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The Curiosity rover is a car-sized, robotic rover exploring Gale Crater on Mars, as part of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission (MSL).
The Curiosity rover is a car-sized, robotic rover exploring Gale Crater on Mars, as part of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission (MSL).

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Green News
Green Living Tips
A page dedicated to the Green News and tips is now added. It has articles with tips for going green to help protect the environment we all affect. Earth friendly advice for going green, reducing costs, consumption & impact on the environment! These widgets! displays the title and a snippet from recent articles published on GLT and the other, headlines from http://www.greenlivingtips.com

Asbestos Use on the Rise in U.S.The U.S. consumed 1,180 metric tons of asbestos in 2011, up from 1,040 metric tons in 2010.
Despite its well-known hazards and outright bans in many countries, asbestos use continues to climb in the United States, the U.S. Geological Survey reports.
Although the mineral is no longer even mined in the United States, U.S. consumption of asbestos increased by 13% from 2010 to 2011, the USGS reports.
Bans and Warnings

Asbestos has not been mined in the United States since 2002; the country imports its supplies from Canada, Brazil and South Africa.

Chrysotile asbestos, the only type used in the United States in 2011, has been banned in the European Union, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand. Canada also recently ceased mining of asbestos.

The mineral is classified as a known human carcinogen by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

In 1989, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a rule banning most asbestos-containing products, but the rule was overturned in 1991 in Corrosion Proof Fittings v. EPA. The ruling said, among other things, that the EPA had not sufficiently explored the safety of asbestos alternatives before issuing the ban.

The ruling leaves many products that can still legally contain trace amounts of asbestos. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulates asbestos exposure in the workplace.<more>

PPG Industries, Inc. : PPG to display environmentally advanced coatings at CONSTRUCT 2012
PITTSBURGH, Aug. 29, 2012 - PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) will exhibit a complete line of environmentally advanced coil and extrusion coatings at CONSTRUCT 2012 and the Construction Specifier Institute (CSI) National Convention in Phoenix, Sept. 11-14. PPG products on display in booth 507 will include DURANAR(R) liquid and powder coatings.

Based on a resin formulation with a 40-year track record of proven performance, even in difficult seacoast and industrial environments, Duranar liquid and powder coatings each offer unique performance characteristics that appeal to design and specifying architects. Duranar liquid coatings offer superior appearance characteristics, including vibrant metallic and mica formulations that apply smoothly to architectural components. Duranar powder coatings provide hard, abrasion-resistant finishes that are ideal for high-traffic locations and less susceptible to damage during installation, and because they are made without solvents, they emit virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).<more>




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  Infomercial from Mitsuba  



  Infomercial from parts 2 clean  
parts2clean - International Leading Trade Fair for Cleaning in Production and Maintenance Processes

ean solutions for the optimized cleaning of parts and surfaces and a lot of know-how

Neuffen – At the 10th parts2clean trade fair being held at the fairground in Stuttgart, Germany from 23rd till 25th October 2012, around 230 exhibitors will be presenting products and services for the optimized cleaning of parts and surfaces in manufacturing industries, maintenance and remanufacturing. Complementing the world’s most comprehensive trade fair in this field, the bilingual (German – English) parts2clean trade forum, which is being held for the first time this year, offers valuable knowledge to enable industrial parts to be cleaned reproducibly, cost-effectively and with a low ecological impact.
In a growing number of industrial sectors, the cleanliness of components and surfaces has become a quality criterion defined by specific, reproducible residual contamination values which need to be attained and documented. With global competition continuing to rise, it has become essential for companies involved in the manufacturing business, in maintenance or remanufacturing to be able to fulfill these requirements in a cost-optimized way and as ecologically efficiently as possible. However, this can only be achieved by implementing solutions which are individually adapted to a company’s needs and capable of carrying out complex cleaning tasks, removing oils and greases, removing burrs, assessing residual contamination or providing temporary corrosion protection. All these solutions and more will be presented by the 230 exhibitors taking part in the 10th parts2clean at the Stuttgart fairground from 23rd to 25th October 2012.
Innovations and further developments in all branches of industry
The world’s broadest trans-sectoral range of products and services will be on show for the industrial cleaning of parts and surfaces made from all types of materials along the process chain. Exhibiting companies from all areas of industry will be presenting numerous innovations and further developments. The focus this year is on solutions which contribute towards improving process reliability, cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility. In the field of equipment manufacturing, a variety of solutions enabling cleaning systems to be operated with better energy efficiency will be on show, one of which being the first “green” ultrasound generator. Exhibitors will also be presenting innovations for inspecting and documenting cleanliness - tasks which are becoming increasingly important in many areas of industry. Among them, for example, is a compact in-line measuring system which enables residual contamination analyses to be carried out in compliance with VDA 19 during the manufacturing process. The exhibitors also have innovations to showcase in the segments of cleaning media, bath monitoring and bath maintenance, such as detergents based on renewable resources, systems for efficient process and waste water treatment and devices for measuring concentrations in liquids. In addition to this, a further range of innovative solutions will also be presented which ensure that cleaned parts and surfaces are protected against corrosion, preserved and packaged in an efficient and cost-effective way.

For Details

SCHULZ. PRESSE. TEXT., Doris Schulz, Journalist (DJV),
Martin-Luther-Strasse 39, 70825 Korntal, Germany, Tel +49 (0)711 854085,
Fax +49 (0)711 815895, ds@pressetextschulz.de , www.schulzpressetext.de

fairXperts GmbH, Rita Herdin, Hauptstrasse 7, 72639 Neuffen, Germany,
Tel +49 (0)7025 8434-0, Fax +49 (0)7025 8434-20, info@fairxperts.de ,



  Infomercial from PRKNTEK Engineering Solutions  
Repair blow holes, cracks and other cosmetic problems in your castings...!!
Ultimate solution for common problems with metal casters, powder coaters, electroplaters etc.

Avoid unwanted scrapping of your castings due to minor cosmetic defects.

Any mechanically strong metal castings can be patched up and repaired to high finish with Piocol Fixup metal repair putty .

It will give you a very smooth finish metallic appearance.

Patched surface withstands high temperature upto 545C.

It can be powder coated to very fine finish without any problems of bubbles, cracks or, discoloration.

It withstands powder coating oven temperature and lasts forever.

Many times metal casters have to encounter situations like imperfect surface finish, blow holes, big or, small cracks, rough surface etc.

Here is the solution for you.

Easy to use heat resistant, mechanically strong metal repair filler putty which can be powder coated to a perfect surface finish.

What is Piocol Fixup:
PIOCOL FIXUP is a mechanically strong, heat resistant metal repair & filler putty which is easy to use and solves many problems faced by metal , aluminium casting companies and fabricators. It has a temperature resistance upto 220Centigrade. It is machinable, can be drilled, grinded, filed or, smooth finished with sanding papers and sanding tools. It can give a highly finished metallic appearance to the surface which can be painted , powder coated or, chrome plated. It is highly corrosion resistant. It has a very very bonding and adhesion to metals or, non metals.

Its mechanically strong repair putty can be effectively used to repair the blow holes, cracks and other surface imperfections which are visible in their moulded parts & castings or, while they do the machining.
Apply piocol Fixup Metal putty filler and patch up the surface instead of breaking and recasting. It withstands high temperature and can be powder coated or, chrome plated.We have two products for Hightemp Fixup with heat resistance upto 545C.

For further details Contact
Mr. Joseph
M/s.Prkntek Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Malad(W), Mumbai- 400064.
Call Us :- +91-22-28710 312 Mobile No.:- +91 99 6767 6534 Website
Email Us:- sales@prkntekindia.in


  Infomercial SF EXPO  
SF EXPO, The 10th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition
Time: May 21-23, 2013
Location: Poly World Trade Center,Guangzhou,China

China Surface Engineering Association Electroplating Branch
China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch
Powder Coating Institute
Guangdong Coating Industry Association
Guangdong Electroplating Association
Wise Exhibition (Guangdong)Co.,Ltd.

Executive Organizer
Wise Exhibition (Guangdong)Co.,Ltd

International Cosponsors
National Association for Surface Finishing
Korea Plating Industry Cooperative
Singapore Surface Finishing Society(SSFS)
Metal Finishers’ Association of India
The Society for Surface Protective Coatings,India
Brazilian Surface Treatments Association

Concurrent Events
International Surface Finishing Development Theme Forums
Surface Finishing New Products&Technology Promotion Conference
International Painting New Technology Seminar
GuangDong International Surface Finishing Technology Forums
GuangDong&GuangZhou Electroplating Association Annual Conference
Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Surface Finishing Enterprises
The 10th Guangzhou (China) International Coatings, Printing Inks & Adhesives Exhibition

Exhibition General
As a most professional and quick-growing surface finishing industry's event, SF EXPO is always committed to improving the surface finishing industry in all aspects, creating the biggest value for the clients and providing all surface finishers with a perfect platform for business cooperation, technology exchange and information share. The 10th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition is jointly organized by China Surface Engineering Association Electroplating Branch, China Surface Engineering Association Painting Branch, and Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd..The organizer continues its cooperation with domestic and overseas associations and international media to hold co current conferences, industry summit, and technology seminars. The worldwide excellent surface finishers and industries come together to discuss the dynamic global development in surface finishing industry and sustainable development or solution for energy-saving and environment-friendly production so as to improve product value. On the basis of its accumulated rescources and professional operation experience, the scale and effect of the 10th exhibition will be greatly improved to 20,000 square meters' exhibition area and 300 predicted exhibitors. With its 20,000 professional attendees, it will be one of the most important surface finishing pageant in the world.

SF EXPO 2011 Review
The 9th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition was held in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on 11-13th, May, 2011. Through the two-year strong propaganda, this event has attracted 238 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions. Its exhibition area reaches 15,000 square meters. The three days exhibition was visited by 14498 attendees and 21 associations and big-scale enterprise groups from all over the world. Cocurrent events were held: The 9th Guangzhou (China) International Coatings, Printing Inks & Adhesives Exhibition, International Symposium on Surface Finishing Industry Development and New Product, Technology Promotion Conference, Members' Assembly of Marketing Working Committee of China Surface Engineering Association, Annual Meeting of Guangdong and Guangzhou Electroplating Association, The International Plating Technical Forum (Guangdong Electroplating Association), Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Surface Finishing Enterprises, etc.

Exhibition Highlights
The 10th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition is jointly hosted by two authoritative and influential national associations -China Surface Engineering Association Electroplating Branch and the Painting Branch
The biennial exhibition attracts more exhibitors and visitors with its careful preparation and advertising compaign.
Exhibitors benefit from the firm exhibition theme, clear target audience division and high supply-demand match.
Professional organization and market operation are achieved by the host, Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1999 and now is one of the governing unit of Guangdong Exhibition Association. Wise is always committed to planning and organization of professional industry exhibitions, building brand events, integrating industry rescources and accumulating millions of enterprise data. Currently, a complete plan was formed for modernized exhibition organization and control.
This exhibition became renowned and influential in the world through worldwide advertising compaign.

Exhibit Scope
1) Surface finishing equipments such as shot peening, shot blasting, bench drawing, polishing, abrasion and surface treatment materials;
2) Painting/Coating wire,Coating engineering design,Painting/Coating equipments and auxiliary equipments;
3) Industry coating products;
4) Electroplating equipments and auxiliary equipments;
5) Electroplating raw materials and additives;
6) Anti-corrosion materials and equipments;
7) Equipments and technologies such as thermal Spraying, conversion coating, vacuum evaporation coating;
8)Electroplating industry zone, detect equipments;
9)Environmental protection, security and resource recycle equipments; cleaning devices, waste liquid treatment, dust and fume extraction, ventilation and air pollution control.
Participation Fee and Facilities
Participation Fee and Facilities n Fee aeend Facilities
Exhibiting Charge
International Standard Booth (3×3=9m2)
Hall A: RMB 12,800/booth Hall B: RMB 10,800/booth Foreign Enterprise: USD2,250/Booth
Bare Ground (minimum 36m2) Hall A: RMB1,380/m2 Hall B: RMB1,180/m2 Foreign Enterprise : USD250/m2
Advertising Catalogue Fee
Cover:RMB 19,800 Back Cover:RMB 18,000 Second Cover:RMB 11,800 Inside Back Cover:RMB 9,800 First Page:RMB 9,800 Color, full page:RMB 4,800 Literal Introduction:RMB 500
Black and White, full page:RMB2,800
Technology Promotion Conference: RMB 4,500
Same Term Activity Collaboration and Sponsor Fee
A:RMB50000 B:RMB30000 C:RMB10000
(Please contact the co-organizer for detail information)
Booth Features
Facilities for the standard booth: three wallboards (two wallboards inthe corner),
Chinese and English fascia (name-board), a table, two chairs, carpeted floor, two exhibition lights and a paper basket.
Free editorial entries within 300 words in the Exhibition Directory for each exhibitor.
For the bare Ground, no facility is provided and the hall management fee is RMB 28/m2.

For Further Details
Wise Exhibition(Guangdong) Co.,Ltd
Add: Room 1802 Huayou Building, No.5 Si You Xin Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, P. R. China, 510600
Contact: Kobe Luo Tel:86 20 37599090 Fax:86-20-37599151

EmaiI ex360sf@126.com ,   sfexpo@yahoo.cn 
Website www.sf-expo.cn



  Infomercial Vijay Enterprises Pvt Ltd  
Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay Enterprises is a leading manufacture of powder coating materials (PCM) in India. VIJAY COAT today stands as a Reliable source of High Quality and Durable Powder Coating materials at very reasonable prices. Vijay's PCM find extensive application for industrial and other demanding applications. Vijay enterprises was incorporated in 1995 with a view to supplying quality PCMs to Indian industry. Vijay's manufacturing set up is equipped with best machines from M/s Buss AG Switzerland who are world's largest manufacturer of Powder Coating Machines. Vijay has now established itself and earned a name for its quality supplies and prompt delivery at reasonable prices.

The types of powders manufactured by VIJAYCOAT are as under.
Pure Epoxy
Epoxy Polyester (Hybrid)
Pure Polyester (TGIC)
Pure Polyester (TGIC Free)
Super Durable
Poly Urethane Powder

Types of Finishes manufactured by VIJAYCOAT
Semi Glossy
Specialties like Silver, Gold, Copper
Antique Finish
Hammer Tone
Wood Finish
Pearl Finish
Coloured Transparent

Technical Powders Manufactured by VIJAYCOAT
Fast Cure
Lower Temperature Cure
Thin Film Powders
Hot water resistance powders
Heat Resistant Powders for automobile silencers
Fire Retardant Powders
Powders for in contact with food stuff (Food Grade)
Electrical Insulation Grade
Lead Free and ROHS Compliant Powders
Reach registered European Powders.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powders
Fusion bonded Epoxy Powders for Reinforcing Bars

Fusion bonded Epoxy Powders for Pipe Coatings

Administrative Office:
Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Admin. Office :
65, World Business House
Nr Piramal Garden Cross Road
Eliss Bridge, AHMEDABAD
Ph 079-26461540, 65242828, Tel/Fax 079-26461539
Email: vijaycoat@gmail.com  , vijaycoatoffice@vijaycoat.com 
web: www.vijay-powdercoat.com



Job Opportunities
Often we receive emails with no contents, but a resume word document attachment.
This column could be of use for such people, those who are looking our for better prospects.
Use this space to publish your mini resume in the format  given in the adjacent column. You may or may not reveal your identity. Send us these details and we will put it this column
Kansai Nerolac Paint Limited is looking for a entry level candidate in Tech. Services (powder coating) for West Region.
Interested candidates may contact

Vivek Sarawadekar.
KNPL – Powder Coating.
M : 9867200621
email viveksarawadekar@nerolac.com


IPC Classified
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You can reach thousands of people thorough our classified ads. Place your own classified text  ads. or messages  here Just for Rs 500 (USD 10) only

Contact the moderator for details
India Powder Coating
Vivek Soley
3, Lalaram Nagar, Indore, 452001 MP India
Phone 91 731 2492291
Mobile 9826297112
emails:   viveksoley@hotmail.comviveksoley@ipconweb.com , indiapowdercoating@yahoo.com





Kansai Nerolac Paints clocks 3.43% increase in net profit in Q1 of FY13
KOLKATA: Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited (KNPL), one of the leading paint companies in India, has clocked a 3.43% increase in net profit in the Q1 of FY13. The profit increased to Rs 63.3 crore from Rs 61.2 crore in Q1 of FY12. For the quarter, the company declared a net sales of Rs. 723.50 crores, marking a growth of 11% over the same quarter of the previous year. EBITA was Rs. 96.90 crores a growth of 6.4 % over the same quarter of the previous year.

Commenting on the company's performance, Mr. H. M. Bharuka, managing director, KNPL said, "Demand for the paint has been moderate during the quarter which is reflected in KNP numbers. The inflationary pressures witnessed in earlier quarters have reduced, however the fall in the rupee has ensured that input costs have not come down. KNPL has been able to partly pass on this increase to the market.<more>

BASF India profit after tax up by 36 pc in Q1 FY 13
Mumbai, Aug 1 (PTI) BASF India Ltd today said its profit after tax jumped by 36 per cent at Rs 71.7 crore in the quarter ended June 30, 2012. The company announced improved sales and earnings for the first quarter of FY 2012-13, a company statement said here. Total sales stood at Rs 1,288.8 crore for the quarter ended June 30, 2012 as compared to Rs 1,013.8 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year, an increase of 27 per cent. The company's profit before tax grew to Rs 106.3 crore for the quarter ended June 30, 2012 as compared to Rs 78.1 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year, an increase of 36 per cent. "The company has made a good start in the first quarter of 2012-13 with an increase in sales and earnings," BASF India Chairman & Managing Director Prasad Chandran said. "Furthermore, our continued focus on improving efficiencies, implementing cost-control measures and deriving synergies following the consolidation of legal entities all added to the growth momentum," Chandran said.<more>

IRL Report on Indian Paint Industry

LONDON – Industry research firm IRL announced the publication of a new edition of its Profile of the Indian Paint Industry. India is the seventh-largest country and the largest democracy in the world. It is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, second only to China. India is also the second-largest paint market in Asia with an annual demand of over two million tonnes, again second only to China.
Demand for coatings in India has been estimated at 2,205,000 tonnes in 2011. Decorative coatings account for nearly 78 percent of the market in terms of volume and about 70 percent in value, while automotive coatings, both OEM and refinishes, dominate the industrial segment, followed by high-performance protective coatings and powder coatings.
Future market growth is expected to be in the order of 11 percent per annum overall, with individual segments displaying a broader range of growth rates across the two main segments. Demand for coatings is expected to reach 3,723,500 tonnes in 2016, mainly due to impressive growth in the construction, automotive and electronic appliance (white goods) industries.
The Indian paint industry has been historically polarized into the large organized and the smaller unorganized sectors. The organized sector accounts for approximately 65 percent of the market; with more global companies entering the Indian market, it is not surprising that it is gaining increasing share at the expense of the unorganized players.
This report covers India’s fast-growing market for coating, segmenting the market into nine mainstream coatings sectors and providing current market data for 2011 plus market forecasts to 2016.
The Indian coatings industry has been growing at an average 15 percent per annum over the last decade. Growth has been consistent with the Indian GDP growth rate, and in some years the industry has grown at a rate of 1.5 to 2 times higher than that of GDP growth. Construction remains the key growth sector and is driving demand for decorative and protective coatings. The sector accounts for nearly 45 percent of the total national investment in infrastructure, and the trend is expected to continue in the future.
Growth in the Indian car market is strong, at about 10-12 percent per annum, which is creating good demand for OEM coatings and vehicle refinishes in the long term. The refinish segment is enjoying growth in each of the premium, medium and economy sub-segments as a result of rising car ownership across all classes. However, as car ownership is likely to increase at the low end in the future, the greatest growth is to be expected in the economy area.
Many paint companies are expanding their operations in India but the rapid growth of the paint industry, with billions of rupees being invested in enhancing capacities, is causing concern among environmentalists.
A Profile of the Indian Paint Industryis now available from IRL at the price of EUR 3,250. It includes market data for 2011 and forecasts to 2016 for each industry segment covered in the report, plus a SWOT analysis of the Indian coatings industry overall and profiles of the key players.

Berger Paints want Bollywood touch for higher market share
KOLKATA: Berger Paints India today said it will engage either Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif as brand ambassador for its Silk brand paints for improving its market share.

"It will be either Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif. You will come to know," Berger MD & CEO Abhijit Roy said here today.<more>

Berger Paints Q1 net profit up 19% at Rs 44 cr
Berger Paints India 's consolidated net profit rose by 19.4% year-on-year to Rs 44.4 crore in the first quarter of financial year 2012-13.

Consolidated net sales went up by 16% to Rs 803 crore from Rs 693 crore during the same period.<more>

Akzo Nobel to set up Rs 150-crore plant in Gwalior
MUMBAI: Leading global paints and coatings firm Akzo Nobel plans to invest Rs 150 crore in a new manufacturing plant at Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh.

"We are adding one more integrated greenfield site at Gwalior, for which we plan to invest up to Rs 150 crore this fiscal," managing director Amit Jain was quoted as saying in the company's annual report.The work to establish integrated coatings facility at Gwalior has started. At present, the company operates five plants.

The Netherlands-based company operates mainly in decorative paints, performance coatings and specialty chemicals here, and recently made a foray into wood finishes.

It enhanced its manufacturing capacity last fiscal by commissioning a 30 million litre facility in Hyderabad. It also added capacity of coil coatings at Bangalore plant.

The report cautioned that coatings market in the country is likely to slow down in FY13.

"Coatings market growth in 2012-13 is expected to slow down, with several challenges posed by factors like increase in rates of excise and service tax and hardening of the dollar against the rupee, putting pressure on costs and business profitability."

The coatings segment had recorded a turnover of Rs 2,030 crore in FY12<more>

Nerolac sings a new tune on social media
Kansai Nerolac's new social media campaign, Kuch Change Karein, Chalo Tune Badlein, invites people worldwide to come up with their own versions of the much popular jingle of the paint brand.
With the ever-increasing popularity of social media, brands just cannot shy away from using the channel to engage consumers. Kansai Nerolac Paints is the latest player to attempt to leverage the interactive opportunity of the medium. After its Nerolac Earth Matters campaign on Facebook last year, wherein consumers were encouraged to share sustainable living ideas and concepts, the paint brand has launched another initiative to interact with the youth.
All the details for the jingle recreation contest are on the Facebook app ’Kuch change karein, chalo tune badlein’.<more>

Carlyle buying DuPont coatings business for $4.9B
Carlyle Group buying DuPont's performance coatings business for $4.9 billion

DOVER, Del. (AP) -- The DuPont Co. said Thursday that it is selling its performance coatings business for $4.9 billion in cash to The Carlyle Group, giving the private equity firm another investment in the automotive and industrial segments.
DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman said the sale of the performance coatings unit will allow the Wilmington, Del.-based company to focus on higher-growth, higher-margin businesses. Those include agriculture and nutrition, bio-based industrials, and advanced materials, which Kullman said are the foundation of DuPont's long-term growth targets.
"The deal announced today is a continuation of the transformation of DuPont," Kullman told analysts in a conference call.
DuPont's stock was down 26 cents at $49.68 in afternoon trading. Its shares have fallen 8 percent since hitting a 52-week high of $53.98 in May.
The performance coatings business, which caters to the automotive and industrial coatings sectors, has about 11,000 employees in more than 70 countries. The unit has net assets valued at about $2 billion and is expected to have 2012 sales of more than $4 billion. But its 2011 pretax margin of about 6 percent was the lowest of all business units in DuPont, which has a goal of a long-term compound annual growth rate of 12 percent earnings.<more>

AkzoNobel signs agreement to sell its shares in ICI Pakistan
AkzoNobel has reached an agreement to sell its 75.81 percent shareholding in ICI Pakistan Limited to the Yunus Brothers Group for $152.5 million (Euro124.4 million). The price represents a premium of 30 percent on the market price when the local stock exchange closed on Friday, July 27. The price is subject to adjustments for cash/debt as at the date competition clearance is obtained and for interest from that date until closing.

The transaction is expected to be completed towards the end of this year, once regulatory approvals have been obtained and the purchaser has completed a legally required tender offer for at least 50 percent of the shares in ICI Pakistan held by the other shareholders.

"We are pleased to have reached an agreement to sell our shares in ICI Pakistan," explained Keith Nichols, CFO AkzoNobel. "We are convinced that the Yunus Brothers Group is better suited to achieving its obvious potential, while the deal includes conditions to safeguard the terms and conditions of our dedicated employees there."

Commenting on the agreement, Sohail Tabba, Group Director at Yunus Brothers Group, said: "We are delighted with the agreement to acquire ICI Pakistan Limited. The Yunus Brothers Group is keen to further develop the business of the company, working closely with the existing management and employees."

The agreement follows the successfully completed restructuring of AkzoNobel's activities in Pakistan last month, which entailed the demerger of ICI Pakistan's paints and coatings businesses into the new listed company, AkzoNobel Pakistan Limited. The newly formed company is 75.81 percent owned by AkzoNobel and continues to focus on Decorative Paints, Performance Coatings and Specialty Chemicals. <more>

Coating Thickness Gages Go Wireless
WiFi wireless technology is included with all PosiTector Advanced models
with serial numbers greater than 730,000

WiFi technology wirelessly synchronizes with PosiTector.net, downloads software updates, and connects to mobile devices to expand gage functionality.
WiFi allows for simple communication with devices such as tablets, smart phones and
computers connected to your local wireless network or portable mobile hotspot.

Synchronizing coating thickness data and updating and networking instrumentation should all be easier with new wireless technology developed by DeFelsko Corp.
The company has announced the addition of WiFi wireless technology to all of its PosiTector Advanced coating thickness gages.<more>

Contest Opens for a Sky-High Paint Job
The owner of Seattle’s landmark Space Needle is inviting the public to enter a design contest to adorn the 605-foot tower with a new paint job in honor of the icon’s 50th anniversary.
The Top Off Our 50th contest invitation went out via the roof, as the words “#TopThis For Our 50th!” were painted there earlier this week.

The Space Needle is challenging the public to come up with a new color and design for the roof. This will top off the Needle’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

The tower was painted a retro “Galaxy Gold” color back in April to kick off the tower’s half-century mark; the same color coated the structure when it opened at the World’s Fair in 1962.
Space Needle LLC will accept new design and color submissions until Sept. 20.
A Paint Job to Make History
“For the first time, a fan of the Space Needle will see his or her design painted on the roof,” according to a release from Space Needle LLC, the company that owns and operates the futuristic structure.
The winning submission will adorn the roof from Oct. 21 through April 21, 2013 (the tower’s 51st birthday).
“Like its very creation enabled by a small, tenacious group of community leaders back in 1962, this challenge once again places the future of the Space Needle in the hands of the passionate community of dreamers, risk takers and daredevils it serves,” the company said.
The contest is open to all U.S. residents. A blank template for the design submission and other information about the contest are available here.
“This really is a nod to our heritage,” said Ron Sevart, Space Needle president and CEO. “We were built as a symbol of the future, born of the imagination of a few, and embraced by the world. As we look ahead, this is our way to continue to stir the imagination and look ahead to our next 50 years.”
A panel of judges will review and select a number of finalists, who will be posted on Facebook for public voting. The winner will be announced Oct. 21.
Braggin’ Rights, Prizes
Painting will begin as soon as the weather permits, the owner said, and the winner will have some pretty legit bragging rights.
The winner will also receive various prizes, all tied to the Space Needle’s 50th Anniversary.
“Top Off Our 50th” will cap off a year that has also included a competition to send a private citizen to space and a retro day that returned the original $1 admission price for the 520-foot Observation Deck.
From Napkin to Reality
The Space Needle’s creation was the brainchild of Eddie Carlson, who doodled the famous structure on a placemat at a coffee house.
From inception to construction, the needle’s road was not an easy one. But the Howard S. Wright Construction Company built the tower, and the city has never been the same.
Now, the Space Needle is one of the top tourist destinations in the Pacific Northwest, with more than one million visitors each year. <more>

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings Launches New Website
Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings has launched a new website (swaerospace.com) that enables aircraft coatings professionals to directly search via their specific market niche (general, business, commercial and military aviation) and/or product system (interior or exterior coatings, primers, fillers, etc.)

Polymer demand outstrips GDP in India as it becomes third largest market globally
An insatiable manufacturing industry, a surging economy and supportive government policies have already made India a polymers superpower, but the best is yet to come, states a new report by GlobalData. India is currently the world's third largest consumer of polymers, behind China and the US, with a share of 5.7% of the 2011 global total  an increase from it's 2000 portion size of 3.5%. Growth in the polymers industry kicked off in India after the country's economic liberalisation in 1991. The resulting deregulation and privatization sparked a boom in end-use sectors such as packaging, construction and automotive that has seen per capita consumption increase from 1 kg in 1980 to 7.4 kg in 2010, as per the report. This level, however, is still much lower than the world average and with surging industrialization and an increasingly powerful economy, the subcontinent still has massive as-yet largely untapped potential. Production levels are soaring in order to keep up with India's ravenous demand. In 2011, the manufacture of polymer products was 7.377 mln metric tpa, and this will surge at a CAGR of 9.4% to reach 11.575 mln metric tpa by just 2016. Commodity plastics account for the lion's share of polymer demand on the sub-continent. Consequently, most capacity additions in recent years have focused on PE, PP, PVC, PET and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), which together account for more than 90% of output. The research indicates that polymer demand in India is even outstripping the country's strong GDP growth; in the period 2000 to 2011, India's GDP climbed at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.6%, <more>

New anti-bacterial polymer coating eyed for medical devices Scientists discover 'non-stick' polymers that prevent accumulation of biofilms
The discovery of bacteria-resistant polymers is being hailed as a potential biomedical breakthrough that could be used to create coatings for surgical and hospital devices, reducing the risk of infection.
Researchers with the University of Nottingham tested the new class of polymers on the surfaces of some medical instruments and found that they effectively repelled bacteria.
The formation of slimy "biofilms" can result when the microbes pack together into dense communities, but British and U.S. scientists found that the new class of materials prevented the bacterial build-up by more than 96 per cent compared to commercial silver coatings.
According to a 2002 study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the sticky biofilms account for more than 80 per cent of microbial infections in the body.
With the help of state-of-the-art equipment provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the researchers were able to screen thousands of materials at the same time in a bid to identify new materials that had the right bacteria-fighting properties.<more>

BASF sells decorative paints business of RELIUS in Germany and France to PROSOL
Münster/Aschaffenburg. On August 14, 2012, BASF and PROSOL Lacke + Farben GmbH signed a contract regarding the sale of the decorative paints business of RELIUS COATINGS GmbH & Co. KG in Germany and RELIUS FRANCE SAS in France. The business encompasses construction paints and plaster as well as varnishes and glazes for construction application and is mainly based in Germany, France and some other selected countries in Europe. The sale of the business includes the Memmingen site in Germany as well as 30 distribution points in Germany and France. The transfer is scheduled to be completed on November 30, 2012. The two parties agreed to not disclose any information on the purchase price.

The decorative paints business of RELIUS in the Netherlands is not part of the transaction. BASF is currently negotiating the sale of this part of the RELIUS COATINGS business. The industrial coatings business of RELIUS COATINGS at the Oldenburg site in Germany is also not affected and will remain an integral part of BASF.

Currently about 350 employees work in the decorative paints business of RELIUS COATINGS in Germany and France. PROSOL takes over the employment contracts of these employees.

"RELIUS COATINGS has a very experienced team, state-of-the-art sites and well established brands. We are confident that this business can have a successful perspective at PROSOL that has its core competencies in construction paints", says Dr. Markus Kamieth, President of BASF's Coatings Division. "We are glad to have achieved our goal to safe as many jobs as possible", adds Kamieth.

Dieter Prosch, Managing Director of PROSOL, says: "We are very pleased with the purchase of the decorative paints business of RELIUS COATINGS. It perfectly fits in with our portfolio and expands our network of sites."<more>

Graphene coating transforms fragile aerogels into superelastic materials
August 9, 2012 by Lisa Zyga Enlarge After CNT aerogels are compressed and released, the non-coated aerogel collapses while the graphene-coated aerogel recovers its original shape. Image credit: Kim, et al. ©2012 Macmillan Publishers Limited (Phys.org) -- Like donning a Superman’s cape, fragile carbon nanotube (CNT) aerogels that are covered by a graphene coating can be transformed from a material that easily collapses under compression to one that can resist large amounts of compression and completely recover its original shape after removal of the load. The superelasticity and fatigue resistance provided by the graphene coating could make CNT aerogels useful in a variety of areas, including as electrodes, artificial muscles, and other mechanical structures. Ads by Google Nano-C, Inc. - Fullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes, PCBM and Other Derivatives - www.nano-c.com The researchers, Kyu Hun Kim, Youngseok Oh, and Mohammad F. Islam at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have published their paper on the mechanical benefits of a graphene coating on CNT aerogels in a recent issue of Nature Nanotechnology. "We demonstrate the transformation of a nanotube network from fragile to superelastic simply via ‘nanocoating,’" Islam told Phys.org. "Typically, coating adds corrosion resistance, lubrication, aesthetics, alteration of surface chemistry, sealing, etc., but not mechanical property change."<more>

ASTM Paint Committee Developing New Standard
W. CONSHOHOCKEN, PA - A proposed new ASTM International test method will combine existing in-house methods for dirt pick-up resistance for architectural paints and stains in an effort to standardize testing for dirt repellency throughout the industry.

The proposed standard, ASTM WK 38233, Test Method for Dirt Pick-Up Resistance for the Films of Architectural Paints and Stains, is currently being developed by Subcommittee D01.42 on Architectural Coatings, part of ASTM International Committee D01 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials and Applications<more>

Nordson Acquires Sealant Equipment
WESTLAKE, OH -- Nordson today announced the acquisition of Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc., a supplier of meter, mix and dispense equipment and valves. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Plymouth, MI-based Sealant had sales of $18 million for 12 months ended June 30, employs 60 people, and will operate as part of Nordson’s Industrial Coating Systems segment.

"Sealant Equipment & Engineering provides Nordson with a broader presence in the cold materials equipment market and focuses on a wide variety of general industry applications including aerospace and transportation, building and construction, medical, alternative energy and many others,” said Nordson president and chief executive Michael Hilton, in a press release.<more>

PPG Releases New Brochure for Powder Coatings
PPG Industries has released a brochure titled ‘Quick-Ship Color Selector,’ featuring in-stock, ready-to-supply powder coatings in 112 well-known clear, conventional and military colors.

The 8-page booklet is arranged by five typical resin chemistry formulations, namely epoxy-, epoxy/polyester hybrid-, polyester-, urethane- and acrylic-based coatings. The products featured in the brochure include ENVIRACRYL and ENVIROCRON coatings and various premium performance products, which are utilized to protect and decorate heavy-duty construction and agricultural equipment, architectural products, appliances, consumer electronics, motorcycles, trailers, rail cars and other types of transporta <more>

Titanium dioxide prices dip on improved supplyEUWID Price Watch Titanium Dioxide (TiO2): price development for TiO2 rutile in €/t.
Easing supply conditions and a weakening TiO2 demand are increasingly affecting titanium dioxide prices in Western Europe.

Prices for titanium dioxide (TiO2) on Western European markets had largely rolled over from the first into the second quarter of 2012. Nevertheless, downward pressure on prices continued to grow in the second quarter of the year due to ample supply and softening demand .

Since the end of the second quarter, more and more titanium dioxide buyers have been asking for price cuts in third-quarter contracts. Several buyers and sellers said to have agreed on leaving contract prices untouched for third-quarter deliveries, despite a mounting downward pressure from the supply side. However, price cuts were reported as well in a growing number of deals.

The majority of EUWID respondents expect TiO2 prices to remain unchanged or soften slightly during the remainder of this year. Producers believe that there will be no scope for more substantial price cuts, given spiralling ore procurement costs.tion.<more>

Repel water and dirt for longer lasting protection with NanoCoat Total Car Polish by NanoCoat
NanoCoat Polish repels water and dirt, requiring little more than water to clean
NanoCoat Total Car Polish for cars from International Trading & Consulting has been specially developed for use on car paint to repel water and dirt from the painted metal surface.

The polish creates a long lasting, easy to clean invisible Nano protection on the painted surface that does not require the use of other cleaning agents once treated. Once applied, the protected surface needs only to be washed with water, meaning that most dirt and grime will be washed off by rain.

NanoCoat Polish does not leave behind any streaks or white residue, and leaves what the company describes as a beautiful finish on:<more>


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