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APRIL 2005

Welcome to the April 2005 edition of the IPC e-newsletter. The IPC e newsletter is distributed free to more than 2500 people around the world.

This edition of the newsletter contains:

News features.

The Powder Coating Manual (Part 39)

Exhibitions and Conferences in  April and M2005

If you have information you would like to have included in this newsletter, please contact the moderator using the details given at the end of each newsletter. While we have used our best efforts in collecting and preparing the information on this newsletter, we do not assume, any liability for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions resulted from negligence, accident or other causes. The user may use their own discretion while using the information.

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We often get requests for previous editions of the IPC e newsletter. On popular demands we have put together the past editions of the newsletter on a CD. This CD includes IPC e newsletters from 2001 2002 2003 and 2004 along with  free  e-book  " The Powder Coating Manual". The CD is available against a processing fee of Rs 500/- or USD 11.00  only. (service tax 10.2% extra, + Courier charges). 




Off Topic
A scientific paper that would change the world

One hundred years ago in March 1905, Albert Einstein finished a scientific paper that would change the world. His radical insight into the nature of light would help transform Einstein from an unknown patent clerk to the genius at the center of 20th-century physics. The adjacent picture shows a groups of great men and women who along with Albert Einstein built the two great pillars of the human intellectual achievement of the past century. The "Quantum Physics" and the "Theory of Relativity".


  Infomercial from Mitsuba Systems  

Sieving is only important for very contaminated powders.

Sieving will completely seperate dust from powder.

It is not necessary to sieve new powder.

       THE TRUTH :-

When powder is transported from manufacturer to end user it is subject to vibration, and this results in compacting.

Recovered powder absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Powder particles cling together and create lumps. During spraying this powder does not get effectively charged.

Moist powder also results in poor spray pattern & spitting and surging.

Most Powder Coaters do not sieve the powder or they manually sieve only recycled powder! This is wrong. No amount of words can stress the importance of sieving both fresh and recovered powder with a proper Sieve Machine.


Pneumatic siever from Mitsuba Systems

      FEATURES :-

Efficient lighweight stainless steel siever.

Maintenance free pneumatic turbine vibrator.

Easy screen changing.

Stand alone / hopper mounting /online automatic version available.

Capacity – 0 to 60 kg/hr. (depending on powder quality and particle size).

Powder screen mesh – 80/100/120.


For more information on mitsuba sieving machine please visit


Contact Us:
34/H, Laxmi Industrial Estate,
New Link Road, Andheri (W),
Mumbai– 400 053. INDIA
Tel:  0091-22-2631 8633/2633 4735/56924151/52/53/54     
Fax:  0091-22-56924154.
Email:   mitsuba@vsnl.com


During a recent visit to our Indore Mr Jayesh Ponda of Vijay Enterprises Ltd. appreciated the role of "India Power Coating" in the Indian powder coating industry. He said its the first time someone has seriously developed a portal on powder coating in India. Among other thing he discussed the matters on development of the powder coating industry India  and expressed concerns on the growing prices of the raw material.

Mr. Ponda further informed about  Vijay Enterprises which is a leading manufacture of powder coating materials (PCM) in India. VIJAY COAT today stands as a Reliable source of High Quality and Durable Powder Coating materials at very reasonable prices. Vijay enterprises was incorporated in 1995 with a view to supplying quality PCMs to Indian industry. Vijay's manufacturing set up is equipped with best machines from M/s Buss AG Switzerland who are world's largest manufacturer of Powder Coating Machines. Vijay has now established itself and earned a name for its quality supplies and prompt delivery at very economic prices. VIJAY has multi-locational production facilities near Ahmedabad in western India and at Silvassa in the U T of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, 200 Kms off Mumbai. This makes it a competitive source of PCMs to all customers.

Crude prices effecting margins: Nerolac
High crude prices are effecting margins of paint companies and Goodlass Nerolac Paints hopes to sustain margins of 15% in the future.
HM Bharuka of Goodlass Nerolac Paints says that sustaining margins of 15% could be a challenge for the company. Bharuka said, "The price rise takes place, during inflation you end up making stock profit, part of the increase in margin is also due to the coverage of the metal costs, which we have been able to do. It is true that 15% is an unusually high margin, it is a challenge to hold it. We could be comfortable with a lower margin and we hope to be able to pass on benefits to the customers. Having achieved 15% we are hoping to maintain it." <more>

Color goes out of paints makers’ lives
Mumbai, March 27: The rising global crude prices are back to haunt the domestic paints industry. The industry is worried that it will not be in a position to pass on the increase in input costs fully to the customers, resulting in margins taking a severe hit.

Apart from the crude price rise, the forthcoming hike in steel rates is also adding to the industry’s woes. Sources said the small-scale units are the worst affected as they can neither fully pass on the increase in input costs nor bring down their overheads costs.

“If the present trend continues, we could see many paints units, particularly the small-scale ones, shutting down their operations in the next few months,” Indian Paints Association president Pramod Kumar Khanna said.

Large players like Asian Paints and Goodlass Nerolac Paints, who also see firm crude prices as a problem, are now concentrating on controlling costs by bringing down overheads and focusing on operating efficiencies.<more>

Mathis opened office in India
Coatings Flash - March 21, 2005
The Swiss Mathis AG has opened its own office for the growing Indian Market. The company has been active in this important and constantly growing market for many years. The new office has been opened in order to further improve and promote direct customer relations. More and more customers do not only need state of the art equipment but also the corresponding know how for the correct handling and also the transfer of lab results to production units and vice versa. Office location is in Thane, in the suburbs of Mumbay. Mr Anil Chawathe who has experience with Mathis products for more than 10 years is in charge as General Manager. Over this period he has established a lot of know how for sales but also for maintenance and after sales service. For the coating lab Mathis supplies small discontinuous and continuous equipment for sampling purposes.

invests in additional capacity for coil coatings

Coatings Flash - March 14, 2005
Beckers, the European market leader in coil coatings, is making a new investment in manufacturing capacity. Becker Industries will extend its principal coil coating factory in Montbrison (Rhône-Alpes, France) by building a supplementary production unit of 2,000 square metres. Planned to be commissioned in 2006/2007, this will increase Beckers' production capacity for coil coatings in France by a further 5,000 tonnes.

Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute highlights 2005 color trends
Coatings Flash - March 28, 2005
Chocolate brown, bright blue, and melon will be gaining in popularity during 2005, according to the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute (PQI). "Incorporating any of these colors or palettes to highlight a feature wall or enhance interesting moldings and trim will keep your home and individual living spaces fresh and up to date," Debbie Zimmer, PQI's decorative painting and color expert, advises. "No matter what color is used, always choose a top quality paint for a long lasting and durable finish."

Color rich paints with a tropical flair will increase in use. Vibrant colors such as ocean blue, mango, twilight purple, and sunny yellow can be used in bedrooms, sunrooms, kitchens, and any area where warmth is required. This palette can also be used in backyard or garden settings on wooden chairs, trellises, and other garden focal points. Soft whites are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Use white in a high sheen finish to add additional light reflectance and ambiance.

Continuing in 2005, rich reds, chocolate and sable browns, deep greens and blues can be used sparingly on one wall surface or in combination above or below a chair rail and to visually lower a high ceiling, often seen in new home construction. Brushed metallic surfaces are replacing those shiny brass finishes used in the past. Soft pewter, mellow copper, and brushed nickel are the perfect complement to today's kitchen appliances and bath accessories.

Egypt: Yasar starts production joint venture
Coatings Flash - March 28, 2005
DYO Boya, part of Turkish Yasar Holding, has started automotive and furniture paints production in Egypt in cooperation with leading Egyptian construction paint group Sipes. The newly-formed Mediterranean Trade for Paints Company (MTP), which operates with Dyo technology and markets the output across Egypt, was set up in June 2004. MTP

BASF Coatings Fills Europe’s Largest Industrial E-Coating Tank
BASF Coatings and Wessling Oberflächenveredelung GmbH (WOB) have agreed to work together in a close partnership. BASF Coatings is the system supplier for the cathodic e-coating and powder coating products used in Europe’s largest industrial coating plant, which is set to begin operation in February 2005 in Geeste, Germany. In the context of the partnership, BASF Coatings supplies binders and pigment paste to the German custom coater. These materials are then fed into the 360 cubic-meter cathodic e-coating tank. Mainly truck trailer chassis, containers, and add-on components for commercial vehicles will be coated in this newly built e-coating tank. <more>

BASF Coatings fills Europe's largest industrial coating plant
03/10/2005 - BASF Coatings and Wessling Oberflächenveredelung GmbH (WOB) have agreed to work together in a close partnership. BASF Coatings is the system supplier for the cathodic e-coating and powder coating products used in Europe's largest industrial coating plant, which is set to begin operation in February 2005 in Geeste, Germany. In the context of the partnership, BASF Coatings supplies binders and pigment paste to the German custom coater. These materials are then fed into the 360 cubic-meter cathodic e-coating tank. Mainly truck trailer chassis, containers, and add-on components for commercial vehicles will be coated in this newly built e-coating tank.

"Filling the e-coat tank with this large a volume of material was a real logistical challenge that our employees gladly took on," explains Rolf Eggen of CTS Account Management within BASF Coatings' Automotive Refinish / Commercial Transport Coatings Solutions business. All in all, the BASF Coatings employees spent two weeks on site. Filling required a week's time. Then the new e-coating tank entered a trial phase. Officially, the plant has been in operation since the end of February 2005.

Akzo Nobel wins prestigious contract for supplying water treatment technology
Arnhem, the Netherlands, March 2, 2005 – Akzo Nobel’s MPP Systems® business has won the contract to supply a water purification unit for one of the world’s most challenging gas field development projects, the Ormen Lange project operated by Hydro.

J. Edward Glass Named Winner of Roy W. Tess Award in Coatings
Inside Paint
Prof. J. Edward Glass of the Polymers and Coatings Department at North Dakota State University will receive the Roy W. Tess Award in Coatings for 2005. The announcement was made today by the Officers and the Award Committee of the Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE) of the American Chemical Society.....

Water-borne edges out powder for future growth
Coatings Magazine E-news - March 3, 2005
In our February Splatter poll, we asked which coating technology—powder or water-borne—had the greatest growth potential in the next decade. Water-borne coatings edged out powder with 56 per cent of recipients leaning toward water and the remaining 46 per cent siding with powder coatings.

Environment Canada gives ok to green pigment
Coatings Magazine E-news - March 3, 2005
Environment Canada has clarified the use of Pigment Green 7 (or phythalocyanine green) following a brief period of confusion and panic in January when US manufacturers stopped shipments of the pigment to Canada.
Industry sources say US manufacturers misinterpreted regulations (Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances Regulations 2003) that limit the use of hexachlorobenzene (HCB) in Pigment Green 7 and stopped shipment of the product to Canada to avoid being in non-compliance.
Environment Canada held a stakeholders meeting in early February to clarify the existing regulation and proposed changes relating to HCB. Dave Saucier, operations manager at Inortech Chimie, Mississauga, ON, was one of the stakeholders at the meeting. He says that neither the 2003 regulations nor the proposed 2005 regulations prohibited the use of pigments containing HCB. The new regulations include reporting requirements for manufacturers and importers of products containing HCBs in excess of 10 g/year or in concentrations of greater than 10 ppb.

Akzo Nobel develops the world’s first decorative paint with “magic touch”
Arnhem, the Netherlands, March 23, 2005 – Akzo Nobel has developed a sensorial, textile-effect paint which can reproduce the look – and feel – of suede, leather, or woven fabric. Known as Alpha® Tacto, it’s the world’s first decorative paint product capable of providing two distinct effects, depending on how it is applied to the wall

Sales leads from ebiz newsletter
 Our website generates a number of sales leads every week. Such sales leads can generate business for a several products. You must have observed that we are eager to share such information with all the relevant people. Unlike, other business website which restrict "supplier to customer" interaction, we promote this activity.

Subscribe to the e-biz-newsletter, which contains information about potential customers who are in need of products related to powder coating.

To get this e-biz-newsletter, the user would have to pay a small annual processing fee. Please send a DD of Rs 3000 (US$ 60) in favour of "India Powder Coating" payable at Indore at the
contact address

Some of the recent leads generated during the last month are now also available on an individual basis for Rs 500 or US $ 10 each. Here are some of them.

1, Teflon Powder needed in Pakistan.
2, Powder Coating Plant required in Malaysia.
3. Powder Coating Plant required in Sharjaha.
4. Powder Coating Plant required in Pondcherry India.
5. Exporter needs Powder Coating Plant for middle east.
6, Powder Booth required in Mumbai, India.
7. Powder Coating Plant required in Kochi, India.
8. Powder Coating Plant required in Bahrain.




  Seminar Events Exhibitions  

Annual Exhibition and Conference of the Romanian paint industry. 29 - 31
March 2005, Bucharest, Romania  ...

3.4. - 7.4. 2005
Houston, TX//USA
NACE International - The Corrosion Society

Powder Coating Europe 2005 Surface Technology
Hannover Messe
11.4. - 15.4. 2005
Vincentz Network

6th Asia Coatings Markets
12-13 April, 2005
A Return to Regional Growth
Ho Chi Minh City,

Advanced Colour Measurement & Colour Control
13.4. - 14.4. 2005
Teddington/Great Britain
Paint Research Association

2nd International Coater's Congress
13.4. - 14.4. 2005
Vincentz Network

Colour Measurement & Colour Control
13.4. - 14.4. 2005
Paint Research Association

ASC 2005 Spring Convention and Expo
17.4. - 20.4. 2005
Columbus, OH/USA
The Adhesive and Sealant Council, Inc.

Primus: Varnish and Paint Industry
19.4. - 22.4. 2005
Primus Exhibitions Group Ltd.

Professional Paint Formulation
19.4. - 20.4. 2005
Paint Research Association

Innovation In Color Technology
20.4. - 22.4. 2005
Color Pigments Manufacturers Association

interpack 2005
21.4. - 27.4. 2005
Messe Düsseldorf

8th Nürnberg Congress
25.4. - 26.4. 2005
Vincentz Network

European Coatings Show 2005
plus Adhesives, Sealants, Construction Chemicals
26.4. - 28.4. 2005
Vincentz Verlag

Polymers for Coating Technologists
26.4. - 28.4. 2005
Ypsilanti, MI/USA
Eastern Michigan University

Purchasers' Day
26.4. 2005
Vincentz Network

Ink Makers´ Forum
27.4. 2005
Vincentz Network

Production Technology
27.4. 2005
Vincentz Network

Construction Chemicals
27.4. 2005
Nuremberg/ Germany
Vincentz Network

27.4. 2005
Vincentz Network

Business Information for the Coatings Industry
5.5. 2005
Paint Research Association

International Forum and Exhibition on Coatings, Painting and Surface Engineering
8.5. - 12.5. 2005
China International Conference Center for Science & Technology

Eastern Training Conference & Show
9.5. - 11.5. 2005
King of Prussia, PA/USA
Philadelphia Society for Coatings Technology, Inc.

Paint Technology
9.5. - 12.5. 2005

High Performance and Functional Pigments 2005
10.5. - 12.5. 2005

Additives in Coatings: Chemistry and Application
10.5. - 12.5. 2005
Ypsilanti, MI/USA
Eastern Michigan University

Asia Pacific Coatings Show & Conference 2005
10.5. - 12.5. 2005
dmg world media Ltd.

Radiation Curing Technology
16.5. - 18.5. 2005
Paint Research Association

101 Powder Coating
17.5. - 18.5. 2005
Double Tree Club Hotel
Des Plaines, IL
PCI Details ...

Adhesion Science and Technology
19.5. - 20.5. 2005
Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V.

RadTech Asia 2005
23.5. - 26.5. 2005
RadTech Asia .

Chemie 2005
24.5. - 27.5. 2005
Expodonbass Details ...

VdL - General Assembly (Association of German Paint Manufacturers)
24.5. - 25.5. 2005
Verband der deutschen Lackindustrie e. V.

Coatings for Wood and Wood Based Substrates
24.5. 2005
Paint Research Association

Lehrgang Lacktechnologie
31.5. - 3.6. 2005
Vincentz Network



  Powder Coating Manual -"Combination Dry Off / Curing Oven"------ (Part - 39)  
Some manufacturers offer a single oven with one route through for drying and one route for curing. This arrangement saves capital equipment cost and some manufacturers may claim that it saves energy. However, moisture drying and curing operations should not be done in the same oven. Moisture evaporation can affect the cure process and uncured powder can drift onto parts in the drying section and cause dirt defects. Air flow and temperature requirements for drying and curing are not the same As for energy savings, the amount of fuel required to dry and cure the parts will be the same regardless of whether it comes from one burner or two. A dual-purpose oven with one burner box will require as much burner capacity and fan capacity as an oven with separate heat sources. In fact, a dual-purpose oven may cost more to operate because the dry-off temperature must be the same as the cure temperature. In many cases the dry-off oven temperature can be much lower than the cure temperature.

It is economical to build the two ovens side by side and separate them with a wall due to reduced radiant heat loss. They should always have
their own fan, burner and controls to provide the best control of the process and the most effective results.

Gas, electricity and steam can all be used to fuel process ovens. Which one to use depends on the cost of the fuel and the supply. If it available, natural gas or propane is by far the most economical fuel source.

Gas is most commonly used in process ovens because it is readily available; it is easy to control and typically cheaper than other fuels. A
high quality gas burner has a 40:1 turn down ratio. This means that the oven burner output will respond to the conditions in the oven
interior and modulate the volume of gas burned to provide the correct temperature.

The more product that is put through the oven, the more gas it will burn. When the oven has a light load or it is empty, the burner will
modulate to low fire and idle until the thermocouple indicates a need for more Btuís.

The fan can be a suitably sized plug fan or a Double Width, Double Inlet (DWDI) fan. A DWDI fan is the most commonly used. The gas
burner is mounted in the side of the burner box, upstream from the fan and the fan discharges into the oven transition and into the supply
duct. The burner box can be mounted on top, on the side, on the end, or under the oven. The position of the discharge duct and the return
air opening should consider the conveyor path and avoid disturbing uncured powder or swinging the parts on the racks. Air flow and
temperatures in the cure zone must be designed with the understanding that parts will travel through the oven. These parts must not be
disturbed during the cure process and the temperature must be uniform and consistent. Ovens should be specified to provide a maximum
temperature variance of no greater than 15 °F (-9.4 °C) fromthe set point in the cure zone.

An oven can function quite well with electricity and the design is very similar to the gas burner box. The electric heating elements take the
place of the gas burner in a package type heater with a built in centrifugal recirculating fan. Electric ovens will take longer to bring up to
temperature and to cool off, and they are at least 3:1 more expensive to operate than gas. No by-products of combustion are generated
with electricity.


Like gas and electric, a steam heating system is a recirculating convection type. The return air should be filtered with high efficiency air
filters to prevent clogging of the steam heat exchanger. The steam heat exchanger should be used with a self-operating regulator with an
indicator. The regulator should have a strain for valve protection. A bypass line should be installed for proper heat control as well as a
throttling valve self-acting steam control valve. Steam is typically not practical for curing powder coating unless a facility already has a boiler
with excess capacity.




I have gone thru the website & found interesting one.
Production Manager
Jotun Powder Coatings ( India) Pvt Ltd.

  Dear Mr. Soley,
I thank you for sending the IPC News Lettr. of March '05. However, I can not open it by clicking on the red cross.
Please advise how to open it or send the full letter by normal E-mail.
Thanks and regrds,
Ravi Marphatia
Moderator: You can always view the current edition by clicking on this link www.ipconweb.com/nom.htm

  Dear Sir,
We have visited your URL
http://www.ipconweb.com  and discovered that it has amazing business potential. 
Thanking you,
For Opal Infotech

I am interested in powder coating my products.
Aric Takazawa, Research Assistant Tissue Genesis, Inc.
Moderator: We have passed on your query to our ebiznewsletter

Regarding the The Indian Powder Coating Manufacturers Association, Yes!  We are part of it. It is a welcome move. After initial hiccups, it should take final shape now.
A K Tripathi, Paramount Powders Pvt Ltd.

Dear sir, i am Haroon from Pakistan. I have been working with Pakistan's leading powder coatings manufacturing company. due to this currently changed political scenario of both countries it's been our wish to add a little by developing our business links in India.
Haroon Rashid, Pakistan

Dear Mr. Soley,
Thanks for offering the membership. Now about myself: My name is Ajit Mande. I am running a conveyorised powder coating plant in ,waluj, Aurangabad,since 1994.I am doing job work of powder coating on various components of auto Rickshaw parts, manufactured by vendors of Bajaj auto ltd. I wanted to know the latest developments in powder coating. Also, I wanted to share the problems, experiences & knowledge with experts in this field.I will be glad to have a frequent interaction.
Ajit Mande

Moderator: Welcome aboard.

Dear Sir,
We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading dealer of M/s Asian Paints Industrial coatings Ltd Kolkata.We have been regularly visiting your sites and got various information.
Manish Choraria, Kolkata


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