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SUR/FIN 2008 | June 16-18 | Exhibition: June 17-18
Indiana Convention Center | Indianapolis, IN
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MAY 2008

Welcome to the May 2008 edition of the IPC e-newsletter. The IPC e newsletter is distributed free to more than 3000 people around the world.

This edition of the newsletter contains:

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"Safe Powder Coating Guidline"  from The European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists‘ Colours Industry (CEPE) ( Part2 )

Exhibitions and Conferences in May and June 2008

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During the last few years our website has made efforts to provide the powder coating community, a complete picture of the powder coating activity in India. The data provided by our website is considered to be a valued and the only source of such information by many national and international organisations.

With the end of another financial year, it's once again time to estimate the powder production capacity of India. The estimated production figure rose from 14,000 tons in 2002-2003 to 18000 tons during 2003-2004. In 2004-2005 the figure went up to 20000 tons. 2005-2006 showed a steep rise to 34,000 tons slowing down to 39000 tons in 2006-2007.

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Pune Visit
It was an interesting experience to meet and talk to some of our subscribers while on visit to Pune. Three days were too short to get the feel of this city

Pune is the second largest city in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Pune is a major industrial centre, growing rapidly every year.

A duration of three days was too short for meeting virtual friends and to  justify the overwhelming response. The mobile phone continued to ring at the airport even until the departure time. Thanks to PG Kunte, Dinesh Sudumbarekar (Statfield); Deepak Muley (Colourcoat);  Pradeep Vaidya, Prasad Deshpande (Promotech); DA Gundecha (Force Motors Ltd); Sanjay Jayawant (Creative Sytems); Ramesh Bhise (Shree Engineering); Kiron Deodhar (Spectra Consultech); Sandeep Wadadekar (Sudarshan), and all other who had helped to make the visit a wonderful experience.

For those with whom I could not communicate, another visit shortly..... !




IPC e newsletters now available on CD.
We often get requests for previous editions of the IPC e newsletter. On popular demands we have put together the past editions of the newsletter on a CD. This CD includes IPC e newsletters from 2001, 2002, 2003,  2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 . The CD is available against a processing fee of Rs 500/- or USD 16.00  only. (plus Courier charges). 




   Infomercial from Mitsuba Systems  

 Mitsuba Automatic Gun Movers – Reciprocator


Mitsuba Automatic Gun Movers – Reciprocator

Mitsuba presents the servo driven ultra smooth reciprocator for swift, clean and jerk-free gun movement.

The Reciprocators are capable of operating at different speeds in the same stroke giving you the flexibility to coat even the most complex parts without powder wastage.

Save up to 99 different configurations for various parts and minimise labour intervention for your powder coating process.

The control panel incorporates a most user friendly touch screen which self explains the operations. Two reciprocators can be operated on one panel.

Use Mitsuba's Electromechanical Reciprocators to mount Corona and Tribo powder guns as well as liquid spray guns.

The reciprocators are available in different stroke lengths and can load up to 8 automatic guns. The Patented Infiniti™ Automatic Corona guns paired with a wide range of powder spray nozzles will give you the best finish.

To view a video of the Reciprocators operating please click on the following link:

To find out more about how Mitsuba can offer you the best equipment in the powder coating industry please feel free to contact us on the address / email id given below.

Mitsuba Systems (I) P Ltd,
34/H, Laxmi Indl Estate,
New Link Road,
Andheri (W),
Mumbai - 400 053
Tel: 2631 8633 /66924151/2/3
Email: mitsuba@vsnl.com 
Website: www.powdergun.com 


   Infomercial from Nordson  
Why Spray To Waste? Save powder!

Recovering your over sprayed powder means cutting the cost of your powder coating operations, instantly.
Powder recovery constitutes of three stages:
• Containment of the powder within the booth
• Transportation of the collected powder, and
• Conditioning the recycled powder ready for use again.
Nordson has solutions that help you effectively save powder in all three stages, to help you stop disposing and start saving!
Here is a video that depicts how Nordson powder booths effectively recovers powder using Cyclone technology, reclaiming more than 95% of your powder to be used again
Please click here for an animated video of the or click the play button.

Please contact us for more details. Our proficient team will meet you right away to provide the best solutions for cost effective powder coating

Nordson India Private Limted
143 A, Bommasandra Industrial Area,
Bangalore – 560099
Tel: +91 80 4021 3600
Fax: +91 80 4021 3601
Email: nordsonindia@nordson.com
Website: www.nordson.com



Infomercial from Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay Enterprises is a leading manufacture of powder coating materials (PCM) in India. VIJAY COAT today stands as a Reliable source of High Quality and Durable Powder Coating materials at very reasonable prices. Vijay's PCM find extensive application for industrial and other demanding applications. Vijay enterprises was incorporated in 1995 with a view to supplying quality PCMs to Indian industry. Vijay's manufacturing set up is equipped with best machines from M/s Buss AG Switzerland who are world's largest manufacturer of Powder Coating Machines. Vijay has now established itself and earned a name for its quality supplies and prompt delivery at very economic prices. VIJAY has multi-locational production facilities near Ahmedabad in western India and at Silvassa in the U T of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, 200 Kms off Mumbai. This makes it a competitive source of PCMs to all customers. 

Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Admin. Office :
103, Gita Bhavan, 1st Floor, Opp. Vijay Transport,
Narol Char Rasta, AHMEDABAD 382 405.
Telephone: +91-79-2532 9057, 25329374,Fax: +91-79-2535 9481
Email: jayesh@icenet.net
web: vijay-powdercoat.com  


Job Opportunities
Often we receive emails with no contents, but a resume word document attachment.
This column could be of use for such people, those who are looking our for better prospects.
Use this space to publish your mini resume in the format  given in the adjacent column. You may or may not reveal your identity. Send us these details and we will put it this column
Name: Bharat Bhushan
Date of Birth: 1-1-1954 
Email : bbhushan2000@gmail.com
Link to resume: Bharat Bhushan
Date of Birth: 26 / 02 / 1983
Location Egypt
Current job: Geochemistry in Electrostatic Powder Coating.
Email : geochemistry_mohamed@yahoo.com
Name: Ashish kumar Singh
Current job:Thin film deposition
Link to resume: Ashih kumar singh
Name: S.P.Pawde.
Current job:Powder Coating
Link to resume:S.P.Pawde.


IPC Classified
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India Powder Coating
Vivek Soley
3, Lalaram Nagar, Indore, 452001 MP India
Phone 91 731 2492291
Mobile 9826297112
emails:   viveksoley@hotmail.com viveksoley@ipconweb.com , indiapowdercoating@yahoo.com

Shimeg Coating

Powder Coating Manufacturers!!

We can assist you in the following areas

 Powder Manufacturing
 Plant Erection & Commissioning
 Technology Transfer
 Product Development
 Quality Improvement
 Cost control
 RM Selection / Vendor Development
 Equipment Selection & Procurement.

Please Contact
Dr. K. K. Srivastava
Shimeg Coating Technologies
9 / 604, Garden Estate, Thane (West) 400 610,
Tel./ Fax : + 91 22 2589 1159 ; Cell: 09969138974
E-mail : shimeg@gmail.com
Web: www.shimeg.netfirms.com


We need the following,
 1 Wrinkle Finish, Tuxedo Black colour, Polyester Powder coat paint, with UV resistance property for Indoor & Outdoor applications.
 2 Wrinkle Finish, Storm Grey colour, Polyester Powder coat paint, with UV resistance property for Indoor & Outdoor applications.
 3 Texture Finish, Bronze colour Powder coat paint, with UV resistance property for Indoor & Outdoor applications.


Contact Details.
info@mdltechnologies.com ,
Mobile  +91 9704344407.

High Heat Performance. Powder coating on plastics
by Ian Montgomery, Marcel Verhagen

Powder coating is a fast growing technology due mainly to its environmental benefit, particularly the elimination of solvents and related compounds that are emitted into the air in conventional liquid paint. Powder coating has been traditionally used with metal substrates, however, the need for greater design freedom has led to industry demand for technology suitable for plastic substrates.

Lightweight, high performance and adaptable plastics offer many advantages over metals in applications ranging from mobile phones and TVs to automotive body panels and tractor hoods.

The challenge has been finding successful approaches to the key issues of powder coating these materials conductivity to attract the coating and high heat performance to withstand the cure cycle. There have been major paths to this goal.

Reaching the objectives
The first approach is aimed at using a primer to give the surface of a non conductive plastic substrate enough conductivity to allow powder coating to adhere. This process has some disadvantages because it requires a liquid to be applied and cured prior to the powder coating process. Additional issues include costs of both liquid and powder application equipment, the need of multilayer where a single layer of powder coating could fit the requirement and loss of some environmental advantages of powder coating (ie. elimination of volatile organic compounds [VOC] emissions.

The second technology is thermal application or flocking. In this process, the substrate is pre heated and the powder is applied to the hot surface. This heat causes powder to stick to the surface. The part is then cured in the same way as a conventional powder coating applied at room temperature.

These two process can only be used with plastics that have high heat deflection temperature ( a measurement of a plastic's resistance to deform at higher temperature} or plastics filled with glass or minerals that can increase stiffness at higher temperature. However the choice of substrate is still somewhat limited and does require the end user to have a good understanding of the performance of the plastic substrate during the curing process for the powder coating.

The third alternative is not really a process but rather the result of new developments in conductive plastics. Specialized plastics substrates have been developed to permit the direct application of powder coating to the surface with no pre treatment or pre processing ultimately giving the coater the option to hang plastic substrate next to metal substrate on a  powder coating line. This technology has been under development for a number of years at SABIC Innovative Plastics. Plastics leading to a  product line called Noryl GTX resin.

Design Freedom
Noryl GTX resins are environmentally responsible material which are optimised for powder coating. they contain conductive filers that eliminate the need of apply of electrostatic primers, which can emit harmful solvents and related compounds into air. In powder coating applications Noryl GTX resins can replace metal substrate, eliminating costly and potentially hazardous chemical pre-treatment and offering increased design freedom.  Also the material makes it possible to powder coate metal and plastic on the same production line, which enables economics of scale and avoid color mismatch between powder coating and injection moulded plastics.

Noryl GTX an alloy of polyamide (PA) and polyphenylene ether (PPE) offers an outstanding balance of properties, including mechanical performance, chemical resistance and heat resistance, which makes it an excellent  candidate for many industries and applications . The ability to be modified for use in electrostatics processes and to withstand cure temperature up to 410 degree F (210 degree C) enables the material to be powder coated using most powder chemistries  found in market place, including polyester, epoxies and hybrids.

Compared to the typical liquid painting process, conversions to powder coating can reduce VOC emissions up to 98% and results in an overall coating saving over 49%. Further, they offer OEMs and their supply chain partners the flexibility to replace metals with light weight high performance plastic or to run multiple materials on the same coating line.

Solving Drawback
Although there are some PA  grades  that can be liquid or powder coating directly, the addition of PPE resin allows the resin to solve drawbacks of PA, it reduces moisture uptakes that would normally require significant drying prior to coating, it reduces warpage, and it lowers density for weight saving up to 25% over glass filled PA, where the glass is required for PA for heat resistance in the powder coating process.

While many conductive resins used in liquid coating environments are suitable for powder coating applications, some grades have been confirmed to give them a wider processing window in powder coating applications. Table 1 shows key properties of these grades.

Unlike conventional plastics that must be coated with electrostatic primer, or metals that must be chemically pre treated to remove grease, Noryl GTX resins require only a washing step prior to beginning the powder coating process.

Besides PEE/PA aloy, SABIC  Innovative Plastics introduced as of January 2008 a PPE / PBT aloy (Noryl LMX), which alo can be used for powder coating or electrostatic paintings systems. The main objective to launce this grade is the reduction of moisture pickup during handling the moulded applications. Compared to PPE/ PA alloy the PPE/ PBT alloy has a moisture uptake of 0.15%
Noryl LMX is produced in the same process as the conductive PPE/ PA alloy.

Property  Units Standards Noryl GTX* Unified(NX0031) Noryl GTX*
Mineral Filled
NOryl GTX*
Glass Filled
Tensile Stress yld (5 mm/min) MPa ASTM D638 2250 4340 7000
Tensile Stress yld (50 mm/min) Mpa ASTM D 638 52 60 140
Tensile Stress yld (50 mm/min) % ASTM D 638 5 3 3
Notched Izod (23 C) J/m ASTM D 256 224 39 85
HDT unannealed
(0.45 MPa, 302 nm
degree C ASTM D 648 176 187 215
Melt Volume Rate (280degree C/ 5.0kg) cubic cm/10 min ISO 1133 8 12 7

Nonphosphate Pretreatment Has Performance Advantages

DuBois Chemicals has launched a new process called Zirconization for paint pretreatment and surface finishing systems that will allow finishing professionals to run their metal pretreatment operations in a high-performing, low-temperature and nonphosphate environment. This new process uses a new product, DuraTEC 100, which is a patent-pending metal pretreatment replacement for iron phosphate.

Continental Honored for Use of Nontoxic Pretreatment
Continental Airlines has received an award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Design for the Environment (DfE) Program in recognition of the airline's use of an environmentally friendly, nonchromium surface pretreatment called PreKote. Continental is the first commercial air carrier to use this technology on its aircraft.

Tainted Water Found in DuPont Plant's Well
Elizabethtown, N.C. — The Department of Environment and Natural Resources reported Monday that levels of a cancer-causing chemical have more than doubled in well water on the property of DuPont's Fayetteville Works plant in Bladen County.

DENR has been monitoring the presence of perfluorooctanoic acid, or C8, in the well. The level increased from 7 parts per billion in 2006 to 17 parts per billion last year.<more>

Money must be found to fix the lead paint mess in all of the older houses
Who is responsible for removing poisonous lead paint -- homeowners, landlords, municipalities, the feds, the paint manufacturers?

More than 93,000 older Delaware homes may contain lead paint that can harm brains and central nervous systems. Very young children are especially vulnerable. The toxins in lead paint can cause impaired hearing, hyperactivity, poor coordination, decreased growth, muscle pain, learning disabilities, memory problems and attention deficit disorder.

Lead paint was taken off the market in 1978 but its legacy lingers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.7 million children ages 5 and younger are affected by lead poisoning

Delaware and other states are still cleaning up the mess, quite literally. As it crumbles and chips in homes built before 1978, lead paint still poisons.

Getting the lead out costs about $1 million a year in Delaware alone.

Officials here say only 246 units will receive either full lead-paint removal or limited interim control treatments this year because the average cost of abatement is $15,000 a unit, and fixing one Wilmington unit cost $40,000.<more>

Smell the difference: Home Depot and ICI team up for green paint release

Paint takes green to the next level and provides a comprehensive home, family and earth-friendly product from start to finish, they claim.

ICI Paints and The Home Depot claim they have launched a first with Freshaire - a 'truly comprehensive and environmentally friendly paint'.

The Freshaire Choice Paint - available from April 1 - is a paint free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is backed by a lifetime guarantee and Greenguard certification, the latter from an independent test laboratory in the United States.

The secret behind its eco-friendly status is an 'advanced colourant techology' which provides colour without chemical odour or VOCs.

It has a colour palette of 66 colours available through a tinting system across four groupings: Waterscapes, Atmosphere, Botanical and Earth. <more>

China's paint industry becomes world's second largest
BEIJING, Apr 01, 2008 (AsiaPulse via COMTEX) -- -- China has become the second largest paint producer and consumer in the world propelled by booming real estate, auto and shipping building sectors.

Global paint manufacturers have moved their production capacities to China in recent years.
The world's top paint and coating producer Akzo Nobel recorded US$1.03 billion of sales revenue in China last year, up 16 per cent year-on-year.

By 2012, Akzo Nobel is expected to realize US$2 billion of sales revenue in China, according to Anders Brostm, president of Akzo Nobel China.

The production value of the world's paint industry exceeded US$82 billion in 2002 with an annual growth rate at about six per cent, according to the just concluded 5th China international Exhibition for Painting Chemical Materials in Beijing.

Currently, the output of top ten paint producers in the world accounts for one third of total output, boasting a 60 per cent market share. <more>

Berger Paints India acquires Poland's Bolix from Advent Intl for $38.6 mln

MUMBAI (Thomson Financial) - Berger Paints India Ltd. said it has acquired Poland-based Bolix S.A. from private equity group Advent International for $38.6 million.

The purchase, which will be made through a Berger unit in Cyprus, is subject to clearance by the Polish Anti-Monopoly Office.

Bolix is a provider of external insulation finishing systems and manufactures dry plaster mixes and acrylic colours.<more>

Paint makers plan to increase prices next month
MUMBAI: Spruce up colours on your walls soon or be prepared to shell out more for the same as prices of solvent-based paints seem poised to move northward.

Paint manufacturers are lining up price hikes to combat the hit on their bottomline due to the continuing increase in global crude prices, which have been scaling newer peaks each passing day. Oil prices have risen 79% in the last year.

Petroleum compounds form one of the major raw materials used for making these paints.

Abhijit Roy, vice-president, sales and marketing, Berger Paints India, said, “There has been a rise in input prices for our industry, especially in solvent-based products. It is not always possible to hike prices, but now it has started hurting our bottomline. There will be an increase of about 5% in prices in a month.”

He added that the impact of these high prices would be more for companies like Berger and Nerolac as oil-based paints constitute a high percentage of their sales.

Other manufacturers are also indicating price hikes. Ashok Saini, vice-president, special projects, Kansai Nerolac Paints, said, “Till now we had the cover of the rupee appreciation, but now that has also gone. For decorative paints it would be easier to hike prices, but it would be difficult for industrial products as they are bought in bulk.” <more>

Dupont launches coatings plant in Shanghai
Dupont launched a 80 million US dollar performance coatings plant in Shanghai on Tuesday to supply the Chinese and Asian markets.Dupont launched a 80 million US dollar performance coatings plant in Shanghai on Tuesday to supply the Chinese and Asian markets.
Dupont launched a 80 million US dollar performance coatings plant in Shanghai on Tuesday to supply the Chinese and Asian markets.
The plant, in Jiading District, is capable of producing 20,000 tons of coatings per year for the auto industry and other industrial uses.
Dupont said the US company's sales in China rose at an average annual rate of 17 percent over the past five years. Dupont has invested about 800 million US dollars in China, and expects the figure to reach 1.2 billion US dollars in 2010. <more>

ICI Pakistan announces 35% final dividend for 2007

KARACHI: The Board of Directors of ICI Pakistan Limited has announced a final cash dividend of Rs 3.5 per ordinary share of Rs 10 for the year ending December 31, 2007. With an earlier interim dividend of 25 percent, ICI Pakistan has declared a total share dividend of 60 percent in 2007, as compared to the 55 percent declared in 2006.

This level of returns is on account of a record-breaking financial year for ICI Pakistan in 2007, which provides further evidence of the continuing growth of its businesses. The announcement of the dividend was made during ICI Pakistan’s 56th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at ICI Head Office Karachi. In addition to a review of accounts for the year ended December 31, 2007, the AGM also approved the appointment of a new Board of Directors for ICI Pakistan Limited for a period of three years, in accordance with the Companies Ordinance 1984. <more>

Global demand for architectural paints to exceed 21 million metric tons in 2011
World demand for architectural paints is forecast to rise 3.9% per year through 2011 to 21.5 million metric tons, valued at $47 billion. Although respectable, growth will decelerate in comparison to the performance of the 2001 to 2006 period, due to a significant projected slowdown in global building construction expenditure growth through 2011.... "Coating World"

RPC joins growing paints market
The Richard Pieris Group is the latest entrant to the growing but competitive paints market, trading prices and quality products with the the likes of CIC, Lankem, Multilac, Nippolac Asian Paints and others.

Mahesh Herath, Business Development Manager for the category, said Arpico has introduced a full array of paints under the brand name Arpicolour ranging from emulsions, enamels, weather-care , wood-care, under coats and anti corrosives and in a multitude of colours. The paints were initially launched in Colombo district, but due to the huge success they received during the following few weeks of the launch, are now being distributed island wide via Arpico Supercentres and general hardware outlets, he said. <more>

DuPont raising price of titanium oxide
April 01, 2008: 09:48 AM EST
 DuPont Titanium Technologies said Tuesday it will raise the price for all grades of its DuPont Ti-Pure titanium dioxide grades, effective April 15.

The price hike of 80 euros ($126.41) per metric ton will apply to all product sold in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Greece and North Africa.

Shares of DuPont Co. rose 29 cents to $47.05 shortly after the opening bell. <more>

KECO Coatings acquires Teknix Powder Coating

Keco Coatings of Indianapolis, IN has completed the acquisition of Teknix Powder Coating in Statesville, NC. This acquisition will enable Keco to transition its Teflon and plasma coating technology into the southeast territory. Teknix Powder Coating is located in the heart of the NASCAR region, which will make it more convientent for existing NASCAR customers to leverage Keco's coating portfolio.

Crown Jewel of Akzo Nobel put up for sale
Akzo Nobel has put its UK Crown Paints business up for sale with a £200 million price tag, As a result of the deal agreed with the European Commission to gain clearance for its £8 billion takeover of ICI, completed in January.

Akzo has until late June to sell its Lancashire-based Crown business and has now reportedly appointed investment bank Greenhill to find buyers. It is thought that the sale could attract the interest of US firms such as American buildings materials and coatings company Sherwin-Williams, as well as PPG Industries and RPM International.

The ICI deal saw Akzo Nobel take control of Britain's top two paint manufacturers, with newly acquired Dulux the top player in the market, followed by Crown.

Crown is thought to employ around 1,400 people at three sites across the UK; its main site in Darwen, Warrington and Hull. Sites in Dublin and Belfast are also understood to be up for sale as part of the agreement.

The Dutch firm said it was confident that the Dulux brand would be retained, but it was unclear if ICI as a name would survive. Alongside the Crown sale, Akzo is also selling ICI’s adhesives and electronic materials business to German chemicals firm Henkel, for £2.7 billion.

Katayama Chemical
Katayama Chemical is working to bring to market flame-retardants, based on vinyl phosphonates, that significantly reduce the natural escape of flame retardants from plastics into the atmosphere.

Using a 140-L reactor at its Amagasaki plant in Japan, the Osaka-based company intends to manufacture several hundred kilograms of dimethyl vinyl-, diethyl vinyl- and diphenyl vinyl phosphonate, and diphenyl vinyl phosphine oxide. It will use these to make flame-retardants on a trial basis for data collection and evaluation, looking at such aspects as their chemical properties, toxicity and marketability.

The testing process is to be completed in approximately one year, upon which Katayama intends to commercialise the product if the results are favourable.

A multi-stage process is currently used to introduce vinyl groups into phosphorous compounds using highly toxic materials such as phosphorous chloride and phosgene, and it is considered difficult to carry out large volume synthesis. But Han Li-Biao, a senior staff member at the Research Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Chemistry under Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, has succeeded in developing a mass-production process for vinyl phosphonates.

Katayama decided to take on the commercialisation of the one-step high-yield process, which uses low cost cationic catalysts, as it believes that the products have potential as environmentally sound alternatives to brominated flame-retardants.

Besides the anticipated use of vinyl phosphonates in flame-retardants for plastics, fibres and electronics’ substrates, they hold promise in the medical sector as pharmaceutical intermediates for cancer drugs and also as agrochemical intermediates, because of their optical activity. (Source: Japan Chemical Week, 20 March, 2008)

Royal DSM has announced its long-term manufacturing plan to expand its polyester powder coating resin facilities and prepare its manufacturing network for the future. The capacity at three of its locations will be expanded, while preparations have started for further expansions.

Including investments currently under consideration, the long-term manufacturing plan would result in a total capacity expansion of 40 kilotons. The investments are scheduled for the period 2007-2010. As a first step, the facilities in Schoonebeek (The Netherlands), Ping Tung (Taiwan) and Santa Margarida (Spain) will be expanded. At the site in Augusta (GA, United States) engineering has already been started to prepare for a significant expansion of capacity for the American market.

The announced investments are in addition to the capacity expansions as announced in 2006 in Kunshan (China), Ping Tung and Santa Margarida. The investments at both Asian sites are fully aligned with and supported by Eternal Chemical, DSM’s joint venture partner for these operations.

Gerben Algra, Global Business Director for DSM Powder Coating Resins, said “The investment will greatly strengthen DSM’s global leadership position in polyester powder coating resins and underlines our commitment to this market. The expansions are essential to support DSM's continuous. Also, the investment plan clearly signals the opportunities DSM sees for innovative and more sustainable products like powder coating resins.” (Source: DSM

Paint major Jotun on expansion spree, to set up 10 showrooms
Ahmedabad, April 16 Jotun Group, one of the world's leading paint companies, announced its plans on Wednesday to set up 10 exclusive showrooms in Gujarat by the year-end. To be called the Jotun Multicolour outlets, the showrooms will cater to the growing demand for paints, a company release said. <more>



  Seminar Events Exhibitions  

10th Biennial Conference
Paints Changing Scenario
23 to 26 May 2008

UV & EB Technology Expo & Conference 2008
5.5. - 8.5. 2008
Chicago, Il./USA
RadTech International North America

Advanced Topics in Polymers and Coatings
6.5. - 8.5. 2008
Ypsilanti, MI/USA
Eastern Michigan University Details ...

Basics of Polyurethane Coatings
6.5. - 7.5. 2008
Ypsilanti, MI/USA
Eastern Michigan University Details ...

Paint Technology
12.5. - 15.5. 2008
PRA Coatings Technology Centre

CPMA's International Color Pigments Conference
13.5. - 15.5. 2008
Chicago, Il/USA
Color Pigments Manufacturers Association, Inc.

Understanding Coating Raw Materials
13.5. 2008
Ypsilanti, MI/USA
Eastern Michigan University

Electrocoat 2008
14.5. - 16.5. 2008
Indianapolis, IN/USA
The Electrocoat Association, Anne Von Moll

International Conference on Aircraft Coating
15.5. - 16.5. 2008
Vincentz Network

WebSeminar Lacke: Modul Pigmente & Füllstoffe II
19.5. - 20.5. 2008
Vincentz Network

EC WebTutorial: Understanding Easy-cleanability I
19.5. 2008
Vincentz Network

Introduction to Liquid Adhesives and Sealants Laboratory
May 20 - 21, 2008
Mentor, OH U.S.A.

Additives for Coatings
20.5. - 21.5. 2008
Frankfurt am Main/Germany
PRA Coatings Technology Centre

VdL - General Assembly (Association of German Paint Manufacturers)
20.5. - 21.5. 2008
Verband der deutschen Lackindustrie e. V.

The 4th Dongguan International Coatings Fair
May 21 - 23, 2008
Dongguan, GD China

EC WebTutorial: Understanding Easy-cleanability II
21.5. 2008
Vincentz Network

DCF2008: The 4th Dongguan International Coatings Fair
21.5. - 23.5. 2008
World Trade Expo Limited

9th Asia Coatings
22-23 May 2008
Omni Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City

ISSPA Bi-Annual Conference
23.5. - 25.5. 2008

WebSeminar Lacke: Modul Additive
26.5. - 29.5. 2008
Vincentz Network

EC WebSeminar Coatings: Solvents
26.5. - 29.5. 2008
Vincentz Network

26.5. - 29.5. 2008
Buenos Aires/Argentina

FL WebSeminar: Wässrige Alkydlacke
26.5. - 27.5. 2008
Vincentz Network

drupa 2008
29.5. - 11.6. 2008
Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

PCI Annual Meeting
Jun 01 - 04, 2008
Marco Island, FL US

American Coatings Conference
Jun 02 - 03, 2008 Charlotte,

Advances in Emulsion Polymerization and Latex Technolgy
2.6. - 6.6. 2008
Bethlehem, PA/USA
Emulsion Polymers Institute

Surfex 2006
3.6. - 4.6. 2008
Surfex Limited

EC WebSeminar Coatings: Additives I
5.6. - 6.6. 2008
Vincentz Network

9.6. - 11.6. 2008

Mixing for Uniform Batches: Improving Product Quality and Productivity
9.6. - 10.6. 2008
Ypsilanti, MI/USA
Eastern Michigan University

WebSeminar Lacke: Modul Lackrezeptierung
10.6. - 12.6. 2008
Vincentz Network

Powder Coating Technology
10.6. - 11.6. 2008
PRA Coatings Technology Centre

EC WebSeminar Coatings: Additives II
10.6. - 11.6. 2008
Vincentz Network

European Coatings Conference: Food Contact
11.6. - 13.6. 2008
Vincentz Network

Volatile Organic Compound and Hazardous Air
15.6. 2008
Vancouver, BC/Canada
ASTM Committee D01

ASTM Committee on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials, and Applications
Jun 15 - 18, 2008
Vancouver, Canada

International Marine & Offshore Coatings Conference & Expo
Jun 16 - 18, 2008 Virginia Beach, VA U.S.A.

Sur/Fin 2008
Jun 16 - 18, 2008 Indianapolis, IN US

NPCA International Marine & Offshore Coatings Conference & Expo
16.6. - 18.6. 2008
Virginia Beach, VA/USA
National Paint & Coatings Association

WebSeminar Lacke: Modul Lackherstellung
16.6. - 19.6. 2008
Vincentz Network

Introduction to Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Technology
Jun 17 - 19, 2008
Mentor, OH U.S.A.

CCAI Annual Meeting
Jun 21 - 24, 2008
Clearwater Beach, FL US

COSI - 4th Coatings Science International 2008
23.6. - 27.6. 2008
Noordwijk/The Netherlands
Eindhoven University of Technology

FL WebSeminar: Automobillacke
23.6. - 24.6. 2008
Vincentz Network

Asia Pacific Coatings Show 2008
24.6. - 26.6. 2008
Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia
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  Safe Powder Coating (Part 2)  
Electrical hazards

3.1 Causes
The main sources of electrical hazard are :
(i) inadequate or defective earthing (grounding) systems leading to build-up of static and subsequent sparking or shock.
(ii) breakdown or overheating of the electrical equipment leading to fire
or shock.

3.2 Prevention

3.2.1 The contact between the workpiece, carrier jigs and conveyor should be designed and regularly tested to ensure an adequate earth is maintained at all times. Jigs should be designed to avoid any unnecessary build-up of coating. They should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain correct contact. Automatic cut-out or warning systems should be installed, wherever
practicable, to constantly monitor the efficiency of the earthing system between the jig and the conveyor.

3.2.2 Metal objects to be coated should have a resistance to earth not exceeding 106 W.

3.2.3 Floors and other surfaces with which operators can make contact should be conductive and have a resistance not exceeding 106 W. Non-conductive materials can be coated with conductive floor compounds and coatings.

3.2.4 As an additional precaution, all components of the spraying facility should be connected together through an equipotential bonding system. This should include all electrical equipment enclosures, metal floors, ceilings, fences, partitions, and conveyors as well as the
HV generator.

3.2.5 As an alternative to physical earthing of the workpiece, ionising devices can be used to discharge any accumulated electrostatic charges. The device should be sited as near as possible to the work piece.

3.2.6 Conveyors should be designed to minimise swinging of the work piece.

3.2.7 Regular maintenance and cleaning programmes should be introduced to ensure that dusts are not allowed to build up on electrical equipment and that ventilation ducts and cooling fins are
kept clean and unobstructed.

3.2.8 Only the spray gun(s) and associated electrical cables and powder supply hoses should be sited inside the booth. If the siting of other electrical equipment, including the HV generator,
in the booth or adjacent areas is unavoidable, this equipment must meet the requirements of EN 50050 ( handguns )and EN 50 177 ( automatic guns ) and must be dust tight to Standard IPX.

3.2.9 Operatives should wear anti-static overalls, non-insulating gloves and anti-static footwear meeting the requirements of ISO 2023/2024.


  Feed Back  

I have been member of your website since inception and have found your web content interesting. Your dedication to the website is commendable. The effort to give new and more to the industry and consequently to your venture has been very visible over the years. I believe it surely adds value to the integration of powder coatings industry. I enjoyed all the interactions with you and also meetings at Indore. Thanks. I wish all the very best of to your web-site.
Best Regards
Ratnakar Gokhale
Akzo Nobel Coatings India Pvt. Ltd..
Dear Mr. Vivek Soley,
We’re the organizer of The 8th International (Guangzhou) Coating Printing Ink & Adhesive Exhibition which will be held on May 18th---20th, 2009 in Guangzhou, China. And the accompanying activities such as an international profession summit and high technology promotion conference will attract scholars’ participation. We sincerely look forward to cooperation between us.
Best Regards,
Cindy Zheng
International Sales Manager:
Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd
Guangzhou, China

Dear Sirs,
We are pleased to contact you to explore the possible opportunity to cooperate with your esteemed company for import and export business in the near future.
With best regards,
Monica Lai
Chemspring Corporation
Taipei, Taiwan


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