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Welcome to the January 2005 edition of the IPC e-newsletter. The IPC e newsletter is distributed free to more than 2500 people around the world.

This edition of the newsletter contains:

News features.

The Powder Coating Manual (Part 36)

Exhibitions and Conferences in January and February 2005

If you have information you would like to have included in this newsletter, please contact the moderator using the details given at the end of each newsletter. While we have used our best efforts in collecting and preparing the information on this newsletter, we do not assume, any liability for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions resulted from negligence, accident or other causes. The user may use their own discretion while using the information.

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The European Coatings Conferences are a series of highly specialized, international events, which focus on various, narrowly defined coatings topics in depth.
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You said it in 2004

Dear Sir/Madam:
I came across your website and saw that our sites would be good compliments. Please include our company in the following page from your site:
Our website title: Growtech Powder Coating
Thank you for your time!
Best regards,
Growtech Powder Coating
Arcadia, CA 91006 USA

We wish to introduce our company as the leading importers and suppliers of raw materials, catering to the needs of industries such as Paints, Printing
Inks, Resins, Coating, Plastics, Adhesive, Agrochem, Pharmaceuticals for the
last more than three decades.
Kalpesh Dhami
Engineering & Chemical ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Vivek,
It was nice talking to you today.
George Varghese
Sheikh Adam General Trading Co.
Dasman Kuwait

Dear Mr. Vivek,
Please advice machine suppliers to plastify GI sheet. The GI sheet is used as part of the inner liner of the freezer compartment. Your prompt reponse is highly appreciated.
Best regards,
Mishael V. Balbedo
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

May-August (Data lost)

Dear Vivek,
The current spurt in the price of Crude Oil has resulted in sharp increase in the prices of major raw materials for powder coatings
Amrit Rekhi
General Manager-Sales

Our internal rules do not allow me to share this( issue of Price rise) with you.
Akzo Nobel

We have been happy to have you as a promotional partner. And, moving forward as a business, we will certainly have you on our radar screen as a way to reach the market and build relationships.
David Cameroon Dow Chemicals




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Asian Tsunami Disaster

Associated Press. The toll from last weekend's earthquake-tsunami catastrophe rose to almost 115,000 on Thursday as Indonesia uncovered more and more dead from ravaged Sumatra island, where pilots dropped food to remote villages that rescue workers still cannot reach

Moderator: We share your pain. Many of our website visitors are from Thailand, and the southern parts of India. We are concerned about your safety. We would like to hear from all of you. If you have any information to share about your lost or missing friends, please feel free to use our website.

  Infomercial from Mitsuba Systems  
  The Sprayright 700 Powder Coating Gun:  

A new world class powder spray system designed for the customer who is price conscious and yet demands the highest quality. It includes a unique injection moulded corona gun which delivers full 100 KV at the gun tip.

This high voltage gun eliminates powder wastage, penetrates the faraday cage and ensures excellent results which is critical for powder coating.

The equipment includes a full range of muzzles including flat spray, round jet and swivell type and thus permits ease in coating all sizes and shapes.

This standard equipment includes a 3 piece stainless steel hopper in a special easy to dismantle design. This allows for perfect cleaning during color change operations. The entire system is trolley mounted for convenient handling.


For details write to :

34/H, Laxmi Industrial Estate,
New Link Road, Andheri (W),
Mumbai– 400 053. INDIA
Tel:  0091-22-2631 8633/2633 4735/56924151/52/53
Fax:  0091-22-56924154.
Email:   mitsuba@vsnl.com

Website: www.powdergun.com


Metallic Powder Troubleshooting Guide
One of our subscriber has sent this informative Metallic Powder Troubleshooting Guide
Problem Cause Remedy Results
Dry-spray 1. Inadequate parts grounding 1. Clean all contact points - zero resistance is ideal. 1. Reduces dry-spray
  2. Improper KV 2. Increase/decrease the high voltage within the range of 30-100 KV. 2. Reduces dry-spray
  3. Excessive powder velocity at the part 3. Reduce Atomizing / Dosing / Dilution air pressure - a softer pattern is better. 3. Facilitates better charging of powder and provides more uniform deposition
  4. Excessive powder delivery volume 4. Reduce the powder delivery air pressure - do not spray more powder than can be charged. 4. Facilitates better charging of powder
Off-Color 1. Improper KV 1. INCREASE the high voltage within the ranges of 30-100 KV. 1. Will DARKEN most metallics
  2. Improper KV 2. DECREASE the high voltage within the ranges of 30-100 KV. 2. Will LIGHTEN most metallics
  3. Excessive powder delivery volume 3. Reduce the powder delivery air pressure - do not spray more powder than can be charged. 3. Color will be more uniform and will usually become lighter
  4. Distance between gun and part 4. INCREASE distance. 4. Will LIGHTEN most metallics
  5. Distance between gun and part 5. DECREASE distance. 5. Will DARKEN most metallics
Splitting 1. Particles collecting on the electrode 1. Utilize the electrode "Rinsing-Air" or "Air-Wash" feature if available. 1. Eliminates particle spitting
  2. Particles collecting on the deflector 2. Periodically clean the deflector surface with air. 2. Eliminates build-up and spitting
  3. Surging powder delivery 3. Increase Atomizing / Dosing / Dilution air pressure. 3. Better powder deposition and more uniform color
  4. Improper KV 4. Adjust the high voltage within the range of 30-10KV. 4. More uniform charging of powder

Moving on with you

A message from John Everett, global leader of e-epoxy.com
During the past four years, Dow’s epoxy business has had the privilege of serving buyers from across the globe through e-epoxy.com. To those customers, I extend my sincere thanks for choosing e-epoxy.com and being part of our success. I use the word success without hesitation. The e-channel helped Dow’s epoxy business build hundreds of new customer relationships, we met our annual financial targets, and, most importantly, we successfully met customer needs. We had many repeat buyers among our customer base, and recent survey results showed that a high percentage of buyers were “extremely satisfied” with their e-epoxy.com purchasing

However, we carefully studied the long-term viability of the site and concluded that future growth rates are not sufficient to continue. In a sense, e-epoxy.com is like the rare professional athlete who chooses to leave in his or her prime. The site may have continued to have some good years, but we believe the time is right for moving on and
moving forward. And we want to do so with you.

Dow’s epoxy business has the world’s strongest global sales and distribution network in place to provide a high level of convenience and service to customers. We believe that we can continue to provide e-epoxy.com customers with quality products at cost competitive prices through our existing sales channels and e-business options.

As well, Dow remains a leader in using e-business tools to make it quick and easy for buyers to meet their needs. In particular, you can take advantage of the wide range of offerings through myaccount@dow –a secure, customer-specific e-business tool that provides you with transactional e-commerce capabilities, customized business information and opportunities for information sharing and collaboration with Dow

By now, many customers will already have received notice of the site’s close through their e-epoxy.com sales representative. To them and others who may not yet been reached, please be assured that we are available to address concerns or questions you may have. You may also contact a Dow sales representative or one of our authorized distributors in your region if you would like to discuss how to buy from Dow in the future. For Dow, running e-epoxy.com has reinforced the importance of making it as easy and convenient as possible for epoxy buyers to do business with us, regardless of the sales channels or e-business options that they choose. That’s why we will continue to focus time and energy to ensure all customers get what they need from their relationship with

Oh yes, one last thing. Though we will cease production of e-epoxy.news after our next edition, current subscribers will have the opportunity to keep connected with Dow’s epoxy business. All you need to do is sign up to receive updates. All of us at Dow look forward to serving you for many years to come.
Kind regards,
John Everett

BBC Retracts Hoax Story about Bhopal

Midland, MI - December 03, 2004
Earlier today, the BBC was the subject of a hoax by an activist who falsely identified himself as a Dow employee. BBC has retracted the erroneous story.
Please visit the BBC Web site for their retraction.
Dow confirms that there was no basis whatsoever for this report. BBC has been informed of this error and has pulled the erroneous story. According to a statement issued by the BBC, "This information was inaccurate, part of an elaborate deception. The person did not represent the company. We want to make it clear the information he gave was entirely inaccurate."
This is an unfortunate situation for everyone involved.
The Bhopal tragedy occurred 20 years ago today. Links to statements from Union Carbide Corporation and The Dow Chemical Company on the anniversary are attached below.
Union Carbide's statement can be found at
Dow's statement can be found at www.dow.com/bhopal .
For Editorial Information:
Union Carbide media contacts:
Dow media contacts:
Moderator: Dow response to the hoax story

Goodlass Nerolac bags DSIR National Award

Goodlass Nerolac Paints Limited (GNPL) was announced the winner of the Ministry of Science & Technology’s ‘DSIR National Award for the year 2004’ in recognition of the company’s excellent Research & Development efforts in the area of absorption and up gradation of imported technology at an award function in Delhi on Tuesday.

The award was presented by Shri Kapil Sibal, the Honorable Minister of State for Science and Technology to Mr.H M Bharuka, Managing Director Goodlass Nerolac Paints.

Commenting on the achievement Mr. HM Bharuka, Managing Director, Goodlass Nerolac said, “It has been our constant endeavor to innovate and introduce new products at our R & D center, located at Mumbai, manned with 135 technologists. This award signifies a major milestone in the pursuit of our goals in technological innovation. The award is much appreciated and will definitely be a motivator to do the best we can in the future”.

The leader in the automotive & industrial paint sector and one of the leading players in the decorative paint segment, GNPL has always been a forerunner in customizing technology to suit the Indian markets.

The National Award has been conferred on Nerolac for introducing a pioneering product called “Acrylic Cathodic Electrodeposition” (ACED) for coating motorcycle frames. The product is designed to provide good corrosion and UV resistance. The motorcycle industry would benefit by replacing a two coat operation, with a single coat of ACED. The development was based on lab scale technology received from its principals, Kansai Paints of Japan. This involved design of special polymers, optimization of pigment combination, indigenisation and tropicalisation of the product and standardization of bulk manufacturing.

This innovation has increased productivity and significantly reduced painting cost, energy consumption, solvent emission, paint sludge and risk of fire hazard for the user industry.

The product is expected to find newer applications in the industries like bicycles, auto components, furniture and appliances as a replacement to conventional painting systems.

Goodlass Nerolac Paints has been at the forefront of paint manufacturing for 84 years pioneering a wide spectrum of quality paints. Goodlass Nerolac is the second largest paint company in India and undisputed leader in Industrial segment, having a group turnover of more than 1000 crores. The company has five strategically located manufacturing units all over India and a strong dealer network of over 11000 dealers across the country. The company manufactures a diversified range of products ranging from architectural coatings for homes, offices, hospitals, and hotels to sophisticated automotive coatings and industrial coatings for most of the industries.

What is Single Coat acrylic paint by cathodic electrodeposition

This is a waterborne organic polymer based paint applied on mild steel articles like motorcycle frames by using electrical energy similar to electroplating. The diluted paint is kept under circulation in a tank provided with anodes. The article to be coated is immersed in the tank and coated by applying electrical potential between anode and the article. The article thus coated is rinsed with de ionised water and and baked at about 160 degree C  for twenty minutes to cure the polymeric film into a hard coating. The process product ensures uniform coating of all areas with a low wastage of paint. The principal function of the product is to protection against corrosion. The conventional product widely used is based on epoxy polymer and has excellent corrosion resistance but poor weather /UV resistance. Therefore it needs over coating with a solvent  based top coats Due to this a need was felt for a new technology possessing corrosion as well as weather/ UV resistance in a single coat.

Asian Paints to cease operations in Mauritius 12/3/2004 2:31:02 PM IST
Asian Paints to set up plant at Taloja 12/3/2004 1:56:20 PM IST


Asian Paints (India) Ltd. said on Friday that the Board of Directors of the company, in their meeting held has approved Setting up a new plant at Taloja, Maharashtra for the manufacture of Industrial Liquid Paints. The first phase of the project with a capacity of 8000 KL would involve a capital expenditure of Rs. 148.8 million.

Commenting on the setting up of this plant, Ashwin Dani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director mentions "We are very optimistic about the potential of the Industrial coatings business and this dedicated manufacturing facility will help service the changing requirement of the market. The performance of the business has been very good. Our Industrial coatings business excluding automotive coatings within the last few years has managed to increase its market share to over 10% from around 3% ".

The Board also cleared proposal of disinvestment/transfer of shares held in Asian Paints (Mauritius) Ltd, a subsidiary of Asian Paints (India) Ltd to a local party, subject to necessary approvals and due diligence.

The Company holds 89.6% of the equity of Asian Paints (Mauritius) Ltd and has invested Rs111.1mn till date. For the financial year ended March 31, 2004, the Company had made a provision of Rs68mn towards diminution in value of investment in Asian Paints (Mauritius) Ltd.

Western Europe: Paint demand may rise to 6.81 million tonnes by 2009
In 2004, paint demand in Western Europe is expected to total 6.43 million tonnes and may rise to 6.81 million tonnes by 2009 if average growth of 1.1% pa can be achieved. Throughout much of Western Europe there is low growth in the high-volume decorative paints sector and modest growth in only parts of the industrial coatings sector, as OEM industries either stagnate or relocate. Architecture on the other hand, whether in construction, professional restoration, DIY- or professionally-accomplished finishing is very much the current motor of growth, which is good news for manufacturers of decorative paints as well as protective, coil and powder coatings.
Differing dynamics have changed the ranking of the top five national markets. Spain, in what seems to be the industry's best-kept secret, has grown to become the second million-tonne paint market in Western Europe with demand at 1,003,000 tonnes, around two-thirds of the demand in Germany. Stagnation continues in Italy with demand between 950,000 tonnes and one million tonnes, France has overtaken the UK to become the fourth-largest paint market, at about 839,000 tonnes, with that in the UK at 795,000 tonnes.
Decorative paints account for 62% of the market at just less than four million tonnes, with growth arising from various permutations of DIY and/or professional use in different countries. The decorative paint market is far from uniform across western Europe, and influenced by a wide range of factors, including various national characteristics, retail development (or the lack of it), social expectation, climate and type of architecture.
A Profile of the Western European Paint Industry is available from IRL www.informationresearch.co.uk

A strong customer focus and a keen eye for innovation have spelt market leadership for Jotun Oman
When you think of colour, think of us', said the advertising tagline of a famous paint company. While paint companies constantly strive to strike such a cord with customers, one paint company in Oman is already staking its claim to this enviable position. Having grown at 100 per cent between 1996 and 2004, Jotun Paints is the undisputed leader in the paint business with a 50 per cent market share. And the brand has managed this feat despite a hundred-fold increase in competition during these years. Says Vijay Kumar, managing director, Jotun Paints, "The one word which defines Jotun's success is customer focus. We realised that educating the customer and a thrust on service are the keys to success." <more>

Five Dead, Two Missing, in Russian Paint Factory Fire
Posted by: editor on Sunday, December 12, 2004 - 11:51 PM

Five people were killed and two were unaccounted for after a fire raced through a paint factory in central Russia, the Emergency Situations Ministry said today.

Viktor Beltsov, the ministry spokesman in Moscow, said rescue officials had reduced the number of dead from six to five early this morning. Fourteen people were taken to hospital, eight with burns. The blaze broke out yesterday in a paint workshop rented from a privately-owned factory in the town of Yoshkar-Ola, the capital of the Mari-El region. Vladimir Nasonov, a regional fire official, told Rossiya state television the workshop had operated without permission from fire safety officials. Beltsov said 35 people had been in the workshop when the fire broke out.

According to a preliminary investigation, the fire was sparked by a paint mixture explosion, Beltsov said.

Berger Paints plans plant in Russia
Calcutta, Dec. 23: Berger Paints India Limited is exploring the feasibility of setting up a paints factory in Russia, the company has informed the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The project details, including capacity, amount and the mode of investment, are being worked out. The plant will manufacture decorative paints. Earlier, Berger Paints had announced its intention to penetrate other markets in Asia and were identifying profitable opportunities to deploy their funds. The company’s overseas plan stems from the removal of trade barriers in Asia.  Berger Paints had earmarked Rs 30 crore in the current financial year to fund its growth plans. It will spend Rs 3 crore to expand its Rishra plant capacity to spruce up decorative paints production as it contributes around 80 per cent of the company’s total income.

In 2003-04, BAICL recorded sales of Rs 25.7 crore and suffered a loss of Rs 1.5 crore. The losses were partly due to high initial costs of customer development in the automobile segment. <more>

Architectural paint leads growth in Western European paint industry
Coatings Magazine E-news - December 8, 2004

Paint demand in Western Europe in 2004 is expected to hit 6.4 million tonnes and may rise to 6.81 million tonnes by 2009 if average growth of 1.1 per cent pa can be achieved. While there is low growth in the high volume decorative paints sectors, architecture paint—construction, professional restoration, DIY/contractor—is the growth leader, according to data in A Profile of the Western European Paint Industry, 2nd Edition, published by Information Research, London, England.
Germany and Spain are the two million-tonne paint markets, with demand in Spain at 1,003,000 tonnes, two thirds of the demand in Germany. Italian demand for paint is between 950,000 and one million, while demand in France is 830,000 tonnes. UK demand is at 795,000 tonnes.
Decorative paints account for 62 per cent of the market at just less than four million tonnes.

Weber Specialties creates new company
Weber Specialties Co.'s decision to establish a new powder-coating company last July in downtown Kalamazoo was prompted by a 40 percent increase in business this year.
So says the Schoolcraft-based supplier of products to the automotive, furniture and medical industries.
Jim Weber, chairman of Weber Specialties, said the new subsidiary, known as Applied Coatings Solutions LLC, is focused on powder-coating car parts and furniture components. That is becoming the preferred finishing process for metal parts.
The business is located at 1830 Reed St.
"We're seeing a lot of coating activity after quite a lull in the last couple of months," Weber said. "Powder-coating is a very durable tough finish that has replaced the old paint technology."
Weber Specialties, which was founded in 1943, is leasing 18,000 square feet of space and equipment for its subsidiary from Applied Coatings Inc., which owns the Reed Street building. The space includes two powder-coating lines and production-welding and finished-assembly operations. <more>

New Jobs for Local Workers
United Alloy Expands
Nichole Vrsansky
A local business is expanding its workforce and its facility.
Thanks to a new contract, United Alloy in Janesville will nearly double its plant size and create about 120 new jobs. Another spark in the Janesville economy is the fact that United Alloy is expanding and hiring."We're looking for skilled people, people with welding skills, powder coating skills, sheet metal fabrication backgrounds," says United Alloy president Alan Vogel.

The company makes fabricated metal parts. They just landed a new contract with Cummings Power Generation, fueling the need for new workers and doubling the space. Alloy will make fuel tanks for Cummings. United Alloy makes about 40 fuel tanks a week. The tanks hold up to 350 gallons, but the ones they'll eventually be making will hold up to 8,000 gallons.

"So they'll require more space, more lifting capacity, more painting capacity," says Vogel. "This is exactly what we're trying to get done in Wisconsin, getting our manufacturing base to grow and improve," says Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle.

The state provided $250,000 in tax credits to help with the expansion. It’s part of Gov. Doyle's Grow Wisconsin initiative. In the past year, 58,000 jobs have been created in the state, 16,000 in the manufacturing sectors. <more>

Pittsburgh patents: 12/2/04
Patents received Oct. 26, 2004
PPG Industries Ohio Inc. for "Modified aminoplast crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers, No. 6,809,161." Inventors were Ronald R. Ambrose, Pittsburgh; Anthony M. Chasser, Allison Park; and Shengkui Hu, Baden. The present invention relates to crosslinking agents based on modified aminoplast resins and to powder coating compositions containing these crosslinking agents. <more>

Magna to Close Ontario Plant, Write Off Europe Assets (Update3)
Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Magna International Inc., Canada's largest auto-parts supplier, will close an Ontario factory that makes polished aluminum, eliminating jobs, and write down the value of some Europe assets. The actions will cost 22 cents a share in the fourth quarter.

Magna's unit, Decoma International Inc., will end operations at its Anotech facility in Concord, Ontario, and transfer work to two Decoma facilities where the company wants to increase capacity. The shutdown will affect 400 workers, Decoma Chief Financial Officer Randall Smallbone said in an interview, without elaborating on the total jobs to be eliminated.

The company expects to close the Ontario factory by the second quarter next year. Savings from the shutdown will begin in the third quarter, the company said without disclosing an estimate. Magna didn't return three telephone messages.

Magna, controlled by Frank Stronach, is expanding its unit that assembles vehicles for companies such as General Motors Corp., the world's largest automaker. The Magna Steyr business assembles a Saab model for General Motors, which generates about a quarter of Magna's revenue.

The Ontario factory closure will cost $20 million during the fourth quarter with $16.4 million spent to shut the plant and $3.6 million to pay severance, Decoma said. <more>

Laid-off Carrier workers seek new skills, start new lives
Savings used to start business sub Constantia man sets up his own business, North Shore Powdercoating, in a building behind his house.

Bob "Chico" Scheuer became an accidental entrepreneur in April, when Carrier Corp. laid him off from his job of 25 years. The layoff pushed an idea that had always been in the back of his mind to the front, Scheuer said. "They sort of did me a favor, but I found out how tough it is to start a business," he said.

In late November, he opened North Shore Powdercoating in a small, white building behind his house in Constantia. Scheuer finishes metal parts for small manufacturers, custom motorcycle makers and car restorers. He is one of about 16 or so former Carrier workers who chose to start a business rather than return to school, retrain or retire when they lost their jobs. They are a small percentage of the 1,200 workers Carrier laid off this year when the cooling equipment maker ceased manufacturing on its DeWitt campus, sending the work to factories in Georgia and Asia. <more>

Spain: CPP invests in new paint factory

CPP, the Spanish industrial group is to invest EUR 9.0 million in a paint factory in Alcorisa, northern Spain. The plant is designed to produce 40,000 tonnes of paints annually. The area of the factory is planned at 20,000 sq m.
CPP, which comprises 15 paint manufacturers, will sell the paints bearing the brand names of all its members. The paints will be sold through the distribution network of the 15 member companies, but in the long run CPP plans to establish a single brand and distribution network. At present, CPP Group member companies produce a total 37,000 tonnes of paints a year.

Maintenance a Critical Trailer Issue
Trailer OEMs report that maintenance-related issues are becoming a major problem for fleets large and small, much of it due to increased concern over corrosion resulting from chemicals used to de-ice roadways in winter.

"For all of our product segments, magnesium chloride corrosion is a very important issue," said Bill Harris, director of marketing for Nashville, TN-based Heil Trailers. "[State] Highway departments are using magnesium chloride on the roads for de-icing and it can eats through [trailer] frames, wiring, fittings, etc. [Fleets] would like someone to solve this issue, so we're looking at undercoating and powder coating options."

According to current data, there are some five million commercial truck trailers on the road today, with their life expectancy ranging between seven and 20 years depending on the type of trailer. <more>




  Seminar Events Exhibitions  

22nd Indian Paint Conference
January 14 - 16, 2005
Conference; Mumbai/India
More Information from:
Asian Paints (India) Ltd., (5th floor) 6A, Shantinagar, Vakola, Santacruz (East),Mumbai 55
India,Fax: +91 22 5695-8888, www.asianpaints.com proffice@asianpaints.com 

India International Coatings Show 2005
January 14 - 16, 2005
Exhibition; Mumbai/India
More Information from:Services International, Vineet Gandhi, B-13 Block A,Naraina,,10028 New Delhi
India, Fax: +91 11 25778876, vgandhi@servintonline.com 

Nano and Hybrid Coatings
January 24 - 25, 2005
Conference; Manchester/UK
More Information from:
The Paint Research Association, 8 Waldegrave Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 8LD, UK, Fax: +44 20 8614-4812, http://www.nanoandhybridcoatings.com conferences@pra.org.uk 

The Coatings Summit
Shaping the Future of a Dynamic Industry
January 24 - 25, 2005
Congress; Nassau, The Bahamas
More Information from: Vincentz Network, Postbox 6247,30062 Hannover,Germany,Fax: +49 511 9910 279

32nd Annual International Waterborne, High-Solids, and Powder Coatings Symposium
February 2 - 4, 2005
Symposium; New Orleans/USA
More Information from: The University of Southern Mississippi
Department of Polymer Science
Dr. Robson F. Storey, P.O. Box 1 39406-0063 Hattiesburg, MS, USA, Fax: +1 601 266-6265
http://www.psrc.usm.edu/waterborne, waterborne@usm.edu 

Middle East Coatings Show 2005
February 15 - 16, 2005
Exhibition; Cairo/Egypt
More Information from: dmg world media Ltd. Queensway House 2 Queensway Redhill, Surrey RH1 1QS
United Kingdom Fax: +44 1737 855034 http://www.coatingsgroup.com  adrianharrow@uk.dmgworldmedia.com 

Smart Coatings 2005
February 16 - 18, 2005
Symposium; Orlando, Fla./USA
More Information from: Coatings Research Institute
430 W Forest Ave
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Fax: +1 734 483 0085
http://www.emich.edu/public/coatings_research/smartcoatings/index.html sandy.tanner@emich.edu 

Weathering of Polymers and Coatings in the Automotive Industry
February 16 - 17, 2005
Symposium; Würzburg/Germany
More Information from:SKZ (South German Plastic Center Frankfurter Str. 15-17 97082 Würzburg Germany http://www.skz.de

Spray Finishing Techology Workshop
February 16-18, May 18-20, September 7-9, and November 16-18, 2005
Presented by: Binks and DeVilbiss
Sponsored by: Owens Community College
Location: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Description: This intensive workshop will familiarize participants with the equipment, systems and techniques of spray finishing. Topics include
surface preparation, equipment types, evaluation, and spray application associated with industrial finishing. The latest technologies are explored.
Each student has ample opportunity for hands-on application of coatings with several types of spray tools.
For Information: sprayworkshop@netscape.net

Paint Technology
February 21 - 24, 2005
Training Course; Teddington/UK
More Information from: Paint Research Association 8 Waldegrave Road Teddington
TW11 8LD Middlesex UK Fax: +44 20 8943-4705  http://www.pra.org.uk/training/index.htm

European Coatings Conference: Novel Biocide Technology II
February 24 - 25, 2005
Conference; Berlin/Germany
More Information from:
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Printing Ink Technology
February 28 - March 2, 2005
Training Course; Teddington/UK
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  Powder Coating Manual -"The Powder Booth"------ (Part - 36)  
Filter-Belt Recovery System
The filter-belt system is often called a twin-air-belt system. It uses two air circuits; one for containment and one for reclaim. The containment air is used to provide a down draft airflow and draw the oversprayed powder particles to a horizontal rotating fabric material called a filter belt. A main exhaust blower creates a vacuum through a plenum area underneath the belt that draws the powder to it. This airflow provides the high volume, low vacuum air required to keep the powder particles inside the booth cabin and provide the necessary
safety air ventilation. The filter media separates up to 99% of the powder from the air. This air is exhausted back into the plant through a final filter.

The reclaim air is used to vacuum the powder off the filter belt for reuse. This low volume, high vacuum air is generated by the reclaim exhauster. The pick-up head is a long slotted tube that extends across the entire width of the belt. The powder is conveyed through a connecting hose to the reclaim cycart. The cycart contains filters for secondary powder separation. The powder that collects on the filters is back pulsed and released into the rotary feeder. The rotary feeder is used to regulate the amount of powder flow into the sieve and maintain the vacuum in the cycart.

Fresh powder is fed into the system in a similar fashion. The fresh feed exhauster draws the material from the powder container into a separate cycart assembly. This powder is also back pulsed into a rotary feeder. The reclaimed and fresh powder is mixed through a ”Y“ diverter into a sieve. The sieve filters the powder and provides a consistent mixture of powder particles to the hopper.

Because of the large surface area of the belt, air velocities inside the booth are modest, enhancing transfer efficiency. The air belt is difficult to color change. The possibility of cross contamination is greater with the filter belt booth unless dedicated belts are used.

Cartridge Recovery Systems
The self-contained cartridge module recovery system is the most common type of recovery system used in the United States. This type of system uses replaceable cartridge filters for the primary powder separation. These cartridge elements are typically made of corrugated material to increase the available surface area for filtration.

The collector and blower assembly is mounted directly to the booth without any connecting ductwork. In the configuration shown, the airflow is in a side draft or horizontal direction. Oversprayed powder is drawn to the filter cartridges by the exhaust fan. The air that is drawn through the cartridge filters is then exhausted through a set of final filters for secondary filtration to ensure that no particulate is discharged back into the plant. The powder collected on the cartridge filters is back pulsed through an alternating sequence that drops the particles to the bottom of the collector. A fluidizing section in the base  of the collector provides the powder consistency needed to transfer it back to the reclaim canister. In most cases, virgin powder is added into the reclaim module through a chute. The fresh material is mixed with reclaim material in the cartridge module and then filtered through a sieve before being fed back into the hopper.

The cartridge module can be used for multiple colors in a spray to waste system. If a color is to be for reuse, the cartridge module is rolled out and replaced with a new module that is dedicated to the new color to be sprayed. If the powder material is one of several low volume colors it may be sprayed into a module that collects all of the low-volume materials together. Most of the time this mixed material is thrown away. In a few cases, companies with parts that need to be coated but are not color-specific will use the mixed material for this kind of product.

For spray-to-waste systems with automatic guns, multiple feed hoppers of different sizes are recommended. Some may be dedicated to a particular color and some may be used for color changes of small volume colors or very short runs. Feed hoppers come in many sizes. Smaller canisters, 50 to 80 pounds, are much simpler to color change than the large feed hoppers from 100 to 250 pounds. In systems where the overspray is collected for reuse, the recovery package will include a dedicated module and feed hopper. Most systems will also include a sieve to remove dirt and other contamination from the reclaimed powder. Accumulated dirt and fiber will collect around the gun tip if the powder is not sieved, causing clumping of the powder around the electrode and gun spits. 



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