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17 – 20 April 2012
Messe Karlsruhe - Germany
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We wish you all a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2012

We wish you all a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2012

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A few powder coating units in Hosur (Tamil Nadu) have contacted us. Click here for a new page for Hosur job coating unit. We also request job coating units from varouos other cities to come forward and lists themselves on our website. Its FREE.

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Powder manufacturers

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Powder coating units
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Green News
Green Living Tips
A page dedicated to the Green News and tips is now added. It has articles with tips for going green to help protect the environment we all affect. Earth friendly advice for going green, reducing costs, consumption & impact on the environment! These widgets! displays the title and a snippet from recent articles published on GLT and the other, headlines from

HC: Notices to Centre, State on KMML pollution
KOCHI: The Kerala High court on Friday issued notices to Central and State government’s on a petition against the pollution caused by Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited (KMML) in Kollam district.
The petition was filed by D Suresh Kumar, secretary, Polluted Area Welfare Society, seeking a directive to the KMML, Chavara, to take steps to prevent pollution being caused by it in and around the company and to stop its functioning till it abates the pollution. He also sought a directive to the KMML to restore the ecology and environment destroyed by it. <more><more>

Hybrid Coating Technologies Expands Marketing of ‘Green Polyurethane’ to Europe
Hybrid Coating Technologies Inc. (San Francisco, Calif.) announced that it will manufacture and sell Green Polyurethane™ paint and coatings in Europe on an exclusive basis.

The technology was developed by Nanotech Industries Inc., and was licensed to Hybrid Coating Technologies more than a year ago. The product is billed as the first polyurethane coating product formulated without the use of isocyanates at any point in manufacturing. “We have been working with multiple potential partners in Europe over the past year and our products have successfully undergone rigorous testing,” said Joseph Kristul, CEO. “We are now in advanced commercial discussions with multiple potential European partners for distribution and licensing as we look to expand our presence in the European continent.”
The company noted that European authorities continue to strengthen regulations against the use of products that contain isocyanates, such as polyurethane coatings.<more>

DuPont agrees to pay state $725K for mishandling hazardous waste at Salem County plant
The state Department of Environmental Protection Thursday announced it has reached an agreement with E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Co. that requires the company to pay a fine of $725,000 and upgrade procedures for handling hazardous materials, and for routine and preventative maintenance at its Chambers Works facility in Salem County.
The agreement stems from DEP investigations of spills and handling problems at the plant, hazardous waste disposal landfill, drum and container storage areas, a rail siding, and an industrial wastewater treatment plant.
"This agreement reached with DuPont will ensure the Chambers Works facility meets the high standard of environmental protection that the DEP and community expects," DEP Commissioner Bob Martin said.<more>

Jotun Powder Coatings introduces new line of eco-friendly products providing enhanced value for customers

With a promise to give more for less, Jotun Powder Coatings, a leading worldwide manufacturer of powder coating technology, has announced the global launch of its new line of eco-friendly products, Guard Gaze, Guard Miles and Guard Miles+.:<more>

FDA cites Akzo for contamination, leaky equipment
Recurring oil leaks in manufacturing equipment, likely the cause of black particle contamination in 13 batches of API, led to Warning Letter 320-12-004 to Akzo Nobel Chemicals in Mexico. The letter mentions both GMP violations observed during the inspection and shortcomings in the +++company's reply to the inspection report.
The drugmaker failed to identify the contaminant and its cause. Operators saw the particles during the FDA's April-June visit, the letter says, and they reported a hydraulic oil leak. But no investigation followed. Akzo "assumed that the black particles are hydraulic oil contamination," without investigation or identification, the warning says. <more>




Note: The infomercials are in alphabetical order. No other priorities associated.


   Infomercial from Mitsuba Systems  



  Infomercial from PaintExpo

4th PaintExpo, Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Coating Technology from 17 through 20 April 2012 in Karlsruhe (Germany)
International Growth for PaintExpo

Oberboihingen – More than five months before the 4th PaintExpo opens at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre, the exhibitor list already includes roughly 300 companies (revision level: 8 November 2011). They come from 19 nations with 23.6% from countries other than Germany. Further growth in exhibitor numbers and internationalism is thus being experienced by the leading international trade fair for industrial coating technology. Nearly all of the market and technology leaders are already represented in the various exhibition segments.

“Offerings which are focused exclusively on the process sequences for liquid painting, powder coating and coil coating provide exhibitors and visitors with a clear-cut value advantage. And this is being recognised by more and more manufacturers of industrial coating technology both inside and outside of Germany.” This is how Jürgen Haußmann, managing director of event promoters FairFair GmbH, explains the relentless growth of the international trade fair for industrial coating technology. What he didn’t mention is the fact that the majority of the visitors from all over the world come to PaintExpo with concrete tasks, investment plans and the intention to place orders. And this will also be the case at the upcoming event, which will take place at the exhibition centre in Karlsruhe from 17 through 20 April 2012, because companies from all sectors with in-house painting operations, as well as job-shop coaters, are interested in increasing the efficiency, the quality and the ecology of the painting process. And in this respect, it doesn’t make any difference at all which industry sector requires painting of parts made of metal, plastic, wood, glass or other materials.

Solutions Ranging from Pretreatment right on up to Final Inspection
Exhibitors from all sectors are offering new products and services, as well as further developments targeted at optimising processes. Where the pretreatment of metals is concerned, for example, a trend towards nano-ceramic conversion coatings is becoming apparent. Alternatively, solutions are being offered which generate a plainly visible oxidized protective layer with a thickness of just a few nanometres. This allows for easy visual inspection. Moreover, pretreatment can be completed very quickly (within 20 to120 seconds) at temperatures ranging from 20 to 35° C, by means of which energy savings and high throughput rates are made possible.
Ever smaller lot quantities and a continuously increasing variety of colour tones, as well as shorter and shorter life cycles, also represent significant challenges for operators of painting and coating systems. With system concepts and optimisation solutions which are laid out consistently for flexibility and efficient use of materials, the exhibitors are making a significant contribution to streamlined operations, and thus a sharp competitive edge, for companies with in-house painting facilities.
One of the focal points in the field of powder coatings involves low temperature powder coating systems and powdered enamels, which provide optimised corrosion protection. Newly developed powdered enamels with metallic effect will also be introduced. These include, for instance, high-temperature resistant metallic powder and paint systems which provide the coated surface with a certain 3D effect, as well as greater resistance to fingerprints and moisture. Innovative controllers and systems for effective powder conveyance and application also offer answers to questions about how quality and efficiency can be increased, end energy consumption reduced. Potential savings can also be exploited by means of greater degrees of automation. Modern painting robots will be demonstrated which are easy to programme and allow for improved reproducibility of painting results, reduced scrap rates and thus improved quality and economy. The exhibitors will also offer new products in the area of conveyor systems.
The use of infrared heat provides impressive results in many cases where shorter drying or curing times are required, and at the same time reduced energy consumption is desired. Space requirements can often be significantly reduced as well in this way.
Further segments for which PaintExpo’s exhibitors will present numerous new solutions include paint stripping, quality assurance and accessories such as masks and hangers, as well as printing, identification and packaging.
Further information and a preliminary exhibitor list can be accessed at .



  Infomercial from Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay Enterprises is a leading manufacture of powder coating materials (PCM) in India. VIJAY COAT today stands as a Reliable source of High Quality and Durable Powder Coating materials at very reasonable prices. Vijay's PCM find extensive application for industrial and other demanding applications. Vijay enterprises was incorporated in 1995 with a view to supplying quality PCMs to Indian industry. Vijay's manufacturing set up is equipped with best machines from M/s Buss AG Switzerland who are world's largest manufacturer of Powder Coating Machines. Vijay has now established itself and earned a name for its quality supplies and prompt delivery at reasonable prices.

The types of powders manufactured by VIJAYCOAT are as under.
Pure Epoxy
Epoxy Polyester (Hybrid)
Pure Polyester (TGIC)
Pure Polyester (TGIC Free)
Super Durable
Poly Urethane Powder

Types of Finishes manufactured by VIJAYCOAT
Semi Glossy
Specialties like Silver, Gold, Copper
Antique Finish
Hammer Tone
Wood Finish
Pearl Finish
Coloured Transparent

Technical Powders Manufactured by VIJAYCOAT
Fast Cure
Lower Temperature Cure
Thin Film Powders
Hot water resistance powders
Heat Resistant Powders for automobile silencers
Fire Retardant Powders
Powders for in contact with food stuff (Food Grade)
Electrical Insulation Grade
Lead Free and ROHS Compliant Powders
Reach registered European Powders.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powders
Fusion bonded Epoxy Powders for Reinforcing Bars

Fusion bonded Epoxy Powders for Pipe Coatings

Administrative Office:
Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Admin. Office :
65, World Business House
Nr Piramal Garden Cross Road
Eliss Bridge, AHMEDABAD
Ph 079-26461540, 65242828, Tel/Fax 079-26461539
Email:  , 


  Informercial from Yantai Electrostatic Powder Equipment Co.,Ltd  
Yantai Electrostatic Powder Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in yantai with long history is professional and taking the lead in powder coating production equipment manufacturing from earlier 1980's, from mixer, extruder to cooling belt, grinding system, from lab R&D to small volume production , large scale production vertical line.

Distingushing features of Yantai Electrostatic Powder Equipment Co Ltd China
Powder coating production equipments:

Option of ground feeder to feed flakes/chips of suitable size to ACM grinder, thus a continuous presence of labor to feed the flakes is avoided.

the equipment has inline auto rotary sieving machine, hence there is no contamination, and labor is saved, saving in time for big batch production, because the rotary sieve method is does faster sieving than vibratory sieve, and very easy to collect the finished ground powder into plastic bag due to presence of rotary air lock which again can save labor. Also the less amount of coarse powder filtered on sieve can be collected from rotary sieving machine and fed to the ACM feeder.

the height-ed design of High speed mixer facilitate it to be placed it overhead on a sturdy steel platform to enable to gravity feed of premix to twin screw extruder, on continuous basis.

Facility of heat exchanger for air cooling on top of cooling belt conveyor fitted with canopy cover to thoroughly and effectively cool down the extruded plastic band before flaking, very important during  high ambient temp.

The ACM grinder has pins for grinding instead of blocks to effectively fine grind the chips and maintain the particle size distribution within specified limit and maintain efficiency of grinding to rated capacity depending upon correct setting of parameters.

Provision of pulse air jet with solenoid and timer to clean the filter bags in the dust collector
automatically at intervals to keep the efficiency of the complete grinding process.

Provision of correctly sized heat exchanger attached to ACM grinder to effectively cool the powder in the grinding chamber in order to improve efficiency of grinding.

Provision of quick release coupling at the ACM grinding equipment to quickly dismantle and clean between color change if required.

Efficiency of Extrusion :On average basis, the ratio of power required for main motor to extrude the hot melt mix is 11--13 kg/kw hr depending on capacity of Twin screw extruder.

The Suggestion of Lab extruder is for color matching and product development keeping the
production machine free for production .The product formulation developed on the Lab extruder is correctly scalable to production batch without change in color properties by maintaining the same  batch ,make and quality of raw materials like pigments, extenders, resins, additives.

All above features and few more result in improved efficiency by reducing manpower, reducing time factor to maintain target of production and keep the shop clean.

The screw elements, liners, and other parts are made as per correct metallurgical materials and as per industry standards. All electrics are of International brands like Siemens or equivalent etc.

For further details contact:
Kiron Deodhar
(Sole Sales Representative )
M/s Yantai Electrostatic Powder equipment Co Ltd China
(Abrr. Jingdian in Haiyang)

India contact: Kiron Deodhar Kothrud, Pune-411029,Maharashtra,India


Visit us at the  Paint India exhibition 2012 at Bombay exhibition center Goregaon Mumbai , Stall no. F1 date 23-25th Feb.2012.


Job Opportunities
Often we receive emails with no contents, but a resume word document attachment.
This column could be of use for such people, those who are looking our for better prospects.
Use this space to publish your mini resume in the format  given in the adjacent column. You may or may not reveal your identity. Send us these details and we will put it this column
Aiyappa P M
Presently associated with Atotech India Limited (A Subsidiary of Total Group) as an Assistant
Manager in Material Science department.
Mobile: 91+ 9663379856
Click here for details

Jay Gupta
E-Mail :-,
Mobile:- 08287833528

Seeking challenging assignments in Logistics And Supply chain Management and want do work in an
organization where I can acquire new knowledge and sharpen my skills and put my best efforts for
achieving organizational as well as individual goal.
Click here for details
Job vacancy Nippon Menard (M) Sdn Bhd, 2 Positions Malaysia December 2011
Nippon Menard (M) Sdn Bhd is a prestigious Japanese skincare and cosmetic brand that has been around for 51 years.
Company Address: No 2 Jalan Pengarah U1/29, Seksyen U1 Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park Shah Alam 40000
Fax: 03-55693675


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India Powder Coating
Vivek Soley
3, Lalaram Nagar, Indore, 452001 MP India
Phone 91 731 2492291
Mobile 9826297112
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Don't be surprised if growth rate slips below 7% next year'
The signs were visible for a while, but reality has finally hit home. Worse, corporate India has almost resigned to the idea of a further slowdown ahead, in spite of the government’s predictable assurance that from here growth will begin to improve.
India Inc is quick to point at the factors. H M Bharukha, managing director, Kansai Nerolac, says: “The monetary policy of the Reserve Bank of India has been a key contributor to the slowdown. Instead of taming inflation, it has actually impeded growth.” Godrej agrees, but says the inability to take decisions on key reforms has also impacted the sentiment. <more>

Asian Paints feels the pinch of rising costs
Even if the company’s leadership position in decorative paints gives it pricing power, exercising too much of it may end up hurting demand in the medium to long term
Asian Paints Ltd has benefited immensely from the growing demand for its paints to decorate new and existing homes, and also from users in the automobile and industrial sectors. But the current fiscal year has seen this demand being accompanied by a trying set of circumstances.

Blame it on the growing affluence in developing markets that can have unintended consequences. Rising demand for quality paints has increased consumption of a key pigment—titanium dioxide. Limited supplies have allowed global producers to effect a series of price hikes. Chemical maker Huntsman Corp. said the selling price of pigments rose by 38% year-on-year and by 15% sequentially in the September quarter. Prices are set to increase again from 1 January.
Now, cost increases were visible in 2010-11 as well. But the rupee’s depreciation is magnifying the extent of the impact. That is, if prices of titanium dioxide were to increase by $100, what would have been an increase of say Rs. 4,500 is now translating to an increase of Rs. 5,200. Under normal circumstances, Asian Paints could have passed on the cost hikes in full. But the company has already hiked prices earlier, and economic conditions are not conducive for sustained price increases.
Slower growth rates are visible in key sectors such as automobiles, construction and infrastructure. Even if the company’s leadership position in decorative paints gives it pricing power, exercising too much of it may end up hurting demand in the medium to long term<more>

Asian Paints: Competition, rising ad spend a negative
Fierce competition and foreseeable increase in raw material prices are likely to impact earnings of the largest paint manufacturing company — Asian Paints — in the coming quarters. The company will continue to face cost pressures from increasing input prices and given the rising competition, it would be financially difficult for the company to pass on this increased cost to the consumers.

Major raw materials for paint manufacturing companies are crude-linked and titanium dioxide. Prices of titanium dioxide are likely to be increased from the beginning of 2012. Besides this, its major competitors have become very aggressive in terms of advertisement spends and product innovations. Its major competitors include Akzo Nobel, Kansai Nerolac, Berger and Nippon. <more>

Asian Paints - Updates
cy_295_3.jpgAsian Paints Ltd has informed BSE that due to the severe cyclonic storm 'Thane' in Tamil Nadu, some equipment and materials at the Company's Penterythritol Plant, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu have been damaged. The damage is being assessed by the Company. The operations at the Cuddalore Plant have been temporarily suspended.

Penterythritol, an intermediate raw material, is being manufactured at the above Plant.

All equipment and materials have been fully insured by the Company and the above will have no impact on the manufacturing of paints by the Company.<more>

AkzoNobel plans Rs 200-cr plant in Madhya Pradesh.
Setting its sights on becoming a Euro 1 billion (about Rs 6,800 crore) entity in India by 2015, global leading paints and coatings firm AkzoNobel will invest Rs 200 crore to set up a new manufacturing plant in Madhya Pradesh to ramp up operations in the country.

As part of the strategy, the company, which is mainly into decorative paints, performance coatings and specialty chemicals, has announced its foray into the wood coatings segment in India.

“We are now investing more in India as the country is one of the key high growth markets for us globally. We are investing Rs 200 crore in a multi-business site in Madhya Pradesh,” AkzoNobel CEO and Chairman of Board of Management, Mr Hans Wijers, told PTI.

At present, the company has five plants across India.

The new plant will be operational by 2013 and will manufacture all its products.

The AkzoNobel India Country Director, Mr Amit Jain, said: “In the initial phase, the plant will have a capacity of 50 million litres of paint a year and will later go up to 100 million litres per annum.”

The company has acquired 55 acres to set up the new plant, which is located 20 km from Gwalior.<more>

Quattro™ Automatic Airless Spray Guns
Modular Quattro™ automatic spray gun provides fast color and coating changes in high-production airless painting applications.
Modular Quattro™ automatic spray gun provides fast color and coating changes in high-production airless painting applications.
The stainless-steel Nordson Quattro gun can be used for general finishing in either non-circulating or circulating heated airless applications, and is ideal for waterbornes and highly corrosive materials.
Its modular design allows for quick removal of the spray device without disconnecting the fluid lines to facilitate repair and maintenance with minimal downtime.
Features and Benefits
Fast cycling with positive cutoff — provides precise operation with minimal dripping and spitting.
Nordson nozzles — deliver effective atomization of hard-to-atomize coatings for minimal paint waste.
Optional Nordson heater — reduces and controls material viscosity for improved operating performance and efficiency.
Modular design — facilitates spray gun removal for fast cleaning and repair with minimal downtime.
Stainless steel construction — ideal for waterbornes and highly corrosive materials.
Teflon®* coated packing cartridge — resists material buildup on the shaft and spring.
Mounts to 1/2" round bar — for fast, easy installation<more>

Dow Chemical sponsorship causing unwanted controversy for Olympics
LONDON (AP) -- Just a few months ago, Dow Chemical was hailed by the organizers of the London Olympics for saving a visual centerpiece - an artistic wrap around Olympic Stadium. Now, the Olympic sponsor is sparking the kind of controversy that no one wants.
Dow's link to the company accused in the 1984 Bhopal gas leak - the world's worst industrial disaster - has brought a cascade of criticism down upon the organizing committee. Protesters in the central Indian city of Bhopal burned an effigy Friday of Sebastian Coe, chairman of the London organizing committee, and one Indian official has even uttered the word boycott.
Emotions in India are still raw, for the Bhopal disaster killed 15,000 people and injured half a million, according to the government, and is being blamed for major local health problems 27 years later.
Although Indian officials say the country has no intention of staying away from the games, pressure has been building for the Olympics to sever its ties with Dow or face the risk of constant protests marring the spectacle that Britain hoped would lift its flagging spirits and foundering economy.<more>

Bhopal gas tragedy: Won't submit to Supreme Court jurisdiction, says Dow Chemicals
Dow Chemicals has declined to share its wholly owned subsidiary Union Carbide Corporation's alleged past residuary liability towards compensating 1984 Bhopal tragedy victims

US-based multinational Dow Chemicals has declined to share its wholly owned subsidiary Union Carbide Corporation's alleged past residuary liability towards compensating 1984 Bhopal tragedy victims and refused to submit to the jurisdiction of theSupreme Court of India, which is dealing with the Union government's plea for an additional Rs 7,844 crore to the gas victims..<more>

Nordson Corporation Announces Election of James E. DeVries to Corporate Vice President
WESTLAKE, Ohio, Nov 30, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Nordson Corporation NDSN +0.02% today announced the election of James E. DeVries as a Corporate Vice President of the company. DeVries serves as Nordson's Vice President, Global Continuous Improvement, reporting directly to Nordson President and CEO Michael F. Hilton.
"With the customer as our focus, Nordson is committed to building on excellence and driving growth and performance everywhere we operate," said Hilton. "Jim DeVries has been a key part of Nordson's success since joining the company more than 25 years ago, and his election as a Nordson Corporate Vice President is well deserved. Since being promoted in 2010 to his current non-executive officer role as Vice President of Global Continuous Improvement, Jim has helped accelerate our performance in the near term while also laying the groundwork that will help drive our results to higher levels over an extended period. Throughout his career, he has consistently added value to our organization while embodying Nordson's corporate values of energy, excellence, integrity, customer passion and respect for people."

Solar Breakthrough: Cheap Quantum Dot Solar Paint
Researchers have reduced the preparation time of quantum dot solar cells to less than an hour by changing the form to a one-coat quantum dot solar paint.


Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles are coated with cadmium sulfide (CdS) or cadmium selenide (CdSe.) The composite nanoparticles, when mixed with a solvent, form a paste that can be applied as one-step paint to a transparent conducting material, which creates electricity when exposed to light.

Although the paint form is currently about five times less efficient than the highest recorded efficiency for the multifilm form, the researchers predict that its efficiency can be improved, which could lead to a simple and economically viable way to prepare solar cells.<more>

Polybond completed its 5th year of operation.
Polybond Coating Pvt. Ltd. , situated at Mahape, Navi Mumbai, Maharastra is equipped to manufacture Powder Coating Powders

Wacker Expands technical centre in Mumbai to include dispersion applications for coatings.
WACKER, the Munich-based chemical company, has expanded its technical center in India. This center of excellence located in Goregaon, a suburb of Mumbai, now also includes laboratories, applications technology and test equipment for polymer dispersions for coatings and paint applications. These dispersions are needed for interior and exterior paints in the coatings industry. The expansion not only enables WACKER to support its Indian customers to develop new and locally adapted formulations, but also encourages the exchange of know-how and promotes internationally recognized quality standards in India.
The expansion was made necessary by India’s strong economic growth, particularly with regard to sophisticated coatings applications. This measure will help WACKER to further bolster its position as the market and technology leader for vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer (VAE) dispersions used as binders for demanding coatings and paint applications.<more>

Cotton Fabric With Titanium Dioxide Cleans Itself When Exposed ToStudy: Cotton Fabric With Titanium Dioxide Cleans Itself When Exposed To Sunlight Sunlight
Chinese scientists are reporting the development of a new cotton fabric that cleans itself of stains and bacteria when exposed to sunlight.
AsianScientist (Dec. 15, 2011) – Imagine jeans, sweats, or socks that clean and de-odorize themselves when hung on a clothesline in the sun or draped on a balcony railing.
Scientists are reporting the development of a new cotton fabric that cleans itself of stains and bacteria when exposed to sunlight.
Chinese researchers Mingce Long and Deyong Wu report in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces that their fabric uses a coating made from a compound of titanium dioxide, the white material used in everything from white paint to foods to sunscreen lotions.<more>

DSM to Merge Two Business Units
DSM Coating Resins, a business unit of Royal DSM N.V., has outlined plans to align the organization with its sharpened strategic focus on its core coating and graphic arts resins markets. As part of these plans, the business unit aims to capture additional synergies from the merger of two business units (formerly known as DSM Powder Coating Resins and DSM NeoResins+) announced earlier this year.
As a result of the alignment, the number of worldwide positions at DSM Coating Resins will be reduced by 150. This will allow the company to effectively and efficiently continue to grow its position as the leading coating resins supplier for developing innovative building blocks for sustainable coating systems.<more>
Study indicates slowdown in EU alkyd resins market
Between 2006-2010 alkyd resins consumption decreased by 30 % and the demand follows the down-grade trend in the EU.
Germany remains a major insider of EU alkyd resins market; it covers 37 % of EU production and consumption.<more>

EU Alkyd Resins Market is Reducing in Size According to BAC Report Recently Published by
The demand for alkyd resins in European Union (EU) follows the down-grade trend. In 2010 the demand amounted to 471,800 tons. Between 2006-2010 alkyd resins consumption decreased by 30 %, according to "Alkyd Resins: European Union Market Outlook 2011 and Forecast till 2016" a recently published report by Business Analytic Center (BAC). The decline is reasoned partly by economic recession, and lowering of EU construction industry; and partly due to cease of alkyd coatings demand in favour of more environmental-friendly materials. EU producers are working mainly to cover domestic market. Export supplies share 7-10 % in total output. Therefore decrease in demand incurred cease of domestic production. However, alkyd coatings still remain the leaders of EU coating market. Germany remains a major insider of EU alkyd resins market. It covers 37 % of EU production and consumption. In 2010 Germany produced 190,000 tons of alkyd resins, and provided 45,000 tons for export. The other significant Western European manufacturing facilities are concentrated in Italy and France.<more>

Evonik opens Tego Innovation Center in Shanghai and SingaporeEvonik Industries
Evonik to open first innovation center for coating additives in Asia with two locations in Shanghai and Singapore
Research focus on additives for environmentally friendly paints and coatings
“Tego Innovation Center” reaches out to whole of Asian growth region
Evonik will open its first research and development center for additives for paints and coatings in Asia this November. A single-digit million US dollar amount have been invested to set up the “Tego Innovation Center” in two locations, Shanghai and Singapore, as part of the global Evonik innovation network.

The “Tego Innovation Center” will cater to manufacturers in the paints and coatings industry in Asia. Collaborations with regional customers and research institutions aim at providing individual solutions to strengthen the competitiveness and innovative capabilities of Evonik’s Asian customers. Research is geared to meet regional demands and centers on developing cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly coating systems to accommodate the megatrend of resource efficiency. <more>

CRANBURY, NEW JERSEY - December 5, 2011 - Kronos Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: KRO) today announced a price increase for all titanium dioxide products sold in Western Europe, Eastern Europe andTurkey.
Effective January 1, 2012, or as permitted by contract, prices for all Kronos® titanium dioxide products sold in Western Europe and Turkey will increase by 300 Euro per metric ton (or equivalent in other currencies).
In the US dollar markets of Eastern Europe the price increase will be 400 US$ per metric ton. <more>

PPG Announces Global Initiative to Leverage Titanium Dioxide Expertise
PITTSBURGH, Dec 06, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- During PPG Industries' PPG +1.71%capital markets meeting yesterday with financial analysts and investors in New York, PPG Chief Technology Officer Charles F. Kahle II announced that the company has undertaken a strategic initiative with multiple global suppliers to secure and enhance PPG's supply of titanium dioxide, as well as add to the global supply of the raw material.<more>

BASF Automotive Refinish offers new portable color matching tool
BASF Automotive Refinish said its new COLOR- MAXmobile2 solid color tool is compact and portable and provides 531 color chips that can be easily compared to the vehicle with up to five colors on a single swatch.
BASF said its family of COLOR-MAX tools is the most advanced color matching system in the industry in terms of accuracy, color range and ease of use.
BASF's design includes a larger range of chips for white, red and black colors. Using the COLOR-MAXmobile2, a paint technician can scan the entire range of colors simply by fanning out the swatch book. A hole in each chip is designed to allow easier viewing against a painted surface. The case allows the user to open the deck past 90 degrees for easier maneuverability.<more>




Ask Joe Powder

"Ask Joe Powder"
"Ask Joe Powder" is a question and answer column authored by Kevin Biller of the Powder Coating Research Group. Mr. Biller has over 30 years experience formulating and manufacturing powder coatings. He welcomes your questions regarding powder coating technology. Please write to:

Kevin Biller
The Powder Coating Research Group
15 W. Cherry Street, 3rd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Measuring Powder Coating Density

Dear Joe,
Is there any method, equation or software program to calculate powder density? Thanking you in advance,
Ali Baluli

Dear Ali,
I am aware of two methods used to determine powder density. Both are covered in detail in ASTM D5965 - 02(2007) Standard Test Methods for Specific Gravity of Coating Powders.

One uses the volume displacement of the powder into a fluid (kerosene or hexane) with a known density. The weight of the powder is known so the relationship between weight and volume can then be calculated.

Powder Specific Gravity =  [Weight of Powder (grams)] /[ Final Volume – Original Volume (milliliters)]

This method involves introducing the fluid into a graduated cylinder. The volume and weight of the fluid is recorded. Next a given weight of powder is mixed into the fluid and the displaced volume is determined. It is essential that you eliminate all air pockets in the mixture to obtain a reasonably accurate measurement. Please be aware that this method doesn’t easily account for the surface porosity common with most powder coatings and typically results is a lower than true specific gravity. Nonetheless it can be used as a decent tool to compare powders.

A much more accurate method is based on the Ideal Gas Law and utilizes a gas pyncometer instrument which measures volume of a known weight of powder by gas displacement.  These are relatively expensive instruments and are available from a number of commercial instrument suppliers. Each instrument is slightly different; some measure volume, others can measure volume and density. You would have to consult the specific procedure provided by the instrument manufacturer to successfully measure specific gravity of powders.

I recommend you use the simpler fluid method but always run a control sample of know specific gravity along with your samples to be evaluated.

I hope that this helps.

Best Regards,


Powder Coating Magnesium Alloys

Hi Joe,
I have a cleaner/phosphate that is supposed to treat Magnesium but how should it be handled as far as dry-off and cure temps?

I tried a couple of parts this morning, with a low gloss clear coat and they came out looking like desert storm Camouflage. This was cured for 12 minutes at 180°C.

Dear Bryan,
Thanks for the question. Magnesium alloys are a tricky substrate to powder coat unless you know how to do it. Most magnesium fabricated products are cast resulting in a certain degree of porosity on its surface. Cleaning the substrate is a great idea however the cleaners/ pretreatment can remain harbored in the pores. Indeed, even without cleaning air resides in the pores. As the powder melts and flows the cleaners and air escape from the pores. Most powders are curing at this point and can't recover or reseal the holes caused by the volatiles. The result is pinholes, low gloss and unsightly surface disruptions.

My advice is to continue cleaning as you are but run the parts through a relatively high temperature dry-off before you apply the powder coating. It's preferable to coat the parts very soon after the dry-off, even while they are still warm so they don't re-absorb ambient moisture. As for dry-off temperature - 200°C for 10 minutes is a good place to start.

You should also be aware that many powder suppliers offer product lines that are better suited for porous substrates such as magnesium. It may be best to use one of these with a well- controlled dry-off process.

Good luck.


Please forward any questions or comments to

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