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MAY 2005

Welcome to the May2005 edition of the IPC e-newsletter. The IPC e newsletter is distributed free to more than 2500 people around the world.

This edition of the newsletter contains:

News features.

The Powder Coating Manual (Part 40)

Exhibitions and Conferences in  May and June 2005

If you have information you would like to have included in this newsletter, please contact the moderator using the details given at the end of each newsletter. While we have used our best efforts in collecting and preparing the information on this newsletter, we do not assume, any liability for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions resulted from negligence, accident or other causes. The user may use their own discretion while using the information.

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Off topic

EPISODE III releases on May 19th
In less than a month, the sixth and final Star Wars film, "Revenge of the Sith," will finally be in theaters. It is the missing link in the "Star Wars" saga and will provide a bridge to the original trilogy from many years ago. This film represents the end of an almost thirty year journey.

I was a school going teenager when I first saw episode IV "A New Hope". I now plan to see episode III with my teenage son. Together we will enjoy it as father and son. The circle is now complete. "Revenge of the Sith" will finally answer the question that has mystified three generations: How is it that a heroic, albeit moody, Jedi knight went to the dark side and became a rotten, mechanical-breathing villain known as Darth Vader?

Thank you George Lucas for entertaining us during the last thirty 30 years.



India's Powder manufacturing capacity.
(IPC exclusive)

The last year has been tough for the powder manufacturers all over India. The sudden rise in raw material has certainly created an disturbance in the existing equations. No amount of preparations could have helped to absorb the Tsunami wave of price rise. The effect of new tax structure (VAT) are yet to be estimated. The price of the resins have increased substantially, while the prices rise in powder paints is only a fraction of it

Despite of these negative forces an overall growth of 15 % to 20% is suggested by most of the  manufacturers. The larger players have maintained there positions. They have the capacity to lower the margins. Manufacturers with production figures less than a thousand tons per year could face more trouble in the future. With the bigger players adding new manufacturing  facility in the newer areas, it would be still difficult for the smaller manufacturers who had, until now the extra benefit of being available locally. Some companies have lowered  there margins to around 5 %. Going below that would be unwise, some experts say.

Polycoat powders continues to the leader in the market by producing 3750 tons of powder. Polycoat Powders Ltd., is an associate company of M/s. Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd., occupying the No.1 position in the powder coating segment in India. Polycoat Powders Ltd. is an ISO-9001 certified company and is engaged in the manufacture of Thermosetting Powder Coatings since 1984.  

Marpol occupies the second position producing 3000 tons of powder paints in 2004-2005.  Venugopal from Marpol said, "We have tried to maintain our position in the market. Although there has been a sudden increase in the price of the raw material, the effect has not been much since we  were prepared for it. Marpol is one of the leading manufacturers of Powder Coatings in India with an installed capacity of 4800MT per annum and a gross turnover of over US$10 million. They offer over 1300 shades of powders in a range of chemistries, finishes and gloss levels, for almost any type of interior or exterior application.

Asian occupies the third position with a production of 2200 tons.

Akzo Nobel and Maharani contributed 1800 tons each. Rajendra Kardel of Maharani Paints  (India) Pvt. Ltd informed about the development going on in high temperature resistant coatings and food grade coatings developed at his company. Maharani Paints produces 150 tons  of powder per month which it around 1800 tons per year.
 During an internet chat, Manmohan Samantara informed that Titan produced 450 tons of powder. He predicts 900 tons for 2005-2006. With the last years figure of 250 tons, they have doubled the production.

Bijoy Mukherjee from Berger with a production figure of 1650 tons said, "We target at 2150  tons figure for the next year". He said, "the increase in raw material prices have certainly disturbed the market."

Deepak Madan from Kripton powders informed "Kripton produced 1400 tons and in his email Ajit Gupta of Rapid Coat said "We manufactured and sold 1,200 tons of Epoxy-Polyester powders in 2004-05". It had contributed 900 tons in 2003-2004.

Officials at Vipraj were not interested in contributing any information  regarding their capacity or productions, however last year, Ravindra Pandit informed that the Vipraj had produced 1000 tons. The reason for an iron curtain this year is difficult to guess.

Jayesh Ponda informed on telephone that Vijay Coat produced 425 tons of powder during the  last financial year. "Although the competition is high and rates of raw material have increased a lot we have tried to maintain the quality", he said. Vijay enterprises was incorporated in 1995 with a view to supplying quality Powder Coating Materials to Indian industry.

Sharp Coating from Faridabad produced 420 tons while Titan paints produced 250 tons.  Besides these manufacturers there are several manufacturers spread all over India. We were unable to contact all of them. It could be assumed that they could be contributing around
2000 tons as their share.

There are several other small manufacturere who might be producing a total of another 2000 tons of powder every year which adds up to a final figure of  20,000 tons as the total powder produced and consumed by the Indian Powder  Coating industry during the financial year 2004-2005.

Moderator: We thank all those who helped to compile these details. We will continue to conduct similar surveys and share the results with you. Your suggestions and  support are most welcome. While we have used our best efforts in collecting and preparing the information  we do not assume, any liability for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions resulted from negligence, accident or other causes. The subscribers may use their own discretion while using the information.

Colors fading for Indian Powder Coating Manufacturers Association.
Readers might be aware of an attempt made by some of the Powder Manufacturers of North India to form an  association.
In a meeting held in January, they came together on common platform to discuss the problem of growing prices and delayed payments.

After a few initial meeting it seems there were more argument than discussions. During the last meeting some of the post holders preferred to stay away and send there junior representatives to attend. "Since the members are competitors, it is rather difficult to agree on a common point, one of the member comments. Another attempt will be made on May 12th to review the possibility of survival of the association.

Moderator's message: We live in the age of information super highway. Our website has already provided a common platform for the Indian Powder Coating Industry. We can offer our unbiased stable platform to create a virtual Indian Powder Manufacturers Association. Internet has already changed the definition of words like communication, meetings, conferences, relations and  associations.  On several occasions we have helped our subscribers to communicate with each other,  have meetings,  conferences, and business deals,  all in virtual space.   If the powder manufacturers are interested, we can work out on the structure of such a virtual association which could include members and observers from all over the nation..


   Infomercial from Mitsuba Systems  

Mitsuba introduces the Electro-Mechanical Reciprocator XL-Series.

The Electro-Mechanical Reciprocator manufactured by MITSUBA SYSTEMS , possesses the capability to vary the speed & stroke to suit the conveyor speed and the jig height.

The reciprocator are electrically driven via AC geared motor, giving gentle and distinct motion. The advanced control system of the reciprocators is designed to control reciprocating speed, stroke length & multi speed operations, thus ensuring the best possible coating results. Each reciprocator can accommodate up to 8 automatic guns and can this be used even where high line speeds are employed.

The reciprocator can be coupled to a standard ‘X' axis horizontal movement system such that an advanced part sensing system like the magic eye can move them in / our of the booth while keeping track of the change in width of the part of the object to be coated.


Salient Features:-

Increased Uniformity – Advanced digital control.
Improved Finish – Smooth movement during traversing and change of direction.
Quick Job Change – Pre-programmable preset points for automatic selection of stroke and speed.
Maximum Reliability – Simplicity of design and operator friendly controls.

Do feel free to contact us to know more about how automation can reduce your powder coating cost.


   To know more about MITSUBA products please visit


  Contact Us:
  34/H, Laxmi Industrial Estate,
  New Link Road, Andheri (W),
  Mumbai– 400 053. INDIA
  Tel:  0091-22-2631 8633/2633 4735/56924151/52/53/54     
  Fax:  0091-22-56924154.
  Email:   mitsuba@vsnl.com



Sales leads from ebiz newsletter
 Our website generates a number of sales leads every week. Such sales leads can generate business for a several products. You must have observed that we are eager to share such information with all the relevant people. Unlike, other business website which restrict "supplier to customer" interaction, we promote this activity.

Subscribe to the e-biz-newsletter, which contains information about potential customers who are in need of products related to powder coating.

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Some of the recent leads generated during the last month are now also available on an individual basis for Rs 500 or US $ 10 each. Here are some of them.

1, Plant required for coating steel bars in East India
2. Renovation of powder coating plant in Gurgoan,  India
3. Powder Coating Plant required in Dubai.
4. Measuring instruments required in Automobile unit in North India
5. Powder paints required in Egypt.
6. Anodizing and Electro coloring plant required in Texas USA
7. Testing lab needed in Haryana.
8. Powder coating plant needed in Haryana.

Life after Indian Idol
There was a time when Ravinder Ravi stood in line to buy the ration and pay electricity bills, to save enough money to send his children to school and to make ends meet.

"The struggle", he says, "made me weep." It was an overdose of desperation that drove Ravi to catch the 10.30 pm bus from Ludhiana to New Delhi on August 17, 2004 after he borrowed Rs 300 from a friend to reach the gates of National Stadium, New Delhi where the auditions of Indian Idol were taking place.

Two months after he was voted out, Ravi, the house painter from Ludhiana and the most loved and controversial contestant of Indian Idol, is getting used to a new life.The changes are indeed immense. For starters, Ravi has been approached by a leading paints company to advertise their product. "I'm still negotiating," he tells us excitedly.

Sources say the company is Nerolac Paints <more>

Despite rising costs, paint sector may post 5-15 pc topline growth
A ROBUST growth in the housing sector and other end-user segments of the paint industry is probably one encouraging sign in a scenario beset with rising input costs and VAT hitches. Paint companies believe that while the implementation of value-added tax augurs well for the sector, the initial glitches could impact sales. However, continuing demand for paints both in the decorative as well as the industrial segment is seen negating any downturns. Overall the industry should be able to post a 5-15 per cent increase in topline during the March 2005 quarter despite a strong trend in crude and solvent prices. <more>

Industry keen to strengthen trade with Pak
After India and Pakistan signed a joint declaration focusing on trade in a big way, business houses are looking to strengthen trade ties across the border. With limited exchange between the two sides until now, the size of official business is hardly anything to talk about. But that may now change.
"A senior team from Berger Pakistan visited India two months ago. They are keen to expand manufacturing facilities. We expect that we will be assisting BP expand their facilities," said Ashwin Dani, Vice Chairman, Asian Paints.

Asian Paints may soon share its expertise with a Pakistani company, but the fresh start may not be just limited to manufacturing businesses. Even the fashion industry is eyeing new markets thanks to the open borders. <more>

US paint market predicted to grow substantially
Impact Marketing Consultants predict that U.S. domestic consumption of paint and coatings will grow by 4.5% annually in current dollars to 2008, reaching $20.1 billion, up from $16.1 billion in 2003. Unit volume is forecast to grow at 3% annually during this time, from 5.06 to 5.88 bn litres. Powders, with consumption of 177 million kg valued at $785 million in 2003, are forecast to grow by 5% annually for the next five years. Also, radiation curing coatings are predicted to grow above industry average. U.S. consumption of UV/EB formulations for all applications is estimated at about 41 million kg valued at $350 million. Coatings, the largest segment, account for about 45% of all uses. For more details click http://www.impactmarket.com

BASF increases capacity for vinyl chloride copolymers
Coatings Magazine E-news - April 7, 2005
BASF is increasing its production capacity for copolymers of vinyl chloride to 12,000 tons/year at its Ludwigshafen, Germany, site. The company will invest EUR 6 million to increase this capacity in response to increasing demand for special coating systems. Vinyl chloride copolymers are employed as binders in solvent-based coatings applied to iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics, mineral substrates like concrete as well as for solvent-based printing inks and marking paints. Their most important applications are in anti-corrosion coatings such as shipbuilding and in packaging printing.
Pigment Green 7: Hexachlorobenzene Update
Environment Canada has published the Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances regulations in the Canada Gazette, which includes regulations for hexachlorobenzene for Pigment Green 7. Published on March 9, 2005, the regulations come into effect May 15, 2005.
Section seven of the regulations lists the instructions companies must follow.
Every manufacturer or importer of hexachlorobenzene or a product mixture containing the material will have to submit the information specified in Schedule Five within three months after the calendar year during which hexachlorobenzene was manufactured or imported.
The first report must be submitted to Environment Canada by March 30, 2006.
For details, contact Dave Saucier, Inortech Chimie, an industry stakeholder, at (905) 696-0954, e-mail dave@inortech.com. You can also visit Environment Canada's web site.<more>

Tiger Drylac opens powder plant in BC
Coatings Magazine E-news - April 7, 2005

Tiger Drylac Canada, Guelph, ON, is set to open a powder coating manufacturing and research and development facility in Vancouver, BC.
Gabriele Grafinger, president, says that the new plant will help improve service to Western Canada and allow for a quick turnaround of custom match production.

Decorative paint looks and feels like leather, suede, woven fabric

Coatings Magazine E-news - April 7, 2005
Akzo Nobel has developed what it says is the world's first decorative paint capable of providing the look and feel of leather, suede or woven fabric.
Alpha Touch is marketed under the Sikkens brand name. The application method determines the finish you can achieve. An ordinary brush causes the leather effect, a specially designed tool creates the look and feel of textile. The product is used with a specially developed primer and is available in 33 colours.

Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings opens Shanghai plant
Coatings Magazine E-news - April 7, 2005
Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings announced the official opening of a new powder coatings facility in Qingpu District, Shanghai, China. The plant, which has received 5 million USD of investment and taken eight months to construct, will produce a range of high quality powder finishing materials for industrial and specialized applications in the automotive, architectural, industrial goods, consumer durables and general metal finishing industries. The 17,500 sq m plant houses a full range of facilities including offices, research, quality control, application laboratories, production facilities and a warehouse area. Up to 100 employees will work at the plant when it is fully operational.
Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings currently produces approximately 75,000 metric tons of powder coatings per year at seven plants in the US and Europe. As the first Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings plant to open in Asia, the new plant will make a significant addition to this capacity.

Bisphenol A ban proposed in the USA
Coatings Flash - April 25, 2005
A ban of Bisphenol-A (BPA), widely used in epoxy resin products, is being proposed in the USA for certain products, after a recent publication by Frederick vom Saal, Professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia, in the monthly journal Environmental Health Perspectives. Vom Saal reported about more than 95 independent scientific studies backing his own findings, originally published eight years ago, about the adverse health effects of BPA. After vom Saal's first study, the chemical industry had conducted 11 studies and found no problems. According to the new report, however, BPA is extremely harmful in very low doses and has been linked to adverse effects on male and female reproduction, altered immune system function, behavioral changes, learning disabilities, brain damage and an increased chance for certain cancers. Californian legislature is now proposing a bill banning all use of BPA in products made for children three years of age or younger.

Raw material costs reduce net profits
Coatings Flash - April 18, 2005
Hempel seized the opportunities presented by an expanding market during 2004 to increase the volume of paints and coatings sold to 214m litres. This is the highest volume ever sold by the Hempel Group. Turnover grew by 9%, despite the fall of the US dollar, with the growth coming from both Asia and Europe. "Rapid Asian growth had a significant impact on our sales results, not only in marine coatings, but also in coatings for bridges, cranes and containers. European shipyards benefited from the full order books in Asia and picked up extra business," says Hempel President and CEO Pierre-Yves Jullien. "Hempel was able to capture this business with our strong worldwide network. We were able to generate business in one part of the world and deliver in another, in response to growing globalisation among our customers," he adds.
However, the financial result was disappointing relative to the growth of the business. Operating profit fell by 23% to EUR 42.7 million, from EUR 55.7 million in 2003. Net profit fell by 26% to EUR 12.2 million from EUR 16.5 million. Raw material prices have risen sharply in 2004, mainly spurred by higher oil prices and strong demand for various metals.

Akzo Nobel to acquire Swiss Lack
Arnhem, the Netherlands, April 26, 2005 – Akzo Nobel’s Decorative Coatings business has initiated the latest phase of its competitive European expansion strategy by signing an agreement to acquire Swiss Lack, Switzerland’s leading paint company. The deal – which will see Akzo Nobel become the biggest coatings company in Switzerland – includes taking over Swiss Lack’s brand portfolio, as well as its large commercial distribution network.

Janesco acquires Derby Plastics
Janesco Inc., parent company of Oshkosh Marine Supply Co., acquired molded and injected plastics maker Derby Plastics Ltd. in order to diversify the private company’s holdings and to explore potential crossover business development. Janesco President Jim Janes said talks began almost a year ago in regard to the acquisition of the Neenah-based company, which was completed earlier this week, but he declined to release any details of the sale or the purchase price.

The company now consists of a precision machine shop and powder coating operation that serves AxleTech, Oshkosh Truck and other area businesses. The company currently employs 34 people. <more>

Enviro-friendly powder coating
Schiavello’s new powder coat technology allows greater product design freedom and reduces environmental impact.Schiavello Group has implemented the world’s most advanced MDF (Medium Density Wood Fibreboard) powder coat installation, working closely with DuPont.

The powder coating line applies specialised UV powder finishes on various heat sensitive substrates, such as MDF wood and plastics, providing cost effective, highly durable finishes that are environmentally sound. Schiavello’s purpose built facility is designed to accommodate the new process, based on successful installations in Europe and America.

The facility features a dual system powder plant, setting new benchmarks for coating performance, finish and repeatability on MDF wood furniture products. The system enables the plant to cure powder on wood utilising Ultraviolet (UV) curing and thermal curing, known as Ultra-low bake (ULB).The Ray-Tec UV finish developed by DuPont meets international standards (FIRA 6250 and DIN 68861) for hard wearing horizontal work surfaces, such as desktops. <more>

New in Town - American Precision Powder Coating
American Precision Powder Coating LLC has opened for business at 2750 Constitution Blvd. in Chippewa Township.
Owner Jim Verostek, a Monaca resident, formerly worked for American Bridge Co. and L.B. Foster Co. He is a graduate of California University of Pennsylvania and Duquesne University. <more>



  Seminar Events Exhibitions  

Business Information for the Coatings Industry
5.5. 2005
Paint Research Association

International Forum and Exhibition on Coatings, Painting and Surface Engineering
8.5. - 12.5. 2005
China International Conference Center for Science & Technology

Eastern Training Conference & Show
9.5. - 11.5. 2005
King of Prussia, PA/USA
Philadelphia Society for Coatings Technology, Inc.

Paint Technology
9.5. - 12.5. 2005

High Performance and Functional Pigments 2005
10.5. - 12.5. 2005

Additives in Coatings: Chemistry and Application
10.5. - 12.5. 2005
Ypsilanti, MI/USA
Eastern Michigan University

Asia Pacific Coatings Show & Conference 2005
10.5. - 12.5. 2005
dmg world media Ltd.

Radiation Curing Technology
16.5. - 18.5. 2005
Paint Research Association

101 Powder Coating
17.5. - 18.5. 2005
Double Tree Club Hotel
Des Plaines, IL
PCI Details ...

Adhesion Science and Technology
19.5. - 20.5. 2005
Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V.

RadTech Asia 2005
23.5. - 26.5. 2005
RadTech Asia .

Chemie 2005
24.5. - 27.5. 2005
Expodonbass Details ...

VdL - General Assembly (Association of German Paint Manufacturers)
24.5. - 25.5. 2005
Verband der deutschen Lackindustrie e. V.

Coatings for Wood and Wood Based Substrates
24.5. 2005
Paint Research Association

Lehrgang Lacktechnologie
31.5. - 3.6. 2005
Vincentz Network
Lehrgang Lackkunde für Kaufleute
1.6. - 3.6. 2005
Vincentz Network

CEPE - Annual Conference and General Assembly
2.6. - 3.6. 2005

Online seminar: Coatings raw materials - pigments and fillers
6.6. - 17.7. 2005
Vincentz Network

Refractories for Industrial Applications
6.6. - 8.6. 2005
The Hague/Netherlands
Center for Professional Advancement Details ...

NanoTrends 2005
6.6. - 8.6. 2005
MSTI - Materials and Surfaces Training Institute Details ...

8th International Coatings for Plastics Symposium
6.6. - 8.6. 2005
Troy, MI/USA

Mixing for Uniform Batches: Improving Product Quality and Productivity
7.6. - 8.6. 2005
Ypsilanti, MI/USA
Coatings Research Institute Details ...

Corrosion 2005 Science & Economy New Challenges
8.6. - 10.6. 2005
Instytut Mechaniki Precyzyjnej Details ...

SVLFC, 145. Gesamtarbeitstagung: Funktionelle Pigmente und moderne Füllstoffe
9.6. - .. 2005
SVLFC, Dr. Nicole Frick Details ...

European Coatings Conference:
Smart Coatings IV
9.6. - 10.6. 2005
Vincentz Network Details ...

Coating Process Fundamentals Short Course
13.6. - 15.6. 2005
Minneapolis, MN/USA
University of Minnesota, Dep. of Chem. Engineering & Materials Science

ChemSource 2005 Symposium & Masterclass
23.6. 2005
The Royal Society of Chemistry, Specialty Chemicals Sector, Dr. Ruth M. Lane

Einführung in die Lacktechnik
23.6. - 24.6. 2005
Haus der Technik e.V. Details ...

Industrial Rheology, Principles and Applications
27.6. - 29.6. 2005
The Hague/The Netherlands
The Center for Professional Advancement

COSI - Coatings Science International
27.6. - 1.7. 2005
Noordwijk/The Netherlands
Einhoven Univesity of Technology, Prof. Bert de With



  Powder Coating Manual -"Infra Red Curing Oven"------ (Part - 40)  
Infrared Curing
Infrared curing applies light energy to the part surface by direct transmission from an emitter. Some of the energy emitted will be reflected off the surface, some is absorbed into the polymer and some is transmitted into the substrate. This direct transfer of energy creates an immediate reaction in the polymer and crosslinking begins quickly once the surface is exposed to the emitter.

Although IR ovens can cure a coating much faster than convection, differences in the part structure and mass will affect the results. Light energy is dependent on a precise and consistent relationship to the product for even distribution of energy and uniform curing. Areas of a part that are obscured from the emitter by their geometry will not heat up at the same pace as areas that are flush to the emitter. The distance of the part surface to the emitter will also have a profound influence on the curing of the coating.

For these reasons, IR is seldom ideal as a 100% cure option for powder coating but it can be very useful when used with convection to accelerate the cure. Ovens that use some IR in combination with convection can provide some of the benefits of both technologies. There are certain situations where IR is the best cure method. When the part is very heavy and consistent in shape, IR emitters can be arranged in a pattern that can raise the surface temperature much faster than convection and cure in much less time. IR may be the only practical way to cure certain types of parts by providing a much shorter cycle time.

For systems that run only one product IR can work very well. This is especially true of parts with even surfaces that can be run through the oven with a consistent relationship to the emitter. In cases where a variety of product with different shapes and masses is coated, IR alone will require frequent adjustments to the position and intensity of the emitters. Powder cure ovens are usually all or part convection type to provide the necessary flexibility for part size, mass and shape.

Infrared energy is a form of electromagnetic radiation, located on the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and microwaves and
measured in microns.

The three wave lengths of infrared, low, medium and high, will emit energy that will be absorbed by the organic coating, reflected from the surface, or transmitted into the substrate. The actual behavior of IR energy depends on the wavelength, the distance between the substrate and the emitter, the mass of the part and the surface area. The surface of a part with a low mass/high surface area will heat up very quickly when exposed to IR, while a part with a lot of mass and not much surface area will react more slowly. Short wave IR provides high electromagnetic energy levels. This intense band of electromagnetic energy does not provide much flexibility in the cure cycle. Long wave IR has low electromagnetic energy
levels, providing less surface heating than short wave or medium wave. The most efficient use of IR energy is absorption by the coating. Higher absorption rates are usually found in the medium wavelength, 2.3 to 3.3 microns. Typically, testing should be done to determine the best
setting, measured in microns on the electromagnetic scale.

A radiant preheat zone at the entrance end of the cure oven can be an excellent enhancement. Curing will begin immediately and can be accomplished faster than convection heating alone. Radiant cure can be energy efficient if properly designed because it does not waste Btu’s to heat the entire substrate or the surrounding air. In most cases where there is a lot of product variety, curing with radiant emitters alone is not practical. The variety of shapes and sizes require convection heating to ensure that all areas reach the cure window temperature and no area is overheated.

High purity (quartz lamp emitter) IR ovens are very effective for this purpose and the bring up, or response time, is instant. The emitters can be arranged in zones for different part geometries. Turning on different numbers of emitters within a zone can vary the energy levels. The zone control can be turned on by a remote controller or operated manually.

Gas fired radiant emitters work very well also. Like quartz lamps, they can be purchased in modular sections, they can be zoned, and they have a fast response time. The Btu’s required to operate a gas-fired IR emitter will typically cost less than the kilowatt-hours required for electric infrared emitters.

Infrared preheat zones for powder cure ovens are typically around 30 to 60 seconds. For exact process requirements, testing must be performed.




Dear Mr.Soley,
I thankyou for sending me newsletter & making me the part of your family.

Hello Vivek,
Looking forward to meeting you on my next Indore visit.
Best Regards, Ratnakar GokhaleAkzo Nobel Coatings India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Dear Vivek,
I regularly read the newsletter in Malaysia. I can see the contents are expanding and improving all the time. Thanks for your sustained effort in building it up.
Best regards,
Nirmalya chakravorty

Thank you very much for your news letter & I expect same regularly from you & I very much appreciate you for collecting latest happenings in paint industry particularly Powder Coatings in  India & World wide.
Tapan Kumar Dhal., Titan Paints & Chemicals Ltd. ,COIMBATOORE


Dear Vivek Soley
I aim an engineer working in Kuwait for powder coating plants and equipments  I would like to be a member of your group
Saravana A
Moderator: You already are.

Dear Sir,
We are the leading adhesive manufacturer company in Kathmandu. Can you please send us price and specification detail of Castrol oil.
Hope to get your response.
Naresh Tuladhar
Asian Adhesive Udhyog Pvt. Ltd

Dear sir ,
We are manufacturing powder coating in Vietnam .

We are pleased to introduce ourselves 'BALAJI ENTERPRISES' as one of the leading powder coaters in Bombay. We are in this field for last 10 years or so and worked for many reputed companies.
Mr. Nitin Jadhav



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