. This gives the operator a lot of flexibility in con-trolling film thickness, dealing with Faraday cage and other process variables that are common in production facilities. The use of dis-charge voltage creates field lines and a highly ionized electrical field that can cause a variety of application challenges. generally, a tribo system will work best in situations where there is not a lot of variety of parts and powders. With a tribo gun, the powder volume can be adjusted and the gun to target distance can be ad-justed. The best application for tribo guns is one where there is little or no need for adjustment. One powder and a fairly consistent mix of arts can be run very effectively with a tribo gun. Used with the correct powder material, the tribo gun can be very effective. Testing should be conducted to be sure that the powder material is compatible with this positive charging device.

Most powder operations in North America use the corona-charging gun to take advantage of the flexibility of voltage control and ability to spray any thermoset powder effectively. In Europe more tribo spray guns are used to take advantage of the penetration characteristics. The powder bell is well suited to high volume lines with a lot of sur-face. It would be great for shelving for example but not very good for picture frames where there is a lot of empty area and very little surface. An air spray gun will likely provide better penetration into Faraday cage areas than a bell.

The disc is a specialized piece of equipment for product that is densely hung and long in the vertical dimension with very little thickness. Aluminum extrusions, large batches of small parts and wire goods are good examples.

Any purchase of powder application equipment should involve testing, particularly when the equipment will be automatic. Testing can be used to compare manufacturers and to try out and compare different tools. Processes can be tested, proven, documented, and used to assist with start-up when the installation is ready for production.

Application System Automation

Many powder systems are equipped with manual application equipment only. With an average sized product opening, say 30” wide by 54” high, two manual operators should be able to keep up at a 6 feet per minute (1.8 meters/minute) conveyor line speed. As the volume of product to be coated increases, either in the size of the work pack-age, line speed or both, automatic application equipment becomes necessary.

In addition to the ability to handle more volume, automation can pro-vide some advantages in reduced labor and improved efficiency. Automatic guns can cover 80 to 100% of the parts. Manual operators may be needed to cover the remaining bare areas and they can also serve as inspectors. In some cases, the parts are fully covered with automatic guns and there is no need for manual reinforcement. Many automated systems use fixed position gun mounts but in many cases, gun movers and part recognition systems can be used to improve efficiency and reduce waste. In most cases, it will require more
automatic guns to coat a given vertical work area with fixed guns than it will if the guns are moved up and down. Also, gun movement will help to prevent the development of excess ionization on the part surface. The equipment supplier will help to determine the precise package that is best in each situation. The need for automation will depend on the volume of product to be coated, the expectations and goals of the applicator and budget for the project.

Gun Movers

Machines that provide a straight up and down motion are called oscil-lators or reciprocators. An oscillator is typically a crank arm and fly-wheel design that can provide a vertical stroke of 6 to 24” (15 to 61 entimeters). A reciprocator is a more complex device with a reversing or reciprocating drive and adjustment from 16 to 144” (41 to 366 centimeters). Stroke speed is also adjustable. With both devices, guns can be mounted in a straight vertical line, a horizontal line or a combination of both, depending on the needs of the operation.

Radial Oscillator

A radial oscillator uses two vertical bars, one that moves up and down with the drive and one that is stationary. The gun body is mounted on both bars so that as the one bar moves it produces an arcing motion.

The arcing motion has its advantages and disadvantages. At the top of the stroke, the gun is aimed slightly up where it can help to coat the bottom of the part; and at the bottom of the stroke, the gun is aimed down, helping to cover the top of the part. The gun to target distance changes as the unit moves and this can cause some inconsistencies in
film build.

Radial gun movers are relatively inexpensive and they can be very effective. Like the reciprocator, the radial oscillator does increase the vertical area that one gun can cover.

Multi-Axis Machines

A multi-axis machine, commonly called an XYZ machine, moves the parts in more than one direction. In addition to the vertical movement of a reciprocator, they also move in direction of conveyor travel, and in and out. This provides a lot of flexibility to coat complex shapes and maximize system efficiency.

The advantages of using a robot are replacement of manual labor and more consistent, repeatable application. It is also capable of making adjustments in voltage and flow rates in the middle of the spray opera-tion through the controlling PLC. There are hydraulic and electric robots used for coating. The hydraulic robot is less expensive but the electric is preferred because it is smoother, more accurate, faster, and requires less maintenance.

Gun Triggering
In addition to the gun movers, it has become increasingly common to use automatic gun triggering. A photo-eye or bank of photo-eyes is mounted on a stand on one side of the conveyor, in line with reflectors on the other side of the conveyor. As parts pass through the photo-eyes, they break the beam of light to the reflector and send a signal to
a microprocessor to provide part size information. An encoder is used to sense conveyor movement and provides information on part position for timing of gun triggering. The output from the microprocessor controls what guns come on and when.

Gun triggering is used to identify part presence and line gaps. It is also used to determine the size of the part and react to the length, triggering only the number of guns that are required. It can also be used to reduce or increase the electrostatic wrap, helping to reduce fatty edges on simple flat product and enhance edge coverage on the side of the

Liquid coaters have done this for many years to reduce overspray. For them, the reduced overspray means less paint waste and lower emission levels. For the powder coater, gun triggering can provide significant savings in several areas.

Better Overall Powder Material Utilization - A percentage of material is lost when it is sprayed, to the racks, from handling, in the clean up process, etc. It can be as small a percentage as 5% or, in the case of spray-to-waste systems, 100%. It pays to reduce the total amount sprayed.

Powder materials are delivered in a particular range of grind size, measured in microns. Analysis shows that after reclaiming powder, the range of grind size shifts and the blend has a higher percentage of fine particles and/or coarse particles. Usually, the performance and appearance of reclaimed powder is inferior to the virgin material. As a result, the virgin material and reclaim materials are blended to provide satisfactory results. The blend ratio can
be 50/50 or it may be a higher percentage of virgin, depending on the performance characteristics of a particular material. In some cases, after the same material has been recirculated several times, the reclaim powder can become saturated with fines and the performance becomes so poor that the material must be scraped.

Compressed Air Consumption - Compressed air cost money to generate. Having the guns on only when parts are present reduces
air consumption.

Wear on Gun Parts - Surfaces in the powder delivery path are abraded by the sharp edges of the particles. Less spraying means
less wear and less replacement of parts.

   To be continued....  

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