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18th- 20th May 2009
China Import and Export Fair (Pazhou) Complex

17-19 March 2009
Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Centre Egypt
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 APRIL 2009
Welcome to the April 2009 edition of the IPC e-newsletter. The IPC e newsletter is distributed free to more than 3000 people around the world.

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  Green News  


 By K.K.Deodhar –of Spectra coatings, Pune mail:
 Introduction: Go Green is not merely a phrase but is now a movement. It is the need of the hour.
 The objective of Go Green can be achieved in many ways, like following most adaptable and practical methods are :
 1. By developing and utilizing Renewable source of energy.
 2.By reducing emission levels in the atmosphere i.e. moving towards zero volatile organic content compliance in our day to day life
 3.By utilizing biodegradable materials which do not cause problems of incineration and waste land fill thus reducing evolution of toxic gases, air pollution in the atmosphere.
 4.By massive scale of forestation i.e. growing more trees and preserving forest, clean rivers, which have a direct impact on reducing global warming by helping to clean air pollution thus preserving nature, flora and fauna and endangered species.
 There are innumerable ways by which you can contribute to the cause of Go Green movement.
 A major cause of the environmental problem facing the industry is the formation of excess ozone near ground level, the ozone in the upper atmosphere is essential as a shield against UV radiation from the sun, which is fast depleting due to evolution of CO2 and greenhouse gases. How ever excess ozone near the ground can be health hazard and can damage crops and other vegetation.
 VOC emissions (largely solvents) in liquid solvent paints and other products may accelerate the process by which sunlight and nitrogen oxides (NOx) generate ozone, which is a ground level air pollutant and major component of smog. There is close link with the high level of solvents used by the coating industry, about half the VOC in the air come from solvents.
 Now we consider this concept in the perspective of Paints and coatings, which contribute largely in reducing the adverse effect of global warming .We can proudly say that many of us are or may be in future contributing a little but in a prominent way towards meeting zero VOC compliance by less use of volatile solvents dependence which cause air pollution and originate from fossil oil . The contribution comes from adopting new technology and materials such as:
 1)Powder coatings 2)Waterborne Paints 3)Non toxic paints and chemical i.e. which use non toxic ingredients in their products4) Paints and coatings based on pure natural ingredients which are eco friendly in nature.
 Now let us consider each separately:
 1. Powder coatings: Powder paints is a zero VOC compliant dry paint system which has major influence in reducing-eliminating the usage of volatile organic solvents, hence has become very versatile material of painting and is considered as the fastest growing technology in the field of surface coatings. It is directly replacing liquid solvent paints, now new technologies are available to powder coat MDF wood, Heat resisting plastic, Glass including ferrous and non ferrous metals.
 To give an example of its contribution ; one kilo of Powder coatings is equal to nearly two and half kilos of liquid solvent borne paint, we can see that use of powder paint eliminates nearly one and half kilo of volatile organic solvents(65-70%) out of two and half kilo of liquid paint. If solvent borne liquid paints are used, they cause air pollution by way of increment in the percentage of volatile organic content in the air. Usage of Powder coatings is increasing in India and current rate before recession is 40,000 MT annually, if liquid solvent based paint had been used instead of this powder, an additional 26000 MT of VOC emission would have been generated. Hence Powder coatings have become a boon to the Paint industry. The advantage can be briefly described by Five E’s which essentially contribute to the cause of Go Green movement.
 1. Energy saving
 2.Environmental compliant
 5.Excellence and endurance of finish
 Therefore on behalf of Paint and Powder coating industry, we like to bring to the attention of Govt. dept of Science and Technology, to consider this important technology and give it a most favorable status and green mark amongst all other paints ,and give concessions in taxes like excise etc. which will spur the growth rate in the use of Powder coatings, and also the use of it on large scale is contributing to large savings of foreign exchange, not requiring to import fossil fuel oil from which the organic volatile solvents are derived, and contribute in a major way to the cause of Go Green .
 There are many new types of special purpose powder coatings and processes available which contribute to the noble cause of Go Green -like Wood effect finish (simulation of natural wood pattern fused into powder coated surface) thus replacing use of wood (saving of forest) in furniture, doors, windows with powder coated steel ,Aluminium., Chrome/steel effect finish(simulation of chrome finish for decorative functional purpose) like eco friendly PVD process, and powder coating alternative to electroplating, will contribute in small way to reduce water and air pollution caused by use of Plating chemicals, ROHS Compliant heavy metals free powder coatings, Hygiene grade Non toxic powders for toys, Food grade powder coatings for kitchenware, Potable water pipeline, Antimicrobial powder coatings, Energy saving Low cure powder coatings for heat sensitive substrates etc.
 2. Waterborne Paints and coatings: The developing chemistry is emerging to some extent as an economic and pollution reducing alternative to liquid solvent paints contributing as low voc material in both architectural and industrial sectors, but there is performance variation , as per climatic humidity, temp. but new resins are developed to minimize the VOC in paints and match these variations. Now many liquid solvent paint formulators tend to use water as diluents with a small amount of co solvent , thus significantly contributing to the concept of Go Green and cost reduction.
 All these products and technologies have been recognized by reputed emission control agencies like EPA (Environmental protection Agency)in USA and Europe and have strict regulations related to Paint and Coatings regards VOC (Volatile organic content )and HAPS ( Hazard Air pollutants).
 The Go Green concept is successfully implemented in India for Housing projects, where Decorative paints and Powder coatings can contribute significantly.
 We conclude that the time is running out, unless we take immediate drastic steps to prevent the Natural catastrophe, like occurring of natural disasters i.e. extreme levels of floods, sea, drought, warming, freezing, health diseases etc.. Thus we should take a pledge to make every effort in contributing to the cause of Go Green movement.
NZ Technology Creates Alternative Use For Waste Paint & Powder Coatings
31 March 2009 - World-leading recycling technology developed in New Zealand could transform Australasia's waste paint and powder coatings into a new high performance particle board.
 After more than five years of research, Auckland-based Orica Powder Coatings has applied to patent the process globally.
 Orica Powder Coatings General Manager Graeme Squire said based on current research a small manufacturing plant could recycle a combined 17,000 tonnes of waste paint and powder coatings and waste wood fibre each year.
 That would account for all the waste paint produced in New Zealand, and much of what is produced in Australia, and all the waste powder coating produced in both countries.
 "Our aim is to establish a plant in New Zealand or Australia and to license the manufacturing technology overseas," Mr Squire said.
 Orica Powder Coating's concept is to set up low-cost, "boutique" manufacturing plants which are easy to operate and which are close to the source of the waste raw materials.
 "It's very important to have a low-cost, flexible business model when you're dealing with recycling and we believe we have come up with a perfect solution," Mr Squire said.
 The company has had the process tested by an overseas equipment supplier who is already successfully operating a number of small, turnkey particle board plants.
 "We have validated that not only does our process work well through their equipment, but more importantly that the economics and business model stack up as well," Mr Squire said.
 Orica Powder Coatings is now seeking a partner to establish the first plant - at an estimated cost of US$8 million - and also seeking interest from overseas parties who want to recycle the same waste materials in their own markets.
 "Internationally the disposal of waste paint and powder coating is a huge issue. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 20 million litres of waste paint is generated each year and most of that eventually goes into landfills," Mr Squire said.
 Orica Powder Coatings originally experimented with just waste powder coating and wood fibre, but then discovered the addition of waste paint created the ideal mix for the board.
 The result is a high performance product with the waste powder coating and paint acting as binding agents and also adding water resistance. While waste wood would generally be used, this can be substituted with other sources of fibre, such as rice husks, straw and coconut fibres.
 "We're excited about the technology both because it's a smart way to use our own waste product but because of the potential it offers to reduce the amount of this type of waste going into landfills world-wide," Mr Squire said. Powder coatings are applied to a huge range of items in day-to-day use - from dishwashers to lawnmowers - to provide an attractive, durable finish to surfaces such as wood or aluminum. Orica Power Coatings received support from Technology New Zealand to employ two students from the University of Auckland to work on the project with in-house chemists. One of the students has just completed a three year PhD thesis on the project. Orica Powder Coatings is part of the Australian-listed Orica group of companies operating in New Zealand. The Orica group aims to reduce both energy and water consumption by more than 15 percent and waste product by more than 50 percent by 2010.
DuPont to pay $1.1 million for water pollution fines
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- DuPont Co. will pay more than $1.1 million in fines for repeated water pollution violations at its Washington Works plant south of Parkersburg, under a proposed deal with the state Department of Environmental Protection.
 By Ken Ward Jr.
 Staff writer
 CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- DuPont Co. will pay more than $1.1 million in fines for repeated water pollution violations at its Washington Works plant south of Parkersburg, under a proposed deal with the state Department of Environmental Protection.
 The deal covers more than 700 days of water pollution violations at the plant and two related industrial waste dumps, as well as a variety of spills, failure to use pollution controls, and disposal of waste outside of landfill boundaries.
 DEP calculated that the violations deserved fines of more than $1.6 million, but the agency is allowing DuPont to cover one-third of that with a $500,000 "supplemental environmental project."<more><more2>

 OSHA Upholds Chrome PEL Exposure Limit
In a ruling of major significance, a federal circuit court upheld OSHA’s 2006 decision to set a Cr6 workplace exposure limit of 5 μg/m3. The announcement comes from The Policy Group, the Washington, D.C.-based government relations arm of the National Association for Surface Finishing.
 According to Christian Richter, principal with The Policy Group, the ruling was handed down by retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, along with justices Scirica and Rendell, who heard oral arguments in November 2008 in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia. The court upheld OSHA's PEL of 5 μg/m3 based on feasibility considerations and turned back all major arguments by interest group Public Citizen. The one argument by Public Citizen to receive a favorable ruling was on the general issue of required employee notification when an operation exceeds the Action Level.
 The Court addressed several major issues in its opinion. With respect to finishing operations, based on the extensive and credible economic analysis the NASF developed and submitted to OSHA during the rulemaking process, the Court viewed OSHA's PEL of 5 μg/m3 as defensible based on economic feasibility considerations. A summary of the court's opinion for finishing operations is below:
 Public Citizen challenged OSHA’s conclusion that a 1 μg/m3 PEL was infeasible in hard chrome electroplating operations.
 OSHA analyzed economic feasibility by questioning whether a standard under consideration would eliminate or alter the competitive structure of an industry. 71 Fed. Reg. 10,301. OSHA determined that the proposed 1 μg/m3 PEL was economically infeasible for electroplating job shops, which are businesses dedicated to providing electroplating services to others. OSHA concluded that these shops could not be expected to absorb the costs to comply with a 1 μg/m3 standard.
 It is clear from the record that OSHA considered and explained how costs would affect the job shop electroplating industry as a whole, and was within its discretion to conclude that a 1 μg/m3 PEL would alter the competitive structure of the industry.
 “If not for the major effort committed by the NASF and many individual companies and industry volunteer leaders, this decision would likely have gone another way, and OSHA would not have been able to adequately justify for judicial review how costs from the PEL of 1 would affect the finishing industry,” Richter stated. “While this milestone decision doesn't eclipse the immediate economic challenges before the industry, it removes an extremely heavy legal, operational, and financial burden that has been otherwise hanging over the industry for some time.”
 More details will be forthcoming. Additionally, the 64-page decision will be posted on the NASF website shortly at . In the interim, you may direct any inquiries to Christian Richter ( or Jeff Hannapel ( for more information.
PPG helps Penske Racing go ‘green’ with ENVIROBASE high performance coatings
 Conversion began with painting of the No. 2 Miller Lite and No. 77 Mobil 1 Penske Racing Dodge Chargers, which made their debut this weekend at the Kobalt Tools 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge featured the PPG Automotive Refinish logo on its deck lid. Driven by Kurt Busch, the car dominated the race, leading 234 of 330 laps while averaging 127.562 miles per hour and taking the checkered flag by a 0.332-second margin over runner-up Jeff Gordon.
 PPG waterborne coatings specialist Jim Skal has worked on the conversion process with Penske Racing staff at its Mooresville headquarters. The switch to using Envirobase High Performance coatings is part of Penske Racing’s ongoing initiative to adopt “green” business practices.<more>
RI Judge Orders Restitution to Paint Companies 
 The state of Rhode Island must reimburse more than $242,000 to three companies that succeeded in overturning a jury verdict that could have forced them to spend billions of dollars cleaning up homes contaminated with lead paint, a state Superior Court judge has ruled.
 Rhode Island was the first state to win a lawsuit against the lead paint industry when a jury in February 2006 found Sherwin-Williams Co., Millennium Holdings LLC and NL Industries liable for creating a public nuisance by manufacturing lead pigment used in paint.
 But the R.I. Supreme Court later reversed that decision, leading the companies to seek reimbursement for the $242,121.21 in fees they had paid the court-appointed officials.
 "The entire foundation for the defendants' liability in this case is based on a jury verdict that has been reversed by the Rhode Island Supreme Court," the judge wrote in his decision Jan. 22, 2009.
 “The state made a calculated decision to pursue a claim against the defendants, and voluntarily participate in the judicial system, and thus may not invoke sovereign immunity to shield it from the imposition of costs,” the decision added.<more>
 The companies also are trying to recover additional money spent on the lawsuit, such as for depositions and filing fees, but have not said how much they are seeking. A private law firm hired by the state to help try the case has said it spent $1.9 million.
 An attorney for Sherwin-Williams said the defendants also intended to submit additional bills, if allowed. “It is common practice for courts to award the prevailing party certain costs related to litigation,” he noted. In a motion still pending before the Superior Court, the companies seek reimbursement for other litigation expenses, but not attorneys’ fees

 Construction coatings get greener  Greener than green
Paints and coatings have been getting more environmentally friendly for years. The latest offerings take their green credentials to another level
 JUST ABOUT anywhere in the world, the health of a nation's construction sector broadly reflects the shape of its economy. Whether it's related to countrywide investment on the part of the government, or an up-and-coming hotspot in the sun winning private investment from business consortia or sports stars, the place to be is always where construction is happening.
 New construction projects generate demand for a whole host of different coatings, across the board from the purely decorative to the downright functional with protective, coil, general industrial, powder and floor coatings applied en route.
 But times are hard. On one hand, investments in construction projects are being cut, trimmed, delayed and canceled, while on the other hand, topics such as environmental care, renovation and energy efficiency are being found at the heart of increasing numbers of municipal and corporate spending programs.<more>
Toxic vapors keep residents on edge
POMPTON LAKES, Mar 04, 2009 (The Record - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- DD | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating -- Almost 50 residents came to Town Hall on Tuesday night seeking reassurance from a borough-hired watchdog that DuPont's testing and mitigation of toxic vapors from under their homes was moving along well.
 They got it, but some remained skeptical.
 Environmental Waste Management Associates of Parsippany, hired by the town as independent consultants, found that the DuPont's testing program and mitigation program "generally reflects standards of practice and industry guidelines and is a reasonable and appropriate response."
 The mitigation system program seems to be effective in addressing the vapor intrusion pathway, the company said.
 "We didn't see fatal flaws," said Anthony Kaufman, senior associate with Environmental Waste Management. <more>
AkzoNobel – A thick coat of green
Dutch chemicals giant AkzoNobel is developing a host of ecological products, and says it’s more than just image
 Mention of chemicals companies often conjures up images of chimneys belching out dirty brown smoke and toxic gases that waft across nearby towns and villages. AkzoNobel wants to change this.<more>
 The Dutch firm, which became the world’s largest coatings company last year when it bought the UK paints and chemicals giant ICI, is embracing water reduction, waste management and energy efficiency schemes to cut its environmental impact. <more>
Suit planned over PPG mercury violations
CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Two environmental groups said Monday they plan to sue PPG Industries over repeated water pollution violations of toxic mercury limits at its Marshall County chlorine plant.
 Lawyers for the West Virginia Rivers Coalition and Oceana sent PPG a formal notice of intent to sue, as required before filing a citizen suit under the federal Clean Water Act.
 The suit is part of a nearly four-year campaign by citizen groups to force PPG to reduce the amount of mercury it discharges or switch to a mercury-free process, as most plants in the chlorine industry have done.
 "For years, PPG has kept its old, polluting technology and tried to delay permit compliance," said Jim Hecker, environmental enforcement director at Public Justice, which is representing citizen groups in the case. "It is long past time for this plant to comply with the law or switch to mercury-free technology."<more>







   Infomercial from Mitsuba Systems  

 Mitsuba Automatic Gun Movers – Reciprocator


Mitsuba Automatic Gun Movers – Reciprocator

Mitsuba presents the servo driven ultra smooth reciprocator for swift, clean and jerk-free gun movement.

The Reciprocators are capable of operating at different speeds in the same stroke giving you the flexibility to coat even the most complex parts without powder wastage.

Save up to 99 different configurations for various parts and minimise labour intervention for your powder coating process.

The control panel incorporates a most user friendly touch screen which self explains the operations. Two reciprocators can be operated on one panel.

Use Mitsuba's Electromechanical Reciprocators to mount Corona and Tribo powder guns as well as liquid spray guns.

The reciprocators are available in different stroke lengths and can load up to 8 automatic guns. The Patented Infiniti™ Automatic Corona guns paired with a wide range of powder spray nozzles will give you the best finish.

To view a video of the Reciprocators operating please click on the following link:

To find out more about how Mitsuba can offer you the best equipment in the powder coating industry please feel free to contact us on the address / email id given below.

Mitsuba Systems (I) P Ltd,
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Andheri (W),
Mumbai - 400 053
Tel: 2631 8633 /66924151/2/3


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Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay Enterprises is a leading manufacture of powder coating materials (PCM) in India. VIJAY COAT today stands as a Reliable source of High Quality and Durable Powder Coating materials at very reasonable prices. Vijay's PCM find extensive application for industrial and other demanding applications. Vijay enterprises was incorporated in 1995 with a view to supplying quality PCMs to Indian industry. Vijay's manufacturing set up is equipped with best machines from M/s Buss AG Switzerland who are world's largest manufacturer of Powder Coating Machines. Vijay has now established itself and earned a name for its quality supplies and prompt delivery at very economic prices. VIJAY has multi-locational production facilities near Ahmedabad in western India and at Silvassa in the U T of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, 200 Kms off Mumbai. This makes it a competitive source of PCMs to all customers. 

Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Admin. Office :
103, Gita Bhavan, 1st Floor, Opp. Vijay Transport,
Narol Char Rasta, AHMEDABAD 382 405.
Telephone: +91-79-2532 9057, 25329374,Fax: +91-79-2535 9481


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Nordson inaugurates its new customer lab near Shanghai
Nordson Corp. recently inaugurated its new customer lab near Shanghai, China, with events and training for industry partners and customers. The 86,000-square-foot office facility houses 190 employees and operates as a Center of Excellence to demonstrate Nordson's capabilities to customers in a variety of industries, including appliance, sautomotive, container, nonwovens, electronics, furniture and wood assembly, life science, packaging, powder and liquid painting, product assembly, and semiconductor. "These investments strongly support our long-term growth strategies and initiatives in the fast-growing markets of the Asia-Pacific region," said Bradley C. Davis, Asia Pacific Group vice president. "The strength of our growing and experienced local organization in these areas, coupled with the world-class capabilities of our new facilities, allows Nordson to better serve our customers worldwide." In 2008 alone Nordson invested nearly half a million dollars in global upgrades to its Industrial Coating customer demonstration labs.<more>.

Jotun Paints plans second plant in NCR

Jotun Paints India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Norwegian Jotun group, plans to build its second plant in the National Capital Region (NCR).
At present, the company is also ramping up production at its one-year old plant at Ranjangao, near Pune, to meet the increasing demand of marine, protective and decorative paints in the domestic market. The company spent $25 million for the plant and machinery last year. The $1.5 billion Jotun group it competes with the Asian Paints, Nerolac Paints, Berger Paints and ICI Paints, among others in the Indian market. Jotun already has a 4 per cent market share, claim the company officials.
“The Indian paint industry valued at Rs 16,000 crore is growing at 12 per cent annually, offering us opportunities for growth and expansion,” Claes Jansson, managing director, Jotun Paints India, said. The Ranjangaon plant, employing over 250 staff, has the production capacity of 50 million liters in wet paint and 10,000 metric tons of powder coatings.
“Last calendar year, we sold 600,000 litres of wet paint and 1,600 metric tonnes of powder coatings,” Kersi Kapadia, general manager, said. The company has targeted to increase the volume between 20 and 30 per cent this calendar year, he added.<more>

Changing Colors at Asian Paints
MUMBAI: Asian Paints on Thursday announced the appointment of PM Murty as the next managing director and CEO. Mr Murty, president (decorative business) will take his new responsibility from April 1 when the current managing director Abhay Vakil’s term will come to an end. Mr Vakil will become a non-executive director of the company from next month.

Mr Murty’s appointment was adopted by the Asian Paints board in a meeting on Thursday, the company informed the Bombay Stock Exchange in a late evening notification. The board has also decided in the same meeting that the company’s chairman Ashwin Choksi and vice-chairman Ashwin Dani will be additional directors occupying non-executive positions in the board on completion of their terms on April 1.

This means Mr Choksi and Mr Dani will be non-executive chairman and non-executive vice-chairman, respectively, from next month. The Dani, Choksi, and Vakil families, the promoters of the company, hold a 50% stake in the company.

Mr Murty, an IIM Calcutta alumnus, has been working with the company for the past 37 years. He has worked in various capacities in the sales, manufacturing and HR departments of the company.

He was chief executive of the JV which Asian Paints formed with PPG Industries Securities Inc (USA) for production of automotive paints. In 1998, Mr Murty became head of the company’s largest business unit — decorative paints. <more>
Mysterious Decision
Even though the company maintains that the decision has been taken in keeping with the organisation's culture of promoting professionals, it is unclear what drove the management to take such a step. The mystery thickens when one considers the fact that the company has selected Murty when many of the young Danis, Choksis and Vakils are still in the wings. Murty, though it must be said, probably knows the company better than most of the shareholders__ he has worked in sales, materials, manufacturing and human resources, and till recently was heading the decorative paints business, which contributes 95% of the Asian Paints turnover.

Ashwin Dani's son, Hasit Dani, is on the board of the company, and so is Amar Vakil, Abhay Vakil's brother. Another family member, Mahendra Choksi, Ashwin Choksi's brother, is also on the board. In addition, Ashwin Danis son Jalaj Dani is a president in the company, in charge of international operations.  <more>

Atlas Material Testing Technology GmbH Partners with Pausch Messtechnik GmbH for Sales Activities Relating to their Fluorescent Lamp Device Product Line in GermanyAtlas Logo
Linsengericht-Altenhaßlau / Haan, October, 2008 – Atlas Material Testing Technology GmbH ( has assigned exclusive sales rights for its fluorescent lamp product line in Germany to Pausch Messtechnik GmbH ( Effective immediately, all sales and service responsibilities will be carried out by Pausch.

With its comprehensive line of test equipment and services, Atlas is the industry-leading manufacturer of accelerated weathering instruments for the material testing market. Despite assigning sales rights for their fluorescent lamp devices to Pausch, Atlas will continue to provide accessories and service for all instruments already on the market.

Pausch Messtechnik brings more than 25 years of experience in the field of weathering testing to Atlas. The cooperation between Atlas and Pausch expands Atlas’ capabilities in environmental simulation, online colorimeters and surface measurement. Pausch will also strengthen Atlas’ commercial laboratory services by offering UV fluorescent weathering services at there own laboratory in Haan.

BASF to close Decatur, Ala., plant
DECATUR, Ala. (AP) - BASF Corp., is closing its plant in Decatur which will idle about 115 workers.

The German-based chemical manufacturer said Tuesday layoffs will start March 31. Employees were informed about the closing in September.

The facility is being closed because BASF has sold its coil and coating business to PPG Industries. The materials are used to coat roofs, siding and other products.

PPG said work at the Decatur plant will be moved to a facility in Pennsylvania.

Eiffel Tower to be repainted
PARIS (AP) — Spring has arrived and it is time for a makeover of France's most emblematic edifice. Once every seven years, every crevice, nut, bolt and beam of the Eiffel Tower is re-painted by hand.

But this year's face lift has a European touch. The 25-member painting crew comes from Greece and Romania, and the special paint from Norway.

"In France, we don't adequately recognize the importance of the symbol of the Eiffel Tower," said Jean-Francois Ferrer, director of the French branch of Jotun Coatings, which won the paint-supply contract for the tower. "Maybe it's because we're a bit blase."

The project costs a total of euro4 million ($5.29 million). But Ferrer said Jotun isn't in it for the money.

"It's peanuts," he said. For the Norwegian company, it's all about image.

The Eiffel Tower, constructed in 1889 for the World's Fair that marked the centennial of the French Revolution, and the world's tallest building until 1929, has become the most visited paying monument of France.

Last year, 7 million visitors flocked to the brown iron giant on the banks of the Seine, according to SETE, the company that runs the Eiffel Tower.

This year, the tower's maintenance has taken on a similarly international flavor, leaving its overseers defensive and on edge.

"We didn't investigate the nationalities of the people who are working here, nor did we discriminate," Jean-Bernard Bros, president of SETE, said at a news conference. "We did not ask about their passports or their nationality. These are working people. They're paid for their work."<more>

Hans Wolf Joins Wagner USA as Liquid Group Manager
Wagner Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent addition to the management team of Hans Wolf as Liquid Group Manager. Mr. Wolf comes to Wagner Systems, Inc. from Wagner Industrial Solutions, Scandinavia and brings many years of experience to us in the industrial liquid division. He will be responsible for developing an industrial liquid distribution channel as well as supporting liquid sales to end users. Wolf will also be responsible for training and demonstrations in the new liquid lab facility located at Wagner’s USA headquarters in Elgin, BASF to sell powder business for home appliances, heating and pipe coatings
2009-03-04 08:39:00

BASF Coatings has agreed to sell its powder business for home appliances, heating and pipe coatings to Arsonsisi S.p.A.,
the powder-coatings branch of the Junghanns Group, effective April 1. The transaction encompasses technology, customer lists and the Verbania powder-coatings plant that currently employs 63. Customers who currently purchase both liquid and powder technologies will be henceforth jointly supplied by BASF and Arsonsisi. Both companies will work together during the transition phase to support the customers. BASF will continue and further strengthen its business with liquid coatings for industrial applications. The agreement with Arsonsisi does not include BASF's powder coatings for light vehicles and commercial transportation. BASF will continue to supply these customers with products of its own technology produced under a tolling agreement with Arsonsisi. The powder merchandise from Relius Coatings is also not affected by the agreement.Illinois<more>

DuPont Develops Economical Paint Line for Small Panel Shops
DuPont has long been the global leader in providing technologically advanced products for the premium collision repair market. Body shops typically buy DuPont finishes and associated products from distributors, know as “jobbers.” The shops then use their own “mixing machine” equipment to match and mix coatings for each paint job.
In some markets, however, small often one-person collision repair and paint shops are a vital and growing part of the refinish value chain. As low-volume operations, the shops are unable to afford the equipment and inventory needed for automotive painting services.

To meet the growing need, DuPont has developed Lucite® -- an economical paint line that is sourced in China and targeted specifically at the needs of small shop operators. DuPont also is launching Duxone® XP, which is specifically designed for the needs of local Chinese original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) local dealership shops. The finishes are sold to shop owners through “DuPont Economic Line Product Standard Shops,” which also are referred to as “eco-shops.” Nineteen of the retail mixing shops are expected to be in operation by the end of the month, with a total of 150 planned by year-end. If the concept proves to be successful, it will be expanded across China and to other Asian markets.

“It’s clear that these low-volume customers would typically not be on our radar in a market like China where the traditional new car brands like Toyota and Honda are growing so aggressively,” said Matt Robertson, marketing director, DuPont Refinish. “But due to the imagination and drive of our team in China, the eco-shop model proves that it is possible to capture business that might otherwise be missed.”<more>

Boing grants columbia chemicals approval as supplier of cadmium brightener process
March 04, 2009, Brunswick, OH –Columbia Chemical Corp. has been granted approval by the Boeing Company as a supplier of cadmium brightener for applications on all models of their commercial airplanes. Columbia Chemical’s COLCAD 100 brightener for cadmium plating is designed to produce brilliant, uniform deposits in both rack and barrel plating applications while providing long operating life with low cost bath operations.

Tom Alderson, Sales Manager Americas, worked closely with Boeing representatives to gain the approval. Alderson comments, “Boeing faced a serious problem because manufacturers of previously approved products decided to discontinue them. Because the former products are no longer commercially available, Columbia Chemical’s COLCAD 100 is now the only Boeing approved cadmium brightener available for these applications. The approval also allows platers to add COLCAD 100 to existing baths containing former Boeing approved cadmium brightener.”

For more information, contact Columbia Chemical Corporation, 1000 Western Drive, Brunswick, OH 44212, 330/225-3200, Columbia Chemical is one of the world’s larges manufacturers of zinc and zinc-alloy plating additives. <more>

U.S. Auto Sales Stall in February
U.S. auto sales stalled in February as Chrysler, Ford Motor Co., and General Motors reported double-digit sales declines. Sales also slipped at Toyota Motor Corp. and Nissan, albeit at a much lower pace.

Sales at General Motors (GM), Ford Motor Co., and Chrysler fell 16%, 10% and 17%, respectively, while revenues at Toyota and Nissan dipped 6.6% and 3%, respectively. (Honda, by comparison, reported an increase of nearly 1%).

Some manufacturers have been scaling back production amidst sales declines. GM said it would cut second-quarter production by 5% from year-ago levels, while Ford said it would cut second-quarter production by 10% due to weaker demand for its market-leading F-Series full-size pickups and SUVs like the Explorer and Expedition.

Ford also said it would eliminate shifts at four U.S. plants and lay off some 2,500 workers.<Reuters)

PPG to cut 2,500 jobs in restructuring
PPG said it will cut 2,500 jobs in a restructuring plan aimed at saving $140 million annually. The plan is expected to cost the company approximately $160 million in cash, it said. A further charge of up to $50 million is possible later this year as the evaluation and approval of other elements of the restructuring plan, including additional plant closures, are finalized, PPG said. The first-quarter charge includes the cost of closing a paint manufacturing operation in Saultain, France, several smaller production, laboratory, warehouse and distribution facilities. PPG said a broad reduction in employment across the company globally will result in about 2,500 jobs being eliminated. “These are sweeping steps that will impact all of PPG's business segments and regions,” said chairman and CEO Charles Bunch. Bunch said the largest portion of the cost reduction activity will take place in the company's automotive OEM coatings and industrial coatings business units, which have been particularly hard hit by severe declines in global end-use market demand.

Jotun educates women on colour
Jotun Paints recently hosted the second annual ‘Lady Essentials’ workshop in partnership with the Dubai Ladies Club.

The workshop focused on educating women on colour psychology, colour trends and painting techniques, and included interactive activities aimed at motivating them to draw design inspiration from their personal preferences.

The workshop also highlighted Jotun’s innovative ‘Lady Essentials’ interior paint, which is targeted at modern day women.<more>

Homes deal puts gloss on Darwen paints firm
CROWN Paints has been given a boost after striking a deal with national house-builder McInerney Homes.

The developer, which is building hundreds of houses near to Crown’s head office and factory in Darwen, will now use only Crown Paints products in all its new homes across the UK.

Bosses at Crown, who recently warned that up to 140 jobs were under threat because of a ‘restructuring programme’ brought on by the credit crunch, have welcomed the deal.

Glen Cooper, national housebuilder sales man-ager for Crown Paints, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with McInerney Homes and hope that our relation-ship will go from strength to strength, not just in Darwen, but throughout the UK.”

Tracey Lowe, sales man-ager for McInerney Homes North West, said it made ‘perfect sense’ for the two neighbours to work together. <more>

RJ Thomas Manufacturing eyes bright future
Mark Leeds of RJ Thomas Manufacturing shows some of the freshly powder - coated pieces which will be permanently baked onto the picnic tables being made at the plant. Photo by Mike Leckband (Photo)

With the nation's economic downturn weighing heavy on people's minds, one Cherokee company is maintaining an optimistic view about its future. Things have been good for RJ Thomas Manufacturing for the past several years. Recently the company installed a new powder coating line for painting many of their products, and future plans for the company include an expansion of the plant to incorporate a new thermal plastic system.
The company produces cooking grills, picnic tables and park benches which can be found all over the world. The company has many customers, but one of the biggest is the United States government. In 2009, the company is planning to add a thermal plastic system and Co-owner, Steve Thomas added, "We are always expanding our product line."

Thomas said that this year RJ Thomas will continue to produce more decorative products, including park benches, trash receptacles and other side amenities for commercial districts. RJ Thomas manufactures many different commercial outdoor park equipment products, which they market under the trade name "Pilot Rock." <more>

Netherlands. AkzoNobel appoints new Director of Corporate Strategy
Jennifer Midura has been appointed as AkzoNobel’s new Director of Corporate Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions. She officially took over her new responsibilities on Monday, March 2.

Having joined the company following the acquisition of ICI, Jennifer played a major role in helping the Board of Management set the strategic agenda which the company announced last September.

Jennifer was previously in charge of corporate strategy at ICI for six years and prior to that she worked for McKinsey in London, UK, and Cleveland in the US.

She succeeds Derek Welch, who joined AkzoNobel in 1998 and recently reached retirement age. Derek was instrumental in negotiating deals worth more than €27 billion during 2007 and he will continue to take the lead in key deals following Jennifer’s appointment.

The company will therefore continue to benefit from his extensive expertise and experience, while also enabling him to work part-time prior to officially retiring at a future date<more>

Dow Chemical and Rohm in talks on disputed deal
NEW YORK, March 6 (Reuters) - Dow Chemical Co and Rohm and Haas Co said they are in talks to try to settle litigation related to Dow's refusal to close its more than $15 billion takeover of Rohm and Hass.

Dow also said it had agreed with its lenders to an option that could extend its loan for the deal by a year, but the size of the loan was reduced by $500 million to $12.5 billion.

Shares of both companies rose sharply after the announcement.

Rohm and Haas sued Dow in January to try to force the company to close the merger.

Dow agreed to buy Rohm and Haas last July for $78 a share, which represented a 74 percent premium, to broaden its product offerings in higher-margin markets such as paints, coatings and electronic materials.

But Dow balked at closing after a joint venture with Kuwait fell apart. Dow had intended to use proceeds from that $17.4 billion plastics joint venture to help fund the Rohm deal.

The companies said in a joint statement that they could not predict the outcome of the talks and would not comment further. The dispute is scheduled to go to trial on Monday.

When it signed the agreement with Rohm, Dow arranged for a one year, $13 billion loan from a consortium of banks. But Dow has argued that the loan was never intended to be the primary source of funding for the deal.<more>

AkzoNobel Coatings Qualified by Chinese Aircraft Manufacturer
Photograph by Eric Wang, copyright 2009
AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings receives approval of some of its coatings by the Xian Aircraft Corporation (XAC).

China's largest aircraft manufacturer, Xian Aircraft Corporation (XAC), has qualified two new products from AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings.

The Eclipse range of polyurethane topcoats, along with 10P20-44 epoxy primer, have met the standards of XAC's new XMS 1622 and XMS 1623 specifications.

XAC manufacture a range of different civilian and military aircraft, including the twin turbo prop Modern Ark 60 (MA60). The company also produces components for both Boeing and Airbus.

Working in close partnership with XAC and their coatings distributor in China, Argosy International, AkzoNobel has supplied Eclipse for many liveries on XAC aircraft now operating in the Asia Pacific region.

"We are proud of our strong and successful relationship with XAC," says Robert Waddell, AkzoNobel Aerospace Coating's Technical Sales Director for the Asia Pacific region. "It has enabled us to develop and produce some really unusual and striking special effect colors and designs. We work in close co-operation from the initial idea stage right through to on-site technical support in XAC's state-of-the-art paint shop, where the company does all its own coatings work."<more>

Akzo Nobel seeks lower prices from suppliers
Dutch paints and chemicals group Akzo Nobel NV (AKZO.AS) has asked its suppliers to reduce its prices by 10 percent, the company said on Wednesday.

The company also notified suppliers that it will pay invoices once a month, a spokesman said, confirming an earlier report by Dutch broadcaster RTL based on a letter sent to Akzo's suppliers.

Akzo, the world's biggest paint company and producer of brands such as DuLux, Sikkens and Flexa, noted last month that raw material prices were falling and that it may need to reduce its own prices as it copes with slower economic growth worldwide.

The spokesman declined to say how many companies received the letter or whether all received it. (Reporting by Reed Stevenson; Editing by Bernard Orr) <more>

Jotun repaints blind kids' school
Jotun Paints repainted a blind children’s nursery school in Bahrain, using ‘Fenomastic’ high quality paint, as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

The program reached out to visually-impaired children at the ‘Bahrain Friendship Society for the Blind’ and was organised in partnership with the American Mission Hospital, an organisation that aims to serve Bahrain’s local community.

Established in 1981, the ‘Bahrain Friendship Society for the Blind’, extends training and developmental needs to the country’s visually impaired sector.

Since the interiors of the nursery school had never been repainted since its construction, Jotun immediately offered to provide one of its best quality paints and the necessary materials towards this cause.

“Not only did we get to brighten up their smiles through this campaign, but at the same time, we ensured a cleaner and healthier environment for them,” said Biren Arora, branch manager, Jotun Bahrain.<more>

Powder Coating Demand sees Industrial Coating Applicator Company Expand its Range
Plas-Tech Coatings Inc. has yielded to the demands of its customers by expanding their line of high per-formance coatings by increasing their range of powder coatings.

West Chester, PA, March 17, 2009 - Plas-Tech has recently expanded to offer a greater variety of powder coatings. Since 1978, Plas-Tech has offered primarily fluoropolymer coatings applied as powders, liq-uids, and dip spin coatings. <more>





Vijay Coat
During a recent visit to Indore Jayesh Ponda of Vijay Coat spent some time with us discussing about the developments going on at Vijay Coat. He discussed about developments related to PU powders Electric resistant powders, Fusion bond epoxy powders... etc. More on that in the next newsletter.
(See Vijay Coat advertisement above.)

Rohm and Hass

During a visit to Indore Avijit Sarkar of Rohm and Haas had a meeting with us. He had been following our website for several years and finds it extremely useful. Avijit also assured to contribute academic contents for the new Let's Finish It. He appreciated the open minded wiki style approach of Let's Finish it

He said "At Rohm and Haas, we apply a deep understanding of our customers' businesses to deliver the right technology at the right time". Besides the conventional powder coatings, Rohm and Haas has come up with a wide variety of specialty grade products for the Indian Market like wood / mdf coatings, Nylon powders, antistatic, Insulating, Architectural coating. Low cure powders, Heat resistant, Antistatic, Anti graffiti coatings, In coat for SMC, Anti microbial and Anti bacterial coatings etc. All products are already proven commercially.

Rohm and Haas (India) Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of ROHM AND HAAS COMPANY, Philadelphia, USA



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