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Welcome to the November 2004 edition of the IPC e-newsletter. The IPC e newsletter is distributed free to more than 2500 people around the world.

This edition of the newsletter contains:

News features.

The Powder Coating Manual (Part 34)

Exhibitions and Conferences in November and December 2004

If you have information you would like to have included in this newsletter, please contact the moderator using the details given at the end of each newsletter. While we have used our best efforts in collecting and preparing the information on this newsletter, we do not assume, any liability for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions resulted from negligence, accident or other causes. The user may use their own discretion while using the information.


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PRICE RISE  (IPC Exclusive)
Subscribers will recall the opinion poll which we launched in the September issue.  It seems a large number of people believe that the recent price rises in the powder paints will lead to reshuffling of the customer and suppliers.  This view is also seconded by Bijoy Mukherjee of Berger Paints India Limited, Kolkata, India and Ma Kafeing( Yinzhou Gold-Lion Resin Powder Coatings Co., Ltd Ningbo  China). The sharp rise in the raw material certainly can not be absorbed at any level.

In his email Mr Amrit Rekhi, General Manager Sales, Polycoat Powders Ltd.expressed his concerns over the recent developments. He said,
"The current spurt in the price of Crude Oil has resulted in sharp increase in the prices of major raw materials like epoxy resins for powder coatings. The rapid rise in prices is compounded by the supply-demand gap for petrochemical derivates in Asia. Industry analysts have reported that the rise in petrochemical derivative prices will be driven by the supply demand gap rather than crude oil prices, which may drop in the future. Shortage of epoxy resins in particular is likely to continue in the Asian region, due to the high increase in consumption of epoxy resins for printed circuit board manufacture in China. Worldwide powder coating manufacturers have increased the prices of their products and Powder manufacturers in India too would have to aggressively go for increase in prices sooner than later. We being the leaders in this business have already increased the prices for the Job coating segment/Dealers segment and are in advanced stage of negotiations with all our major OEM clients for a price increase."

Results of the opinion poll

1. The Customer will try to find new powder suppliers and there would be a lot of reshuffling of the customers and manufacturers.

Yes  92%
No   8%

2.  The powder prices are on the rise.

The powder demand will increase :
The powder demand will decrease: 13%

No Change:

Telephonic interview with Mr.  Bijoy Mukherjee of Berger Paints India Limited, Kolkata, India

During the last three months the raw material prices are said to have been on the rise. Also the availability of the material is uncertain. Has Berger made any changes in its price structure and by what percent?

Yes we have done. We have raised the prices by 10 to 15 percent depending on the customers.

IPC: What will be the effect of these changes on your sales, and in general, on the powder market?

Initially there will be a sale loss, because there is no unity in powder manufacturers. Some have increased the prices, while others have not. They may get business by not increasing the price. This unclear and un-uniform business strategy will kill the entire market and everybody will be at a loss.

IPC: Most of the powder manufacturers have increased the prices? isn't it?

No that is not true. We have visited all the OEMS like LG Whirlpool, Godrej, Elecrolux, Havels, Crompton, everywhere its the same. Certain manufacturers continue to offer prices which are less than our earlier prices. They has spoken about the price rise but have not stopped the supplies yet. They have not implemented the price rise.

IPC: This will certainly bring a big reshuffle of the customers and suppliers.

Yes, Certainly.

IPC: Thanks Bijoy for the talking to us.


Chat Interview with Ma kaifeng of Yinzhou Gold Lion Resin Coatings Co China.
While online, we had an chat interview with Ma kaifeng from Yinzhou Gold-Lion Resin Powder Coatings Co., Ltd Ningbo city China. Ma kaifeng is concerned with recent price rises in this market. Gold-Lion Resin Powder Coatings Co., Ltd has a production of 2500 Tons per year. A medium size company by Chinese standards.

IPC: you must be aware of the recent price rises in the powder paint market. What is the situation over there in China?
Ma Kaifeng:
It's really very very bad, many  of  the manufacturers have shut down and the remaining have increased their price by about 20-30%. From the beginning of this year and up to now the price of epoxy resin increased 120% ....
IPC : What measures has your company taken to tackle this situation? Have you passed on the rise to your customers, or have you absorbed it?
Ma Kaifeng:
:-)  We have no choice!  just to increase the price ..
IPC: Have you tried to search for newer suppliers who could supply the material at the old prices?
Ma Kaifeng::
The old price ? it's impossible ..
IPC: And what is the general attitude of the customers and the powder users?
Ma Kaifeng:
It's very obviously that the customer are not happy to accept a higher price, but you know, no one will do the business of losing money in this situation.
IPC: Thats true, Besides price rise, is there a problem of availability of the raw material?
Ma Kaifeng:
Basically there is no problem for us. The problem is that the price of raw materials. It increased day by day.
IPC: So do you think there will be reshuffle in the total market?
Ma Kaifeng:  I
think so .
IPC: Thanks for talking to us..
Ma Kaifeng:
Thank you very much. C U later and bye.
IPC: Bye

Paint cos plan to hike prices again as input costs soar
NEW DELHI: Domestic paint companies are in a fix. The 2% price hike a month back in the wake of cost-push inflation has not been enough and the movement in raw material prices has started eating into their margins significantly. Industry sources inform that all the companies have internally decided to go ahead with another price hike, likely to be in the 3-5% range.

The question for the paint companies is when to effect the price rise, as Diwali, which is the peak season for the industry, is around the corner. A senior executive in one of the mainline paint brands in the country, said, “Since Diwali is the main season, nobody wants to disturb it with a mid-season price increase.”  <more>

Surface Specialties UCB Announces Price Increases for Powder Coating Polyester Resins
Brussels -- Effective October 1st, 2004, Surface Specialties UCB will raise prices of its Crylcoat, Additol and Uvecoat polyester powder coating resins.

The increases will be in the region of €0.20/Kg and will apply to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

This is the third increase this year and is necessary to offset the continued significant price increase of primary raw materials, namely NPG, PTA, IPA and Adipic Acid, as well as the cost of energy and freight. The prices of these raw materials are moving up dramatically due to significant increases of the petrochemical feedstocks.

Another reason for these price rises is the change of the global supply/demand balance for some of the raw materials. As a consequence there may be risks of scarcity of some raw materials during the fourth quarter and Surface Specialties UCB may be forced to put specific products on allocation.

Surface Specialties UCB, as global leading supplier to the powder coating industry remains strongly committed to further develop this technology and to expand its field of application.

Surface Specialties UCB is a world leader in the development and manufacture of technically innovative products and solutions for surface applications. These specialties include resins, additives, and adhesives, and are sold into many markets, such as automotive, industrial, graphics, architecture, wood, textiles, tire, paper, marine, labels, packaging, tapes and medical.

UCB, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, is a global pharmaceutical and specialty chemical company with 12,000 employees around the world.

Jotun Powder Coatings Increases Prices
Jotun Powder Coatings is increasing prices on Polyester, Epoxy, and Hybrid-based products sold to the decorative and functional market segments in all markets.

The company cites the recent substantial escalation in raw materials' prices, owing to a rise in feedstock prices, and oil, energy, and transportation cost.

In the Middle East and South East Asia markets, the increase will be:
- 9 per cent for Polyester-based products
- 10 per cent for Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid-based products
- 17 per cent for Epoxy-based products

In Europe, the increase will be:
- 4 per cent for Polyester-based products
- 7 per cent for Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid-based products
- 12 per cent for Epoxy-based products

The price increase will apply to all deliveries as per October 1, 2004.

Jotun Powder Coatings has previously announced a price increase on Polyester and Hybrid-based products in April 2004.

Source: SpecialChem

UCB: New China headquarter for Surface Specialties
Surface Specialties UCB has announced plans to establish a new Asia regional in Shanghai. The move reflects the growing importance of the Chinese market both for Surface Specialties UCB itself and its customers in the coatings industry. Said Business Director for Asia, Frank Coenen: "As part of our strategy to expand in Asia, we are relocating our headquarters to Shanghai to better serve our customers' needs and the needs of the industry."
The Shanghai offices will house regional business unit managers, financial, purchasing and supply chain personnel. The headquarters will be operational from January 1, 2005. The Surface Specialties UCB offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will remain as the central sales and customer service office for South East Asia.

GM may invest Rs 300 cr on Daewoo plant
BANGALORE: Apart from buying the erstwhile Daewoo car plant in Surajpur (UP), General Motors (GM) may have to invest Rs 200-300 crore in putting up a paint shop. Officials said the paint shop will take about 10 months to become operational and work on it will be kicked off once the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) dealing with the Daewoo matter approves its acquisition.

The Daewoo plant is saddled with nearly Rs 3,000 crore of outstanding. As the due-diligence of the plant is complete, GM is likely to approach the DRT in a few days now with a acquisition proposal. <more>

It's just a change of colour
HM Bharuka;MD, Goodlass Nerolac
For those who may not know us, Goodlass Nerolac Paints is a subsidiary of Kansai Paints, Japan and has a group turnover of over Rs 1,000 crore.
We have an overall market share of 20% and a market share of 45% in the industrial segment of the paint market.
Being foreign-held for most of our history, resulting in capacity restrictions, we focused on the high-value industrial segment in the past.
The onset of liberalisation, however, threw up numerous challenges as well as opportunities in the form of the huge decorative paints segment. We reacted like all Indian companies at that time, by stretching past paradigms. <More>

Dow: Announces Price Increases of its Epoxy Products in Europe (Western and Eastern Europe, including Turkey)
 HORGEN, Switzerland > -> (6 October 2004) > -> Effective 1 November 2004, or as contract terms allow, Dow Epoxy Products and Intermediates (EP&I) will increase prices for its epoxy resins in Europe.
 In Europe, including Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Turkey, Dow will increase prices by 230 Euro/MT for its liquid, solid, solid solution and standard brominated epoxy resins. The increase for specialty resins varies by product.
This increase is in addition to the previous increases, effective 1 October, of 220 Euro/MT for liquid, solid, solid solution and standard brominated epoxy resins.
Customers interested in learning more about the price increase should contact their local Dow sales representative.
Dow is a leading science and technology company that provides innovative chemical, plastic and agricultural products and services to many essential consumer markets. With annual sales of $33 billion, Dow serves customers in more than 180 countries and a wide range of markets that are vital to human progress, including food, transportation, health and medicine, personal and home care, and building and construction, among others. Committed to the principles of Sustainable Development, Dow and its approximately 46,000 employees seek to balance economic, environmental and social responsibilities.
 For further information, visit www.e-epoxy.com  or Dow' s website at www.dowepoxy.com  

Protech Chemicals acquires powder pioneer Oxyplast
Coatings Magazine, Splatter E-news,
Protech Chemicals, St. Laurent, QC, has acquired Oxyplast NV, Ghent, Belgium for an undisclosed sum.
Oxyplast is one of the original powder coating manufacturers which began making powders in the 1960s. It was also the first company to bring powders to the Canadian market. Protech Chemicals is a Canadian powder manufacturer founded by another powder pioneer, Henry Ades. His son, David Ades, a managing partner, says Protech is excited about the Oxyplast acquisition.
"Protech has a long friendship with Oxyplast and its founders. The two companies have complementary capabilities in technology, manufacturing and marketing."

Feedback from IPC subscribers

Commenting on the aquisition, Jehanzeb from Oxyplast Pakistan said,
"In this way, both companies will be able to share their technologies with each other in order to achieve a good result in production. This merging will also aid both Oxyplast and Protech Chemicals to achieve leading position in the market of the world."

Kuldeep Verma of Sharp Coating expressed surprise. He said in his email, "I am very much surprised to read this news. definitely this is good to survive the market, this type of activity is required in India also."

Manmohan Samantra of Titan Paints said, "This take over of Oxyplast by protech is an industry consolidation to get market leadership.  In fact, in India also, consolidation is taking place in powder coating industries as the market expands."

M.E.I.S - Steelfab 2004 to witness region's largest display of Steel Working Machinery
The three-day Middle East Industrial Show (M.E.I.S) - Steelfab 2004, to be held at Expo Centre Sharjah from October 10, will witness the region's largest display of Steel Working Machinery.

Some of the world's most well established brands in the industry as well as their regional distributors and agents will showcase the latest in cutting, bending, shearing and related machinery at the exhibition.

A major highlight of the M.E.I.S - Steelfab 2004, the Middle East's first exclusive trade show to fully cater to the needs of Steel Working Industry, will be the powder coating system, manufactured by SAMES of France and represented in the region by Egypt-based MIA Company. <more>

Rendell Administration Presents 6 Companies Win 2004 Governor's Award For Safety Excellence
HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- On behalf of Governor Edward G. Rendell, Labor & Industry Secretary Stephen M. Schmerin today presented six companies with the Governor's Award for Safety Excellence.
A safe work environment provides a strong foundation for the health and well-being of employees to contribute to the success of the company," Schmerin said during the 2004 Governor's Occupational Safety and Health Conference in Hershey, Dauphin County. "The six companies honored today have demonstrated their commitment to their employees by emphasizing safety as a priority." The award is presented annually to workers and companies that incorporate outstanding workplace safety initiatives and programs, and honors companies for their commitment to creating safe work environments.

The 2004 Governor's Award for Safety Excellence recipients are:
-- Rohm & Haas Powder Coating, Reading, Berks County - Rohm & Haas employees do physical research to develop new materials, formulas and end uses for powder coatings. The company was designated a Voluntary
Protection Program Star worksite by OSHA in January 2004. The company's 45 employees completed 13 years without a workplace injury or illness.

The others are:

-- Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre, Bradford County

-- U.S. Postal Service Processing and Distribution Facility,

-- Bruce and Merrilees Electric Co

-- Pride Mobility Products, Exeter, Luzerne County

-- High Steel Structures Inc., Williamsport, Lycoming County

The two-day health and safety conference draws about 900 safety and health-care professionals, business leaders, workers, educators and government leaders from across Pennsylvania. The conference provides a forum for leaders in the health and safety field to discuss the importance of workplace safety and exchange knowledge of safe working practices for Pennsylvania employers and employees.

Winnipeg firm supplies blast-proof paint used on Pentagon

A Winnipeg, MB, company is now supplying a blast-proof coating that has been applied to the walls of the rebuilt Pentagon in Washington, DC.
Line-X Coatings Winnipeg is a franchisee of Line-X Corp., which manufactures the coating at its Santa Ana, CA, plant.
The Paxcon anti-terrorism paint minimizes the destructive after-effects of blasts. The polyurea-based proprietary coating is applied with high pressure plural component spray guns. The coating is untinted and users add their own pigments. It's applied on the inside of exterior walls and can withstand bomb attacks, chemical attacks and fires, says Rick Bueckert, owner of the Winnipeg Line-X franchise. He's invested $30,000 in a mobile paint trailer to deliver the product across Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. Bueckert has applied the blast-proof coating to a propane plant in Winnipeg and the interior panels of New Flyer buses.
Bueckert says the coating can be used in electrical, manufacturing and construction environments because the coating stands up to sulphuric acid, battery acid and fires, and it gets stronger in cold weather.

Henkel to acquire Sovereign Specialty Chemicals

Henkel Corporation, a US affiliate of Henkel KGaA, Düsseldorf/Germany, has agreed to acquire Sovereign Specialty Chemicals, Inc., USA. The two companies executed a definitive agreement to this effect on October 6, 2004. Sovereign Specialty Chemicals is a leading American supplier of specialty adhesives, sealants and assembly adhesives with sales for the twelve months period ended June 30, 2004 of 391 million US dollars.
Sovereign Specialty Chemicals has a worldwide workforce of approximately 900 employees and had sales for the twelve months period ended June 30, 2004 of 391 million US dollars. Its product range encompasses technologically sophisticated adhesives, sealants and coating materials designed for various industrial applications as well as for the craftsmen and DIY market segment. With nearly 90 percent of its sales in the US the company is a leading supplier in the American market. Two thirds of sales generated by Sovereign Specialty Chemicals relate to its industrial customers.

Sto is launching first photocatalytic facade paint
The new, surface-active cleaning process which already keeps bricks and glass clean by means of photocatalytic reactions is now available for the first time in the area of facades, too. Following a three-year development phase, the Germany-based Sto AG, is now launching a product by the name of "StoPhotosan Color" which incorporates both nanotechnology and a pronounced photocatalytic effect.
The significant difference between a conventional and a photocatalytic paint lies in the electrical, chemical and physical reactions which combine in an active process. Photocatalysis is already established as a method of keeping surfaces clean in everyday life: A catalyst initiates a reaction without itself changing in the process. The best-known example is the catalytic converter in cars, which breaks down toxic exhaust gases into harmless end products. This is a wear-free process - the catalytic converter is "regenerated" in the course of the reaction, providing for a very long service life. In the new, surface-active facade paint StoPhotosan Color, this catalytic function is performed by light-active nano-particles. These are particularly effective in breaking down organic compounds such as combustion residues from fuels. This makes StoPhotosan Color an ideal paint for buildings on busy, heavily polluted roads.

eChem opens factory in Texas
eChem, a UK, privately owned speciality chemical company based in Leeds, has opened its new factory in Lufkin, Texas, USA. The new facility will allow international accounts to be served more effectively and provide a strong base for expansion in the region. eChem was formed four years ago following a management buy-out from a major German chemical group and is specialised in additive chemicals for the plastics, coatings and general chemical industries.
In the coatings sector, eChem has an extensive range of defoamers, plasticisers and pigment dispersing agents as well as a new range of coalescing agents for low VOC water-based coatings. It also offers a full range of PEG ester emulsifiers and a variety of wetting agents.

Making Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Safer and Vacuum Conveying Technology Safer and More Productive for 50 Years
VAC-U-MAX (www.vac-u-max.com), the world leader of industrial vacuum and vacuum conveying technology is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The Belleville New Jersey-based company continues its tradition of innovation to solve vacuum-related challenges in a wide range of manufacturing and industrial settings from powder coating and metalworking to chemical and pharmaceutical.

Frank Pendleton knew the dust and lint surrounding oiled textile machinery was a time bomb ready to go off. First hand experience taught him the fire hazard had to be safely and efficiently removed. Existing electrical vacuums, however, were not only underpowered but also posed a real ignition risk due to sparking on start up. And traditional compressed air hoses simply blew unwanted debris around. So Pendleton teamed up with an inventor, and in 1954 introduced the first air-operated vacuum cleaner, or air vac, which was three times as strong as its electrical counterpart and posed no sparking hazard.

From his dedication to meeting industry’s needs, Pendleton founded VAC-U-MAX, the world leader of industrial vacuum and vacuum conveying technology. Now, celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Belleville New Jersey-based company continues its tradition of innovation to solve vacuum-related challenges in a wide range of manufacturing and industrial settings from powder coating and metalworking to chemical and pharmaceutical.

Like a free safety on the football field defending against disaster, the venerable air vac remains one of US industry’s most mobile and versatile pieces of equipment. Sam Miller, for example, faced a labor-intensive, potentially dangerous problem in need of a solution, as many in the powder coating industry do.

“Static electric shock to our workers while vacuuming excess powder coating was a concern,” says Miller, Vice President of Miller Welding and Iron Works, a custom job shop fabricator based in Washington, Illinois. “We couldn’t adequately sweep the fine powder residue from the floor, lights, booth walls, and components, and there were potential flammability issues with the powder and the electric shop vacuums we were using. With the shop vacuums, our productivity suffered too since we not only had to vacuum but also clean by hand using wet rags to prepare booths for the next powder coating job.”

Miller sought out www.VAC-U-MAX.com, which offers the industry’s only written static control guarantee. To eliminate any shock, fire, or explosion hazard associated with electric or engine driven units, a Venturi compressed air-powered vacuum was installed with anti-sparking vacuum inlets and grounding lugs, static conductivity from end to end, including a static conductive hose with internal ground wire and grounded end cuffs that prevent static build up.

“The air operated vacuums were designed for powder applications like ours,” says Miller. “They eliminated both our static electricity problem and the spark concern we had with our previous electric shop vacuums. Not only that, but they’re also 30 percent faster than the old shop vac equipment, cover more area, and pick up finer material. Smaller particles are trapped in the filter, which is safer for our staff.”

Clean filters thus translate into higher productivity, less operator exposure to contaminants, and higher accountability for controlled substances. This can be vitally important for industries like pharmaceutical, which not only tracks every ounce of product for the FDA, but also needs to recover ingredients that may be worth hundreds of dollars per ounce, and safeguard operators from ingredients blowing around in the air that may affect them. For applications like this, the company offers automatic off-line filter cleaning capability on its continuous vacuum systems as well.

For safety, productivity, ergonomics, and other goals, www.VAC-U-MAX.com offers pre-engineered solutions and can manufacture industrial vacuum equipment to customers’ specific applications.

Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes and Origin Electric Co. Ltd. sign cross-licensing agreement
Arnhem, the Netherlands, October 27, 2004 – Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes has signed a technology cross-licensing agreement for automotive plastic coatings with Origin Electric Co. Ltd. based in Tokyo. This agreement enhances
Akzo Nobel’s access to the Japanese vehicle manufacturing market for the supply of coatings used on plastic car parts, such as dashboards, bumpers and wing mirrors. In return, Origin Electric will benefit from better access to the European market, as well as Akzo Nobel’s state-of-the-art waterborne technologies.



  Seminar Events Exhibitions  

Business Information for the Coatings Industry
November 4, 2004
Training Course; Teddington/Great Britain
More Information from: Paint Research Association, 8 Waldegrave Road, Middlesex, TW11 8LD Teddington
Great Britain, Fax: +44 20 8943 4705, http://www.pra.org.uk/training e.brown@pra.org.uk 

Applied Rheology for the Coatings Industry
November 8, 2004
Training Course; Teddington/Great Britain
More Information from: Paint Research Association

Latincoat 2004
November 8 - 10, 2004
Congress, Exhibition; Sao Paulo/Brazil
More Information from: Avila-Agnelo Editora Rua Cássio Martins Villaca, 15 CEP 0124-0 Sao Paulo
Brazil Fax: +55 11 3873-9399

1st German Automotive Circle
21st Workshop on Car Body Painting
November 8 - 9, 2004
Congress; Bad Nauheim/ Germany
More Information from: Vincentz Network P.O. Box 6247 30062 Hannover Germany Fax: +49(511)9910-279
http://www.coatings.de friederike.plasswich@coatings.de 

Professional Paint Formulation
November 9 - 10, 2004
Training Course; Teddington/Great Britain
More Information from:Paint Research Association

ChinaCoat 2004
November 9 - 11, 2004
Exhibition, Conference; Guangzhou/China
More Information from:
Sinostar International Ltd. 185 Wanchai Road Wanchai Hong Kong China
Fax: +86 852 2804 2256 http://www.sinostar-intl.com.hk info@sinostar-intl.com.hk 

Understanding Polyurethanes

November 9 - 10, 2004
Seminar; Shawbury, Shrewsbury/UK
More Information from: Rapra Technology Ltd Shawbury Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 4NR
UK , Fax: +44 1939 251118, http://www.rapratraining.com gtunnicliffe@rapra.net 

PSA Short Course
November 10 - 11, 2004
Short Course; Cincinnati, OH/USA
More Information from: The Adhesive and Sealant Council, Inc. 7979 Old Georgetown Road
Suite 500 Bethesda, MD 20814, USA, Fax: +1 301 986-9795, http://www.ascouncil.org/meetings

Mixing for Uniform Batches: Improving Product Quality and Productivity
November 10 - 11, 2004
Course; Ypsilanti
More Information from: Coatings Research Institute 430 W. Forest Ave. Ypsilanti, MI 48197 USA Fax: +1 734 483 0085 http://www.emich.edu/public/coatings_research sandy.tanner@emich.edu 

VILF-Tagung 2004: High Solids - Quo Vadis?
November 11 - 12, 2004
Conference; Neu-Isenburg/Germany
More Information from:
VILF - Verband der Ingenieure des Lack- und Farbenfaches e.V. Markenweg 2 48653 Coesfeld Germany
Fax: +49 2541 926456 http://www.vilf.de Geschaeftsstelle@vilf.de

November 11 - 12, 2004
Seminar; Frankfurt a. Main/Germany
More Information from: Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker Postfach 90 04 40 60444 Frankfurt a. MainGermany
Fax: +49 69 7917-475 http://www.gdch.de/vas/fortbildung.htm fb@gdch.de 

Carbon Black World 2004
November 15 - 17, 2004
Conference; Houston/USA
More Information from:
Intertech Conferences 19 Northbrook Drive Portland Maine 04105 USA Fax: +1 207 781-2150 http://www.intertechusa.com info@intertechusa.com 

Principles of Waterborne Coatings
November 15 - 16, 2004
Training Course; Teddington/Great Britain
More Information from:
Paint Research Association

Powder Coating Technology
November 17 - 18, 2004     
Training Course; Teddington/Great Britain
More Information from:
Paint Research Association

Advances in Coatings Technology - ACT '04
November 23 - 26, 2004
Conference; Warsaw
More Information from: Institute for Plastics Processing METALCHEM, Paint & Plastics Department
ul. Chorzowska 50 A 44-100 Gliwice Poland Fax: +48 32 231-26-74 at@iptif.com.pl 

Central European Coatings Show 2004
November 23 - 25, 2004
Exhibition, Conference; Warsaw/Poland
More Information from:
dmg wold media (uk) ltd Queensway House, 2 Queensway Redhill RH1 1QS Surrey Great Britain
Fax: +44 (1737) 85 50 34 http://www.coatingsgroup.com karentyler@uk.dmgworldmedia.com 

Coatings for Wood
November 23 - 24, 2004
Course; Teddington/Great Britain
More Information from:
Great Britain

European Coatings Conference: Parquet Coatings III
November 25 - 26, 2004
Congress; Berlin/Germany
More Information from: Vincentz Network, P. O. Box 6247,  30062 Hannover, Germany, Fax: +49 511 9910-279, http://www.coatings.de, amanda.beyer@coatings.de 

Forum de la Connaissance 2004 - The new niche markets of paints
November 25, 2004
Conference; Paris/France
More Information from: AFTPVA 5, rue Etex  75018 Paris France Fax: +33 1 42 63 31 50 aftpva-b@wanadoo.fr

82nd FSCT Annual Meeting
November 27 - 29, 2004
Annual Meeting; Chicago, IL./USA
More Information from:
Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology 492 Norristown Road Blue Bell, PA 19422 USA Fax: +1 610 940-0292 http://www.coatingstech.org sct@coatingstech.org 

Paint Defect Analysis Workshop

December 7 - 9, 2004
Workshop; London, Ontario/Canada
More Information from: Paint Performance Consulting 35585 Pound Road Richmond 48062 Michigan USA
Fax: +1 586 727-27 24 http://www.paintperformanceconsulting.com echservices@paintperformanceconsulting.com 



  Powder Coating Manual -"The Powder Booth"------ (Part - 34)  
Manual Batch Booths
Small batch booths are manufactured for lab work and low volume production situations.

The lab booth has a comparatively small work area (typically around 4’x 4’ opening) suitable for hanging sample panels or small parts. The recovery system is located at the back of the booth and the powder is
sprayed to waste.

Walk-in manual booths are larger and can be used in production situations with or without a conveyor system. They are also typically used for non-reclaim situations. Walk-in booths are useful for large product that is not practical for hanging on a conveyorized system or for small volume operations. Walk in booths can be used with or without a conveyor system and sized for virtually any product.

Powder Booths for Conveyorized Systems

Conveyorized systems may be designed for manual application only, automatic application or a combination of the two. They are designed for continuous application with parts traveling through on a conveyor system. Conveyorized booths provide an opportunity for higher volume production without the handling issues associated with batch operations.

The booth will have a shell with a part opening on each end and openings for the application equipment on the side. The recovery system will be designed to capture the powder for reuse or disposal. Many powder coating systems are designed for two manual operators, one on each side of the booth. The operator openings are staggered to avoid spraying directly across from each other. A platform is mounted under the manual opening to raise the operator to the proper level. A slot at the top of the booth allows the hanger to be suspended
into the spray zone. The conveyor hang point is a minimum or 6” above the booth ceiling.

The same basic booth configuration can be designed for automatic application only. Instead of manual openings on the sides it will have slots for the automatic guns. In the United States, automatic systems
always require a fire detection system to disable the equipment if a fire is detected. The flame detection system provides protection against fire. If a flame, spark or arc occurs, the system either warns the operator
or turns the powder supply and the power off so that there is no fuel for a serious fire.

Automatic application can be 100% effective but most booths that are designed for automatic application will also have manual stations for reinforcement.

The openings for the application should be positioned far enough from the collector fan to avoid aggressive airflows. If the powder is sprayed too close to the collector it may not get to the part before the aerodynamics of the recovery system pull it away. A comparison of two booths of different length should consider the position of the reclaim inlet. A shorter booth may appear to be an advantage because it  will take up less space. However, a shorter booth will also mean the powder will be sprayed closer to the pull of the reclaim airflow.




Your idea of free database for the jobcoaters in India is excellent.

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The new layout is very good.
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PL inform me when are the speciality coatings fair in India . I am a supplier of chemicals for the Pre Treatment and would like to get this info for me to put a stall or visit the next fair
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