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Welcome to the January 2007 edition of the IPC e-newsletter. The IPC e newsletter is distributed free to more than 3000 people around the world.

This edition of the newsletter contains:

News features.

The Powder Coating Manual (Part 60)

Exhibitions and Conferences in  January and February 2007

If you have information you would like to have included in this newsletter, please contact the moderator using the details given at the end of each newsletter. While we have used our best efforts in collecting and preparing the information on this newsletter, we do not assume, any liability for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions resulted from negligence, accident or other causes. The user may use their own discretion while using the information.

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Novel Biocide Technology III
15 - 16 February 2007
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   Infomercial from Mitsuba Systems  

Mitsuba’s Supreme 700 is a smart machine with all the control which assure that you got the best equipment.

Supreme-700 has REPLACEABLE POWER CARTRIDGE (U.S.PATENT NO.5971207).In case of an unlikely event of mal functioning of a high voltage generator; the user does not need to change the entire barrel. Just replace the power cartridge on the spot and in 5 minutes you are back to work. This saves you time, money and headaches.

The new Smart Tracker 700 is a high-end diagnostic system, which constantly monitors and indicates the performance of every component in the equipment. Even unskilled labor can detect a trouble spot with ease, swiftness and precision. And thanks to the unique plug in-plug out design, the problem can be rectified immediately.

In a nutshell, Smart Tracker ensures your system is always in a perfect working condition.

Supreme 700 will increase your profit by reducing the cost of operation and maintenance.

Mitsuba’s Supreme 700 is CE certified for safety of operator.

To know more about Mitsuba products please visit www.powdergun.com  or contact us at :

Mitsuba Systems (India) Pvt Ltd,
34/H, Laxmi Indl Estate,
New Link Road, Andheri (W),
Mumbai – 400 053.
Tel : 022-2631 8633 /2633 4735/66924151/66924154
Email : mitsuba@vsnl.com 


Asha Dispersions and Penn Color establish joint venture for pigmented chips
Coating Flash December 04
Asha Dispersions Pvt. Ltd., based in Mumbai, India, has entered into a joint venture with Penn Color, USA, a manufacturer of colour dispersions, on 50:50 basis. The new company will be known as Asha Penn Color Pvt. Ltd. effective 1 January 2007. The entire range of pigmented chips currently available from Asha Dispersions Pvt. Ltd. will be manufactured and marketed through the new company after the start of operations. The new company will also manufacture in phased manner entire range of standard colour dispersions available from Penn Color for plastics, paints, digital inks, UV and aqueous dispersions besides tailor-made dispersions. The company will establish an R&D centre to cater to its market internationally.

ICI Paints upbeat on growth
CHENNAI: ICI Paints, the name behind well known brand Dulux is upbeat about its growth which is fuelled by the real estate and automotive boom. With innovative and patented products in its kitty, the company is aligning itself with the fast changing lifestyle of the Indian consumer.

The Rs 674.5 crore paint major has also roped in Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor to be its brand ambassador for its 'Colour Future Range' <more>

Akzo Nobel rejects damages claim by BASF, Basell over EU rules violation
AMSTERDAM (AFX) - Akzo Nobel NV said it rejected a claim that it received from BASF AG and Basell for alleged damages the companies suffered as a result of violations of EU competition rules. Akzo Nobel noted that in December 2003 the European Commission established that several companies, including Akzo Nobel, violated the EU competition rules before 2000. BASF and Basell have told Akzo Nobel that they hold it and other companies involved liable for damages they allege to have suffered as a result of these violations.
BASF now alleges that its aggregate damages exceed 140 mln eur excluding interest and costs, while Basell alleges it suffered 28.2 mln damages excluding interest and costs. Akzo Nobel said it considers the claims "totally without merit and contests that it, or members of its group, are liable towards BASF or Basell and contests the alleged amounts of damages." <more>

Chemical spill drama
AN INVESTIGATION is underway after a solvent spillage sparked an evacuation of staff working at a Darwen factory.
Fire crews were at Akzo Nobel, Hollins Road, for four hours on Tuesday night after between 500 and 1,000 litres of a solvent mixture used in the final paint manufacturing process was spilt. It is thought the tank containing the substance had overflowed.
Around 12 firefighters wearing breathing apparatus worked from 6.30pm to clean up the spillage using 150 bags of absorbent materials to clear the substance from the Crown House building. <more>

Langeled Pipeline
Powder coatings supplied by Akzo Nobel have been used on the world's longest underwater gas pipeline, the Langeled, which recently began delivering gas to the UK. A total of 64 tons of the company's Resicoat® R-743 product was used on part of the 1,200 kilometer pipeline, which carries gas to the UK from the North Sea. ( Norway’s Statoil and Hydro are the companies behind Langeled, which is set to deliver up to a fifth of all the gas consumed in the UK.) The series of giant underwater pipes—each weighing about 25 tons and measuring 42 inches in diameter—were laid by a 180-meter long construction vessel specifically designed to enable the sections to be welded together before slowly being lowered onto the seabed. <more on langeled>

Protech/Oxyplast Group concludes the acquisition of Flanders Powder
Coatings Flash - December 25, 2006

The Protech/Oxyplast Group of Montreal, through its Belgian affiliate, Oxyplast Belgium NV, announced that they have concluded the previously reported transaction to purchase the powder coatings business of Flanders Powder NV of Wevelgem, Belgium. The deal also gives The Protech Group a participation in Ekopowder of Opava, The Czech Republic. The Protech/Oxyplast Group is one of the world's largest manufacturers and marketers of powder coatings. In 2006, The Protech/Oxyplast Group is celebrating its 30th anniversary. With twenty-one licensees worldwide, Protech is an international force in the coatings market producing a large range of stock items as well as specialty coatings for the global market.

Hercules to build new HEC plant in Nanjing, China
Coating flash December 11 2006
Hercules Incorporated (NYSE:HPC) announced that its "Aqualon" business unit will build a world-scale manufacturing plant in Nanjing, China for its hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) family of products. Hercules signed a Letter of Intent with the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park (NCIP), where the plant will be located. The new plant's annual production capacity will be 15,000 metric tons and is expected to start up in mid-2008. Chuck Herak, Aqualon's General Manager of Coating Additives and Asia Pacific, commented, "This major investment demonstrates Aqualon's commitment to the strategic HEC business and enhances Aqualon's strong leadership position. With HEC assets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, Aqualon will be well positioned to supply our global customers' increasing requirements."

Atlantic Powder Coating Announces New Metal Finishing Products
Stevensville, MD - Atlantic Powder Coating, a provider of powder coating and metal finishing services, recently announced a new line of powder coating products expressly designed to handle the needs of the marine industry.

Unlike interior items, marine metals on a boat face a number of demanding environmental conditions such as exposure to sunlight, air, water, and salt that are constantly working to degrade the metal or its finish. This degradation not only affects how the boat looks, but can also negatively impact performance and potentially lead to part failure. <more>

ANAC establishes manufacturing facility in China
Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings (ANAC) has established a manufacturing base in Suzhou, China. The move supports its existing sales and distribution operations in Asia Pacific, first established in 1980, and is part of the company's key strategic plans for the region. <more>

Sika acquires Protective Coatings business from DuPont
Coating flash December 11 2006
Sika, based in Switzerland, will acquire the Protective Coatings business in Germany from DuPont. The transaction, which is expected to be completed by year end, is subject to regulatory approval. With its Protective Coatings business, DuPont develops, produces and sells highly resistant coatings for flooring, concrete and steel under the trademarks "Unitherm", "Permacor", "Epiter", "Asplit", and "Betonol". Together with the new technology and the "Unitherm" brand, Sika will be gaining strategically significant access to fire protection applications. This field ideally complements Sika's traditional concrete and steel protection businesses. Following the takeover, about 150 DuPont Protective Coatings employees, based mainly at the Vaihingen/Enz site in Germany, will join Sika.

Powder Coatings in Europe 2005/2006-2016 - A New Dawn" Plus a General Overview of the Powder Coatings Markets in the Middle East & Africa
BRUSSELS, Belgium -- IRFAB announces its new study on the broader European Powder Coatings market, examining the changing market dynamics from various perspectives at this critical stage in its evolution. In the mature West European markets, where growth rates are now 2-4% per annum at most, powder coatings producers are starting to re-evaluate and adjust their strategies.

For many, repositioning in the West is going hand-in-hand with expansion in the growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe and, for some, even further Eastwards. With the divisions between regional trading zones becoming increasingly blurred, the study also includes an overview of the neighbouring markets in the Middle East and Africa.

Behind the basic facts on this market:

Powder Coatings production in 2005 across the whole of Europe was around 440,000 tonnes, valued at more than EUR1.5 billion
The Middle East & Africa are increasingly important markets, currently standing at a combined total of 50,000 Tonnes
Polyester-epoxy hybrids and polyester/TGIC-free powders dominate the European market, with epoxies, acrylics and polyurethanes filling niche sectors
Average prices vary considerably across the region, from lows of EUR2.50 /kg in several of the Mediterranean markets to more than EUR4.50 /kg in Northern Europe. <more>

 Infomercial from  Mercury Specialty Resins

Product Data Sheet from

Cure Coat CC 1314

General Description:
CC 1314 is a Carboxylated Polyester Resin designed for Hybrid System. When used with epoxy resin at 50/50 ratio. This gives a good flow with an excellent over baking resistance with mechanical properties.

Polyester Properties:
Appearance  Pale Flakes
Colour (Gardner)  Max. 4
Acid Value (mg koh/g) 75 ± 3
Viscosity at 175°  70-100 P
Reactivity at 180° C (50% GT 7004) 200 ± 25 seconds
Glass Transition Temperature °c >55

Guide Formulation:

Material CC1314 GT 7004 Blank Fix Flow Aid Benzoin Phil Black Pigment
% 30 30 36.6 1.0 0.4 2.0

Application Properties:

Baking Schedule Film thickness Gloss
180° C / l0 minutes, Metal Temperature 50-60 microns 95% at 60°

Mechanical Properties:

Impact: Forward Reverse Bend Test Cross Hatch Test
 80 Kg cm minimum 80 Kg cm minimum Passes, 2mm Passes (GT =0)

Storage: Keep away from heat source and direct sunlight, Store below 30° C.
Packing: 25 Kg laminated . woven sacks

The information given above is true and accurate to best of our knowledge, however we do not take any warranty or liability arising out of its use, since the condition of use is beyond our control.

Manufactured By:

Mercury Speciality Resins
GAT No. - 5511A, Gonde
Tal- Igatpury
Dist Nahsik 422403
Email mercury@rediffmail.com  


The Protech/Oxyplast Group Buys Flanders Powder NV
The Protech/Oxyplast Group, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, through its Belgian affiliate, Oxyplast Belgium NV, has purchased the powder coatings business of Flanders Powder NV, Wevelgem, Belgium. The deal also gives The Protech Group a participation in Ekopowder, Opava, The Czech Republic.

IPC Classified
Western Commercial Corporation
 Protecting Your Daily Life
 Our Japanese Principal
 'Fuji Chemical Industries
 produce the silver -zinc based inorganic antimicrobial agent "BACTEKILLER®"
 with Antimicrobial anti-fungal efficacy 
 BACTEKILLER® inhibits the growth of Bacteria and fungi thanks to its antimicrobial metal ion function preventing the occurrence of slime microbiological deterioration and odor. BACTEKILLER® has long lasting antimicrobial and anti-fungal efficacy. BACTEKILLER®" does not break down even at temperatures of 500 degree C.

 Please contact us for more information
 M/S Western Commercial Corporation
502 Vishwananak, 5th Floor,
 Chakala Andheri (East)
 Mumbai 400099
 Tele  91 - 22 - 2839 44 41 / 42 / 43
 Fax  91 - 22 - 2821 98 71
 Email  acorp@dishnetdsl.net   acorp@vsnl.in

Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay Enterprises is a leading manufacture of powder coating materials (PCM) in India. VIJAY COAT today stands as a Reliable source of High Quality and Durable Powder Coating materials at very reasonable prices. Vijay's PCM find extensive application for industrial and other demanding applications. Vijay enterprises was incorporated in 1995 with a view to supplying quality PCMs to Indian industry. Vijay's manufacturing set up is equipped with best machines from M/s Buss AG Switzerland who are world's largest manufacturer of Powder Coating Machines. Vijay has now established itself and earned a name for its quality supplies and prompt delivery at very economic prices. VIJAY has multi-locational production facilities near Ahmedabad in western India and at Silvassa in the U T of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, 200 Kms off Mumbai. This makes it a competitive source of PCMs to all customers. 

Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Admin. Office :
103, Gita Bhavan, 1st Floor, Opp. Vijay Transport,
Narol Char Rasta, AHMEDABAD 382 405.
Telephone: +91-79-2532 9057, 25329374,Fax: +91-79-2535 9481
Email: jayesh@icenet.net
web: vijay-powdercoat.com  
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India Powder Coating
Vivek Soley
3, Lalaram Nagar, Indore, 452001 MP India
Phone 91 731 2492291
Mobile 9826297112
emails:   viveksoley@hotmail.com viveksoley@ipconweb.com , indiapowdercoating@yahoo.com

JOTUN Launches latest range of marine vessel coatings at Seatrade Middle East Maritime show in Dubai
JOTUN, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of paints, coatings and powder coatings, is showcasing its high quality marine products and services at the three-day ongoing Seatrade Middle East Maritime exhibition that began at the Dubai World Trade Centre on December 4, 2006. JOTUN’s stand at Number 1510 displays the company’s SeaForce Antifouling solutions, SeaQuantum, SeaForce and SeaLion Fouling Release Coating (FRC) products for the regional maritime industry at the show, which is the Middle East’s foremost exhibition for marine products and services.
JOTUN’s SeaQuantum is a self-polishing and self-smoothing antifouling agent that offers a drydocking interval of up to 60 months through a predictable fouling protection performance. For a cost-effective solution, JOTUN’s SeaForce self-polishing antifouling product offers a drydocking interval of up to 36 months, which can be upgraded to a further 60 months when combined with SeaQuantum. <more>
The Times December 28, 2006

ICI faces new year makeover as Dutch rival seeks to apply extra coatings
Akzo Nobel seeks to extend leadership
Coatings industry faces shake-up
Upheaval in the global coatings industry is expected in the new year when Akzo Nobel begins its long-awaited campaign to extend its leadership in paints — with ICI the most likely company in its sights.
The British group’s stock soared in November when it announced the sale of its fragrance unit to Givaudan. The £1.2 billion sale of Quest rids ICI of the long legacy of debt inherited from its purchase of the fragrance and flavourings businesses from Unilever, but it also leaves the company, capitalised at £5 billion, a better fit for a strategic-coatings merger.

Akzo Nobel, a Dutch company, has had its hands tied with the task of demerging Organon, its pharmaceutical business, but it has made plain its ambition to expand in coatings. The Organon transaction should be completed in the first quarter of 2007, allowing Akzo to focus on developing its coatings business, which boasts Crown, the market-leading consumer brand, as well as important positions in industrial and marine coatings. <more>

Antibacterial coating service has no licence costs
UK finishing company offers new service to help improve hygiene standards, and prevent bacterial infections in a range of industry sectors - without the added costs of expensive licences or permits

Pickersgill Electroplating's new anti-bacterial powder coating service is aimed at businesses supplying equipment to healthcare and medical facilities as well to the leisure and childcare sectors. The coating is also suitable for use as a surface treatment on kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures and fittings, washrooms, and catering/ food production areas and appliances. The coating powder uses technology which actively inhibits the growth of bacteria and has been independently tested to show its effectiveness against E-coli and staphyloccoccus aureus.

It is targeted at those manufacturers who want to add an extra defence against dangerous infections.

The active ingredient is bound into the coating during production and the coating can then be applied to a range of appliances and surfaces.

Within the healthcare sector, where this technology has obvious applications, the coating can be applied to ceiling tiles, furniture, beds, door and window furniture and lockers.

In the leisure and health club industries the coating can be used to treat furniture, shower cubicles and multi use leisure equipment as part of an overall programme of controlling cleanliness standards.

Suppliers of products and equipment to the food production sector, where maintaining the highest levels of hygiene are paramount, is another key area where this service would add significant value.

Pickersgill's general manager Paul Bertie said: 'There is clearly a market for this service with so much emphasis currently being put on hygiene and cleanliness.

'It offers an extra level of protection for surfaces used in sensitive areas where infection can be a serious issue.

'Manufacturers take this problem seriously and demand is growing from their customers for products that have been treated in this way'.

Pickersgill offers a wide range of finishing solutions in the West Yorkshire area including powder painting, pre treatment including chromating, iron and zinc phosphate and blasting.

Electroplating processes include zinc, nickel and chrome plating, anodising as well as tin and copper plating.

North American Paints and Coatings Markets Presents a Rosy Picture Following the Housing Boom
December 15, 2006
The declining numbers of new housing starts, raw material price hikes and increasingly stringent regulations on volatile organic compounds have not done much to dampen the growth prospects of the North American paints and coatings market. A surge in demand following the housing boom of 2001-2005 expects to drive the market even during critical periods.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, North American Paints & Coatings Market Investment Analysis and Growth Opportunities, reveals this market earned $21.43 billion in 2005 and estimates this to reach $25.45 billion in 2009.

DecoWood - powder coated alternative to timber
Timber is a popular material for many windows and doors, due to its natural framing beauty. And people love the look and warmth that timber windows and doors can add to a home. Therefore, by creating interest and depth, timber windows and doors are an important and stylish feature in many modern architectural designs.
In many situations, however, the use of natural timber windows or doors is impractical, particularly when access for repainting or re-treating is difficult. High bushfire risk areas are also a preventative to the use of timber, meaning timber windows and doors would be a fire hazard.

DecoWood from Decorative Imaging is an alternative to timber windows and doors. It is a virtually maintenance-free product that never requires painting. Unlike timber, DecoWood will never split, warp or rot. The beautiful and durable DecoWood powder coated finish for aluminium substrates is manufactured by transferring photographic images of real wood directly into the specially developed marine-grade polyurethane powder coating from Interpon Powder coatings.

Interpon Powder Coatings, a leader in powder coatings, have used their extensive global knowledge and technical expertise in coatings to develop the polyurethane sublimation powders that are supplied exclusively to Decorative Imaging. It is this powder coating process that is used in the DecoWood window and door products to create an alternative to timber.

The DecoWood alternative to timber windows and doors is available from most leading window and door manufacturers. DecoWood powder coated products are also an ideal alternative to other timber products such as slats, screens, shutters and louvers. <more>

High-Temperature Coating suits applications to 1,700°F.
December 11, 2006 - Formulated using high-purity silver flake combined with conductive binder system, Pyro-Duct(TM) 597-C is electrically and thermally conductive, and can be used to produce electronic and high vacuum components. Coating exhibits volume resistivity of 0.0002 W-cm at room temperature. Designed to adhere to ceramic and glass substrates, single-component system dries at room temperature in ~1 hr and heat cures in 1-2 hr at 200°F.

Chemical leak and fire at Dupont plant
December 10, 2006
A chemical leak and small fire at Belle's Dupont plant on Saturday sent a fishy odor over parts of the valley, but no injuries were reported and the concentrations of the leaked chemical were too low to endanger anyone, according to plant officials.

Two leaks took place, both involving the same chemical, trimethylamine, a flammable gas and and liquid that is used in animal-feed supplements, said plant manager Bill Menke. The chemical, also known as TMA, can cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation in high concentrations. But the leak was too small to bring about such health effects, Menke said.

"There should be no health effects" from the leak, he said.

The TMA concentrations were so low at Dupont that, under government safety regulations, plant workers responding to the leak were not required to wear respiratory protection, Menke said.

As the leaked chemical traveled away from the plant, its concentrations would have diminished, he noted.

The first leak took place about 5:43 p.m. and the second about an hour and a half later, said Menke said. It was the second leak that resulted in the fire, which ignited because the TMA in liquid form dripped onto a "steam-tracing line," or a pipe that was being warmed with steam, he said.

The fire was put out within about three to four minutes, he said. <more>

DuPont Cuts Jobs to Invest in Seeds Business
DuPont announced on Monday that it is cutting 1500 jobs from its "low growth" crop-protection and nutrition division and will plow the $100 million it will save into its "high growth" seeds business. The company is fighting Monsanto for market share, particularly in the corn seed market. In that vein, Monsanto's enhanced marketing capabilities seems to be gaining on DuPont's R&D. Monsanto's share of U.S. seed-corn sales has grown to 25% from 10% six years ago, while DuPont's has fallen to about 31% from 38% in 2000. 15,000 DuPont employees work in the agricultural division, out of a company total of 60,000. Analysts approve the move, especially in light of the company's competition with Monsanto.<more>

DuPont Still Hiding Teflon Hazard Study
Dec. 13 – Nearly two months after DuPont claimed to have evidence that a chemical it uses in the Teflon-manufacturing process is safe for workers, the chemical giant still refuses to release its full findings to the public. <more>

In film branding is here to rock!
You may have noticed the presence of popular brands like the Eros Jewellery,
Nerolac Paints, Taj Mahal Tea, Seagrams and the stunning Audi A6 in Ravi Chopra’s Baabul. Sanjay Bhutiani, Business Head of BR Films, is the brain child behind these placements. <more>



  Seminar Events Exhibitions  

6th International Paint, Resin, Coatings and Composites Fair 2007
11.1. - 14.1. 2007
Banian Omid Co.

23rd Indian Paint Conference and Exhibition
Jan 19-21 2007
Hotel ITC, Sonar Bangla, Kolkota
Contact: Desco Paints Corporation
75, Shakespeare Sarani

ASTM Committee D01 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials, and Applications
21.1. - 23.1. 2007
Ft. Lauderdale, FL/USA
ASTM International

149. SVLFC Gesamtarbeitstagung: Additive
17.1. 2007

The Coatings Summit
4.2. - 6.2. 2007
Vincentz Network, Esther Schwencke

34th Annual International Waterborne, High-Solids, and Powder Coatings Symposium
14.2. - 16.2. 2007
New Orleans/USA
The University of Southern Mississippi

European Coatings Conference: Novel Biocide Technology III
15.2. - 16.2. 2007
Vincentz Network .





  Powder Coating Manual, Surface Defects -- (Part - 60)  

Dirt Control Plan
The best way to control dirt rejects is a formal dirt control plan. This holds for installations that have very high quality standards and find that the dirt level is too high. This involves the formation of a dirt team and establishment of specific goals to be achieved.
Dirt Defect Analysis & Reduction
In order to analysis and reduce dirt on the product, the dirt team starts out with the development of a set of objectives. The objectives are the foundation of the activity of the dirt team.

First of all, it is necessary to categorize dirt rejects in specific terms. Generally listing a reject as ìdirtî will not help to lead to reduction of contamination. Only when the contaminant is accurately identified can the source be determined. Cotton fiber, condensate, copper, sulfur, phosphate, metal shavings, rust flakes, old paint chips, etc. These are acceptable categories of dirt rejects.  When the dirt is identified, it can help to lead to the source. Once the source is known, corrective action can be taken. The steps to be followed are:

1. Characterize contamination that causes defects
2. Identify the most probable sources
3. Establish appropriate corrective action to minimize or eliminate problems

Corporate, plant and paint area management must be committed to dirt training, analysis and reduction activities for the coating system. The shop is recognized and treated as a separate, special factory environment Coating processes are monitored for consistency. It is essential to follow these two principals:

1. Must be ongoing process
2. Must have management support If the process starts and stops the results will not be satisfactory. If management does not support the effort its effectiveness will be limited.

Dirt Control Process
The process of dirt control involves the application of continuous improvement techniques. Development of charts that identify the problems and formal problem solving continually reduce the sources of dirt.
• Continuous improvement techniques are applied to the process
• All coating line personnel are aware of how their work performance impacts the product

Continuous improvement is a formal process that seeks opportunities for better performance. All coating line personnel, including rackers, applicators, quality control workers, packagers, hi-lo drivers and technicians need to understand their role in quality output.
The Dirt Analyst

A dirt analyst leads this effort. The dirt analyst coordinates and administrates a continuous effort to reduce rejects. He/she should meet the following criteria:

• A production worker
• Not subject to job rotation
• Highly motivated
• A good communicator
• Provides training for others
• Applies Statistical Process Control methods to monitoring dirt levels
• Develops facility and process investigative techniques

Facilities Maintenance Relating to Dirt It is essential to practice planned maintenance to keep the system running smoothly and keep the yield high. Planned maintenance means having a schedule for the necessary cleaning, adjusting and repair of the system components. The time, materials and people required for the job are determined and assigned to maintenance as a regular part of their job. The line operators can often perform maintenance at the end of each shift. Here are some examples of things that are part of the planned maintenance program.

• Oven & booth
– Cleaning
– Filter Changes
– Inspection/replacement of wear parts

• Washer
– Chemical titration
– Nozzle maintenance
– Clean screens
– Empty bag filters
– Descaling

• Conveyor
– Check lubricator reservoir
– Clean chain and rail

• General housekeeping

• Problem solving techniques

• Preventive maintenance

Dirt reduction is related to focused cleaning and maintenance. Focused cleaning requires allocation of time and resources.

Process Monitoring
Process monitoring is necessary to chart results. Documentation provides the necessary information used to make progress.

• Dirt count
– Count dirt defects on a consistent number of parts each day, randomly selected.
– Use a Flow Diagram: pretreat-prime-base coat-clear coat-cure
– Arrange on SPC chart (upper control, mean, lower control)

• Dirt identification (Pareto)

• Dirt reference handbook

• Dirt analysis data sheet
– Date
– Time
– Process
– Color

• Communicate results
Use SPC Chart as a Monitoring Device
Statistical Process Control (SPC) is the tool that establishes the operating guidelines.

It is used to analyses a process or its output. Process outputs are monitored to evaluate the operation. If the operation needs adjustment it will be revealed by the process monitoring methods so that corrective action can be taken before large amounts of production are made with defects. The technique involves predicting output based on control of variables, sampling, feedback from samples, and controls that keep the process within acceptable range. Pretreatment, application, and curing need to be monitored and controlled for predictable results. Keep the following ideas in mind. 

• Recognize when process is out of control
• Have mechanism to correct out of control process
• Correlate process changes with trend in dirt levels
Control of the powder material, the pretreatment chemistry, the equipment, the environment, and the people that run the system is needed for the highest possible level of quality. 

The development of a formal SPC program begins with the establishment of a steering committee. Like the dirt team, the steering committee sets objectives for the group. SPC requires some training in data collection and reporting techniques. The team will learn these techniques, use them to break down the process and select controlcharacteristics. Gauges are developed to provide the necessary measurement of the characteristics selected. Data is collected with the gauges and used to build charts. The charts are read and used for corrective action when necessary. The results are monitored to verify the results of the program.

Dirt Identification

Dirt can be identified through the use of microscopes. Magnified pictures and real size pictures can be used to develop a reference book for dirt identification. Only when the defect is identified can the best possible solution be discovered
• Use shop microscope to identify defects on-line (paint chip, cotton fiber, sanding dust, gun spit, synthetic fiber, metal shaving, oil, etc.)
• Remove sample of defect for further analysis
• Use stereo microscope to identify difficult defects and to create documentation
• Use scanning electron microscope to analyze defect and compare to reference for positive ID




Dear Mr.Soley
I am a Paint Technologist & obtained Professional Degree From UICT(Formerly Known as UDCT),Mumbai in 1979.
I have hard core & hands on experience of 26 years in the field of Paints (Decorative-Architectural,Marine,Protective Coatings,Coil Coatings,Can Coatings & Inks & Powder Coatings).
Looking for our long lasting relationship.
with Warm Regds
D Sanjeev

Dear Mr Soley,
Wishing you, your family, and colleague, Health Happines and Prosperity in 2007.
With Best Wishes,
Ruby Vatcha
Nuremberg Trade Fairs Representative for India
I would like to list my company  as a  plant manufacturer.
Thanks Regards
Nataraj Khadilkar, Shri systems, Pune

I am Senior manager Paint shop working for leading automotive wheels manufacturer in southern parts of India, Chennai. We are planning to set up Powder coat plant for our export truck wheels. I have seen  India Powder coating on the web site.
Thanks and regards.

You have taken maximum advantage of technology and it is very good to convey your message to masses. Wishing them all the Happiness & Proserity all
Mr Joshi,
Chemi Enterprises

Wishing all the Powder Coating industry members a happy and prosperous new year 2007
S.V.Prasad , Marpol
Wishing you the Best
Venugopal, Marpol

Dear  Mr. Vivek Soley
We at Mitsuba Wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Bhavesh Desai

Happy New Year
Kalyan Dhakane.

May the spirit of this Holiday Season fill your heart with love peace and serenity. Wishing you many blessings for the New Year. Have a great 2007 ahead.
Mayur Palta
Marketing Manager Global
Palta Fertilizers & Chemicals

"Wishing you all a happy & Prosporous 2007"
R.Ravi Shankar
Add On Business Solutions

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