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Green News
Green Living Tips
A page dedicated to the Green News and tips is now added. It has articles with tips for going green to help protect the environment we all affect. Earth friendly advice for going green, reducing costs, consumption & impact on the environment! These widgets! displays the title and a snippet from recent articles published on GLT and the other, headlines from http://www.greenlivingtips.com

Salman Khan ‘Breathes Easy’ with BergerBerger Paints India tied up with Being Human
Salman Khan ‘Breathes Easy’ with BergerBerger Paints India tied up with Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation, a registered charitable trust set up by the actor for helping the cause of the underprivileged. The paints major has announced the co-branding of its ‘Breathe Easy’ range of paints brand with the charitable trust as part of the company’s commitment towards environmental safety.

The company labels this range as the Green paint, which according to the company conforms to VOC (volatile organic compound) norms even as per International standards. As part of the co-branding effort, for every litre of the paint sold, Berger will donate Rs. 4 to Being Human. In addition, Berger has committed to provide ‘Breathe Easy’ paint to two schools and one hospital supported by Being Human.
Speaking on this association Abhijit Roy, Managing Director, Berger Paints India said, “We are excited to associate with Being Human for our green paint brand, Breathe Easy. As an organisation, we are committed towards fulfilling our responsibility towards the welfare of society. This tie up is part of our effort to support the cause of providing education and healthcare to the underprivileged. We are looking forward to a fruitful association with Being Human.”<more>

When will DuPont pay up?
More than a year after DuPont announced that it would reimburse homeowners for damage caused by its herbicide Imprelis, Janet DaPrato is still waiting. She and others have now spent two summers gazing at brown skeletons where healthy trees once stood.

“We have not heard anything yet,” said DaPrato, who said Imprelis damaged six trees at her Northwest Side home. “I really don’t care as much about the money. I just want to change my trees out.”

Homeowners and landscapers worry that time may be running out. If they don’t receive payment soon, they will miss the fall planting season.

“Our clients are getting fed up,” said Mark Wehinger, a partner in Environmental Management Inc., a Dublin landscaper. “Why is this taking so long?”<more>




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  Infomercial from Mitsuba  



  Infomercial from parts 2 clean  
parts2clean - International Leading Trade Fair for Cleaning in Production and Maintenance Processes

ean solutions for the optimized cleaning of parts and surfaces and a lot of know-how

Neuffen – At the 10th parts2clean trade fair being held at the fairground in Stuttgart, Germany from 23rd till 25th October 2012, around 230 exhibitors will be presenting products and services for the optimized cleaning of parts and surfaces in manufacturing industries, maintenance and remanufacturing. Complementing the world’s most comprehensive trade fair in this field, the bilingual (German – English) parts2clean trade forum, which is being held for the first time this year, offers valuable knowledge to enable industrial parts to be cleaned reproducibly, cost-effectively and with a low ecological impact.
In a growing number of industrial sectors, the cleanliness of components and surfaces has become a quality criterion defined by specific, reproducible residual contamination values which need to be attained and documented. With global competition continuing to rise, it has become essential for companies involved in the manufacturing business, in maintenance or remanufacturing to be able to fulfill these requirements in a cost-optimized way and as ecologically efficiently as possible. However, this can only be achieved by implementing solutions which are individually adapted to a company’s needs and capable of carrying out complex cleaning tasks, removing oils and greases, removing burrs, assessing residual contamination or providing temporary corrosion protection. All these solutions and more will be presented by the 230 exhibitors taking part in the 10th parts2clean at the Stuttgart fairground from 23rd to 25th October 2012.
Innovations and further developments in all branches of industry
The world’s broadest trans-sectoral range of products and services will be on show for the industrial cleaning of parts and surfaces made from all types of materials along the process chain. Exhibiting companies from all areas of industry will be presenting numerous innovations and further developments. The focus this year is on solutions which contribute towards improving process reliability, cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility. In the field of equipment manufacturing, a variety of solutions enabling cleaning systems to be operated with better energy efficiency will be on show, one of which being the first “green” ultrasound generator. Exhibitors will also be presenting innovations for inspecting and documenting cleanliness - tasks which are becoming increasingly important in many areas of industry. Among them, for example, is a compact in-line measuring system which enables residual contamination analyses to be carried out in compliance with VDA 19 during the manufacturing process. The exhibitors also have innovations to showcase in the segments of cleaning media, bath monitoring and bath maintenance, such as detergents based on renewable resources, systems for efficient process and waste water treatment and devices for measuring concentrations in liquids. In addition to this, a further range of innovative solutions will also be presented which ensure that cleaned parts and surfaces are protected against corrosion, preserved and packaged in an efficient and cost-effective way.

For Details

SCHULZ. PRESSE. TEXT., Doris Schulz, Journalist (DJV),
Martin-Luther-Strasse 39, 70825 Korntal, Germany, Tel +49 (0)711 854085,
Fax +49 (0)711 815895, ds@pressetextschulz.de , www.schulzpressetext.de

fairXperts GmbH, Rita Herdin, Hauptstrasse 7, 72639 Neuffen, Germany,
Tel +49 (0)7025 8434-0, Fax +49 (0)7025 8434-20, info@fairxperts.de ,



  Infomercial SF EXPO  
SF EXPO, The 10th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition
Time: May 21-23, 2013
Location: Poly World Trade Center,Guangzhou,China

China Surface Engineering Association Electroplating Branch
China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch
Powder Coating Institute
Guangdong Coating Industry Association
Guangdong Electroplating Association
Wise Exhibition (Guangdong)Co.,Ltd.

Executive Organizer
Wise Exhibition (Guangdong)Co.,Ltd

International Cosponsors
National Association for Surface Finishing
Korea Plating Industry Cooperative
Singapore Surface Finishing Society(SSFS)
Metal Finishers’ Association of India
The Society for Surface Protective Coatings,India
Brazilian Surface Treatments Association

Concurrent Events
International Surface Finishing Development Theme Forums
Surface Finishing New Products&Technology Promotion Conference
International Painting New Technology Seminar
GuangDong International Surface Finishing Technology Forums
GuangDong&GuangZhou Electroplating Association Annual Conference
Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Surface Finishing Enterprises
The 10th Guangzhou (China) International Coatings, Printing Inks & Adhesives Exhibition

Exhibition General
As a most professional and quick-growing surface finishing industry's event, SF EXPO is always committed to improving the surface finishing industry in all aspects, creating the biggest value for the clients and providing all surface finishers with a perfect platform for business cooperation, technology exchange and information share. The 10th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition is jointly organized by China Surface Engineering Association Electroplating Branch, China Surface Engineering Association Painting Branch, and Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd..The organizer continues its cooperation with domestic and overseas associations and international media to hold co current conferences, industry summit, and technology seminars. The worldwide excellent surface finishers and industries come together to discuss the dynamic global development in surface finishing industry and sustainable development or solution for energy-saving and environment-friendly production so as to improve product value. On the basis of its accumulated rescources and professional operation experience, the scale and effect of the 10th exhibition will be greatly improved to 20,000 square meters' exhibition area and 300 predicted exhibitors. With its 20,000 professional attendees, it will be one of the most important surface finishing pageant in the world.

SF EXPO 2011 Review
The 9th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition was held in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on 11-13th, May, 2011. Through the two-year strong propaganda, this event has attracted 238 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions. Its exhibition area reaches 15,000 square meters. The three days exhibition was visited by 14498 attendees and 21 associations and big-scale enterprise groups from all over the world. Cocurrent events were held: The 9th Guangzhou (China) International Coatings, Printing Inks & Adhesives Exhibition, International Symposium on Surface Finishing Industry Development and New Product, Technology Promotion Conference, Members' Assembly of Marketing Working Committee of China Surface Engineering Association, Annual Meeting of Guangdong and Guangzhou Electroplating Association, The International Plating Technical Forum (Guangdong Electroplating Association), Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Surface Finishing Enterprises, etc.

Exhibition Highlights
The 10th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition is jointly hosted by two authoritative and influential national associations -China Surface Engineering Association Electroplating Branch and the Painting Branch
The biennial exhibition attracts more exhibitors and visitors with its careful preparation and advertising compaign.
Exhibitors benefit from the firm exhibition theme, clear target audience division and high supply-demand match.
Professional organization and market operation are achieved by the host, Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1999 and now is one of the governing unit of Guangdong Exhibition Association. Wise is always committed to planning and organization of professional industry exhibitions, building brand events, integrating industry rescources and accumulating millions of enterprise data. Currently, a complete plan was formed for modernized exhibition organization and control.
This exhibition became renowned and influential in the world through worldwide advertising compaign.

Exhibit Scope
1) Surface finishing equipments such as shot peening, shot blasting, bench drawing, polishing, abrasion and surface treatment materials;
2) Painting/Coating wire,Coating engineering design,Painting/Coating equipments and auxiliary equipments;
3) Industry coating products;
4) Electroplating equipments and auxiliary equipments;
5) Electroplating raw materials and additives;
6) Anti-corrosion materials and equipments;
7) Equipments and technologies such as thermal Spraying, conversion coating, vacuum evaporation coating;
8)Electroplating industry zone, detect equipments;
9)Environmental protection, security and resource recycle equipments; cleaning devices, waste liquid treatment, dust and fume extraction, ventilation and air pollution control.
Participation Fee and Facilities
Participation Fee and Facilities n Fee aeend Facilities
Exhibiting Charge
International Standard Booth (3×3=9m2)
Hall A: RMB 12,800/booth Hall B: RMB 10,800/booth Foreign Enterprise: USD2,250/Booth
Bare Ground (minimum 36m2) Hall A: RMB1,380/m2 Hall B: RMB1,180/m2 Foreign Enterprise : USD250/m2
Advertising Catalogue Fee
Cover:RMB 19,800 Back Cover:RMB 18,000 Second Cover:RMB 11,800 Inside Back Cover:RMB 9,800 First Page:RMB 9,800 Color, full page:RMB 4,800 Literal Introduction:RMB 500
Black and White, full page:RMB2,800
Technology Promotion Conference: RMB 4,500
Same Term Activity Collaboration and Sponsor Fee
A:RMB50000 B:RMB30000 C:RMB10000
(Please contact the co-organizer for detail information)
Booth Features
Facilities for the standard booth: three wallboards (two wallboards inthe corner),
Chinese and English fascia (name-board), a table, two chairs, carpeted floor, two exhibition lights and a paper basket.
Free editorial entries within 300 words in the Exhibition Directory for each exhibitor.
For the bare Ground, no facility is provided and the hall management fee is RMB 28/m2.

For Further Details
Wise Exhibition(Guangdong) Co.,Ltd
Add: Room 1802 Huayou Building, No.5 Si You Xin Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, P. R. China, 510600
Contact: Kobe Luo Tel:86 20 37599090 Fax:86-20-37599151

EmaiI ex360sf@126.com ,   sfexpo@yahoo.cn 
Website www.sf-expo.cn



  Infomercial Vijay Enterprises Pvt Ltd  
Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay Enterprises is a leading manufacture of powder coating materials (PCM) in India. VIJAY COAT today stands as a Reliable source of High Quality and Durable Powder Coating materials at very reasonable prices. Vijay's PCM find extensive application for industrial and other demanding applications. Vijay enterprises was incorporated in 1995 with a view to supplying quality PCMs to Indian industry. Vijay's manufacturing set up is equipped with best machines from M/s Buss AG Switzerland who are world's largest manufacturer of Powder Coating Machines. Vijay has now established itself and earned a name for its quality supplies and prompt delivery at reasonable prices.

The types of powders manufactured by VIJAYCOAT are as under.
Pure Epoxy
Epoxy Polyester (Hybrid)
Pure Polyester (TGIC)
Pure Polyester (TGIC Free)
Super Durable
Poly Urethane Powder

Types of Finishes manufactured by VIJAYCOAT
Semi Glossy
Specialties like Silver, Gold, Copper
Antique Finish
Hammer Tone
Wood Finish
Pearl Finish
Coloured Transparent

Technical Powders Manufactured by VIJAYCOAT
Fast Cure
Lower Temperature Cure
Thin Film Powders
Hot water resistance powders
Heat Resistant Powders for automobile silencers
Fire Retardant Powders
Powders for in contact with food stuff (Food Grade)
Electrical Insulation Grade
Lead Free and ROHS Compliant Powders
Reach registered European Powders.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powders
Fusion bonded Epoxy Powders for Reinforcing Bars

Fusion bonded Epoxy Powders for Pipe Coatings

Administrative Office:
Vijay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Admin. Office :
65, World Business House
Nr Piramal Garden Cross Road
Eliss Bridge, AHMEDABAD
Ph 079-26461540, 65242828, Tel/Fax 079-26461539
Email: vijaycoat@gmail.com  , vijaycoatoffice@vijaycoat.com 
web: www.vijay-powdercoat.com



Job Opportunities
Often we receive emails with no contents, but a resume word document attachment.
This column could be of use for such people, those who are looking our for better prospects.
Use this space to publish your mini resume in the format  given in the adjacent column. You may or may not reveal your identity. Send us these details and we will put it this column
Kansai Nerolac Paint Limited is looking for a entry level candidate in Tech. Services (powder coating) for West Region.
Interested candidates may contact

Vivek Sarawadekar.
KNPL – Powder Coating.
M : 9867200621
email viveksarawadekar@nerolac.com


IPC Classified
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You can reach thousands of people thorough our classified ads. Place your own classified text  ads. or messages  here Just for Rs 500 (USD 10) only

Contact the moderator for details
India Powder Coating
Vivek Soley
3, Lalaram Nagar, Indore, 452001 MP India
Phone 91 731 2492291
Mobile 9826297112
emails:   viveksoley@hotmail.comviveksoley@ipconweb.com , indiapowdercoating@yahoo.com




Akzo Nobel India Ltd : Unaudited financial results for the first Quarter of financial year 2012-13
Today, the Board of Directors of Akzo Nobel India Limited approved the unaudited financial results for the first quarter (ended 30th June) of the FY 2012-13.
Unaudited financial results - Performance Highlights*

Total income for the quarter is 5498 million rupees as against 3386 million rupees; a QoQ growth of 62%
Earnings from Operations at 440 million rupees as against 418 million rupees; a QoQ growth of 5%
Raw material cost increase of 14% and currency depreciation have impacted operating margin
Stepped up investments in brand and new products in coating segments
Other Income for the quarter at 355 million rupees has dropped by 78 million rupees, due to staggered maturity of investments, partially offset by tax refund
Profit after tax (PAT) for the quarter is 609 million rupees as against 680 million rupees; a QoQ decline of 10% <more>

Swastika hands over paint to idolmakers
portal on indian newsKolkata, Sept 25 (IBNS) Tollywood actress Swastika Mukherjee added a touch of glamour to an occasion where Dulux Paints, from the house of Akzo Nobel India, in association with Kumartuli idol makers of Kolkata on Saturday handed over free paint for idol painting to the artisans here.

The Dulux team contributed over 700 litre free paint worth Rs 3 lakh towards the painting of as many as 4000 Idols of Ma Durga with one its most premium products- Velvet Touch.

Santosh Kumar, Regional Manager, East, Akzo Nobel India Limited, said: "We feel honored and proud to be associated with the most colourful and celebrated festival of Durga Puja in our country."

Swastika Mukherjee, who also painted the goddess in the making, said, “This initiative by Dulux has provided me an opportunity
to colour the lives of the artisans who, like each year, dedicatedly work towards beautifying Durga idols."<more>

Kansai Nerolac has launched a new brand campaign 'No VOC No Gadbad'
The new campaign aims at educating consumers on the side effects of the VOC (volatile organic chemicals) in paints. The campaign features their brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan.

Kansai Nerolac VP- Marketing and Sales Sukhpreet Singh said, "We have always encouraged healthy and safer living and with this campaign, we aim at educating the need for checking about VOC content while choosing paints, VOC in paints can be harmful. Also paints are not just choosing a color or design it is a lot more than just beautification. This innovative concept aims at reaching out to the end consumers across strata be it the painters, Architect, Interior decorators and consumers. This further strengthens our brand commitment towards creating a safer environment and encouraging use of paints."<more>

New-look Asian Paints to flood markets as sales slump
MUMBAI: The paints major Asian Paints today said that it plans to launch a slew of products across the segments in the coming months to bring back buoyancy in the market hit by slowdown.

Carlyle Group to acquire DuPont auto paint business in $5 billion deal
Jonathan Ernst/Reuters - Carlyle’s deal with DuPont has Wall Street buzzing because Carlyle appears to be increasingly active while its major peers are quiet. Blackstone Group, KKR and TPG Group have not been nearly as busy as Washington-based Carlyle.

The Carlyle Group has been single-handedly fueling the private equity deal market this summer, sealing at least four blockbuster acquisitions with its latest announcement on Thursday that it would purchase E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co.’s global auto paint business for $4.9 billion in cash.
The DuPont deal has Wall Street buzzing because Carlyle appears to be increasingly active while its major peers are quiet. Blackstone Group, KKR and TPG Group have not been nearly as busy as Washington-based Carlyle.<more>

BASF India scouts for land in Chennai to set up facility
The Indian unit of the world's largest chemicals company BASF, BASF India Ltd, is looking to set up a greenfield facility in Chennai by 2015 to address the growing demand for emission control catalysts for the automotive sector. The decision comes against the backdrop of more cities coming under the Bharat Stage IV (BS IV) emission control norms by 2015, according to a company executive.
Anticipating a growth in the number of vehicles needing to adhere to the new norms, the company plans to ramp up capacity with the capabilities to address the trucks market, which so far has not been under the norm. The company is on the lookout for land in the state for setting up the facility.<more>

Vinythai to build Bt7.2bn chemical plant in China
Watcharapong Thongrung
The Nation September 21, 2012 1:00 am
Vinythai Plc plans to invest Bt7.2 billion to build an epichlorohydrin plant in China as part of its drive to double its total annual production capacity of the compound to 200,000 tonnes by mid-2014, board chairman Roger Lester Kearns said.

Vinythai produces and markets a wide range of PVC resins as well as caustic soda for customers across Asia. Epichlorohydrin is a highly reactive compound used in the production of glycerol, plastics, epoxy glues and resins, and elastomers. Epoxy resin is used as a coating to prevent rust in electronic products, automobiles, aeroplanes and wind turbines used to produce electricity.

Kearns said the plant would use Epicero technology to produce 100,000 tonnes of the compound a year. Investment will be complete by the middle of 2014. The company spent Bt4.5 billion to build an epichlorohydrin plant with production capacity of 100,000 tonnes a year in Thailand last year. The local plant will start to operate at full capacity in 2013.

"Our investment will support demand growth in China and the Asean market," he said.<more>

PPG On Watch After Blaze
September 3, 2012
Industries' Natrium facility on Sunday were keeping a close eye on the scene of a blaze that injured a firefighter and shut down part of W.Va. 2.
According to Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Tom Hart, the fire was reported at the southern Marshall County facility around 6:45 p.m. Saturday. Firefighters from Washington Lands, Moundsville and New Martinsville assisted the on-site PPG fire brigade.
Wetzel and Marshall county sheriff's deputies and New Martinsville police officers were called to shut down a section of W.Va. 2 for about 10 minutes.
Smoke pours from a Saturday evening fire at PPG’s Natrium plant in Marshall County.
Hart said the fire was extinguished around 9:30 p.m., and firefighters from outside agencies that were monitoring the scene for hot spots were released about two hours after that. The PPG fire brigade was still watching the scene Sunday, he said.
Emergency personnel transported one firefighter to the hospital as a precaution, Hart said. That man, who had difficulty breathing, was kept overnight for observation and released from the hospital Sunday morning, he reported.
According to Hart, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. He said PPG will conduct an internal investigation, and when that is complete, meet with all the fire departments that responded Saturday. <more>

PG to display solar component coatings at Solar Power International
Event set for Sept. 10-13 at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 6, 2012 – PPG Industries’ (NYSE:PPG) industrial coatings business will display its complete offering of protective coatings for aluminum and steel solar components and metal fastener applications at Solar Power International 2012, Sept. 10-13, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.
For aluminum solar racks and frames, DURANAR(R) coatings by PPG provide durable, colorful alternatives to anodized aluminum. Available in both liquid and powder formulations, Duranar coatings have a 40-year history of color retention, protection and durability on thousands of buildings and architectural components in difficult seacoast and industrial environments.<more>

Titanium Dioxide Rediscovered
In chemistry, Akira Fujishima at Tokyo University of Science, could be in the running for discoveries over three decades up to the 1990s of new uses for titanium dioxide, long used mainly as an ingredient for paint.
Fujishima found titanium dioxide could be a catalyst for producing hydrogen from water when subjected to sunlight and later that water on its surface forms a film rather than the droplets dictated by surface tension.
If the coated surface is upright or on an incline the water runs off and this has led to the widespread use of titanium dioxide as a self-cleaning coating for glass.
It is especially useful for side mirrors on cars but Fujishima also demonstrated it could be used to clean disease pathogens off surfaces.
The technique is even used in Japan to coat paving stones as a way of removing traffic pollution from the environment. (Editing by Rosalind Russell) <more>

AkzoNobel Launches New I-CAR Training
Akzo Nobel has added three new training classes, which are now available from AkzoNobel Sikkens Acoat Selected. These new classes qualify for I-CAR points.
The new classes are available to all Acoat Selected, including two that are specifically aligned for those pursuing a Process Centered Environment culture.
Cycle-time Processing Reduction focuses on the impact of production management on cycle time. It’s not about working faster or harder. It’s about working smarter.
Rules of the Road: Standardization and Visual Management teaches how to create and implement standardization and a visual workplace while continuously eliminating waste and variability.<more>

Asian Paints Implements Mobile Solutions From SAP
SAP AG has announced that Asian Paints, the Indian paint company, has achieved newfound business capabilities with the successful implementation of mobile solutions from SAP. Using the SAP mobile platform and the SAP Afaria mobile device management solution, Asian Paints is the first SAP customer to extend the capabilities of SAP software onto the Android mobile platform to gain real-time visibility into business processes and empower its sales force with the best-fit technology to increase efficiency.

“Building a powerful brand is imperative for success,” said Chris McClain, Executive Vice President, Global Mobile Sales and Solutions, SAP “With SAP’s mobile platform, companies like Asian Paints can establish a platform that allows sales personnel to connect, manage and analyse customer requirements in real time. SAP is quickly emerging as one of the leading providers of mobile enterprise solutions to help our customers run better on any device.” <more>

Iranian Scientists Increase Efficiency of Pigment Solar Cells
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers succeeded in increasing the efficiency of solar cells by modifying optical properties of titanium dioxide layers coating the fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) glass.

Solar cells that have become sensitive with pigments have more durability and reasonable price in comparison to the silicone solar cells.

"In order to synthesize the electrode, firstly a micron layer of titanium dioxide was coated on FTO glasses through electrophoresis method. Then, the layer was turned into core-shell structures with determined concentrations of TiCl4 and ZnO pre-materials. Next, the desirable solar cell was produced by using pigment and by sandwiching the anode and cathode electrodes, and the properties of the cell were investigated," Dr. Massoud Hamedanian, the head of the research team, said, elaborating on the procedure of the study. <more>

The Protech/Oxyplast Group Set to Acquire Innotek Powder Coatings
Protech hopes to leverage Innotek's excellent business relationships along with its unique thermoplastic technology.

Montreal, Canada-based Protech/Oxyplast Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and marketers of powder coatings, has agreed to purchase the powder coating business and manufacturing assets of Innotek Powder Coatings of Big Spring, Texas. Innotek, formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of Wagner & Brown, Ltd., is a well-recognized name within the powder coatings industry, specializing in high-performance thermoplastic powder coatings. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed<more>

Nordson buys Sealant Equipment & Engineering
WESTLAKE, OHIO (Sept. 4, 12:45 p.m. ET) -- Nordson Corp. has bought Plymouth, Mich.-based Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc., which makes metering, mixing and dispensing equipment and valves. The equipment is used to apply one-, two- and three-component adhesive, sealant and lubricating materials, with the polyurethane industry being a major customer.
The purchase continues Westlake-based Nordson’s push into plastics-related businesses. The companies did not reveal terms of the transaction.
Nordson said the SE&E business had sales of $18 million for the year ended June 30, and employs 60. In future it will operate as part of Nordson’s Industrial Coating Systems segment.
“Sealant Equipment & Engineering provides Nordson with a broader presence in the cold materials equipment market and focuses on a wide variety of general industry applications including aerospace and transportation, building and construction, medical, alternative energy and many others,” said Nordson President and CEO Michael Hilton, in a news release. <more>




Ask Joe Powder

"Ask Joe Powder"
"Ask Joe Powder" is a question and answer column authored by Kevin Biller of the Powder Coating Research Group. Mr. Biller has over 30 years experience formulating and manufacturing powder coatings. He welcomes your questions regarding powder coating technology. Please write to: askjoepowder@yahoo.com or post your question through the your facebook id http://letsfinishit.com/askjoe.htm

Dear Mr. Joe:
What is super durable powder coating?
Mehdi Barabadi– Iran

Dear Mehdi:
“Superdurable” refers to a specific type of polyester resin (it can be carboxyl or hydroxyl functional) that has superior UV durability compared to standard polyester resins. These superdurable resins contain a high level of isophthalic acid as opposed to terephthalic acid. The high content of IPA provides up to 5 years durability in south Florida. Some clearcoats based on this technology have surpassed 8 years in south Florida.

A few powder coating manufacturers have adopted the description "superdurable" to their powder product lines. A universal definition has not been established, but it is very important to understand that the ultimate durability of the powder coating not only involves the resin but also all the other components in the formula: pigments, fillers, additives, etc. A powder based on a superdurable resin will still fail in less than 5 years exposure in Florida if a non-durable pigment or additive is present in the formula. It is most important to specify which durability standards are met by a particular powder coating rather than assume a description like "superdurable" means the product meets a specification.



People / Feedback
Kansai Nerolac - Change in Directorate
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd has informed BSE that by a Circular Resolution dated September 03, 2012, the Directors of the Company have accepted the resignation of Mr. S. M. Datta, an Independent Director on die Board of the Company with ettect from August 31, 2012.<more>

Nordson names new top executive at EDI
CHIPPEWA FALLS, WIS. (Sept. 17, 7:15 p.m. ET) -- Nordson Corp. has brought in one if its veterans to become top executive of Extrusion Dies Industries, which it purchased in May.
Nordson announced Sept. 17 that Godfrey Sandham has become vice president and general manager of EDI. He will relocate from his native England to EDI headquarters in Chippewa Falls. He will oversee the integration of EDI into Nordson, and coordinate EDI with a Belgian flat-die maker Nordson bought in 2011, called Constructiewerkhuizen G. Verbruggen NV.

AkzoNobel’s CEO Ton Büchner takes temporary leave of absence
AkzoNobel’s Supervisory Board today announced that CEO Ton Büchner is taking a leave of absence as a result of a medical condition. This decision has been made based on medical advice following Ton Büchner being diagnosed with temporary fatigue. His recovery is expected to enable him to return to work in the first half of October.

In the meantime, the Supervisory Board has asked CFO Keith Nichols to coordinate and be first point of contact on the Executive Committee. Antony Burgmans, member of the Supervisory Board, will be on hand to offer advice and support to Keith and the Executive Committee. <more>



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