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Welcome to the February 2006 edition of the IPC e-newsletter. The IPC e newsletter is distributed free to more than 3000 people around the world.

This edition of the newsletter contains:

News features.

The Powder Coating Manual (Part 49)

Exhibitions and Conferences in  February and March 2006

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ISF 2006
The Metal Finishers’ Association of India (MFAI) is pleased to organize a three-day Conference-cum Exhibition INDIAN SURFACE FINISHING 2006 (ISF 2006) from 2nd to 4th of February, 2006. Following the ASIA INTERFINISH 2002, held in November 2002 in New Delhi, ISF 2006 will provide various opportunities to the surface finishing fraternity from industry, industrial and academic research and teaching institutions. Exhibitors can showcase their products, processes and services.s.
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ISF 2006
The Metal Finishers’ Association of India (MFAI) is pleased to organize a three-day Conference-cum Exhibition INDIAN SURFACE FINISHING 2006 (ISF 2006) from 2nd to 4th of February, 2006. Following the ASIA INTERFINISH 2002, held in November 2002 in New Delhi, ISF 2006 will provide various opportunities to the surface finishing fraternity from industry, industrial and academic research and teaching institutions. Exhibitors can showcase their products, processes and services. Scientists and researchers from industrial research centres, national laboratories, universities and other institutions can present papers on on-going work and emerging areas of surface finishing technology, including newer materials, nanotechnology, microgalvanotechniques and so on. For the delegates, ISF 2006 will provide an opportunity to interact with members of the fraternity and develop new contacts with firms and institutions, particularly through the Marketing Platform and Job-Platers’ Platform.

Although generally the rapid progress in the information technology sector in India steals the limelight, the rapidly changing scenario vis-à-vis industries with which surface finishing is closely associated – automotive, electrical and electronics, hardware, jewellery, nuclear plants, plastics and space- is less in the limelight. Thus, all major global players in the automotive and electronics sectors have established either full-fledged research and technology centres or manufacturing activities in India in the past few years. It is the endeavour of the MFAI to bring once again the surface finishing fraternity from industry, research and academia “under one roof”, thereby contributing to the growth of this vital area of our economy.

Powder Coatings Markets in North America 2004/2005-2015

BRUSSELS, Belgium, January 24 /PRNewswire/ -- As one of the mature powder coatings markets, North America has struggled in recent years to maintain its momentum. Faced with a stagnant market since 2000, the North American powder coatings producers face many challenges to maintain growth and profitability in the period up to 2015.

Irfab (http://www.irfab.com) has arrived at some striking conclusions in its much awaited North American study.

 In 2004, the Powder Coatings market in North America (USA & Canada) was around 440 M lbs or 200,000 Tonnes, and valued at more than US $1 billion

Within the broader NAFTA region, Mexico is rapidly growing in importance for the powder coatings industry

There are about 60 suppliers of thermoset Powder Coatings in the USA and Canada, including all but one of the main global players

Polyester-epoxy hybrids and polyester-TGIC powders are the two main types used in the North American market, together representing nearly 60% of the market, followed by polyurethanes, epoxies, and acrylics

Average prices across the board vary considerably, from highs of approximately US $12.00 /kg down to US $3.60 /kg, and remain amongst the
highest market prices for powder coatings world-wide. <more>

Berger Paints commences powder coating plant at Jammu
KOLKATA: Berger Paints Ltd, which is gradually ramping up its product capacity, on Wednesday said it has commenced operations at the powder coating plant at Jammu.

The 3000 MT/KL per annum capacity powder coating plant is located at the existing facility of the company at Jammu which houses a water-based and solvent based paint plant in the intregated facility that cost Rs 30 crore.

Berger chairman K S Dhingra had earlier spoken about beginning a $2 million decorative paint facility in Russia.
The Russian project which was likely to be completed by May this year is being promoted by a wholly owned subsidiary, Berger Cyprus. Berger has already acquired land for the project.

Goodlass Nerolac paints hope of overseas buyouts

MUMBAI: Godlass Nerolac Paints, India’s second largest paints company, is keen on overseas acquisition, particularly the South East Asian region.

“We are open to acquisition if we find a right company. However, we haven’t zeroed on any so far,” said Ashok Saini, vice-president - special projects, on Tuesday. Saini said, in the domestic market, there were not too many potential buyout candidates. <more>

Goodlass Nerolac wins Golden Peacock Award 
Goodlass Nerolac Paints Limited (GNPL), the country’s second largest Paint Company received the Golden Peacock Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance in a glittering ceremony of 16th World Congress on Total Quality on January 20, 2006 at New Delhi.<more>

Collaboration with Leading Medical Devices Company

West Malling, UK--Phoqus Group plc ("Phoqus" or the "Company") (AIM:PQS), the oral drug delivery and development company, today announces that it has entered into an agreement to conduct a feasibility study with one of the world's leading medical devices companies.

Under the agreement, Phoqus will use its patented electrostatic technology to coat an implantable medical device in order to control the release of an active substance. The Phoqus technology has the potential to improve precision and uniformity of coverage as well as significantly improving the efficiency of coating and reducing drug and polymer waste.

Preliminary studies have demonstrated that Phoqus' electrostatic technology is compatible with the coating polymers that are currently used, and provides uniform and complete coverage of all device surfaces.

The drug device market was valued at around $5bn in 2004 and is expected to grow to over $11bn by 2010.

Construction boom in the UAE supports secondary industries
13 January 2006

DUBAI — The UAE's buoyant construction industry has driven the growth of several sectors including paint, ceramics , glass, cement and steel industries.

UAE's paint industry recorded a growth of 20 per cent in 2005 , according to industry sources. At present, the paint market in the UAE is worth more than Dh 150 million as the demand for varied types of paints such as decorative paints, marine coatings, powder coating, protective coating is increasing year on year.

One senior official from the paint industry told Khaleej Times, “ The growth of the paint industry in the UAE is attributed to important factors , one is the fast completion of construction of various projects . Secondly, the influx of international architects in the region and the types of products they specify is encouraging the paint industry to produce superior products for everyone. Moreover, Dubai becoming a lifestyle destination for tourists and residents is having a huge and positive impact on paint consumption.’’

Last year, Jotun Paints with more than 30 per cent market share in the UAE commissioned its new plant worth Dh70 million in Al Quoz Industrial area to cater to the increased demands of the construction sector . Currently, Jotun Paints offer Protective, Marine and Decorative paints and has been in the forefront of developing products specifically for the harsh climate and intends to constantly improve its technology, products and services to meet the challenges of the market.

Berger Paints currently the 10th largest decorative paint company in the world with various retail network in the region also offers thousands of colours to consumers through 11 ‘Colourworld’ shops. Last year, Berger Paints achieved more than 25 per cent growth in revenues and launched a new product, 'Vintage Finish' which is targeted for the new construction projects in the UAE and Middle East region last year, according to sources.

Paint manufacturers are highly optimistic about huge growth of the paint market for the next five years as mega projects are launched every month as there has been substantial local and international investment flow in the UAE. <more>

International Specialty Products acquires biocides manufacturer Progiven S.A.S

Coatings Flash - January 30, 2006
International Specialty Products Inc., headquartered in Wayne, N.J./USA announced that it has acquired the business of French biocides manufacturer, Progiven S.A.S. through one of its subsidiaries. Established in 1946, Progiven is today recognized as a formulator of biocides for a diverse range of industrial applications including paints and coatings, glues and adhesives, metalworking fluids, building industry materials. Progiven serves over 700 customers in more than 50 countries. International Specialty Products Inc. is a supplier of specialty chemicals and performance-enhancing products. The company produces more than 400 specialty
chemicals which it markets and sells worldwide.

BASF bought back shares for almost EUR 1.5 billion
Coatings Flash - January 16, 2006
BASF bought back shares for EUR 1,435 million in 2005. A total of 26.06 million shares were bought back last year at an average price of EUR 55.05. This corresponds to 4.82 % of the company's share capital. EUR 274 million was related to BASF's 2004 buyback
programme. Under the EUR 1.5 billion share buyback programme announced in April 2005, EUR 1,161 million was spent up to 31 December 2005. It is planned to complete the ongoing programme in the first quarter of 2006. In 2005, 26.18 million shares were cancelled (incl.
800,000 shares bought back in 2004). As a result, BASF's share capital was reduced by EUR 67 million. The remaining 680,000 shares will be cancelled in 2006. BASF had approximately 515 million shares outstanding at the end of 2005.

The new Magruder Color initiates operations
Coatings Flash - January 16, 2006
The sale of the assets of Magruder Color to Pochteca Color Company LLC was completed on Friday, December 16. Pochteca Color has changed its name to Magruder Color, LLC. In the new Magruder Color organisation, Steve Smith becomes President, Evan Weissglass is Executive Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Jay Roger Weissglass, Executive Vice President Operations and Human Resources, and Joel Weissglass, Executive Vice-President Administration and Secretary. Most of the current staff of Magruder Color will remain with
the new company. The new Magruder Color, based in Elizabeth, NJ (USA), is a manufacturer and marketer of specialty organic pigments and pigment reparations for coatings, graphic arts, and plastics industries world-wide.

Jotun Opens One of the Largest Paint Factories in China
 Coatings World

Jotun has opened a new paint manufacturing plant in Zhangjiagang outside Shanghai in China. The plant, which is one of the largest and most advanced paint production sites in China, is a $30 million investment for Jotun and was necessary in order to serve an increasing number of customers, according to the company.

Jotun paints and protects 20% of the world's merchant fleet, which means more than 10,000 vessels. China is one of the most important countries in the marine world market.

In China the Jotun Group now has two companies including Jotun COSCO Marine Coatings Co. Ltd. and Jotun Coatings Co. Ltd.

In addition to investing in the manufacturing plant, which has a production capacity of 70 million liters a year, Jotun will set up a new research and development facility in China.

Akzo Nobel Expands Activities in Eastern Europe
 Coatings World
Akzo Nobel is set to become one of the leading suppliers to the Ukrainian decorative paint market after signing an agreement to acquire a 51% controlling share in the coatings activities of Khimrezerv.

Headquartered in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, Khimrezerv's paint business employs 225 people and manufactures and sells waterborne and solvent-borne decorative coatings.

"This deal is further proof of Akzo Nobel's commitment to build positions in attractive emerging markets," said CEO Hans Wijers, who is also the board member responsible for coatings.

Founded in 1993, Khimrezerv began paint production in 1998 and is currently one of the Ukraine's top five decorative coatings manufacturers, operating a plant in Kirovograd, 350 kilometers from Kiev.

"Taking a majority stake in Khimrezerv's coatings activities will not only boost our existing market presence in the Ukraine, where we already have a good position in the premium sector, but will also create a solid platform for further growth in other areas, particularly the rapidly growing mid-range segment," added Jan Andersson, general manager of Akzo Nobel's decorative coatings international business.

The transaction, which is subject to regulatory approvals, marks the latest in a series of deals involving Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings, with acquisition agreements having also been signed in China, Switzerland and Germany during recent months.

Rohm and Haas to Close Aldridge Powder Plant
 Coatings World
Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings has announced plans to shutter its Aldridge, UK powder coatings plant, consolidating its manufacturing facilities in Europe to three sites. Production will be transferred to its other European sites in Germany, Italy and Spain.

The proposed consolidation comes in response to the business’ commitment to reducing fixed costs and providing the most efficient and low cost manufacturing model in support of our sales and marketing investment, and to focus on the goal of restoring sales growth and profitability. The powder coatings market has been experiencing a number of challenges over the last several years, including over-capacity, lower demand in the ER powder coatings market, a shift in downstream customers from ER to emerging markets, and sustained increases in raw material prices, the company said.

Approximately 70 employees at the Aldridge site will be affected.

Ariens plans $6.5 million upgrade
BRILLION — In an ongoing effort to improve production efficiency, Ariens Co. announced today that it will make a $6.5 million capital investment aimed at reducing delivery lead times for the company’s walk-behind power equipment products, including Sno-Thro machines.

The new production cells are scheduled to be operational for the 2006-07 Sno-Thro production season, which will begin in May.<more>



  Seminar Events Exhibitions  

IFS 2006
Conference and exhibition on surface finishing
2.2 -  4.2 2006
Mumbai India

Smart Coatings 2006
15.2. - 17.2. 2006
Orlando, Fla./USA
Eastern Michigan University

Paint Technology
20.2. - 23.2. 2006
PRA Coatings Technology Centre

Middle East Coatings Show & Conference 2006
27.2. - 1.3. 2006
dmg world media Ltd.

"New" Printing Ink Technology
27.2. - 1.3. 2006
PRA Coatings Technology Centre
. Online-Kompaktseminar: Strahlenhärtbare Systeme
6.3. - 16.4. 2006
Vincentz Network Details ...

Applied Rheology for the Coatings Industry
6.3. 2006
PRA Coatings Technology Centre

Waterborne and High Solids Coatings
7.3. - 8.3. 2006
PRA Coatings Technology Centre

Istanbul Paint 2006
10.3. - 12.3. 2006
Ihlas Fuar Hizmetleri

Corrosion NACExpo 2006
12.3. - 16.3. 2006
San Diego, CA/USA
NACE International

Online-Seminar: Coatings Raw Materials - Pigments & Fillers
13.3. - 30.4. 2006
Vincentz Network

13.3. - 16.3. 2006
Maxima International Exhibitions

What is Paint?
14.3. 2006
PRA Paint Technology Centre

ExpoCoating 2006 3rd exhibition and conference "Coatings and Surface Treatment"
14.3. - 16.3. 2006

Coatings and Paint Technology: Composition and Application Fundamentals
14.3. - 16.3. 2006
Ypsilanti, MI/USA
Eastern Michigan University

Powder Coating Technology
21.3. - 22.3. 2006
PRA Coatings Technology Centre ...

European Coatings Conference:
Polyurethanes for High Performance Coatings IV
23.3. - 24.3. 2006
Vincentz Network

Professional Paint Formulation
28.3. - 29.3. 2006
PRA Coatings Technology Centre

28.3. - 30.3. 2006
ARTILAC Details ...


  Powder Coating Manual,  Film Thickness-- (Part - 49)  

Film Thickness
A film that is too thin may show bare steel through the coating or it may not have the performance properties required of the finished film. A film that is too thick may not have correct color or gloss, it may have too much texture, it may be too thick for a fit to another part or it may be just a waste of money. Film build control is important to help deliver consistent results and avoid these problems. Understanding the application variables and the particular powder material being used can help to control film build and maintain a consistent level of quality. Film thickness gauges can be used to measure the finished film in mils or microns. This is a valuable tool to monitor the process for efficiency. Some gauges are capable of measuring ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Others are designed for one or the other.

Gauges used for ferrous metals are often magnetic. Magnetic gauges offer quick, accurate, non-destructive measurement on steel surfaces. Different types of gauges are made for aluminum, copper, zinc, brass and other non-magnetic surfaces. Usually, these type of thickness gauges measure the strength of eddy currents induced in the metal by a probe containing a conducting coil.

A third type of film thickness gauge is the Tooke gauge. A Tooke gauge cuts a small, precise groove in the coating and measures the film thickness from the visible cross section of the coating film. These gauges are less commonly used because they create a surface blemish in the film.

Film Hardness
The film hardness will affect its brittleness, its resistance to moisture penetration, its flexibility and resistance to scratching. The desired film hardness relates to the use of the product in the field. Film hardness is measured to confirm proper cure of the material and to monitor product quality. Hardness is often measured with the pencil hardness test. A specific set of Faber Castell wooden testing pencils is used with leads that have progressively harder tips. The pencil is pushed into the coating at an angle to determine how hard the lead has to be in order to break through to the coating to the metal substrate (ASTM D3363). The hardness is defined by a numerical value equal to the hardest pencil that will not break the surface.




Dear Mr. Vivek Soley,

I am pleased to send you information on the forthcoming ISF 2006 Conference and Exhibition, being held from 2nd to 4th February 2006 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon East, Mumbai.

Anindya Das
Colourflair Powder Coatings Pvt Ltd

Yantai Sanli Industry Group Corp is a group corp., consisted by three parts, one is processing equipment for powder coating, one is steel structure, and the last is machinery processing of various parts for various machines.
Best Regards, Zhao Qioude, Managing Director

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