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SF EXPO China 2011
May 11-13, 2011
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New entries on job coating unit pages in Merut .

Also look for new entries on job coating unit pages in Bangalore , Baroda Jalandhar, Goa, Haridwar Mumbai, Nadiad, Kochi, kollam, Thanks to Tejas Patel, (Baroda) Preeti Chowdhary (Haridwar) and others for the contribution.

Color Charts
New  RAL and Pantone matching color charts.

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Green News

Dow Chemical Is Hit With Demand for Bhopal Payouts

MUMBAI—India's attorney general asked the country's supreme court Friday to force Dow Chemical Co. to pay an additional $1.1 billion in victims' compensation and environmental-cleanup costs related to an industrial accident that killed and injured thousands of people in Bhopal in 1984.
In the "curative petition," Attorney General Goolam E. Vahanvati asked the court to intervene "to cure gross miscarriage of justice and perpetration of irremediable injustice being suffered by the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy," which was caused by a toxic-gas leak at a pesticide plant in central India. <more>

DuPont to pay $3.3M to settle EPA case for failure to report toxic chemical studies
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on December 21 announced that DuPont has agreed to pay a penalty of $3.3 million to resolve 57 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) violations. DuPont failed to immediately notify EPA of research indicating substantial risk found during testing chemicals for possible use as surface protection, masonry protection, water repellants, sealants and paints. The Toxic Substances Control Act requires companies to inform EPA when they have research demonstrating that a chemical could pose a substantial risk to human health and the environment.

“DuPont failed to comply with the law and notify EPA that it had information on chemicals that could pose a risk to human health and the environment,” said Cynthia Giles, assistant administrator for the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. “EPA is serious about making companies follow our nation’s laws and protecting public health.<more>

US water has large amounts of likely carcinogen: study
WASHINGTON (AFP) – A US environmental group has found that drinking water in 35 American cities contains hexavalent chromium, a probable carcinogen, The Washington Post reported Sunday.
The study by the Environmental Working Group -- the first nationwide analysis measuring the presence of the chemical in US water systems -- is to be made public on Monday, the daily reported.
The group found hexavalent chromium in the tap water of 31 out of 35 cities sampled. Of those, 25 had levels that exceeded the goal proposed in California, which has been trying aggressively to reduce the chemical in its water supply.
The federal Environmental Protection Agency is considering whether to set a limit for hexavalent chromium in tap water. The agency is reviewing the chemical after the National Institutes of Health, deemed it a "probable carcinogen" in 2008.
Hexavalent chromium has long been known to cause lung cancer when inhaled, and scientists recently found evidence that it causes cancer in laboratory animals when ingested. It has been linked in animals to liver and kidney damage as well as leukemia, stomach cancer and other cancers.
A widely used industrial chemical until the early 1990s, hexavalent chromium still used in some industries, such as in chrome plating and the manufacturing of plastics and dyes. The chemical can also leach into groundwater from natural ores.
The chemical compound was first made famous in the hit 2000 Hollywood movie "Erin Brockovich" about the eponymous environmental crusader who also commented on the EWG's alarming finding.
"This chemical has been so widely used by so many industries across the US that this doesn't surprise me," said Brockovich, known for her fight on behalf of the residents of Hinkley, California against Pacific Gas & Electric.<more>

Green Fuels May Speed Tank, Pipeline Corrosion
Ethanol fuels may be good for the environment, but not for the pipelines that transport and store them, new research indicates.
Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC), already a significant problem for pipelines, tanks and other fuel transportation infrastructure, could prove even more challenging in ethanol and ethanol blend environments, according to research by a team at the Colorado School of Mines.
MIC is believed responsible for up to 20% of all corrosion costs and costs the United States billions of dollars each year, the team says. <more>

NY Subway Painters Demand More Lead Protection
New York City subway painters are calling on the city transit authority to adopt tougher lead abatement standards on capital projects.
Union leaders and city council members say they want all contractors removing lead paint in the subway to be certified by SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings, as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority now requires for bridges.<more>





Note: The infomercials are in alphabetical order. No other priorities associated.

   Infomercial from Mitsuba Systems  


  Infomercial from Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay Enterprises is a leading manufacture of powder coating materials (PCM) in India. VIJAY COAT today stands as a Reliable source of High Quality and Durable Powder Coating materials at very reasonable prices. Vijay's PCM find extensive application for industrial and other demanding applications. Vijay enterprises was incorporated in 1995 with a view to supplying quality PCMs to Indian industry. Vijay's manufacturing set up is equipped with best machines from M/s Buss AG Switzerland who are world's largest manufacturer of Powder Coating Machines. Vijay has now established itself and earned a name for its quality supplies and prompt delivery at very economic prices. VIJAY has multi-locational production facilities near Ahmedabad in western India and at Silvassa in the U T of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, 200 Kms off Mumbai. This makes it a competitive source of PCMs to all customers. 

Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Admin. Office :
103, Gita Bhavan, 1st Floor, Opp. Vijay Transport,
Narol Char Rasta, AHMEDABAD 382 405.
Telephone: +91-79-2532 9057, 25329374,Fax: +91-79-2535 9481



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DIST. NASHIK (M.S.),TELE-FAX : 02551-240475
Mobile :09922 028787
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It was interesting to meet Ray Hao of Yantai Electrostatic Powder Equipment Co.,Ltd. China  while he was on a tour to India. Ray was here to explore the Indian powder coating market. He met most of the powder manufacturers during his visit and is confident of about the success of his brand in India.
He has been following our  website and the newsletter for past several years and found it to be a very  useful source of information of the Indian Powder Coating Industry. Ray traveled across India with his Indian representative Kiron Deodhar.

Along with his potential and existing customers Ray eagerly discussed the design material and the technological difference between the Indian and the Chinese machine manufacturers. He also mentioned the the variation of the prices of resins and other raw materials did not have a significant effect on the business.






There is a possibility for further price hike:
HM Bharuka, MD, Kansai Nerolac

HM Bharuka , MD, Kansai Nerolac in an interview with ET Now talks about talks about the possibility of a price hike and the company's expansion plans.

I believe there has been a price hike of over 10% that you have undertaken cumulatively over the last couple of months. Would it be true? Would there by any other price hike that could come about?

That is not last the couple of months. Actually, starting April till today, we have hiked the price by about 11% and the increase in cost is about 13%. So still about 2% we need to pass on and of course the cost is going up again and crude oil has further shot up. So we will have to wait and watch how the entire raw material packet behaves and then we will take a call for further hike.

So the movement in crude has been fairly steep in the last couple of months. So for the October to December quarter since you are anyways working with a bit of a gap between the input cost prices and the final product prices, would it be fair to assume that margins for the current quarter could take a bit of a hit?

It is not only crude oil prices. There are other ingredients which are rising especially titanium dioxide. So price hike does not only relate to crude oil, actually it relates to the entire basket of the raw material which we are using and in last couple of months, price hike has been steep and there is a possibility either we will go for further price increase or if we do not do that, then there would be impact on the margin.

In fact you are already sitting on a gap of about 2% between your costs and your price recovery. Are you considering another price hike in the near term? What quantum are you looking at possibly and by when would it be effective?

There is a possibility for further hike. Certainly we need to bridge this gap of 2%. Fortunately for the industry, there is a good growth. Growth is more than 20% and because the growth is good, we would not like to disturb the growth by increasing the prices.

At the same time, we are very conscious of our margin. So we are trying to balance between the margin and the growth and if this cost increase continues and if it is sustained, then we have no choice but to increase the prices and that call we will take in mid-January or February. By that time, even financial budget would be in picture. So we will have to weigh all options and then take a call. <more>

PPG Paints Aided Pakistani Nuclear Reactor, U.S. Says

Dec. 20 (Bloomberg) -- PPG Paints Trading (Shanghai) Co. was charged by the U.S. with selling products to Pakistan that were used for a nuclear power plant in violation of U.S. export laws.
In a criminal information filed today in federal court in Washington, the Shanghai-based subsidiary of PPG Industries Inc. is accused of selling a paint system to Pakistan in 2006 that was used to coat the inside of a nuclear reactor being built near Chashma, Punjab. The charges include conspiracy to defraud the U.S. and violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. The government is also seeking more than $32,000 in forfeiture.
The national security section of the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in court papers that PPG needed a license from the U.S. Commerce Department to sell the material to Pakistan. PPG applied for the license, but it was rejected in June 2006. Prosecutors allege that from June 2006 and through March 2007, PG Paints sold hundreds of gallons of the epoxy product to Pakistan using China as a decoy.
“To conceal the true end-user of the Coatings and to evade United States export controls, defendant PPG Paints Trading would falsely state that the coatings were to be used at a nuclear power plant in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the export to which would not require a license from the DOC,” prosecutors wrote in court papers.<more>
US imposes highest ever fine on company for Pak nuke exports <more>

Valspar Spy Gets 15-Month Federal Prison Term
A former Valspar Corp. technical director has been sentenced to 15 months in federal prison for stealing up to $20 million in formula secrets to share with Nippon Paint, his future employer.
David Yen Lee, who holds a doctorate in chemistry, pleaded guilty in September in U.S. District Court in Chicago to theft of a trade secret—reduced from five counts of economic espionage with which he was originally charged. He had faced up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine on the charge.
In addition to the prison sentence, Lee was ordered to pay $30,975 in restitution, to reimburse Valspar for the costs of its internal investigation. He will begin serving his sentence next year.
Valspar has not commented on the case and did not respond to a request for comment Thursday (Dec. 9).<more>

Saif Ali Khan to surprise young couples
Mumbai, Dec 28 (IBNS) Actor Saif Ali Khan will now be seen helping couples surprise their respective spouses.
Asian Paints has announced the launch of Royale Play, which allows its customers to have a quick makeover of the walls.
Royale Play offers a variety of textures, right from combing to crinkle, from ragging to dapple, to bring out the explorer in you.
“You can now surprise your spouse by giving your room a makeover. All you have to do is get in touch with Asian Paints, choose a color and a texture from their elaborate décor guide and while your spouse is away for a day you can transform your room,” said a company spokesperson<more>

Jotun Powder Coatings targets 15 per cent growth in the UAE for 2011
Leading manufacturer celebrates 20 years of unparalleled success in the UAE's powder coatings industry
Jotun Powder Coatings, one of the world's leading producers and suppliers of powder coatings, has announced plans to achieve 15 per cent growth in the UAE in 2011, amidst its continued leadership position in the region after 20 years of unparalleled success. Part of the internationally renowned Jotun Group based in Norway, Jotun Powder Coatings UAE has celebrated the 20th anniversary of setting up of its manufacturing facility in Dubai. On this occasion, the company has also announced the future focus for the next strategic period, which is to concentrate on product innovation and to develop sustainable, high performance and technologically advanced coatings that can cater to the diverse needs of various user industries.<more>

Crown Paints up for sale
Crown Paints is being put up for sale with a price tag of over £100m.
Endless, the turnaround specialist which backed a £70m management buyout of Crown Paints from Dutch chemicals giant Akzo Nobel in 2008, has appointed advisers to explore strategic options for the business.
The M.E.N understands the north west company – the Queen's favoured paint firm – is likely be sold to a trade or private equity buyer.
Crown, which is based in Darwen, Lancashire, and has a distribution centre in Warrington, said last week it was on course to double underlying pre-tax profits to £20m for 2010, on sales of £180m.
Despite a continued decline in domestic demand as a result of the recession, strong promotional strategies with key customers and a number of product launches have helped the firm to increase its UK market share by two per cent to 19 per cent.<more>

New high temp powders available from Kitsap Powder Coating
Dale Gerber, owner of Kitsap Powder Coating LLC announces it is carrying a new line of high temperature powders that are specially formulated to withstand temperatures up to 1,200 degrees fahrenheit. This powder works well on all exhaust systems, fire place inserts, fire pits and barbeques. These powders are available in a range of colors and textures. This powder coating is designed for optimum performance in harsh environments, such as automotive exhaust and other high temperature applications. It has heat and corrosion resistance and has been tested to the specifications of automotive and other equipment manufacturers. This product has achieved a standard of performance never before available in a powder coating.<more>

AkzoNobel is shutting down its plant in Hungary at the end of 2010. The paints and coatings company produces decorative

paints in Tiszaújváros. The decision is part of the company’s long-term global strategy which addresses the concentration of production capacity in Europe. There have been big changes in the sales structure of the paint market and demand has dropped, according to the company. Unfavorable changes have caused production efficiency to worsen. About a hundred people will be laid off at the plant in Tiszaújváros.

Tikkurila to sell its powder coatings business
Tikkurila Oyj's Swedish subsidiary Dickursby Holding AB is to sell all the shares in OOO Tikkurila Powder Coatings, a Russian industrial coatings company, to Teknos Group Oy. With a production plant in St. Petersburg, OOO Tikkurila Powder Coatings sells and markets its products in Russia under the Ohtek brand. The transaction is subject to approval of the competition authorities.

Tikkurila is to divest its industrial powder coatings business, because it is not a part of Tikkurila's core business. After the transaction, Tikkurila has no powder coatings related operations.

The transaction will not have a significant impact on the financial result or balance sheet of the Tikkurila Group. The revenue of OOO Tikkurila Powder Coatings will be approximately EUR 2.3 million in 2010, and the company employs some 50 people.

Tikkurila is the leading decorative paints company in Russia, where it operates four paint factories after the transaction. The products are sold under the brands of Tikkurila, Teks, Finncolor and Gamma in over 5,000 retail outlets. Tikkurila has some 1,500 employees in Russia. <more>

ASTM on facebook
W. CONSHOHOCKEN, PA - ASTM International has recently established a presence on some popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These social media platforms provide another outlet for users and stakeholders to receive the latest news about ASTM International and international standards activities.

The official ASTM International Facebook page provides followers with the latest news about standards development within ASTM's 142 technical committees, as well as information about publications, meetings and more, with direct links to the ASTM website. Currently, more than 1,200 "fans" keep up with ASTM through Facebook. A separate Facebook page for ASTM students features news about ASTM student memberships, awards, paper contests and information about standards in the classroom. <more>

Blacker than Black
Black is black, right? Not so, according to a team of NASA engineers now developing a blacker-than pitch material that will help scientists gather hard-to-obtain scientific measurements or observe currently unseen astronomical objects, like Earth-sized planets in orbit around other stars.

The nanotech-based material now being developed by a team of 10 technologists at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., is a thin coating of multi-walled carbon nanotubes — tiny hollow tubes made of pure carbon about 10,000 times thinner than a strand of human hair. Nanotubes have a multitude of potential uses, particularly in electronics and advanced materials due to their unique electrical properties and extraordinary strength. But in this application, NASA is interested in using the technology to help suppress errant light that has a funny way of ricocheting off instrument components and contaminating measurements. <more>

Dolphins Keep Coatings R&D in the Swim
dolphinsTaking a lesson from dolphins, pilot whales and other animals with anti-fouling skins, a multinational research consortium is using nanotechnology to create synthetic, chemical-free, anti-bacterial surfaces for ship hulls and other applications.
The surfaces can reduce infections caused by pathogens such as S. aureus and E. coli without the use of potentially harmful metal ions, nanoparticles, chemicals or UV radiation, say researchers at Singapore-based A*STAR's Industrial Consortium on Nanoimprint (ICON).<more>

2nd PA Bridge Painter Killed in Fall
Deer Isle Sedgwick BridgeAuthorities are investigating the death of a New Jersey painter who perished in a fall Sunday from the Deer Isle-Sedgwick Bridge in Maine, where he was working.
Ercio Gasques, 29, of Newark, NJ, was the second employee of Odyssey Contracting, of Houston, PA, to die in a bridge fall in the last 14 months.
Gasques was working on the bridge in eastern Maine when he fell about 2:15 p.m. Sunday, according to the Hancock Count Sheriff’s Department, which responded to the scene.
40-Foot Fall <more>




Ask Joe Powder

"Ask Joe Powder"
"Ask Joe Powder" is a question and answer column authored by Kevin Biller of the Powder Coating Research Group. Mr. Biller has over 30 years experience formulating and manufacturing powder coatings. He welcomes your questions regarding powder coating technology. Please write to:

Kevin Biller
The Powder Coating Research Group
4419 Brookpark Road
Cleveland, OH 44134

Ask Joe Powder – December 2010
Hi Joe,
Been a reader for quite some time but never asked this question. We are a multi-substrate powder coater with both batch and conveyorized paint lines. A typical day of powder coating might show we change colors 10~15 times, spraying everything from TGIC, Polyester, Super Durable & 70% Fluoropolymer, spray to waste. We have about 25-30 stock colors but we might have somewhere in the neighborhood of over 400 different colors total. We might get an order for a special match color, buy 55 lbs of the color and only spray 30 lbs of it. Then, the left over powder will sit on a shelf for months/years until the possibility of using it again comes around.
We have sprayed 3, 4 & 5 year old powders with no problems but we have also run into a few issues recently. Just within the past year, we have started 100% MEK checking our products to ensure full cure. Since then, we have had 6 jobs where our MEK check showed insufficient cure. We re-bake the parts but it typically doesn't improve the MEK cure check. The powder softens quickly and often wipes down to the base metal in 10-15 rubs. These 6 jobs have all been lighter colors like whites, beige, light tan, pink, etc and have all come from boxes of powder over 3 years old, from multiple vendors. It seems the darker colors, even over 5 years old, still can be used and will cure out. Do you have any idea what might be causing this?
We have multiple powder suppliers and we have seen similar results with all vendors. Our powder storage area is not temperature controller. The powder storage area will see hot southern days of 100+ degrees and cold winter months below 30 easily. What exactly is causing the powder to not cure? Is there some specific constituent in the powder that doesn't age well to temperature fluctuations and moisture? I realize that all powder has a life expectancy and that we are going way over this usage date but what other factors should we be paying attention to?
Thanks so much.
Sean Bevis
Manufacturing Engineer
United Enertech

Dear Sean,

These are fascinating issues that you have been observing. First of all let me commend you for the versatility and breadth of your operation. It takes a high level of discipline and planning to handle so many colors and chemistries in one shop. Kudos to you and your team.

Now to the questions - as you note powders as old as 5 years can be successfully used. Some points that are critical to powder coating longevity:

1. Keep your powder dry. You needn't have to keep the storage area at a certain humidity range, however it is imperative to keep the bag (liner) which contains the powder sealed when storing the powder. Powders are supplied in boxes or barrels that have 3 to 4 mil plastic liners. These liners essentially isolate the powder from environmental humidity. Opened bags allow the powder to absorb humidity and can cause serious clumping.

2. Keep the powder cool. You mention that your storage area can see southern temperatures of 100°F+. Most powders can endure this exposure however any low temperature cure materials will undoubtedly clump and quite possibly pre-react at these elevated temperatures. This pre-reaction will cause an increase in texture that may be unacceptable. Pre-reacted powder can also impair adhesion due to inferior flow and leveling of the powder in the oven.

It is wise for you to check the MEK resistance of your jobs. It is important to note that every powder coating will not provide the same MEK resistance. Polyesters typically soften after 25 double rubs, whereas epoxies and polyurethanes are virtually unaffected with this test. Hybrids fall somewhere in between polyesters and epoxies depending how they are formulated.

Your observation that when applying aged powder light colors are more likely to fail MEK resistance than dark colors is perplexing. There may be a couple reasons for this. One - the original fresh powder may not be very resistant to MEK. If you just recently started to check MEK resistance you may not have the data regarding the fresh powder. The other reason may be a general lack of cure due to a) a higher bake requirement or b) denser parts or a higher load in the oven. Have you checked the actual time and temperature of parts of the various jobs that you run through your ovens? Higher oven loads either due to heavier parts or more parts tax your burners and can keep parts from reaching temperature. It is essential to verify part temperature and time at temperature to ensure full cure.

Regarding the failure after 10 to 15 MEK double rubs, this is a serious issue. All powders will surpass this test if fully cured. I am somewhat surprised that rebaking parts doesn't improve this performance. I would spray a part and cure it for a very long time at temperature to verify the poor performance. One long bake may provide better cure than two shorter bakes.

Regarding color differences equating to different levels of cure - this only makes sense when using infrared as a source of heating. Light colors reflect a high percentage of IR and therefore heat more slowly than darker counterparts. Alternately dark colors readily absorb infrared and heat up much more quickly than lighter colors and metallics. I can't think of a reason why light colors would age more quickly than dark colors.

In summary I think you are on the right track by checking the MEK resistance of all your powder coating jobs. Poor curing may be due to inadequate time at temperature rather than the age of the powder. Carefully check the suppliers recommended bake parameters and verify them with actual part temperature measurements. Keep your powder dry by sealing unused containers and keep your powder relatively cool especially if it is a low temperature cure product.

Thank you for your question and please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,



Seminar Events Exhibitions

January 17 - 19: The Coatings Summit
Location: Washington, DC USA
Contact: Vincentz Network, Friederike Plasswich
Phone: +49 511 99 10-270

World of Concrete
Las Vegas, NV
January 18 - January 21

International Convention On Colorant 2011
January 19- 20 2011
The Club
Andheri West

Powder Coating 101 Educational Workshop
Dates: 25 January 2011 until 26 January 2011
Location: Pasadena, California

2nd RTE Metal Coatings Seminar 2011
26. - 27.01.2011

25th Indian Paint Conference
28 - 30 January 2011
Hotel Claridges, Suraj Kund

SSPC 2011 featuring GreenCOAT
Las Vegas, NV
January 31 - February 3

IPC Summit on American Competitiveness
Dates: 01 February 2011 until 02 February 2011
Location: Washington, D.C.

Pipeline Coating 2011
Dates: 07 February 2011 until 09 February 2011

MFASC Supplier Showcase
Dates: 22 February 2011 (1 day event)
Location: Montebello, Calif

MFANC Vencor Showcase
Dates: 24 February 2011 (1 day event)
Location: San Jose, Calif.

Smart Coatings 2011 Promises Stimulating New Ideas
Smart Coatings 2011 will take place February 23-25, 2011, in Orlando, FL.




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